Mirza Yawar Baig – Success or Contribution

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The success of Jesus claims to be the best of men and the best of female people, but the lack of diversity in learning materials is also recognized. The success of Daniel Hale Williams and Jimmy Wales is also discussed, as well as the struggles of a man named Jimmy Wales who chose to give access to the internet to produce a book and create a website. The importance of leadership and success in modern society is emphasized, along with the need for parents to be mindful of their children and finding the right reward for one's behavior.
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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Shafi lumbee River mousseline, Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he while he was. He was seldom does live in Kaziranga zerafa Babu Agata Allah, Allah Vina Armando taco la casa de la tomahto nyla one two musli Moon wacol condom Hara Amati Naka, de Nast Maru Nabeel maruthi watan whoa Nouriel moon caribou Nabila. My dear respected brothers, sisters, elders Bismillah dalla. Once again we are on the day of Juma and I remind myself and you to send a lot of Saracen, Salam and Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he while he was ever seldom to read surah Tonka have and to make lots and lots and lots of da

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especially for the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, because it also told us that there is a time in this blessed day, where Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts the doors of his slaves and ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant you that time and to accept your door. Today's topic is success versus contribution, success versus contribution. A loss of $100 said about the purpose of our creation and selection as the higher onomah

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the best of people, a lot of arterra Jacques Cousteau Hydra Martin, okra jetty leanness, that Muna bill Murphy, what an hona Anil moon curry watamu Nabila which means the ayat of surah, Allah, Allah and Allah said, you Muslims, are the best of people ever raised for mankind ever raised for mankind? And why? Why is that? Because you enjoy our maruf which is everything which Islam has

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and you forbid al Moncure, which is everything that Islam has prohibited. And you believe in Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla I remind myself and you that Islam promotes a life of purpose and contribution and significance, focused on pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, and on spreading goodness all around us. We were not created to spend our lives accumulating material stuff, to indulge our desires, and take selfishness and the mindless pursuit of pleasure to the level of a virtue. Allah subhanaw taala created us to live for others to find pleasure and fulfillment in that and to seek to please Him jela Geraldo as the purpose of our lives.

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So, what are you searching for? Let me ask you this question, What are you searching for in life, success or contribution? The two are not mutually exclusive, but sometimes we need to make a choice. What will you choose? What will I choose? And why? What will guide you what will guide me? Let me give you some examples. Examples of success.

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Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi such in Tendulkar. Sure, Malik, the Kardashians, and hundreds of others are all successful, highly successful. They are rich and famous. Their faces are recognized. They have fans. They endorse products we sell in millions. They live the highlife, mansion's yards, private jets, fast cars, fancy clothes, jewelry, they have it all. How many of you want all this? And I mean, in hallways, I'm not saying you do haram for this. How many of you want this in hallelujahs?

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Let me tell you a story. A true story. Kevin Carter was a South African photojournalist, and the recipient in 1994 of the Pulitzer Prize for his photograph, depicting the 1993 famine in Sudan. His photo showed an emaciated black child sitting curled up because she did not have the energy to move forward, while a vulture is pushed a little distance away. Waiting to attack

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is not what Kevin Carter did, but what he did not, which is the punchline of the story. What he did was to take a photograph that won him the village surprise, what he did, was to walk away with his photograph. What he did not do was to help that child get to a un food station, about one kilometer away.

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What he did not do haunted him so much, that about four months later, he committed suicide at the age of 30.

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At Kevin Carter was not a monster. He was a good man compassionate enough to take the time and travel and risk his own life to document wars and famines and other manmade disasters. He was a man in search of success of fame. He got what he was searching for.

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Now, let us look at some other names. Have you heard of Rainey Jeronimo? favaloro? Have you heard of Daniel Hale Williams? Have you heard of Christiaan Barnard? Have you heard of Hamilton? naki Have you heard of chef Akram nadwi. If I show you the photos, will you recognize them?

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Who are they? And why should you even care?

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Let me tell you the Let me tell you who they are. Rennie Jeronimo favaloro was an urgent dying cardiac surgeon and educator best known for his pioneering work on coronary artery bypass surgery using the great saphenous vein which runs up the leg

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and it is the longest vein in the body. May Allah subhanaw taala grant you a long and healthy life. But if you ever need a bypass, it is favaloro you will remember

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with gratitude, not Lionel Messi.

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Daniel Hale Williams founded the first black owned Hospital in America and performed the world's first successful heart surgery. In 1893.

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Christian Barnard, assisted by black African Hamilton naki performed the first human to human heart transplant operation at the groots shore Hospital in Cape Town. On December 319 67.

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Chef Akram nadwi, the author of Alamo had the fat, researched and compiled short biographies of women scholars of heavies in Arabic, the book is in 50 volumes, and destroys the false propaganda that Islam discourages women from studying or teaching Islamic knowledge. She has argued I'm not he was challenged by one of his colleagues, an oriental scholar at Oxford, where he also used to teach that Islam discourages women from education and scholarship.

