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Armed Hindutva Extremists

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Mohammed Hijab

Channel: Mohammed Hijab

Episode Notes

Threaten Anti-Muslim Violence in Leicester

Episode Transcript

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All of them must all of them must. Nobody's doing nothing

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and you're allowing it man's got a weapon.

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Man. You're loving

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the weapon. He's got a weapon. You're loving it

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he's got a weapon and

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we'll leave before

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I'm here I'm just sending. I'm just standing every morning. I'm just starting recording. I'm a community leader. I'm a community leader. I'm a community leader. Remember that? I'm not here to cause no trouble but look at it

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you, he's inciting violence and you're allowing it my mind saying let's go and beat him up. And you

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know, it's different for us. Your mind can understand the man is inciting violence and you're loving it. I'm telling you, the community leader

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to deal with it. How are you dealing with it that the guy's inciting to violence?

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Explain to me how to arrest 400 p

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ringlead. Isn't it what they're shouting Listen to me. Yeah, I don't know what's what they're saying.

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So we're trying to deal with it. You're gonna give us a chance so hindering us you're not doing anything that's the problem in it. Yes. This is doing something it's called public order tactics

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apologies from the problem is if we need one person

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understand Yeah, okay. Um, can we try it? Okay, no, sorry. Okay. I'm just recording

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every single one of them is masked. Yeah, you can pull a section 60 Now take it all off but you're not doing it.

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Just just couldn't do it. You couldn't do it definitely was in place section secured in place. They stay in place for a period of time

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that they have to be put back in place and until such time as somebody makes a decision

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what they're going to do what they're going to do, take it myself take your mask soften. Take your masks off

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take your mask off. Don't make a batch recording I'm recording a record here but you know making any.

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We on Monday.

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