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Seerah – Life of the Prophet: A Prince of Yemen comes to Islam


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The importance of donating to the Church is discussed, along with advice on being a Muslim and avoiding confusion and false accusations during the Islamic period. The importance of Islam is emphasized, including the need for individuals to be conscious of their obligations and to show respect towards leaders. The Mahalia-ied message is emphasized, along with the importance of honking people and bringing them back to their former ways.

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Said Anwar aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This alga Nasir Jenga. If you enjoy and benefit from listening to our podcast, please donate to column by visiting support we love being able to share this content for free with you and your donation ensures that we are always able to do so. Each podcast we produce has 10s of 1000s of listeners. So the opportunity for gaining immense reward by supporting this effort is endless inshallah. You never know who will be able to benefit from your contributions and donations. Dis akmola Hayden was said aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah He was rvh Marine, Somali Kannada labor Catalan

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Sam de la. It's good to be back. I know that we took off for the last couple of weeks.

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There was a week of the Thanksgiving break the fall break, where Hamidullah we were visiting Mr. Duck saw and from a scene with a group of handler. So that was, that was a real pleasure and was really amazing. And then last week, we had just gotten back so I wasn't able to make it for the class. But kundala wanted to come here today and kind of get things back on track. So in sha Allah.

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Continuing with our study of the life of the prophets a lot so Masuda to Nova, we had the prophetic biography. We have been talking about the ninth year of higit, on the ninth year of the prophets, allottee somes residents in the city of Medina.

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And this year, has been primarily dominated by is referred to by historians and scholars of Sita, as I'm going to food, the year of the delegations.

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And this year is the especially the last so many sessions that we've had have been dominated by the discussion about the different groups that came to embrace Islam except Islam. There were a couple of negative interactions as well, unfortunately. But overall, it's been dominated by this, by the lessons that we're able to take from all the different interactions, the prophets, a lot of them had was all the different tribes during this particular year. Today, we're going to continue with that, but in a little bit of a different direction. One of the particular themes of this particular year when the profits a lot he said, I was interacting with all these tribes and people were coming in

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embracing Islam, and the process of was interacting with all these people, is that there were a number of interactions that the prophets a lot of them had with

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the best way to describe it would be royalty. So there were a number of, you know, men, people are individuals of royal lineages, royal families, from different nations in different empires, who also came during this time. And the prophets, a lot of them sent them letters and interacted with them. And they embraced Islam. And so I thought that it would be particularly beneficial to also look at how the prophets, a lot of them interacted with people who were of a position or a status of royalty. They were considered the leaders of their people. They were respected members of their families and their tribes, and there's communities, how did the profits of lobbyists interact with

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So there's two things more specifically that we'll be looking at today in sha Allah. The first thing I want to start off by talking about is that the role there was the people or the tribe of him young. They were the tribes in the people of him era, who, who accepted Islam and embraced Islam. And some of the members or the individuals of the royalty of Hindi out, they came to visit the prophets a lot to meet with the prophets a lot. So the profits, a lot of these have welcomed them, respected them, honored them, but particularly the profits a lot. He certainly wrote letters that he sent back with them to the rest of the royalty of Him who had also embraced the song. And the

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remarkable thing, I'm going to go through those letters, the profits a lot, some dictated that he dictated to the Sahaba and they wrote earlier, the Allahu taala no more I've been reading Allahu turon who he dictated these letters to them. And I'm going to go through those letters and there's a lot of very profound advice and guidance, the prophets a lot is providing in these letters, and I thought it'd be something that we can benefit from ourselves. So the prophets a lot he silom one of the letters that

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sent to the leadership of this tribe in the people of him he was he wrote Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem min Muhammad Rasulullah v min Muhammadan rasul Allah, he and Nabil and then he named the people that he was writing the letter to the Hadith of the Quran. Now I moved Abdi Kula Norman

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Kaley, the rain wife, it was done. He named the people that he was sending the letter to. And he said I'm about to do. He said I'm about that alikum after saying this, for any athma de la creme de la la de la ilaha illa, who? He said I began with the praising the glorification of God, Faina Hoopa diwakar. Bina rasuluh Moon Taliban amin or the room. He said that when we came back from the campaign, the expedition of Luke we met your people

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Filipina Villa Medina, favela. Listen to me, he was hub barama people Akuma Amba and Avi suamico. He said that they informed us of your news and he told us that you have become Muslim. He said when the law can be who they are who God has guided you. In a slash toma de la hora Sula, who, if you conduct yourself with goodness, and you obey God in His Messenger, welcome to salatu wa t to Musa kata, you establish the prayer you give charity, without a terminal Maharani Maha masala he was seven he was he was a figure who. And he said that when you come into spoils of war, you allocate a fifth of it 20% of it to be used for the affairs of the state as dictated by God in the Quran. When makuti By

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Allah, meaning of his Sokka and then he detailed out the structure of giving Zakat, that one 10th of the crop of the harvest is given in charity.

