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Reminders Prove Belief With Action

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salatu salam Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was happy about.

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Yesterday we spoke about the importance of action.

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Today, I want to remind myself when you

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the proof of belief is actually

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proof of belief is actually

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give you an example

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there was this is a story

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about this man who was a high wire artists, you know used to ride a bicycle on a highway.

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So, if you've seen if you've ever been to a circus, you have this string the wire up and the guy right the bicycle he holds the pole in his hand to balance.

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This high wire guy was the greatest and the greatest high wire expert in the world.

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So he strung a wire across Niagara Falls.

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So a lot of people gather on both sides in the US and Canada on both sides of Niagara Falls. So now this guy takes his bicycle rides from one end of Niagara Falls together and across the horse.

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At the other side, people do believe that I can ride safely across Niagara falls on my bike, of course, we saw

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then he turns around and goes all the way back to the other side. It is people do believe that I can ride safely across the Niagara falls on my bike, they absolutely believe short show. Then he has an assistant. So he puts the assistant on the back of the bike behind him. And it takes him across to the side. It tells the people do you believe that I can take a person behind me on this bike safely across Niagara Falls? Absolutely. We just saw it. Seeing is believing right?

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It takes you assistant goes all the way back again. And it tells the people on the other side. Do you believe that I can take a person safely behind me on this bike across Niagara Falls? Absolutely. I will sure absolutely. We just saw you seeing is believing Sarah who wants to come with me across Niagara Falls

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right. That is the issue.

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The issue is action pros belief.

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So we know from the habit of Ramadan, whereas

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non sama Ramadan a man

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offer Allahu Allah subhanaw taala that was the one who fast in Ramadan with Eman And with the expectation of reward from Allah Subhana

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Allah will forgive his sins whatever he has done before

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right. Now,

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issue is

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not only the fastest,

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what do we know about

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the other benefits or Amazon for example,

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in Ramadan, one fourth Salah or one fourth not always alpha is equal to 70 Allah will give you 70 times the reward

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the reward for one novel is equal to afford

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right. So, if you really have faith even seven how many records of data we are reading every day?

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Especially if you are reading the Lavina Masjid which is praying 20 How many are you praying for that the

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date are 20 and all that I have explained all of those fatawa in detail the one praying 20 is not making any way that is not doing anything wrong and realized doing the correct thing and between the two is doing the board correcting forget that issue is nothing How many are you praying

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because obviously

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then the other one

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listening to the Quran

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in pm first of all listening to the Quran is equal to reading the Quran

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and in listening to the Quran or reading the Quran which is equal so if you're standing in the lobby and listening to the man which is like as if you are reading the Quran yourself, Allah subhanaw taala will give you what

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10 has an ad per letter not what

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he said I do not say Alif Lam is one letter Olive was one letter lamb is one letter me with one at

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10 hasard per letter.

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And then we know from the other rewire of isn't it we have Italia we said that refers to reading the Quran outside Salah, somebody's reading the Quran inshallah Allah will give him 100 Allah as far as I always say Allah is not an accountant. He's not sitting there with a counter right so Allah will give in keeping with his majesty and grace, but we will we will get this. So therefore, in a trigger, how many letters and words of the Quran Did you hear? Is it more than 20 or less than 20?

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logic No, obviously

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Is this in a trigger you cannot hear more current than 20 recording 22 obviously hearing more issue is how real is that belief to you?

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we know you have we know exactly that you know this whole world is running only because of you. And we know that if you sit in the cup The world will halt. Everything will stop sand will not rise wound will not rise, rain will not fall. Yes, everything everyone, everyone else outside the wazoo, they will all die because they cannot breathe because you're sitting in a water level.

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So now it is a gaff, the shutdown is running behind us. If you sit

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and you know, what are the file of ethical I'm not going to go into the detail you know all of this. You don't know go Asha. Google will tell you right?

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You don't ever do anywhere else. Share Google. Everyone is blind. decklid of everyone is hard exception. Google. Google blind totally jazz Mashaal.

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So point is

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Do you really believe

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in the olden days I was growing up.

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We are small denomination coins. You don't see them. Now it is a privacy coin candy used to have 1.25% 10%. And then we had 25 points.

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And then 50 was our attorney. And then you had a rupee you had all these small denomination coins you could actually buy something for one person. You could get one for one person.

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I know for a fact and I've seen this

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multi millionaire marwari jealous.

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If you found a 5% or two pies are one coin lying on the road, he would pick it up he would dust it he would kiss it he would attach it to both his eyes and his forehead and he will put it in his pocket.

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And if you ask him what is his you know one point what is that value of the 1% is

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luxurious HAZOP Lakshmi

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iski valid corretto Lakota wanting

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the worship

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money and the God of management is Lakshmi. So he used to see the My point is I'm not we're not easy, easy, right? He's wrong. You're not we're saying that is his belief in that issue. He says even one pricer is highly valuable, very valuable, we will not let it go anywhere. And he said who take care of that single one. One day it will make you a millionaire

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My point is, what is the real values there's no point in Yamanaka if he were to call the mana ID Mata shadow or guru homie mechanics, even this tank will be locked up. So forget the tank.

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What is the real value of the deed?

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If you have real value, but then on the day when ethic off starts, you should be in the market. Otherwise you are lying to yourself and you are lying to Allah subhanaw taala doesn't concern anybody else it makes no difference. If I'm going to be in Africa with somebody else is there or not? What difference does it make to make absolutely no difference?

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I have actually spent alone in a Masjid in Africa. And I tell you, that was the best thing of my life. There's nobody at all, after Salah Tanisha was locked the masjid and go away and I was alone, right?

