Mohammed Hijab – Are the Entailments of Football Worse than Murder, Rape and Adultery? Question to ARH

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the rights of youth in the West and the "slippery slope situation" of privacy. The speaker criticizes the rhetoric of the speaker's past and claims that privacy is worse than major sins. They also discuss the "entailments" of managing football and the "entailments" of allowing others to do things, including retracting students. The conversation also touches on the use of deontic fish and the importance of being mindful of one's words.
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Polycom warahmatullahi wabarakatuh how are you guys doing? I hope all of you guys are doing all right Eid Mubarak to all of you. This is just a follow up really on the video that I've done on Abdullah Manhattan instead of drama hustle on the footballing incident, and a lot of brothers have come to us. And when you speak to him privately, you know, you've had him on the podcast before you you've got some kind of relationship with him, why don't you speak to him privately, the truth of the matter is ever since I was not saying this was the exact point of demarcation. But I'll be honest with you guys, ever since I asked him to come and speak about the calamity, the philosophy

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issue, which he said that, you know, can his views on philosophy, and we responded to it. For those who know,

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he didn't like I wasn't able to communicate with him privately, let's just put it that way. Even if I had spoken to people that we have mutual friends, and so on, of people that he knows, and I know as well, so I've just not been able to do it. So if he opens up a pathway of private communication, then potentially these kinds of public, expositions will be less relevant or needed. But more importantly, that the modus operandi if you like, was the way of operating for, for them and quite frankly, for for us as well, for a lot of the time has been that if you say something publicly, which is academically incorrect, then quite frankly, it's the the rights of the people the public

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audience, to to have that correctly to Correct. Correct, corrected publicly as well. And so I just want to put out there that I don't really have any hard feelings or anything like that towards other men. So it's just that I have a pathway to pro communication. And if I did have that path, I think it potentially would have maybe been a different situation altogether.

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Having said that, now, I wanted to kind of unwind and make a big deal out of this, and why not make a video about this in the first place? The reason why is because as I say, I think this issue it causes is a slippery slope situation. And I deal with youth in this country and in the West, and in other parts of the world, all the time. And I can tell you something, we as youth living in the West, have very limited outlets, ourselves. Martial Arts, we have sports, we have only very limited outlets. Now when someone have some kind of authority,

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and even if it's pseudo fit with all due respect to him, but if you have a some kind of authority,

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who seemingly is someone who has learned the religion of Islam, and is speaking on behalf of it, comes out and tells people you know, that football is, I mean, this is what he was saying it's actually worse than the major sins. And before I continue, I do want you to see that video because I think it's actually shocking. It is actually shocking when you think about this, when people see this, or young people see this, this if you've been trapped, they feel claustrophobic. So I want to I want to look at this video and come back podcast, we did a podcast on it the form that it can become comfortable

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with the bare minimum that is cool for us.

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Or for us. It's higher than hubiera kabyle datasets. So where the moment

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as you guys have seen that, bro, guys, honestly, to be honest with you, this is as I am making the claim today, that this is not only a hottap this is not only a mistake, this is actually incorrect teaching of aqidah input, and this is their bread and butter. Okay. And Brockman hasn't listened to me, if you're watching this, of 100% you're watching this, okay, and I don't speak to him privately. No problem. I'm extending my hand we can have very fruitful conversations as we have in the past privately.

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But this kind of rhetoric, yeah, but I'm gonna say this, I'm gonna tell you very clearly. It's absolutely problematic. Okay, and I respect you as a man. I respect you as a person of knowledge you've, you've studied, you spent so much time of your life studying. But you've you've totally missed the market. And I'll tell you why. When you say that it's worse than the major since

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this is to say that the entailments of football, intelligence of playing football, managing football, overseeing a football match, allowing any of that kind of thing the entailments not the thing itself is worse than killing somebody.

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Let that sink in for a second. Is it worse than killing somebody? Is it worse than a man committing Zina when he's married or a woman committing Zina when she's married? entailments of football on this worldview

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is worse than sorry to say had once someone's wife gone and cheated on him with his friend or something like that. This is what we you are. This is the hierarchize ation of sins that you want us to kind of understand. Now I'm not saying shook is the wasn't all those things. Of course shift is school circus. We are saying this is not shift. And you are you telling the people that this is a kind of shift as kind of

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a coup for us

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because it's very manzanilla.