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One 30th two and a half percent of your wealth is given in charity and he details out how you give Zakat on goats and camels and things like that. But then he goes on to say, what in a half a liter to LA he Latina Pharaoh de la who Allah meaning

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this is an obligation from God is a God is something that God has mandated upon you that you must give it to the Muslims, the believers from benzaldehyde amphawa hirundo if you choose to give more in charity than your zakaat that is good for you. Woman adad olika Shahada, Allah Islam he was Muslim in Allah mushy kena phenomena Mini.

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He then goes on to say whoever fulfills the obligations of the religion

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testifies to their faith gives preference to their Muslim brothers and sisters over the non Muslims. Meaning in terms of loyalty, particularly when there's conflict. Then he says that that person is a believer. La Humala home. walima aleikum wa rahmatullah he with him materasso Lee,

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and that person has the rights of a Muslim and that person has the obligations of Muslims, and they are under the governance and the protection of a lightness messenger. Then he goes on to say, what inhuman Islam Aminu who dig in on Asana again, what if a Jew or a Christian choose to become Muslim, find a human meaning then they are a Muslim. No differentiation is made the Humala whom Allah Allah him, they get all the rights of Muslims, and they also have all the obligations of Muslims. But then he goes on to say, and this is very important, when when Ghana, either yehudah tea owner owners, Ronnie Yeti, but what if somebody chooses, they live in the area of Muslims, and they choose to

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remain under Jewish faith? Or they choose to remain on their Christian faith? What about them?

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Then he goes on to say for him no who like rockdoor unhappy or Alejandro Alagiah?

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That person is not forced to convert from their religion, like euro dollar, and that person shall not be forced to convert from their religion. And that person will pay a jizya which is a tax to live in that Islamic territory and receive the benefits of the Muslim governance. And then he goes on to say I'll actually highly mean the Quran. Every male adults man, every adult male and female man or woman who is anonymous and heard in our opinion, whether they are free or slave who live under this benefit of the Muslim governance

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DNR, when they only have to pay one DNR a year,

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and the Zakat and the taxes that Muslims paid, were far more than them. So they paid a fraction of what Muslims paid, and received all the benefits of the protections of a song.

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And then he goes on to say, from an ad Alec ala rasulillah final, who Zima to lucky with him materasso de and anyone who pays that, Deena that jizya they get the full protection of a line this messenger salon Isa,

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woman men are who but if somebody does not agree to this, find out who I don't really like, really rationally, then that person is now declaring war, against alarm as messengers alavesa and that's your choice.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he

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goes on to detail some more of the rulings he said well at

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Walla Walla tahuna.

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He said that do not be deceitful, and do not try to undermine one another failure or pseudo likelihood who are mo laugh and ego, Masako? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is both the ally of the rich and the poor. They are both part of the community and to keep the community together. We're in the southern patella to Haley Muhammad Ali Ali Beatty, and never ever fall into this delusion, that charity is being taken from you to benefit Mohammed or his family. Because the Prophet says I made this proclamation constantly and you wrote this in the letter for Mohammed and his family. He talked about himself Muhammad and his family are not allowed, it is not permissible

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for them to take from the wealth of charity, they do not take from the charity funds. So when you give charity you do not benefit Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam nor his family, you benefit the poor of your community. When am I here is a cartoon yuzaki Bihar Allah para la Massimino urban Sabine. When you give charity you are benefiting the poor and the destitute, the needy of the community.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He goes on to say we're in American cuttable La Habra. wahida labor for American beheren we're in the LA commune sorry, he actually was leading him we're only filming him and the prophets a lot easier said Furthermore, I am sending the best people of my community to lead you and to look over you and to teach you for amateur can be him higher ah. And so I asked you to be good to my representatives and my delegates for a no mundo de la him because I am lending them to you. I am lending them to you. These are my people was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. And that was the letter of the process. Hello, there while we're on this particular topic, the prophets, a lot of

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them also wrote a letter around this time to the leadership of the people of Yemen. And I'm going to talk about this that some of the royalty of Yemen would come and embrace Islam, and I'll talk about that in just a minute. But while we're on the topic of the letters, the prophets a lot of them also sent a letter to the leadership of Yemen, and is also very, very insightful. The prophets a lot recently he wrote Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Raheem Hideki tabula rasa Li. And then he wrote, decoded the verse of the Quran. Yeah, you're Latina, Armand. Oh, fubini.