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When chef disagreed, the man challenged him and said, find me the names of five women scholars in Islam. And I will take back my words

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shagun Ravi is a dear friend of mine. He said to me, I started my research. And I find and I found so many scholars, women scholars, that I decided that I needed to narrow the field of research. And so I chose mahad, the fat female scholars of Hadith alone, he's not talking about tafsir, he is not talking about faith, he's not talking about the other Islamic sciences only had this and that also only the women's scholars of Hadith.

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And then he said when I found and wrote, when I had found and written about 10,000 of them, and the book was in its 43rd volume. My publisher told me to stop because he said that nobody will publish this book if it is so big.

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Yes, you do not know the names of these great female scholars, whose names appear in the jazz art of some of the greatest male scholars of Islam, who took their ages are from their women teachers, their name appear, their names appear in innumerable fatawa on all kinds of topics. They debated they taught they published the more older generations of scholars and they preserve the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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but you know what struck me the most about these scholars almohadas that was watching I can not be told me. He said to me as you know, there are many people who fabricated a hadith to suit rulers and times and they lied about Rasul Allah is Allah and he said, but what struck me in my research, is that not a single one of them was a woman. No woman ever lied about Rasul Allah sallallahu Sallam said, No woman ever fabricated a hadith Subhana Allah. This alone, in my view is enough as a badge of honor. For the women of this oma May Allah subhanho wa Taala be pleased with them and protect them and raise their high there

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to the highest possible level and grant them the company of the one who then never lied about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Taala he was using. So question to you, success, or contribution. As I said, the two are not necessarily

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mutually exclusive, but sometimes you are compelled to choose, what will you choose? Let me give you an example. Have you heard of Jimmy Wales? He stated his vision in an interview with schlaf, Slashdot in 2004. And said, Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum total of human knowledge. That's what we are doing.

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Do you know what I'm talking about? Have you heard of Wikipedia?

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Jimmy Wales, is the founder of Wikipedia. But that's not why I'm mentioning him here. I'm mentioning him here, because he's an example of the choice that I mentioned. Between success, which is fame, popularity, money, and significance and contribution. Imagine what the value is of the quantity and quality of information contained in Wikipedia. Imagine how much money the founder could have made if he had followed the usual startup build acquire trajectory. But what did Jimmy Wales do? He formed a nonprofit and secure Wikipedia for all the people of the world so that they could have free access to any information they may need.

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What could have been the net worth of Jimmy Wales, if he had decided to monetize Wikipedia, he's not exactly starving to death. But he could have done many things with Wikipedia, which would have made him humongously, wealthy and powerful. Instead, he chose to give it away to those who needed the most students, researchers, children, and anyone in search of knowledge on any subject on Earth, success, or contribution. As I said, the two are not always mutually exclusive. But sometimes we must make a choice.

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Today, we want to focus on our use and develop leadership. I ask you to think of what you mean by leadership, success, money and fame, or significance and contribution.

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Take was no way.

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He had success and fame and followers. He was born into money. He was a role model, and a fashion icon in Makkah, handsome, wealthy, all the trappings of wealth for the time, loved by his parents, especially his mother, who showered her wealth on him pandering to his every wish, then came the time for him to choose success and fame, or contribution and significance. He was contribution, though at the time he could not have known what it was to be. As a result, he lost everything.

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his wealth, possessions, even his home, he was sent out. He was sent out on the street with only a wrapping sheet for his modesty because his mother confiscated everything he possessed, including the clothes he was wearing. How old was he 1616.

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In today's world, he would be considered a kid. Let me remind you that at 16 they are not children. But young adults in the world are as old as the 16 year old was sent as the ambassador. The ambassador was also sent

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to Medina to prepare for the array for the arrival of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam himself. It is the challenge even the curse of affluent societies and families. That childhood gets delayed, and critical years where responsibility could have been taught and learned. pass away in mindless pursuits. Fun is equated with activity without purpose. Then, when reality hits, both parents and their kids are unprepared.

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We do not ask why. designing a new energy efficient car cannot be fun. We do not ask why building houses for the homeless or digging wells during the day. And in the evening. teaching children to read and write cannot be fun. Imagine the time and energy that goes into jeering a football match being used for something worthwhile. Did you ever stop to reflect after a yelling yourself horse watching Super Bowl and ask what did I achieve by this for this life or the accident? Did you ever ask this question please do

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and write down your answer. Why should you ask? Because one day you will be asked you will be questioned about the time you spent

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among that is the time you spent doing this.

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purposeful effort is good

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Red fun, tried.

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Musab no Myra Golan, who also known as most of our higher purpose of the good, was born in 598. In the Common Era, to wealthy parents in the bottom of the dar branch of koresh, he embraced Islam at six in 614, see at the age of 16, and became the first ambassador of Islam.

