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In the laundry la

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vida de

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la mesilla season

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long vertical.

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last note that I mentioned

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sort of the milk, which was added in in the

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last one that I said the reason for

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that is the one who Callaghan Motorhead is the one who created this and he created life.

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Yeah blue bossa nova so that he can test you to see which of you will do the best deeds.

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I run myself and uma brothers.

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Allah subhanaw taala mention the reason why he created

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this whole life, the reason why He created us.

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And some of Assyrian have said that the way this ayah has been

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decided, the wizard has been helping written her mouth our head, that the mouth has been mentioned before they have. So that it is a reminder for us.

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To point that I want to remind myself is that every minute we have that we are alive,

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we have a choice of two things.

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We can take a step that is in our favor. Or we can take a step which is against us. And this incidentally is one of the sayings of Hassan al Bashir

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is that every minute that we are alive, we can do one of two things. We can take a step which is in favor of us in our favor, or we can take a step which is against us.

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So I remind myself I knew that every minute that we are alive, one of two things is happening. Either Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with us, or Allah subhanaw taala is not pleased with us.

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And even in the things that Allah Allah, Allah is pleased with us we have we hope that we will never do anything deliberately to displease Allah insha Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that. It is not the position of a believer that he will deliberately do something wrong. Something happens by mistake or because of his lack of knowledge, because he forgot or something unusual Allah subhanaw taala

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we ask our boys for that. immediately as soon as we become conscious, even if we have been doing something wrong for a long time, because we didn't know or we were not sure or whatever reason. But the minute we become conscious of that, man, immediately we went away and that is the reason why it's what the whole the mercy of Allah that He kept the door open for us. What if Allah subhanaw taala said there is no Dawa.

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Whatever you have done is done, good or bad? Then where would we go?

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Allah Allah subhanaw taala kept the role of Dawa and not only did he give the door of Dawa

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in terms of forgiveness, but not only is the question of forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you make our sincere Dawa tala will wipe the slate clean,

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the book of reads, the evil that we have done May Allah forgive us for that Allah subhanaw taala will wipe it clean, and he will make the angels to forget

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they will also not remember what what they have written. And in addition to that, as we know from God,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will convert those bad deeds into good deeds.

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Allah will change the bad deeds into good deeds. When that is that much of Ramadan Allah subhanho wa Taala which is available to the one who makes Dawa. If somebody still ends up in the Hellfire, then this is a real tragedy and that means the person is you know, May Allah forgive us and May Allah subhanaw taala save us from that fate.

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So the point i'm saying is that every minute of our life, there are these two things which are having allies pleased or displeased. And even among the things that Allah Subhana Allah is pleased about. We have Akuma eucon son of Allah, which is it, which is the thing that pleases Allah more.

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That's it for the believer.

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shala we will never do anything deliberately to displease Allah. So we will do whatever we do we do to please Allah. But even among the things that please Allah subhanho wa Taala

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There are something which is Allah subhanaw taala more than others.

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Yes, some things breathe a lot more than others. And that is what this surah is this is reminding us to say, seek deliberately the thing which pleases Allah more

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sanoma between two ml which is the action of the AMA

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when we make Salah in the masjid and the other Amal who is still makes Allah we don't leave the Salah, but maybe at all which is the better of the two. One is that we fulfill all the friars 101 is that we do more than the fourth.

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Even when you come to the masjid

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then you sit for the you come a little bit early, we did some core and maybe do some ascar and then wait for the salah and after Salah if it is a Salah in which there is some Sunnah after that you pretty soon Ah,

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Rena feel right? You wake up in the morning for tahajjud not only for for for the president, you wake up a little bit earlier, you press a button.

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And you know, maybe read some code and before you come to the machine itself. And Angela has started from the house itself. This is the this is what the one piece I mean, there are so many other issues in our marmelade in our class, in our martial law, how do we treat each other? How What's our dealing with each other?

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Where are they validating? How do we treat our parents. So all the aspects of life and therefore we for the Muslim?

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The recommended situation is to live as I always say live thoughtfully.

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Not live thoughtlessly. Not just a random life. Living is not just to drop rates. As long as you're breathing or living or

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even an animal lives like that. for a human being to live, it's not enough only to drop rates. You know in take out this high inhale, exhale, inhale exhale. It is much more than that. So we live thoughtfully before we do anything before we say anything. Before we put ourselves in any situation, we make sure that this situation is something that I want to be in

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and then when we go into that situation we make a knee in that situation.

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This is the these are the sources el amin, Allah Albania. Why? Because only when we make the Nia then we are super conscious of that situation.

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You may be doing the same thing. But we are super conscious. For example, you might say well, you know whenever I am eating my breakfast or my lunch,

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I am not ungrateful to Allah.

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Allah insha Allah you're not ungrateful to Allah you're not complaining you're not throwing the food or you're doing all that.

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But are you and I conscious of the Nia Why am I

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in a when we were going to sit there? What is the need of eating breakfast? What is the nature of eating lunch?

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Make the Nia will tank Allah subhanaw taala Will you give us this food I'm thankful to you because you gave me this food you gave me this food without fear because there are people in the world where eating but they are afraid they are afraid fear for the fear for their lives they fear for their liberty and various things Angela Alaska possibly from eating this food without fear and like this food so that I may have strength so that I can worship you.

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You make this near before we eat the vote

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it's not necessary to say all of this the Nia is in the heart but consciously make that Nia with regard to the food

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and similarly for everything I do I go to sleep

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and you decide the whatever we have to read before we go to bed and

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and you make this near that I should sleep so that I can get sufficient rest

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in order to wake up for the hygiene inshallah with the near before we go to sleep. So all that we do we do with a clear Nia

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we do it consciously keeping what in mind, you have to do

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keeping in mind Alice Raja said the very purpose of creation of life and death is so that you can be examined and tested to see which of you will do the best deeds.

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Ask yourself what did I do for Allah today?

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Ask yourself this question What did I do for Allah subhanaw taala today

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inshallah Let there be at least one thing that we do, purely and purely for the sake of Allah,

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the famous or these of the three young men who got caught in the,

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in the cave, under the rock, covered the cave and so on. We know this whole Hades, the whole story. The story, the question I asked myself when I hear the story.

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And the question is, what do I have in my life as a as an action that I did, only four

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law, which I can invoke, as the vasila for the acceptance of

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Do I have something like this? Do you have something like this, he must have no, you don't have to get caught in a gift for that.

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But some something we want there is some thing I really really want very badly named is my life and I have to ask Allah subhanaw taala

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and the vasila that I take is biomol which is the vasila that has been

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prescribed for us by Allah. So, what is this?

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What is this?

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Do we have certain

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that we are done only for the pleasure of Allah

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no other than that Nia is not you know contaminated by anything that's binoria in that Nia there is no desire to please anybody in that he has no desire for any benefit is the only and only to be the last one out there.

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So let us try to create such ama

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not one inshallah many. So then when the time comes on, then we ask Allah subhanaw taala with the salmon

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Diablo Kumar, Kumar Salam ala

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is the one who is Aziz and he's done forgives. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for us to please Him. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to please with all of you and with us, or Salalah harana will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy has been erotica hamdulillah