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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should be able mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah you. He was

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just leave on with urine cathedra, my brother,

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my brother and sisters,

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there are two ways

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to lead our lives, two ways to live our lives.

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One way is to live our life

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according to our desires. Anyway, I like

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as long as I like it as long as I'm happy.

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That's fine.

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The other way is to live our life as Allah subhanaw taala wants us to live our life

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so two ways.

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In although we say mangia isn't the gear rubbish isn't

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what we like to do and what Allah wants us to do.

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Now, it may sound as if I'm talking about two opposite things.

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But it's not two opposite things.

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If you take the life of Rasul Allah is Allah Salem, which is the standard for us.

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what he liked to do, was obviously what Allah like to do.

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Allah subhanaw taala likes for us to worship Him compulsorily five times a day.

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So if you ask him, what was the what is his favorite thing, and we know from many Hadees he called it Cora today. And he said, This is the coolness of my eyes.

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He used he would say, or Anya will, or will give us relief,

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Take away the tension by rewards, call the other letter start Salah.

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So as I just said, Delana said that he would be sitting with us and he would be engaged with the family and you'd be laughing and so on, suddenly, he would hear the other. And it would be like he's a complete stranger, because he would be attracted to the other hand to the sound of Allahu Akbar so beautifully. So if you take his life and say,

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what he liked to do and what Allah like, for him is the same. So there is no conflict between the two. I mean, when we when you put it like this, it seems as if there is no, the reason I'm saying that is because that's exactly our situation, how it should be. There should be no conflict between what we like and what Allah likes for us.

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And the logical reason for that is because Allah subhanaw taala likes for us, that which is intrinsically good for us.

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This is one of the most beautiful things about Islam, which you can absolutely say it with complete confidence, that there is absolutely nothing in the Sharia nothing in the Islamic law that goes against human nature, or which is by itself or intrinsically harmful for a human being absolutely nothing.

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Because nothing at all, not in the food, which is permitted, not in the food which is prohibited, not in the ways of earning a living, which are permitted and prohibited, not in the ways of relating to each other which are permitted and private it not in our entertainment which is permitted and prohibited, right. Nothing. Every single thing which is permitted in Islam is intrinsically beneficial for the human being and everything which is prohibited is intrinsically harmful for human being.

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Many years ago, almost close to 30 years ago in 1998, or something. I was the same father had dinner in numerous. So I was there in that dinner. And I spoke there as an introduction to Islam or something. And at the end of that, there was a lady who stood up in the back and she was not Muslim. She stood up in the back and she said, What is the Sharia law?

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So I said the Sharia is the way in which any intelligent, socially conscious, responsible, decent human being would like to live their life that they say

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you don't need to be a Muslim to do that.

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So for example, in Islam, Allah

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ordered us to eat certain things which are halal. If you look at any of them in

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None of them not one of them is harmful for us.

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Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala prohibited certain things.

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Every single one of them is harmful for us.

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The point I'm making here is that unfortunately today we live in an environment in a society, which is based on the opposite principle, which is, if you like it, it's good.

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As long as you are happy, it's okay. You must have heard this term when he was Oh, it's okay. Now as long as they are happy,

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how can it be okay? As long as somebody is happy, for example, somebody who is

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OD on

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on drugs? Is that person happy doing that or unhappy doing that?

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Somebody is taking drugs? Is he happy or not happy?

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He's happy with it. That's why he's taking it. I mean, why would you not be happy if he's not happy? If taking drugs drug is bother he won't take it. Right? He's taking drugs, he's happy somebody's getting drunk. He's very happy getting drunk.

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Somebody somebody's coming to Zerah somebody goes fornicating is very happy doing that.

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So how can it be okay.

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Happiness, personal happiness is a completely

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you know completely unsuitable and completely wrong.

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characteristic or standard to judge what is good and what is not good personal happiness cannot be there are people who are literally you know, their minds are

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zonked, or the people who who love for example, child pornography, the people who love pornography, addiction to pornography, they're very, very happy.

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How can that be? How can that be a standard to say that as long as you're happy?

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Islam says no, that's not a standard standard is what Allah subhanaw taala is happy about. And Allah is happy about something which is good for you and it is good for everyone around you.

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Our problem is one that we live in a world and an environment which encourages the opposite, which is personal happiness, and God is nowhere in the picture.

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I was in in Bennington, and one of these one of the young young guys there he was wearing a T shirts on the back of that says, We want Susan not Jesus.

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So as the Musa

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it's an all you know.

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And he's you know,

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he has said you had to write design. We want Susan. Okay, you want Susan Good. Stop. Stop with that. Not Jesus. Was that necessary? You're a Christian?

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No, I'm not a Christian. I don't care about God. All right.

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It's raining outside. It's I don't care about rain. Walk around in the rain when you get wet.

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What doesn't matter if there is a reality you're not caring about it doesn't change the reality the reality is real Allah is real.

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So this is one problem. One problem ours is that we are now therefore what we do a lot of us may Allah forgive us, we pick and choose.