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Oh, you who believe, fulfill your contracts, keep your promises. He dictated this. He said, I am in a lucky and he said that this is a covenant that the Messenger of God is sending to the people of Yemen. And he said, I'm going to be talking to a law E and E. coli the people that I'm sending the letter with, have been commanded to abide and to conduct themselves by God consciousness and to be honest, Faina la Latina to over Latina, Kumasi, noon. God is always with those people who are conscious of God, and those who strive and doing good. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Well, what are our who and yahuda bill Houthi? komamura hula

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and I have commanded my delegates to conduct themselves with truthfulness, as God has commanded. When you Bashir on Nasser bin hideaway Abu Dhabi, and to enjoin good upon the people and tell people to do good where your ultimate national Khurana and to teach people the Quran, where you * the home for Dean and to teach them the religion

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Why am NASA falaya masa hyden Allah Khurana Illa wa watashi to such beneficial teachings here, he says that and to tell the people that no one should make contact with the Quran unless they are in a state of cleanliness. Like he was teaching them these etiquettes he says when you bid on NASA, Villa de la Houma, la de la him and to teach people what are their rights? And what are their obligations? What Angelina leconfield

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so beautiful, the prophets a lot he said, um, gave instruction to his delegates that he would send with the message that when you teach people good, be soft and gentle with them with a aleena Be gentle and soft with people way step down am faithful, but to be very harsh with people when it comes to the volume, oppression, never allow oppression, never allow the violation of people's rights finalizer agenda hydromet Bulma. When and who, because God has forbidden and he has never allowed it for color. azzawajal for God indeed has said, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah volley mean that the curse of God is upon those who do

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what you wish it on NASA regenda to be armeria encourage people by telling them about paradise, and the actions that will bring them closer to paradise, where you under NASA narrow Rama ha and warn people against the fire of hell, and the actions that will lead to the fire Whoa, what a is suddenly for NASA hataoka COVID-19 and be gentle with the people be be soft with the people until they understand how to practice their religion.

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When you are luminesce maailman Haji rasuna who will

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teach people how to do Hajj and the proper way of performing the hajj when Mara Lago V and what God has commanded in the reason why it's mentioning Hutch because the prophets a lot he said, um, in the next year in the 10th year he did or he would go for Hajj himself. So he's saying start preparing people to do Hajj so that the whole Ummah can congregate and hydrated without and then he says well 100 Akbar Alhaji you will have to go along with Alondra

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the greater Hodges to do Hodge in the smaller hedges are onra.

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And then he said what am and NASA a new son Dr. Rajan of Ethiopian widen, serene Illa University and for you holophane atrophy Allah, Archie. And then he taught them he said, teach them etiquette. Teach them when they pray. They should not pray in a small singular garment men, and what he's talking about as many people who worked in the fields who lived in the villages and worked with their hands, they did physical labor, a lot of times, you know, they would do physical labor in just like what we would call like shorts, they would take off their shirt to do physical labor, the profits, a lot of them said that when you pray, even if you do physical labor, put a shirt on before

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you pray. Because that is good manners and etiquette. Unless you have such a large garment that you can wear it from top to bottom like a fold or a robe along or nice or something like that. Otherwise, if you just are working in your lower garment in your shorts, then put a shirt on before you pray. What I end up with a Shara Rashida for free.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said similarly, do not tie your hair like into a bun or a braid or something like that for men. The process of them said they shouldn't do that.

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What am NASA in Ghana Bina whom Hadrian and yet you're away lol Baba illegal Asha.

