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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The situation of the distraction between Islamist leaders and Muslims escalates to a point where everyone is focused on the situation. A woman named Amara is distracted by a man who thinks she's a goddamn crazy woman. She talks about her desire to teach people about Islam and bring peace to her house, as well as her desire to pay her debt and be perfect in every attribute. The conversation then shifts to a man named Lima and his relationship with a man namedatt.
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Very short reminder, I remember I gave this hottie era in the old Masjid a long time ago nine years ago

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or so Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with the Sahaba and he said

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I'm going to teach you

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know Muslim ever said this,

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except Allah will answer him.

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You can imagine, how did the Sahaba feel?

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So as a solo Salam was about to say that

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a bedwin Get up and distracted him.

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Let's pause here for a second

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10 Maybe

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eight nine years after that

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have been Radi Allahu Han was sitting in the masjid. Nabawi

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Sodom nebula cos walked into the masjid.

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And he said As salam o Allah chaos man

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as nun did not reply, or the hola

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were mela I Nia who will matter I know you who be Yanni he saw me and he and he stared at me. Sad, saying he stared at me. salam ala chaos man. And he did not reply

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setting up your consequent the Khalifa at that time. Was Ahmed Raja Lavon.

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You mean

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al Hadith? Phil Islam? Anything new happened in Islam? Said no what happens? Instead I said to Earth man salaam alaikum. He did not reply the salam

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cholera caught off man over here.

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Now, I want to pause here one second. The Khalifa is bringing a Muslim

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in his presence because he did not reply the Salah and who is he bringing off man.

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So man came for the Allah homage mine

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of man saw the same that he said the celebrity and he did not reply.

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So it man said this did not happen.

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Now we are talking about three MOBA Shareen Bill Jana

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guaranteed gender and he lying is out of the question.

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So sad said Yes, man. You're sitting in this place and that position and you looked at me and you stared at me. And I said salaam I recommend you did not reply. So I've mastered how La Quwata level. Now I remember please forgive me. I was thinking about something and I got so distracted. You know when you're looking at someone and he thinks that you're looking at him but they're in such a deep thought that he has not replied. So please forgive me.

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So both of them said what was that that you're thinking about? That made you not even notice this is an arm of a person right in front of you.

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We go back to the beginning. He said remember, now listen, we are in the time of

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Amara Rasulullah Salallahu Salam past Abu Bakr Radi Allahu I'm back passed. Now on what is the Khalifa said remember in one day we were sitting with recipe loss Allah Allah Allah Salam. And he said I want to teach you know Muslim,

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lemon yet the OBE Muslim illustre jab Allah Allah. hadith is intermarry. No Muslim ever made this dua, except Allah will answer and all of a sudden Abidjan came and distracted resource and some of them and he left without telling us until this day I'm thinking what was the DUA?

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I'm thinking what was the DUA?

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Pause again. Did you notice any?

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Do you notice something here? That Iran and the color of the solar system

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thought of getting up and asking the question after results? You're saying there's a drought? What is it? No, there were so many. He had so much clutter in their eyes that they were thinking twice before they get up and ask a question.

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So sad who said by the way?

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What's the sad relationship to

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his heart is hot. He's from his mother's side, uncle.

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So sad said yes, I remember. Of course I was there

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because he's, you know he has any. So he said I followed the sort of loss I sent him that day. And I asked him, you're a sort of Allah you were about you said something, and any drug that will be answered and then this breadwinner stood up and you get distracted and he never told us what was that to her.

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Sort of sort of lost a lot. He's Salam said that was the dua of my brother Jonas alayhis salaam

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ilaha IL Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran to Amina volley mean no Muslim ever make this to except Allah will answer it

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somebody might say what if I say this all the time and nothing happened? Maybe you do not know what you're saying. Let's explain it to the inshallah La ilaha illa into like

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I think it was a hustler bursary, he said, Sir Allah, the toe heat with 10 Z

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better heat with 10 Z will Obadiah will occur off

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La ilaha illa and yeah, Allah there is no one worthy of worship except you. There is no one who could solve my problems except you. There is no one who can cure my sickness except you. There is no one who could bring peace to my house except you. There is no one who could pay my debt except you either Hey, illa Anta Subhanak we just explained that many times Subhanak is 10 z first is to wait then 10 Z yeah Allah you are free from any deficiency and your Allah you are perfect in every attribute Subhan aka in ni now I am abd Obadiah in the consuming of volume in yeah Allah I am a wrongdoer. I have transgressed. I have done so many sins. Yeah, Allah. I'm admitting my sins. Yeah,

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Allah. What I'm going through right now is because of my sins. La ilaha, Illa and Subhan occur in the continent of Valley mean. Unison is Salam made this dua under three darkness is the darkness of the night, the darkness of the ocean, and the darkness of the belly of the whale. And Allah azza wa jal instantly said after that festa javelina Allah.

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Instantly, Allah answered the dua of Eunice Ali Salam. So

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you can say it on its own as many times as you want. There's no specific amount or like, shipment that Rahim Allah said after you finish and make your DUA wherever you want, and it's by La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in the come to me another violin for example. Yeah Allah cover my that Allah cured me yeah Allah guide my son ya allah and then at the end ended by saying La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in the country and avant Amin say it with the Akin, say it with the Akkadian with certainty that are salatu salam promised that the DUA will be answered Allah He when we take the words of Rasul Allah say seldom and we implement them you will see the results in our life and the baraka

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will spread all over our deen our children our wealth our health everywhere, so yeah one inshallah Tada

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constantly repeat this thought and have your keen that Allah would answer whatever you are requesting

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in Muslim me now almost Lima Do you want meaning I will not Mina team one quantity now a little neater thing was logged in again I was logged in Ponte wasabi arena was Slavia a lot the one before she you know before she

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was before she really know what to call she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one half year warranty. Was that good enough?

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What's the guilt or I don't

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genuine I lean

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