Abu Bakr Zoud – Face Your Calamities With The HELP of Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a video where a man named Jesus spoke to a woman named Joes alayhi wa sallam. Jesus said that he would not try to face life on his own, but would be in misery and would face his own limitations if he tried to do so. Jesus said that he would not resort to worldly means, but rather he would stay in his belly and his calamity until the day of judgment.
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When you read Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, the first area in Surah Al Fatiha and of course, there is a difference of opinion among Allah Allah. But there is no doubt that Albus mela has a heavyweight in Islam. So now, when you see Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, how does that treat? How does it cure? depression and anxiety and distress? Because when you see Bismillah this bar is bad.

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You're seeking Allah's help. So now in whatever calamity or in whatever is bothering you, you're being forced to seek Allah's help. That's what Bismillah R Rahman Rahim is telling you. It's telling you give up. It's telling you surrender. It is telling you you cannot do this life on your own. If you try to face life on your own, you will be in misery and you will fail miserably. Bismillah Rahim is telling you face this life with the help of Allah subhanahu wa taala Allahu Akbar. And so there was a companion by the name of Paul Harbin obey the law who will be Allah who I know, on the day of God, he experienced that calamity. His finger was cut off. Imagine a finger cut off. You know what

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he did? He said his Jani he said Slyke is that's a normal reaction. Anyone will do this if your body was injured. Imagine a finger being cut in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard him and he said to him, he said to him

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Bismillah Laura Foxconn.

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He said to him, if you just said Bismillah GI Joes would have came in they would have raised you, Allahu Akbar, face your calamity with Bismillah before your utter words have been in this world to life. And just like Ibrahim alayhis salam, he was thrown, he was launched into a fire. And that fire is a calamity. No doubt. It is supposed to burn a person. He was launched into the fire. He didn't scream up in his landing. Rather he said how smooth Allah will kill. He said sufficient is for me my love. And he's the best to rely upon. And what happened? Allah or social Zopa was with him, Allah social meet the fire cool and peaceful upon him. And just like you know, solid, he's Salam. He ends

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up in a calamity, in the belly of a whale, in the darkness of the night, in the depths of the ocean. These are three darknesses if you put his hand in front of him, he couldn't see it. He literally reached a rock bottom.

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And even then, he did not look for what he means, and he did not rely upon himself. Imagine you're stuck in a situation like that. The first thing we do is we take the phone and the light and see how can I escape. He didn't resort to worldly means because he knows I cannot face calamities, by myself. If I entrust myself I will fail miserably. So he said,

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Learn Subhanak in economical volume in he faced his calamity. With Allah with the help of Allah subhanahu wata Allah and Allah azza wa jal would save him at the end. Allah said fanola No can Amina lucid dream had you not been from those who praised Allah and worshipped Allah, He would have remained in the belly of that way along till the Day of Judgment, he would have remained in his suffering and his calamity and he would have remained in his depression and anxiety and distress until the day of judgment. But he faced it with Bismillah he faced it with the name of Allah and Allah azza wa jal saved him

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