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We pick and choose from the religion. For example, Allah subhanaw taala made alcohol haram he made gambling haram. He made eating pork haram. He made Zina fornicating having extra extra marital or premarital sex unlimited haram. Right.

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I'll give you one example. Take for example, a young college guy who is in college and he says, you know premarital sex. No, man everybody's having fun let me uh, funds are no problem you have now

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at some point in time you get married.

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Now your wife says I want to have fun.

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Now what

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I mean, yeah, I got you every day when you live let me find here's a nice looking guy, you know, just one day

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what do you say

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because she's applying the same standard same standard that you applied which is that sex without marriage outside of marriage is okay.

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So why do you object to that is your number one most welcome? Let's make a deal every Saturday.

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Not really, I mean, it is we have to this is what we do we pick and choose.

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You tell somebody poke or stop for Hola. Hola, then I'm gonna Majid my bad camera Swarga

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so what about eating the nonsevere meat

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Jehan, no problems there. Bismillah I need

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to say Bismillah a poor Gaza.

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No difference, because my 10 and pork dead and pork is the same.

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I don't make the rules. I tell people very clearly. Don't look at me I don't make the rules. And I don't break the rules.

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And for better or worse, because of the position that I have, whether I like it or not, I have to speak the truth. I have to tell you the rules.

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If you don't like that, that's not my problem.

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I don't mean you guys, I'm just saying, you know, this goes all over the world. That's

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I'm saying it to whoever needs it.

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We cannot pick and choose.

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And if you pick and choose what happens, Allah subhanaw taala told us unless rather ask this question Allah said to me, Do not be bad al Kitab we will talk for Runa be bad unless it is it that you pick something from the wound? Can you live out the rest?

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Well, ma Jazza OMA year follows Alec Alika. What is the Jezza? What is the reward of somebody who does that Illa his Yun Villa dunya, except difficulty and trouble and trials and tribulations and accident and sickness and loss in this life.

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Allah said and after having this terrible life, on the Day of Judgment, they will be put into the worst or shut deal as the most difficult the worst of punishment. And Allah is not unaware of

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who these beings are to, not to the aquifer, not to the machete, not to somebody who said there is no God, not to the atheist. This is for the Muslims who want to pick and choose. I take this and I don't take that

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so we need to be careful now.

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Between these two ways of leading your life,

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the way I love it, and the way Allah loves it.

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Why would you choose the one that Allah loves?

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You because we are Muslim, and therefore we believe in the day of judgment, because we are Muslim, we believe that this life is not all that there is.

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This life is only a very small piece of all that there is the rest of life, which is literally uncountable, there is no account of that how many years as well is after we die.

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You know, many times you must have heard somebody Oh, you know Swans have passed away peacefully, you know, all his troubles are ended. And he suppose if the person was sick, say, you know, his his pain is over.

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I don't consider to be but the reality of life is if that person died without Islam, if that person died, having denied Allah or his guitar, or his book, or vice versa or something, his trouble now started. He struggled in and now his trouble starts. And the trouble that starts now is never going to end.

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That is the reality of the death is the door which opens and what it opens into, is what we create for ourselves. And that is why this life is very short, but it's very important.

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So why would you choose that? Because Allah subhanaw taala told us very clearly called don't have seen the ICA to remote. Allah said if you live you will die. Every living thing will die.

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We're in nama to a foreigner who do rock home Yeoman piano, Allah said and truly on the Day of Judgment, you will be paid your rewards in full.

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For 100 and Inari. Whoa, the killer Janita forgot verse. And Allah gave us he gave us a metric a measurement standard and he said only the one who was freed from the hellfire and entered into Jana is successful. Allah did not say the CEO of Microsoft is successful. It did not say Elon Musk is successful. He didn't say the one who invented the electric car is successful. He didn't say the one who who becomes president of the United States of America successful he didn't say the one who has a palace was nothing the one who is freed from the fire and enter into Jana is successful. For one Josie and not Eva oh the fellows Jana forgot first woman to dunya Illa Mata Allah Hooroo Bella Saran

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is live of the world of this world is a figment of the imagination. It's it is an illusion.

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This is not real, what is real, is what is coming.

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And that's why I advise myself and you. Let us be very clear

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I'm very sure about what we pick and choose in this life

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if we pick and choose things which Allah subhanaw taala has privated in Islam depending on what you say and what you pick, it can take you out of Islam if there is something which Allah has made haram and use it and I It's okay you know we can try it after all it's a different world different country you have exited Islam you have gone away

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nothing will happen you won't grow to answer until you will still look the same.

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But if you die with that Aqeedah to say that what Allah subhanaw taala has privated is okay or the opposite which Allah has permitted is not okay. He will make all these very roofstock Are these barbaric punishments of chopping the hand

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and stoning to death. All of these should be banned. These are all barbaric punishments, you know, olden day stuff. People say these things.

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You just exhibited a slap if you if you actually said that, believing that you are no longer Muslim.

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As simple as that you have to reenter Islam say the Taliban can come back into Islam. If you want

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people say that about this people talk about inheritance. The laws of inheritance are are unjust on women.

