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Discussion some of the many challenges facing the european Muslim community in this weeks show.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. And I'm your host. And we're going to be right back. We're gonna be reaching out to the people of the Balkan area and people from all around the globe. And we're going to be addressing some of the misconceptions about this beautiful way of life. And we're going to be trying to soften the hearts of people who've been away from the creator and it'd be found they're less than desires. So

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then we need to such a massive Rati please excuse me for my broken Bosnian but I'll be back to give you some more broken Bosnian inshallah. Here on the deen show with Eman spreadin. Here the day show peace.

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Salam aleikum.

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wa rahmatullah. Now, can you go ahead and we know in English that what we just said is Peace be with you? How do you express that in the Albanian language? what we just said?

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I'll be honest with him, Albanian is that weak such that if I were to try to translate it probably be wrong, but I think it's something to the extent of pacho Smithy. I think in Bazin, it's Nikki Mira stillborn, please correct us. You know, we look for someone to do some for the shows that we've done, if they can go ahead and put the subtitles in the Bosnian language. And hopefully we can, you know, use this session also to practice on your Albanian, my Bosnian you were born in New Jersey, or no, you came over Macedonia. And you came over from from the age of one, about one years old. Yeah, I was born in New York family, from Bosnia. And I still speak a little bit of it, but hopefully, you

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know, we can capture some people's attention by speaking the language. So they can say, Hey, what's all this about? And maybe inshallah we can soften some hearts and bring them back to a lot to the crater. That's what we're here for. That's what we're here for. So let's continue on, you have your own section at the D show calm people can go there. The D show Alhamdulilah is viewed internationally all around the globe. So for those people that are watching us, on the TV, they can go to the deen show.com to see your previous episode episode. Now, we love

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the best for all of mankind. Our roots, stem from Europe, and particularly the Balkan area. But it seems like the people from this area they've kind of drifted off to follow on other cultures. And they're not really following Islam. So we mentioned some of the superstitions we mentioned in the last show people watching because people, you know, when they're watching someone, and that someone is any mom, for instance, right? And he's smoking. Let's say he's using profanity, or he's doing some things that are opposite to Islam. Now that reflects bad on the religion, the way of life. So let's give some advice to the people out there who have kind of fallen into these traps and they've

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gone away from Islam because they've seen their locally mined from the Albanian or Bosnian community, you know, doing some things that just the fitrah the inside of human being just rebels but now they because of a human being they rebel totally away from the way of life from the Creator. Have you seen these things to an Albanian culture? Yeah, I have. And I'm sure perhaps you've also heard this same statement where an Albanian they would say hold your thought and burn see through the most bootsie? Boy, do as I say, but don't do as I do. It's exactly yeah, do do as I say not as I do. Right. Which, unfortunately, when it comes to that type of Imam, that type of a hoarder, if this

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is what he's doing, but he is living opposite to what he is himself speaking, meaning that there's a hypocrisy that's there, it turns people away. And this is something that our people I think, have,

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that they have experienced, you know what I mean? I remember hearing something from some of the elders who've grown up in the Balkan area, where they've mentioned things that with regards to the hotels that are there, or the chefs and the Imams that have actually been reasons to turn them away from Islam. Things that I have no idea how true they are or what the reasons behind them are. But if we think about it, especially now,

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it's stuff that doesn't make sense. For example, they would say that the Hojo would tell them if you ride a bicycle that you

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You will become a Kaffir do not ride a bicycle. This isn't they do this in Albania. This is what they were saying back in Albania, Macedonia in these areas. But it was funny because they would then say that they'd see the same Hodor riding the bicycle and say, Whoa, what's going on? Man? You're the one who's telling us don't ride a bicycle. Because if you do this, this, and there you go riding it? And what would be the answer? Do as I say, don't do as I do. But you can ride a bike that says, Where did he come up with this? You can ride a bike, you can ride a plane does a train, donkey or horse a cow will say something like this.

