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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala ambio in what city in the US have is made a bad

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couple of things. First of all, we have a great population in this river, the father I named Dr. Salah that this population should only increase and it should not decrease. And for this data to be accepted, it is essential for each of you to make Nia that insha Allah From today onwards as long as you are in Hyderabad, you will place a lot of pleasure in this position. So sites like Atomy

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The second thing is for the brothers who are new Africa Father, we have five minutes doesn't get up, which is what I'm doing just now inshallah and then we finished and we go home

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a lot around that is book one, actually in Nepean, Santa that was llmnr MANOVA will

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result in this one.

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It is essential for us to reflect on our own lives. And think about one of us at a restaurant that is waiting by time and in 100 is footsie 100 do not curse time because I am tired.

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So lots of other thing was I was robbed at his wedding by time and ally lamb is very interested

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in measuring in that he was in his one

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And then there is also the lack of emphasis levy was in that in Santa Fe was yochanan shortly and definitely human beings are in great loss.

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Great knows nothing was

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in Laguna Anwar, because it has the water was

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except the people who have demand the people who do good deeds, the people who invite towards the truth and the people who have suffer when conditions come upon them because they invited words of truth

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in Shall we I'm not planning to do Tafseer of this also right now, but just to reflect and say, am I in love or not?

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Because the saying of seven or whatever

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that is, I am told that the entire world war has gone into Jana and there is only one man in Ghana I will think it is me

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and he's there at the same time examines doors that the whole world has gone into jahannam and there is only one man in Ghana I would think it has been this is the position of the moment the Muslim mental health

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he has the Cobo data that a level of punishment at the end quote from the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah

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forgive you. So, therefore, saying that inshallah, it is not about as insane as the humanity it is and is that as in me, because let the rest of humanity be anywhere based for difference.

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If everyone in this must be live there is at the level of the Salah, bursary

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or even at the level of

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but mine Allah is not at that level, then the only Salah which affects me is mountain,

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I am not going to get the reward of your Salah because your

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and similarly I will not get the reward or the bad effects of your Allah Allah has not followed.

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So internet is not like

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So Allah frazzle is saying to me, you are in luck

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unless he landed in Ireland

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What is this email?

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What is this demand?

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that's the main villain your video will

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be will we need another there are people who say we have a lot and we have Mr. Yamanaka they are not what we need.

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But we are

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simply saying with our

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available options is not sufficient.

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That EMR has to be demonstrated in terms of

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and that is why it says in hamano we're

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not intelligent is

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is the proof that there is even

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and even the Amazon which is the number one which is going to be questioned the first thing that the the burning question on the first one what

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so what is the state of our Salah? Are we breaking the budget are we breaking

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Probably the way we should be bringing, what is the nature of my Salah, the external part of my Salah, my whole life, my whole my life and so forth. It is all in in proper order, then internally, the Salah mushroom and although the concentration and the dedication, the understanding of the color

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What is it in my heart All of these things are questions that I have asked myself when I requested brasco, 711 armano.

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In general, one of them is download what the one opened up to what was the result was a little lower than the music that he was telling us.

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