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They don't even understand they're the thing to do is go to somebody who has knowledge and say this is the law of inheritance in Islam that their daughter gets half a share the the son gets a full share or daughter gets one share son gets two shares. Please explain this to me. You know the justice of this please explain to me even will explain the people will know will explain to me come to you, I'll explain to you.

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They don't do that. There is a difference between asking a question question you can ask any question you like not that every question has an answer but you were asked the question no problem hamdulillah

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but giving an opinion that's a different ballgame altogether.

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So if you take one thing and you know the inheritance laws in Islam are are unjust. You have exited Islam.

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Allah subhanaw taala made two genders.

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two genders.

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So both of us.

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They got there there can be many genders.

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Many genders.

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It's not a question of logically argue with which many genders. If Allah said he made two genders, and you say there are many genders and you are going against the column of whether you're going against what Allah is rather therefore,

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you have got

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if somebody said in this particular matter, people say all these things, I mean, all of these things people say, if somebody says in this particular matter, a Surah Surah Salam did not really explain this property, or he didn't explain it completely. Or he left out a piece.

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You have exited Islam.

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You have gone you have covered cover, cover Billa

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and you have gone out of Islam, you are no longer Muslim.

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If you die, you have died without Islam.

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They can pray Salah pajamas on you inside the Kaaba,

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you will still go to Ghana

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makes no difference. Don't think that just because where is where is Obi Winslow? Where is he buried?

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In Bucky?

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Next buses and wh sheriff who prayed Salah to Janas on him Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam

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what was he What was his govern their dress the the the the thought of the WA alayhi salam which touched the body of resources Allah

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waving the role was buried in that because his son Abdullah bin Wei Winslow was so heavy and he came to this era My father has done all kinds of things please I want a lot for you please give me your your so let me something he took it off give

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me the salah to Gera that was our last round that they will call

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that was Rotorua that said even if you ask forgiveness for these people 70 times Allah will not forgive

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nothing matters except being right with Allah.

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If the if the board is allowed to generally I would always rather janazah is dwama Forever right? That is the

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we are asking Allah this is our

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intercession with Allah for the person who's intercession is more powerful than the intersection of the interviewer Lisa and himself and all of us are standing behind him

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and lets him know

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what this one has done.

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I will not forgive, even if not only the Submariner marala said eu 70 times this was also I will not do

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so please Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala gave us a beautiful religion. And as I was saying yesterday, one sentence, the ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah gives us in sha Allah, the shade of the earth of Allah subhanaw taala the Day of Judgment, and inshallah this will get us into Jana. Don't ruin it for yourself.

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Do not ruin it for yourself. What you don't know go and ask

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as people you know, whereas

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the safest thing is you keep your mouth shut what you don't say nobody can hold you responsible for words you speak. Once you act, then you are responsible.

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Right, make absolutely certain that we say nothing whatsoever, which either directly or indirectly or by implication seems to be a criticism of Allah or his kita or the Rasulillah Salam or the whatever was decided or ordered. If it is that

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unless there is a Fallout or a bigger

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area is so so strong Furla we're Rob bigger lies taking an old by himself. Allah saying no by your rub for Allah we're up we're a bigger law. You may know that. Had you had the mukha fee Mushara bueno, wala Yoji do V unveils him heritage, where you sell the waters Lima. Allah says they will not have even they do not have Iman until they accept whatever you have decided. Yarra Sarasa Salem, and they do not even have in their hearts, any disagreement, any feeling of disagreement about that and they accept what you say, with the slip.

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Just give it give this a little bit of thought. In Islam. The basic fundamental principle is as I just mentioned, you as long as you don't say it and as long as you don't do it, you are not culpable if it is in your heart, you are not punishable for it. But in this case, when it comes to the nabi alayhi salam and when it comes to the solar cell service, how calm or whatever he decided, Allah said even if it is in your heart, you are no longer Muslim.

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Forget about talking about it even if you feel that way. Allah say Allah is taking an oath by himself law you may know that they have no iman

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if they do this

00:22:49--> 00:22:50

so please

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let us project our Eman

00:22:56--> 00:23:07

because the day will come when whatever is there will end whatever we have will stay here and we go to Allah alone. Absolutely alone yesterday We buried our brother

00:23:10--> 00:23:14

I always tried to go to the cemetery wherever I whenever I can, because to remind myself

00:23:18--> 00:23:26

in that case, he was he was on the cover. And there was one thin Muslim cloth over that. And they said no excuse. This is not as removed this

00:23:28--> 00:23:32

the universe as well. That one piece of cloth also you can take with him

00:23:36--> 00:23:38

this is life. This is life.

00:23:40--> 00:23:49

So if we want to do something here and create stuff, believe me the reason you did it, your action, your speech, your decision goes with you.

00:23:50--> 00:23:51

That stuff stays here.

00:23:54--> 00:24:17

And that's the reason why we need to be very careful. We ask Allah subhanaw taala delete the logo. He gave us a beautiful religion he gave us beautiful guidance. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts the guidance so that we take the guidance and we stay on the path we ask Allah for his dicovered for steadfastness to stay on the path so that we meet him in a state when he is pleased with us. Well, Salalah Alana will carry while he was

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