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I love it. Yeah, I love it. It's interesting. You know, the other thing is, you'll find that the hajah himself, you know, they'll they'll be doing things that what we hear and see today of, for example, maybe smoking, hanging out in bars, you know, cafes, things of that sort, where perhaps they're not the most righteous of Acts, or the most righteous of locations. And they'll say, Well, if Why is the hajah doing these things you see in this has got to tell you something about the religion and so on and so forth. Look for us to understand that Hooda, myself or anybody, we are not the standard by which Islam is to be judged. It's the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was the best example for us. kadesh off in pagan Baden, Mohammed in LA salatu salam, a show of him to Feilden at the ponent asni Luca candles to noona children.

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He is a lot it's I've never contradicted anything of his speech with his actions or his actions with his speech. He was the best example. And this is what we need to pay attention to. No Muslim, regardless, male or female, no matter where you're from a Muslim who has submitted himself to the one who created him. He shouldn't be indulging in illicit sexual activities, promiscuity, alcohol gambling, that's an average layman. Okay, there's no gambling you could have been, you could have been the worst of these, but you repent and you, you know, come back to the creator and he forgives all sins, right? If you're sincere, but now you're any Mom, you're a spiritual leader. You should I

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mean, now you're going to have double punishment from the creator because people are looking up to you. You're an example for the community. Is this right?

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Absolutely. The difference between a lay person and someone who is considered an Imam or Joshua, a scholar, Mufti, whatever the different terms may be, they're not one in the same. And so anybody can come from a background that is not a righteous one. But once they make that step, they make that decision and take that step to repent, to be the servant of Allah, that they know they should be the Muslim that they know they should be. That's it. It should be finalized with regards to anything of Haram in their lives, especially in the sense of somebody who was going to be

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looked at as a religious leader, somebody who's going to be looked at as an example in the role model, you know, and our people are interesting. They have a lot of the luster of the images stories. Yeah, I'm sure you've heard about them, too. Or the Arabic, Nasir Edina Johanna, and there's a lot of wisdom in them. So they themselves will tell you stories about what religious elements they are of the time that the hoarder is walking down the street and there's the drunk man on the corner, he goes to me you fear Allah, what do you do and look at you, you're ruining your life and your family and everything else. And so he looks up to him. And he says, hey, you're right,

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he goes, but for me, if I mess up, it's only myself that I'm really harming. But you when you mess up and do these things, you're harming many people, they know these things. They know these things. And this is why our hajus they should fear Allah, our whole jazz, they really our moms, they really need to understand that they are role models, and whatever they do have bad especially that it's public, or especially even worse than that, if they're teaching that it's permissible. These are things that are in no way a light matter. And they may very well be reasons for them being punished by Allah Why's the agenda for leading people to string? They're very serious on the Day of Judgment,

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they're going to have some serious accountability. Absolutely, absolutely. So that's why we're doing this episode so we can soften the hearts and we can make sure we're doing the right thing and not the wrong thing. to please our Creator before we meet our Creator. We'll be right back with more here on the deen show. You think these things are gonna bring you happiness. You know why you keep going back to the club and you keep getting going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already a lot of pain.

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Having You're kidding yourself hitting is really

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what we are offering in Islam, what we have found in Islam for ourselves.

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is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're rest. They're not discontent. We are pleased with what we have

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phallus Darshan and Doshi. ordinate Deen show? Yes. I'm Eddie over marshman Diem finished at the prestigious Medina University. You graduated there? Is this correct? Can you speak the Arabic language fluently? You've been? You're the Imam at the local center in Rockford. Correct. Yeah. And you're also Albanian.

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And we are trying to reach out to the Albanians to the Bosnian sort of people from the Balkan area. But everybody can benefit. Because I'm sure many people who start to follow the sooner the way of the last and final messenger, you get, you start to get resistance in every community, and every ethnicity. So we want everyone to really appreciate what we got, because it's from the Creator of the heavens and earth. So tell us, we also see some of these things that are prevalent.

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The religion has been taken as a business. So you'll see people who now because when you don't have a law in your life, there's a void. You're not living your purpose, there's a void in your heart. So people feel that I've experienced this myself. And I've seen many people in my family who have gone to certain magicians that they have. So these people, even the moms, they'll come to them and they'll say, look, I feel sick, I don't feel good. They don't question them about the prayer, because that is a formula to relieve your sickness, right? They're praying to the crater establishing a connection with him. So they give him the easy way. They take their money. And then

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they give them what's called Amalia, something that they wear around their neck. And now we mentioned this in the last show, can you expound on it doesn't have anything to do with Islam. The Imam Ali as as we would also say, Yeah.