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This is very profound. The prophets allottee Some said that also teach them that if conflict ever occurs within them, that they should not call people to tribalism, racism, tribalism, classism, they should not do that. What are kingda

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illa Allah He was the hula Shadi Kala only called people to the oneness of Allah and to not associate any partners with Allah, for them yet to lie as a region with the Russia at will about any failure to be safe. If somebody tries to divide the Ummah based off of tribe, nation lineage, these types of things. Then the prophets a lot of them said something very severe and they do not call to the oneness of the oma the oneness of Allah. He said something very severe, he said then deal with them with the sword. They are an enemy

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The common enemy of the community. And then he goes on to say ha takuna da da da he was the hula Chico until they became unified in calling people to the oneness of Allah. We want to NASA be as valuable do would you have more ad hominem Rafi kabini Why am superheroes in command Allah azza wa jal and then he said in do we do properly teach people how to do we'll do

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what when we will be salata Luwak to

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teach people how to pray on time. weights ma'am Iroquois was to do the way you understand. Why Jarrod bill Hagerty

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was allowed to LA City to fill out the mobile data with Marina Jacobi lane will add two

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new June 5 sama he will have a shot over lately. And then he gave them the timings of the prayer that you pray fudger at the break of dawn you pray for her when the sun begins to decline. You pray also before the sun sets, you pray mother when the night begins, the sun has said you pray shall when the stars become apparent. What I'm going to be silent Juma at the new tip. Go for the Juma prayer congregate for Juma prayer. When the hustler endora wahida do go sell and bathe before you go for the Juma prayer.

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And then he goes on to once again explain to them how to give their charity one 10th of your crop when 142 and a half percent of your wealth

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and then again the profits a lot 87 says we're in the human slim in yahoodi you know nasrani in Islam and Holly son, mean FC for them the demon is Sammy fain home alimony lahoma Humala, Humala, hi Molly, if somebody who is a Jew or a Christian becomes Muslim, sincerely from themselves, willingly and comes to Islam, then they are a Muslim. They are a brother or a sister, a part of your community. They get all the rights of Muslims and they have the obligations of Muslims. On Ghana, Allah yehudah tuna serrania tea, if somebody chooses to remain Jewish or Christian, they know who

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they are never coerced or forced to change their religion, while actually highly mistaken ones. And then again, he talks about the tax that they pay to receive all the rights and the protections of all Muslims that Muslims get as well. And then the profits a lot of them concluded by saying Salatu Lai Allah Muhammad, that send your salutations upon the prophets, Allah Islam was salam wa alayhi wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh, when he ended with, again, the center. So this was, these were the letters, the prophets, a lot of them were sending to the kings, the princes and the leaders of the different tribes, like the people of Yemen. Now what I wanted to mention very briefly, were some of

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the people who were considered royalty of their people, when they came to accept us on the process and was sending these letters, these messages when they were now coming to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to become Muslim. How did the Prophet sallahu some welcome them? There's a profound lesson in this. So one of the people who came to embrace his song was a leader of his people, and his name was jetty bin Abdullah Al Virginie cerrito, Abdullah Virginie

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and he was a very, he was from Yemen. He was considered a leader of his people. And he was also being a leader of his people. He had a very kind of dignified appearance. He wore like these very, you know, kind of like royal kind of garments, a very fancy robe and things like that. So he says that I came to Medina to become Muslim. When I got right outside of Medina, he says enough to rahila T. I made my camels sit through Mahalo for a booty I opened up my bags through malibus 280 I put on like the nice royal garments that I had.

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And then I entered into Medina and I went to the machine.

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When I got to the machine, it was Friday. And the profits of the song was given goodbye he was addressing the people.

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So I walked in Medina was a simple place. Many of the Muslims are simple people Mahajan, and saw simple people. So when I walked in and I was wearing like these royal garments, people started looking at me. Like people were kind of surprised to see someone like me working for Amani and NASA will head up like people started glancing at me and staring and looking at me. So I said

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and the profits a lot this one was giving the hook bow. And while he was giving the hook via the process and realize that it kind of my walking in and the way I was the way I looked in the way I was dressed, was causing a little bit of kind of some distraction.

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So the prophets are lovely. Some said yeah, the hoodoo alayka manhandled Bab, Amina have the fudge. Min Haley, the Yemeni.

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He said that this person who has just entered into the mustard is from the best of his people, he is from the nobility of his people. Illa Allah, he he must have a mannequin.

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He looks like a king. He is royalty. So if he if he catches your attention, if he does not seem ordinary to you, then that is simply because he is not ordinary. He is a king of his people. He's a prince.

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So Jerry says when I heard the process of he said I started to get nervous. Am I out of place? Am I not welcome? You know, you start to feel kind of isolated a little bit. Everyone's staring at you. He said when the process from said that for Hamidullah as 100, Allah Azza wa Jalla Allah abalone

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that I felt out of place being amongst these beautiful people, but simple, humble people. And then I kind of walk in like a prince and I started to feel kind of out of place. But then I think the last panel Rotella that even though I was different, I was welcome.

