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Extremism Is Not The Way

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Bilal Philips

Channel: Bilal Philips

Episode Notes

Extremism Is Not The Way┇Short Reminder┇Dr Bilal Philips

Episode Transcript

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We need to have that knowledge in order to regain and to bring back into focus

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the moderation of Islam to find that middle.

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Because if we remain ignorant, then we remain easy targets for ISIS,

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Boko Haram,

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Abu Sayyaf,

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Ida, whatever

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How do we put the tech tech pro? How do we protect ourselves from these types of things, movements and groups and extremes by having proper knowledge of Islam

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is the route

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is ultimately the only route

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and know

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with certainty

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that we will never

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establish Islam

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by creating a small group

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of gorillas

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who arm ourselves and then go and try to grab power, grab the

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leaders of the country execute them and say Sherry, I now

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know though it might sound

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Make a nice movie.

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That's not how it's going to happen.

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It didn't happen that way in the time of Prophet Muhammad Salalah was Allah and he could have done it. He could have gotten Hamza

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or might have no

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other leading warriors amongst the Sahaba. He could have gathered them and caught the leaders of Qureshi in one of their meetings and just slaughtered them took over.

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Shed Sherry

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she didn't.

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That wasn't his way.

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From unreality, Bansal, nutty forlenza money and whoever chooses a way other than that of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, they're not true Muslims. They have gone to extremes. They've left the path.

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They have lost their way

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or not say they're not Muslims, but they've lost their way.