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You know, it's not just about us here in America, and this fast food society and fast paced society that we're living in, where we want fast results like this, without really having to do anything

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we will go to people will go to these m&ms. And that's how they're known as being hajus immens. To find help, for problems that,

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you know, alcohol, and whether it's man made, or otherwise, they'll go, they'll be asked most of the time for something of information, articles of personal belongings, things of this sort. And sometimes they'll even say, come back after a period of time. And then when the person comes that they'll have some further information to convince the person that told this person knows what the heck he's talking about. And they'll then write for them, this talisman where they'll basically put in all sorts of different things. And I've had the opportunity to open some of them up for you see

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strange configurations of shapes and numbers and letters and repetition and stuff that doesn't make sense. And who knows what it is, with, sometimes things have caught on. And then they fold it up, and they give it to the person and say, Okay, now just as long as you make sure you keep this attached to the baby, you put this under your pillow, you do this or that is going to make everything better. This is magic.

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It can be magic, especially if it's not somebody who's just playing games and looking to make money. And they're, you know, some hooligan, benefiting from the ignorance of people. If it's somebody who really knows what they're doing, it's magic. They're dealing with genius. We've heard stories about this stuff, where the person even before they walk into the, to see the person that the the man was telling them, you're so and so when your family is so and so. And you're here to talk to me about this issue. And the people just like wow, this guy is really the real deal and stuff and so on and so forth. That's magic, to deal with magic, whether you're an Imam or not an email, these are things

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that the believer should be as far away from as possible. Instead of us realizing that Allah He is a nastier Allah is the one that brings all hate or goodness or benefit. In seeking help with Allah, we right away go to find these types of individuals and have them do all sorts of crazy Hocus Pocus, magic and things that have soared on this, hoping that they're going to make things better. And it doesn't, you know, it might, but what it might do is, and people don't recognize this, that magic can mask things, but there's a price to it. So somebody who's sitting there thinking, Oh, you know, my, you know, my daughter is not feeling well. And it seems like there's something of a problem and

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now you're actually now introducing gin into her life that are going to be further messing with her. You're actually now doing things that are who knows what what you have agreed to with regards to this whole jar with regards to this email. I mean, these are things that a person does not want to play with. So you don't heal this way you heal by the Quran reading the Quran. That would be

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The Chris will be Rookie rookie, none of this magic stuff, magic, you know him and no matter how big his beard is, or short his beard is or big his hat, he shouldn't be touching a woman that's not his wife. And you see a lot of this going on, he shouldn't be touching her at all, I'll be honest with you, on this point of the physical touch, it seems like there may be some difference of opinion, I'm not absolutely convinced of one decision or the other on it. In the same way that if perhaps, in the analogy is made, that there would be physical contact in the same way that a doctor who is looking to diagnose and help a, you know, a patient that's of the opposite gender, but definitely, it can be

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done without touching the person. That's something that there should be no no difference of opinion on. But that I mean, either way, you know, going into a room and by themselves, and you know, we've heard crazy stories going on fondling all these other crazy especially never alone, right. And these are some of the things that have been heard nothing to do with Islam. Okay, so we need to get to know Islam, we need to be people, is it right, that we read the Quran and then we go to people of knowledge, but you know, sometimes people been let down by some of these people who they hustle them. So what do they do then?

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What do they do, they should look to see that Al Hamdulillah today, the Quran has been translated in Bosnian, several translations, translated now being in several translations Hamdulillah, after the war in Bosnia, the war in Kosovo, so much literature is now available in the original language so that people who are not like myself for English is my stronger language. Maybe like my parents, or whatever the cases, they can go and look to find information that is authentic and hamdulillah in the native language, so that they can learn so that there's no excuse for ignorance these days. You know, one of the typical arguments in the past was but no kitchen pork, we weren't Turks, we didn't

