When he sat with Muslims everything changed

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of building bridges and communicating with everyone to avoid negative consequences. They give examples of how God Almighty has rewarded individuals for doing good things, but the ultimate reward is acceptance and love. They encourage individuals to go ahead and build bridges and share experiences with others to avoid negative consequences.
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And that was it purpose reflect, think about it, you live you die in between a lot of drama and it's a test of life pass the test of life. And God Almighty has the ultimate reward. It's more commodious than any flat villa. Luxury palace is Jenna paradise. And you got to work hard for plant seeds of goodness, because good breeds good. And when you do good, you feel good. And it's all built on that pure monotheism. So ask the creator for guidance, and then you shall receive but if you don't ask how you're going to receive, pick up the Quran read, it is not going to hurt you, you can get one for free one 800 662 Islam. And before you learn Islam from someone who's full of hate spewing hate,

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I mean, you did the right thing you tuned into the de show, and you got a different perspective. And this will only enlighten you, it will only open your mind and your heart. And even at the end if you don't agree with Islam the message at least now you had come you had investigated, you have sat with some Muslims and you'd see that what you've been taught is actually something that is not true. But you've actually opened your mind you've been humble enough, because at the end, what will happen if you follow someone of hate, you end up just spewing more hate the heart grows with hate, and you just become bitter and angry. But at the end, what happens you go in like the gentleman did in

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Arizona, what struck me the most honestly was when I took a minute to actually talk to some of the Muslim people to find out, you know, they are just like me, and I am an educated on the religion. You know, I could easily make as many mistakes, judgment calls as any other person out there. But when I took a second to sit down and listen to them, and actually enter their mosque, and go on and watch some of their prayers, it was a beautiful thing. And he sat with the Muslims. He came in there had a totally different perspective. And then the heart softens and maybe even got a new friend. So this is what we need to do. We need to go ahead and build these bridges. We need to communicate with

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our brothers in humanity. Share this with your neighbor. share this with your friends who continue to tune in here to the D show. We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you.

When he took a min and sat with the Muslims everything changed

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