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It's a form

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of Kufa.

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It's a distortion of the religion of Islam. You're You're mocking it you

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I'm not gonna use the word mocking I take that back. I strike out from the record. You are trivializing. Okay, number one the major sins and you are missing misapplying what is to confidential even in the even in the minor forms? And we must be clear he's not saying is Crawford Akbar or not saying that he's not saying someone to please What was a disbeliever?

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Yet he is saying is wasn't the medicines?

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I find it so problematic. The reason why it's wrong what you're saying is not even he had and we're not going to accept this. And how could there be he had on something which is quite easy anyways like this. If something is creedal Why do we need to do she had on it, it should be so clear for the people to see.

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Okay, the reason why it's not he had and this is not acceptable is simply because of how can be vitamin Angela, that your body entails a substitution replacement

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for the Intel's dow when can that somehow the referee or whatever it may be is at is against a hockman camelus panel, Tyler, and we are preferring this welcome over the foot of Allah. Otherwise, let me give you an a scenario. And it's very simple. You use teach classes, right? And that matter. And say for example, if someone in your class and you're in a Muslim country, that two people have a fight. Two people have a physical fight, and one person breaks the bone of the other person. You say both of you're suspended from my class. Okay? which is the equivalent of a red card? Are you doing a fucking environmental Allah? No, you're not. Because you're not saying this suspension is a

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replacement for the hat.

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And the analogy is perfect. And there's no difference between the two things. It only becomes a token model as a law. When it's a substitution replacement and the person prefers it, john stand, the person prefers it to the hokum that Allah subhanaw taala has sent down. This is such an error of judgment that you can't just kind of I'm really sorry, but you kind of scurry away and think, Oh, well, it's a matter of wish to head we're not going to mention it, we're not going to talk about it, we're not going to attract anything, we're just going to move away, this needs to be retracted. Because with this, you are confusing young people and something which should be the bread and butter

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which is Rokita is absolutely wrong.

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So all that is acceptable at this point to save

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kind of not your public reputation to save or anything like that. It's just to save

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the academic amanar you know that you've you've distorted here is that attraction, say this, I've taught this wrong. come to the conclusion I was wrong about this. And there's nothing there's nothing there's nothing wrong with being wrong. I mean, we're all wrong. We're like

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one more thing I want to add recently he said something to the effect of we shouldn't be talking about the intellect in a manner that was like we when the Quran and Sunnah and the self we kind of need the intellect. When you're applying Can you need two things you the aim? And that's one of the core answers for unnaturally men we gave Soloman understanding of it element Phasma, two different things. And what I'm saying is with all due respect, right? If if you're Miss applying can which are basic or even labeled yet says to be able to see and reason. Then imagine where it comes to the sale of deontic fish. Like imagine now, the oma has to rely on your judgment to do to deal in person,

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extra person why a person said if you are making such blunders on on issues of football or something like that, what about when you're making to deal with this person or making you can die on the on person extra person while presenter? Now tell me, let's be honest, to what extent do you think people will take your firm your understanding seriously and to what extent you expect us to?

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Why should we if this is how you'll miss applying things for the late audiences to see. I think Allah subhanaw taala has made this very clear. And he's made late audiences kind of expose to this to read to let people see that you're fat and topic them topically or applied for him of the scale of Islam is actually not on point. And it does require treatment. I don't think it's arrogant for me to say to you look, we've been working with people mushiya and ulimate, and so on for a very long time. And my,

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you know, offer to you is that we have fruitful discussions in private and that we can we can help you with critically thinking so that it can help you with topical Chem. It will help you sharpen the mind. So this applies this doesn't apply this is a contradiction is not a contradiction.

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This kind of thing. I genuinely think I will lie. And I put this offer to you and to people like you. Okay, just put your just can reach out to me and I will take my time while we talk. You can teach me something because there's a lot to learn from the brother, a lot to learn. And I'll tell you a few things and that'll be it. But please, you know, we

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tract this, this disgusting I mean sorry, I'm only strong words. This abominable. This is a strong word this

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off the mark fetter please in fact it for the sake of the youth who need an outlet, Salah for youth in this country and other types of youth who listen to you, please don't make life difficult for them and start you know, appreciating the the nuances of Alma

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