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understand. We didn't know they prevented us or whatever the case is. Well, if that was the case, back then, that's definitely not the case. Today, there's no excuse for ignorance today, let's give the people the basic formula that the creator sent down to all the messages of God, God is one and we only worship Him. So some of the basic things that you know, they can start doing today. They've lived a life of transgression of sin, you know, they've been doing things that is not pleasing to the Creator. And now you know what, they're watching the show, and they want to submit to God, what's the first thing they should do? First thing is remove old middlemen. There should be no

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agencies, no intermediaries, no people, no saints, no angels, no profits, no nothing that a person, places between them and Allah. So if there's going to be anything of communication that should come from the heart, let it be directly from your heart to Allah, Allah azza wa jal supplicate asking Allah Subhana to help you. ask Allah to forgive you as a lot to guide you as a lot to heal you. And if you can use the Beautiful Names of Allah, the healer, the guide, in the process of the doula it makes it all the stronger so that if you're sick, and you want help to be healed, you would say Oh, I love the healer healed me. Oh, Allah, the guide, please guide me guide my children, and so on and

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so forth. Not those middle people up. Nico's ready no simola no one in the middle. Just Allah Vich Allah hoonah soldier which Atma, you loot prt admin demon Diem? Or did you find you asked the same cheater as female age, verse B, being on Baylor as being Sunday, as he puts it in the klinische start to pray. The Prayer is absolutely central. This is not something you do when you're 4050. And you've had you know, all your good times now you saying, oh, I'll do Hodge when I'm 50. You need to do these actions before you die, which can be right after the show. Absolutely, nobody has any guarantee of how long they're going to live. The Prayer is so important if we understand that most

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of our people know this from like the enemy Hall. And from you know, the the other things of what they read that the Prophet that is not the same was given the five daily prayers during the Mirage, when he was up in genda. We know how important the prayers are. So absolutely, start making those five daily prayers, even if you cannot make all of them, start with one of them and be consistent in it. See how good it feels to surrender to submit to put your head to the ground, to realize how much you need Allah and how great Allah is. And when you're there in such the after you've said so behind, there'll be another three times, my Lord, the most pious, perfect. Let your heart pour out

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to him. Ask him for whatever it is that you're going through the help that you need, the strength that you're looking for. Allah can make it all happen. Allah has the only one that can make it happen and you're going to be missing out if you're not doing this. Because at the end, you're going to die and then when you die you wish you would have made that prostration but at the end, it's too late. It's too late and even if you are brought to the masjid to the Jamia, and the whole job washes you when you get everything done, have an Islamic

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burial, that's probably not going to mean anything. If you have not even once, put your head to the ground or once ask Allah to forgive you. And this is something that needs to be paid attention to. We're gonna be right back with more inshallah aquebogue. To wrap up the show, we'll be right back. Okay, you've got your dream home, and you've got your dream car, but you're going to get old and things got to happen to you in your life. And then what have you got, at the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going to die and we're going to meet our Lord and He is going to judge us. It becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what is Islam

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is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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Back here on the D show with inom shakes and Diem. Born in Albania raised in New Jersey and finished at the Medina University. So you're in Rockford presently? Yep. Yeah. Tell us how you deal with a lot. Is there a big Albanian, Bosnia community that area? There is we have a very large Bosnian especially, but also Albanian community. Yeah. What is what are some of the dilemmas that you've seen the obstacles that hinder people from living their purpose, the purpose that was revealed to the creator to have is enough to us to mankind through his last and final mission of Mohammed? What are some of the problems that you see that particularly the Albanian, Bosnian Muslims are facing?

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Well, there is that that disconnect with regards to the mischief that disconnect with regards to

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being the the Muslims that Allah has really wants us all to be hamdulillah. Many of them, they have very strong work ethics. And they think that that hamdulillah by being very good workers and providers, that almost as if that suffices everything else.