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He was martyred in the Battle of God in 625. See, at the age of 27 years,

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he accepted Islam at age 16. And at age 27, he's got to be successful.

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Would you call him successful? Let's see.

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Let us see.

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rasuna says Hello, I'm Santa Rosa Alonzo as the ambassador of Islam to Medina.

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Sadness urara are there Allahu assisted great leaders of the unser like Saad bin Muhammad Hussain De Anza, even awada Allahu Allah, who accept Islam at the hand of Musa Are they

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the stories of how we encountered Saad bin morogoro delanco and aside bin Jose, and convince them to accept his lab or a study in the way to deal with hostility and opposition. Remember when you hear the story that we are talking about the actions of a 16 year old? How did he get that maturity?

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How did he get that wisdom? How did he know what to do? It is not magic. It's the power of parenting and upbringing. Even though his parents were not Muslim. It is the power of taqwa and tal of my Allah. Both are possible for us today. If only we make the effort, when as soon as a salad entered Medina, it is estimated that there were about 10,000 Muslims in Medina, how many of them at the hand of Jose of Masai Mara delana, or at the hand of those who accept Islam on the hand of Musab Omar Abdullah

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in the Battle of our hood, in 625, rasa Salah Messiah, Messiah Nehemiah are there on the Muslim standard. The standard bearer is the target of the enemy because if the battle standard falls, it demoralizes the soldiers. The standard bearer himself is not armed, because his only job is to keep the standard flying. It is the responsibility of his brothers soldiers to defend him. In this case, the Muslims were routed when Khalid bin Walid attacked with his cavalry from the rear. When the archers on the hillock near or had left their post. Despite the command of Rasul Allah is never to leave their post, as a result, also relies on saddam himself was attacked and grievously injured

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must have been wire or the alar, who called out Allahu Akbar, and stood out to try to draw the enemy away from our solar system towards himself. In the process, he got attacked, and his right hand was severed, and then later, his left hand was also severed, but he held a standard to his chest with a stump of his two arms until he was martyred by a spear thrown by him. nicomedia

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65 Muslims were killed in the battle hubub been out robiola and who narrates we migrated in the company of our souls asylum seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala pleasure so our reward became do unsure with Allah. Some of us died while enjoying without some of the died without enjoy anything of their reward here, and one of them was Musab even ayomide, who was martyred on the day of the Battle of odd and did not leave anything behind except in amea, except his scuffing his shroud. If we covered his head with it, his feet became uncovered. And if he covered his feet, feet with it, his head became uncovered. Russell asaram said cover his head with it and put some his gear which is a kind

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of grass on his feet.

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And then he said, I'll come out, but some amongst us have got the fruits of their labor ripened and they are collecting them.

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As soon as a solemn stood be beside masabi Nomura the Lana's body and resided Mina Mina Raja loon Sadako bah ha de la la Fermin home man cada Whoa, whoa amin home my buzzer, Mama but deleeuw the Buddha. Allah said among the believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Some of them for varying their obligations and be

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martyred and some of them are still waiting. But they have not changed in the least. They did not renege on their covenant with Allah.

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The Messenger of Allah testifies that you are martyrs in the sight of Allah. And this is Russell as a result and bearing witness that the Shahada have a heart. Indeed, Shahid, feasibility Allah. So what do you have? What do we have here? A young man who accepted Islam at the age of 16, lost everything penniless, left his home and family in Makkah, migrated to Abyssinia twice, then preached Islam in Medina. And at the age of 27, he was martyred and killed in odd. Those who gave into Islam, by his preaching were some of the greatest names in the annals of Islamic history. He did not see the success of Islam in the Battle of Allah has, or high bar or Fatah muck or hoonah, in or

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thereafter in the time of the Rashida, but he laid the foundation of all of them.

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He may not have been famous among human beings, but every Moloch every angel that Allah created, knows the name of

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Allah Han. So success, or significance.

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In the end, in conclusion, I ask you to ask yourself, what motivates somebody like Mr. Numero de la? What is it that enables people like him to continue to work without seeing any signs of success, but not allowing that to dampen their efforts or to lose energy or enthusiasm? That is the power of working sincerely for the pleasure of Allah alone. Only then can we become immune to the reaction of the world. As you remember, Chava had to learn He said, If you do not want to be hurt by undeserved criticism, do not be happy with undeserved praise, safety lies in seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala pleasure alone, secure in the knowledge that he knows what we do, and why we do it. And only his

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reward is permanent. I remind myself and you to choose wisely, because on that will be based all that follows in this life. And the next Robin has fallen and we're in landfill and our

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city robina toquilla and I woke up from NASA. Yeah, Tina, what about fun, I'm all about it. Now if you do

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not, was Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah He was iVh main we are.

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Well, hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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