The Quranic Call (Part 17)

Abdullah Oduro


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The speaker discusses the importance of learning from past experiences and rewinding to the present. They explain that everything on this planet is trial, and that everything on this planet is trial. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of having a positive attitude towards trials and rewinding to the present.

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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah COVID Academy the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all of the law of doom and Jews number 17 chapter number 21 verse 35, lots of kind of what data tells us a reality. He tells us the reality that many of us a lot of times don't like to hear don't like to talk about. And when we're when we are reminded, we change the subject.

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When we encounter this, we think and reflect about that person that had that affliction. And then after we leave the gathering, it may change, we don't remember it anymore. And that is death. loss. It kind of addresses it in this beautiful in this beautiful island, this beautiful verse, where it says after overlaying in a shape on the regime, cool enough, send that in order to remote

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whenever Luke can be Sheree, when Katie fitness and what Elena told geralyn

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last month, Allah says, Every soul shall taste death.

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And we will surely test you with good and with evil, evil, as a trial unto us you will return. A lot establishes Firstly, that everything on this earth will perish. coolamon Allah Heaven, Allah says that every soul shall taste death, every human being has a limited time on this earth, we can look at it like that, that every human being has a limited time.

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So he confirms that everyone will perish, and they will taste it. That is to note and then after that, he shows us secondly, this life within this life span, which is temporary, what he puts in front of us, why does he give us good things and bad things? Firstly, it's for us to remember that what we may perceive as good now may be bad later. And what we may perceive as bad now is good later. And we call that a lesson learned. That's what a lesson is something that you may have perceived.

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And that turned out not to be as what you perceive that at that time. That's what we call a lesson. So Allah says here, whenever lucam and we will surely test you and a test is to put something in front of you to see how you will react. Bish, Sheree, with evil well, Katie, and good, y fits net 10 as a trial for you, and fitna means also it can mean an Iraq or to burn something to her when they burn iron. The burning of the iron is to deplete the bad minerals in that iron. And the good minerals stay. The good minerals are good minerals because they outlasted the heat. So when you face a trial or tribulation, the purpose of it is to see where you really stand, and to see how you will

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let that evil that has befallen you, or that misfortune that has taken you over or that you have encountered. How will you react to it?

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When you react in a positive nature, and you say Southern Janine as Jaco said when he's old when his sons tried to kill another one of his sons use for a center. When you lose your job, when you lose a loved one.

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When you lose something that is valuable to you, how do you act? Do you reflect in order to connect to a loss of kind of data? Everything that we face on this earth is a trial? Do we let those trials increases in our relationship with along increases in good, strengthen our faith, strengthen our mental toughness? Or do we allow it to let us fall by the wayside to where our status with the law is shameful? Because we haven't made any effort made a lawsuit kinda without it make us of those, that when we face these trials in our, in our lives, we remember what Allah says here, Chapter 21, verse 35.

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And to him, we will return to remember that we will return to a large panel with data throughout all of these trials, a set I want to lie about accounting. Thank you.