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The other issue that I also find this, and those are good things, but they don't suffice, I mean, there has to be a balance in life. One of the other things I still notice is that the adults have them their English is still very weak. So the first generation of our people, their English is very weak. The second generation, it's the opposite, that the English is strong, and the native tongue is very weak. And so there is a communication, a communication gap that's there, between the two generations as well as with regards to, for example, our mission. And I don't know about others, but in our mission, everything is for the most part in English. And so some of those who are older whose

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English may not be good, they may feel that perhaps there's they're not able to connect with Al Hamdulillah. I know that many of us, we can understand another language far better than we're able to speak in it. You know what I mean? Yeah, for the we're almost out of time. So I just have a few more points I want to I want to throw in, the person says, You know what, as far as a praise Muslim, she's Muslim, he says, Look, I gotta work a coach. Moratti, I gotta work. Oh, I have only mala who sits it, I love a lot in my heart. You know, that's sufficient. For me, we got to say about this. We don't have to work at hamdulillah. And we should love Allah in our heart. The love in our heart,

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though, has to be more than just words, it has to be shown in action, in the same way that if we were to go tell our employer, Look, man, I love you When I you know, and I'm an employee here. But if you don't clock in, and you don't put any time into the actual job, they're going to fire you, nobody's going to pay you. In the same way that if we would understand local laws, Jenna allows Jonathan and paradise that is created, it's not free, that there has to be action from your part, from the heart, out, out through the body to show that you are serious that you are genuine. So if we're going to say we love Allah, it has to be proved, by the way we live our lives as Muslims, they

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can talk is cheap. Anytime before you can say I love you, but if you don't back it up with actions, it doesn't mean nothing. It means nothing doesn't matter. Doesn't matter if you're you know, you mentioned this in the first episode that you mentioned his prayer, you know, praying to the creator alone, not his creation. You mentioned going to Hodge doing the five basic pillars. And now the person who say well my great great grandfather he did 10 times is that going to help you out at all of the day judgment does give me hope the grandfather out but not the person themselves, each person is going to benefit from what they have done, no one's going to be able to give no one's gonna even

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want to give what they have done a good to the other person on the Day of Judgment. You've got time now son, you've got time you're young, you're 20 you know, have some fun you can be become you know, more religious, you can turn to, you know, a law when you get my age. The parents are saying this, they're saying this and they themselves are seeing how many are dying from automobile accidents, drinking and driving, drugs, sudden death.

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And who knows other things. These same parents should wake up and they need to wake up and realize, look, this is not the way that you're going to have your children there for you. As you get older, that you're not going to see great

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And kids from this fast, dangerous lifestyle that you're promoting in your children. Last closing comments just to reach out to the people who speak this language, Albanian. What advice do you have for the advice that I have is this look, I myself haven't grown up in Jersey, I didn't have access to communication about Islam. And when I did go to the Albanian mission that we had, it was more of a social club than anything. I think that with regard to especially the young adults that we have, today of Albanian and Bosnian etc, you have so much available to you so much access, even if it is an English that can help you that can be there for you in a way that it wasn't there for us 20 years

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ago, when we were first looking so take advantage of what's available. venya Mandarin Alhamdulillah Kenan the Jewish sheep burqini Jewish NACA Kenya Libra Khurana schipperke famous, saying that Simone de Napier Tina mercapto boo Korean Islamic at the zoo and Yvette De Niro but Allah subhanho wa Taala seems to fall upon it Allah nagraj these two Spears nama mela rewards you for being with us. Fundamentally inshallah, follow the script left. Thank you. Now listen, when it comes to level two, and follows us to be listener, mana Deen show, thank you very much for tuning in. And I can promise you one thing that we will all die. It doesn't matter if you're Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, or any

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one of these nationalities. But if you die in a state of submission to the one who created you, you will be successful not only in this life, but definitely in the next and we want to stay away from the hellfire. And an easy way to get there is by following your lusts and desires your way we don't want to do it our way we want to do it the creator's way. So ask him for guidance and he will facilitate away only praying to the One God you know that there's a void in your heart, there's something missing and that cannot be filled with money, drugs, women, men, none of these material things you have to you have to submit what I said it on I shoot a story and that's a law that's the

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one Creator God Almighty.

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pray to Him to seek His help beg for his forgiveness. He will help you in this life in the next we'll see you next time Don't forget to pick up the new dean show DVD volume four also we have jr to Dean is it's finally out and hamdulillah you can go to Eddie DVD calm. pick these up use them as a tool for the dour and share the purpose of life we got the bumper stickers the T shirts, get out there and do the Tao invite people to Purpose The purpose of life and get the reward get the reward. We'll see you next time inshallah God Willing peace be unto you