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He goes on to say, very interestingly, that when I spoke to the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam.

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After when he was done, the football was done. The process of called me and I sat down with him and he said, Yeah, Jedi, the aliens li ha and Gita. Why have you come to us?

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And I said that on messenger of Allah, Muslim Allah aka Rasul Allah, I have come to embrace Islam on your hands. I've come to hold your hand in my hands and embrace Islam.

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For aliqua Alicia Keys and

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the prophets a lot of them took off his shawl and he put it around me

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some acapella Allah as hobby then he turned to his companions. And he said either attack on Kadima, calm in fact, remove

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when the leader of the people comes to you honor him.

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Honor the leaders of the people.

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And it's not just elitism the process of talking about he's talking about a true leader. Because what is what is the meaning of being a leader. It's not just prestige, and elitism.

00:27:53--> 00:27:55

The process himself was he will call me hard.

00:27:56--> 00:28:08

Because the leader of his people is what a responsible person must. He takes care of his people. If they can't feed themselves, and he has to find a way to feed him feed them.

00:28:10--> 00:28:22

If they're in trouble, he has to find a solution. When they have problems, they go to him. Everyone's headache is his headache. Everyone's problem is his problem. Everyone's bills are his bills.

00:28:23--> 00:28:43

So that's what he means by leader and he says so when someone who takes care of his people comes to you honor that person. Because respect the work that that person does for his people. And by showing some respect to that person, you will win the heart of that person. And when that person becomes Muslim, then guess what's going to happen.

00:28:44--> 00:28:58

Everyone else is going to follow him into some because they know him they trust him. They're loyal to him because he takes care of them either. jochum either attack him curry, calm in fact removal

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and then the profits a lot of the gadget eat. Oh God at the ruca illa Shahada de la la la la la mina De La Hoya luminosity will be highly Yoshi but to solid solid solid mokuba to idea SOHCAHTOA fruta then the process of coding to embrace Islam for file to

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jelly Sarah I did. Like I embraced Islam and I accepted all of this for Canada for Cana. Veronica Irani Latifah some of you watching. Every single time after that I saw the process and he would smile at me and he would welcome me, alan alan marhaba Madhava

00:29:42--> 00:30:00

Tara Javi Javi you're always welcomed me and he would smile at me. And then Jerry says beautiful this is found in Bukhari and Muslim as well. He says while I was sitting there, the process of him was asking Who are you and he got to know me. I asked the professor

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But something I kind of complained to him about a personal problem I had Shaco to ihlara slice allottee some a Neela as Butoh lol Hi.

00:30:11--> 00:30:18

It's interesting. He said as a leader of my people, I have one shortcoming. I'm not good at riding a horse.

00:30:20--> 00:30:50

It sounds kind of strange, but he just said, I'm not good at riding a horse. I fall off all the time. I'm not good at it. So for darabi Eddie, he said that he he said the process around me kind of hit me on my chest like patted me on the chest. And he may do after me while tapping me on the chest, he may offer me a lot of math a bit who Allah make him firm, with john who had the idea. And Allah make him someone who is not only guided, but also will guide his people.

00:30:51--> 00:30:59

And he goes on to say that after that point, after that point, I never fell off of a horse ever again in my life.

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I never fell from a horse. I wrote in so many battles after that, and I never fell off of a horse ever again in my life.

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There's another similar story about one of the princess like a prince of Yemen. He was from the lineage of the old kings of Yemen, and he was known as royalty amongst his people.

00:31:23--> 00:31:23

If not,

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one of the great scholars of Hadith and Sira he relays this incident. He says that one of the Princess of Yemen, he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to embrace the song.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given some news ahead of his arrival day, Allahu Allah, you should know that, you know what delegation is coming in one of the Princess of Yemen is coming. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the Sahaba that, you know, a prince of Yemen is coming.

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And he told them to come back to Luke, one of the last remaining Prince

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is coming of Yemen is coming

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from $1 Robbie, when he entered the process of welcome Tim Allen, Mashallah. What are the nonhuman FC said please come sit next to me. We'll call robber magician. He made him sit right next to him. Well, busca de la hora de we took official and you put it on the ground. So please have a seat. He honored him. And then he made to offer him. He said Allahumma barik fee was in his name was while been heard of. He said Allahumma barik fee while Villa de La Villa de Villa de la Baraka blessing to while and to his children and his grandchildren his lineage.