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So it makes no difference to me.

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I was just spent at the garbage like that is unreliable Halloween in the harem. So there are zillions of people there, which is also beautiful.

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So it's not about us, it's about ourselves. It's about ourselves. If you believe in that, what do you do? If you believe that Hassan Allah subhanaw taala is giving you for listening to the Quran? How is the ricotta therapy and not interested in what excuse this happened that happened, everything will happen something will happen until you die, something has to happen right? some chicken will lay an egg or something will happen and they don't know my chicken was laying an egg so that's why I had to leave to witness the laying of the Havana what is some of the excuse was here la hotel

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is used to what does it matter to anybody else? issue is Do you believe? And if you believe then like the guy on the back, get on the back on the bike if you believe get on the back of the bike. If you cannot get on the back of the bike then you don't believe simple.

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If you believe that How come you are not on the back of the bike. Simple. Right as I gave you the example of the first pertains, if you really believe then get behind the guy.

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So I remind myself when you testify because while I remember my brothers and sisters

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on the Day of Judgment

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That one has and I'm not even talking about all the millions in one.

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One good deed can make the difference between gender and gender.

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That one good deed can make the difference between this level of gender and that level of gender and between this level of gender and that level of Jannah what is the difference, as well as the difference between the heaven and the earth?

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And if somebody says, some people they've exceeded because we're very careful how we speak and what we say that because it's not fun and games, in any case to make it is our Akira, that to make fun of the promises of Allah subhanho wa Taala Escobar.

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Chateau de volta gamma Jana Jana is a guy who's run a gala. chavara is a CoverGirl Mata

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Ki Scopus, if, if he has that Akita then he is committed. So we're not talking about joking, but I'm saying many people, he will say, Eric, as if Jonathan Cusco was Mr. Chopra cafe, there is actually Suhana. Now if you say this, right.

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And for those of you who don't understand dude, who just we get into the agenda, it's enough even if I get a small hat, it is enough, I don't care about other What is he actually saying? He's actually saying that he really does not believe in gender.

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Because anyone who believes in gender will never say something like this

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will never be is not possible. Find me find me one Kol of any of the Sahaba who said this, find me any headies strong, weak, middle, whatever, whatever, anything. You know, finally, the both of us had this to say rasulillah salam said it's enough to get what no one did.

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ask Allah subhanho wa Taala agenda to

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ask Allah for the highest vision engine? Why because this is a game. That is if we believe in Jannah that How and Why will we settle for anything less?

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When the highest is available? Right? Did Allah subhanaw taala say Jonathan, for those close, you know, list is over, you cannot get in the know.

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Then other videos is available for anybody. So the moment on yesterday, we heard

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who are the Who are the people who who fulfill those seven things, who are they? They are who will very soon have what

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are those

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whom we have Holly Dune where they will stay forever? Allah would have said What is your agenda not to those wise last month or specifically mentioning the highest level agenda? Why because it is available for us agenda.

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But we have this is this world is a world of effort. Why is it that we believe that this world is a world of efforts about feeding our bellies in this life? Nobody needs any convincing on that.

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Whereas there is an argument in favor in favor of not doing anything if one wants to argue one can always Allah subhanaw taala just if you want to beat me you will beat me out. It's not correct. That's not the correct argument. I'm saying I'm just saying that somewhere you know, at least you can find an ayat which Allah Suarez I will feed you I don't I don't ask you what is

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no No, no, no coke and so on. So many ads are there. But when we when I as well as those that do nothing I will use on

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ever say anywhere? Did nobody ever say anywhere that Allah subhanaw taala has taken upon himself the responsibility of putting into jail even if you do nothing? Did he say this? anyway?

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So how can we be so relaxed about this business?

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My brothers and I have I remind myself when I advise you, let us get real with our lives.

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If we believe in the promises of Allah, then we have to make the effort for that. If you do not make the effort, then May Allah protect us. Right? So be very clear in your minds. Believe in the promises of Allah subhanaw taala in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will fulfill His promises. Because Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala does not go against his promise, but we have to make the effort all all promises of Allah subhanaw taala are conditional. every promise is conditional, no unconditional promise do nothing and I will give you no nowhere.

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Nowhere everything is conditional

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that Allah will give and He will give more than we can ever imagine inshallah, but we have to make some effort. We have to have action without action.

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No brush, right? minimum we have deadly standing Salah whatever that Salah is whether it's good or bad Salah you stand in Salah if you I don't pray at all I don't stand at all it's Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Allah can give Jana to to Pharaoh and if you want that, that's his Cobra nets. They are the heart of Allah subhanaw taala what we what we understand of the deen Allah will not give

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to a person, if the person has not made the effort, because this would not be agile, there is another person just like you and me, who is making the effort, how can I and that person be equal, they cannot be equal, I have done nothing he has done everything and he is getting the same thing as me that is not agile and Allah

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so, Allah will not do something against justice. Therefore, let us make an effort, let us correct our, our ourselves. And as they say, you know, no point in talking If so, if you have belief, then show the action. If you don't show the action, it means that your belief is not there. If you are not making a gap, then you're believing that the gap is Zilch. If you are not, if you are not praying as much as you can pray, whether your back hurts or your knee hurts, means that the belief is weak or it is non existent. We have we are fooling ourselves. As I said, this whole issue is not about showing anybody else. It is between you and Europe.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that a matter of truth for us, and to enable us to do those things which are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and save us from everything which is displeasing to him, or some Allah Allah Allah will carry him while he was away as me