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what I wanted to talk about, look at how the process of welcomes him and honors him, sits him down welcomes him makes to offer him he becomes a Muslim, but he honors him. And that brings him close to Islam. And you want to see what the effect and the impact of that is. See what we're talking about here is not just stories, we're talking about the prophetic methodology, Nadia Nobunaga Mahajan, NaVi salatu salam, the prophetic methodology. When you respect people and you honor people,

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then what is the outcome of that? Why in been heard of this companion? He's a companion or raise a Muslim, the Sahabi who is a prince of Yemen. He lived for a very long time. He was a young man when he came to the process. So he lived all the way into the hills of Mahalia rhodiola mana Afro Boubacar Omarosa Nana Lila the Allahu taala, known after the Mahalia he lived till that time till the era of Mahalia So, he came to visit more are We are the Allahu talana one time when he was the leader of the Muslims, more are We are the Allahu taala and recognize them, Hey, I remember you, I remember the time when you came to Medina and became Muslim, the process and told us you were coming

00:34:13--> 00:34:48

and he welcomed you, etcetera, etcetera. So, more are We are the Allahu jalon who he said you know, I remember Ravi wakaba who adna who I've got a whole Hadith I remember the process of honoured you and respected you and welcomed you. So then what are we reading Allahu Jelani to follow the sin of the prophets a lot external arada Allah He is a Tanzanian. He offered him a beautiful like a very nice gift. Please accept this gift from me. The process of honored you I would like to honor you

00:34:50--> 00:34:54

why in you know what he did about a Yahoo

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

he said I cannot accept this gift, rather. I appreciate you

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

offering me a gift. But I have a request. If you could take this gift, where are you? Hi, man, who would you ha, la amending. And please distribute this gift amongst the poor,

00:35:15--> 00:35:19

distributed amongst support, because that is what I learned from the profits.

00:35:20--> 00:35:22

So you see what I'm talking about.

00:35:23--> 00:35:44

When you win people over, you win their hearts, you bring them close, by respecting them by honoring them, then you win their heart. And then they're willing to listen to what you have to say. They're willing to understand and internalize the values that you bring, that you're giving them.

00:35:45--> 00:35:46

And so a prince

00:35:48--> 00:36:03

becomes someone who cares so much about the poor, and about the values of the prophets a lot, isn't that feed the hungry, feed the poor, I don't need more wealth. I don't need to be showered with gifts, none, no, feed the hungry, feed the poor.

00:36:04--> 00:36:33

But if we don't follow this prophetic methodology and you shun people, you push them away. You're harsh with people without going to fatherland evil, then photo mahalik no one wants to be around you. No one is willing to listen to you. You never win their heart. And sometimes we get so caught up, we get in our own heads. And so we get so caught up in this mentality like oh, you know, you just need to tell people like it is and tell them what the deal is. And then you have nobody

00:36:35--> 00:36:39

versus the prophetic methodology was bring people close

00:36:41--> 00:37:09

to the fist laugh, bring them close, win them over. And then let them become representatives, delegates, let them carry your message ambassadors of your message in your methodology, too far and wide, and then they will carry your legacy forward. And that was a prophetic methodology. And that's something that we really need to understand. We really need to internalize. When you talk to people understand who they are murdered.

00:37:11--> 00:37:19

understand who they are, understand their circumstances where they're coming from. Ashkenazi, understand where people are coming from.

00:37:20--> 00:37:25

And then be gentle and soft. In the line your humble risk of

00:37:26--> 00:37:36

God loves gentleness, Allah subhanho wa Taala madrina riff riff cowfish A Neela Zanna who are my newseum and Janie lashana. Who,

00:37:37--> 00:37:58

when you do things gently, it makes things beautiful. When you do things harshly, it ruins it. So be gentle. And play the long game. The process on was someone with foresight and the heck motor hustle, deadbeat. Don't think about the next five minutes think about the next five years, next 50 years, next five generations.

00:38:00--> 00:38:08

What's going to happen five generations later. And that's how the prophets a lot of them approached people. And that's why the legacy of the prophets

00:38:10--> 00:38:17

were sitting 1400 years later halfway across the world in Southlake, Texas, talking about the seed of the process.

00:38:19--> 00:38:45

Or a final look at exactly the legacy of the process of indoors. And a big part of that was a methodology of the process of May Allah subhanaw taala grant saw the ability to understand the methodology of the process that I'm in practice the methodology of the process on May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything we've said and heard. So Hannah, like we have the sort of Hana Colombe Hongik now shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta massacre