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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a man named Edwin who apologized for his mistake and claimed he had made a mistake. The importance of letting people know that they made mistakes and having a strong bond with someone is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the need to take action and forgive oneself for mistakes, as it is crucial for one's success. The importance of learning and being a loving person is also emphasized.
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Under a little bit alaminos salatu salam O Allah will MBA with mozillian why Allah Allah He was happy to hear drain about

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Edwin myself I knew

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that the condition of the acceptance of Dawa

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is genuine regret at the

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for whatever that was being made for genuine regret for that action yeah and regret for

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whatever has been said

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and only when we have genuine regret for it, meaning that we accept our mistake and we do not blame somebody else for that mistake.

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We have the incidents in the Quran, where you know Salah Salaam

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in the belly of the fish,

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he said, What It Is it La Jolla in the subhanak in neguin, Domino's or even

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is it Ola all power and glory to you, you are pure.

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You are glorified in neguin

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Verily, and truly, I am among the transgressors I am among the delegates, I have made a mistake.

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no clear cut, there's no you know, the light it is because you know those people did like this and so on. And this happened in those circumstances and shaytan told me this and

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whatever may have been the circumstances around it,

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owning of the mistake.

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Similarly, what did either one is allama and his wife How are they Salaam? What did they say?

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From Banaras, Allah and Busan?

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Well in lambda, we learn our hammer.

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Allah we have transgressed against elss

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alum nanfu.

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While I'm Dr. Phil and if you do not forgive us for that, and you do not have mercy on us,

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look, then I've won and I'm now hustling and we will be among the losers.

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On the other hand, if you see what he believes, did you watch it to Allah subhanaw taala totally Why did you not make such a such that when I ordered it to myself that

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he gave an excuse?

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Halyburton even not bahala tome and did

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you made me from fire you made him from

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tin from what from clay

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famzoo beard

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meaning that you made the mistake by asking me to make sense that to Adam, how can you make How can you tell me to make such that rather he's blaming Allah

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mistake is your

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you made you asked me to make such that you already made myself that to the wrong person.

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How can

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I remind myself I knew that it is the attitude of a human being which opens doors or hidayah or doors of

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knowledge per se does not have

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knowledge has to come with a

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lot of people acquire knowledge they read, they read that and so on and so forth. And then they apply it all over the place.

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And they put themselves and others into trouble.

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knowledge has to come with value. And the number one also love Serbia, this Toba

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and the number one condition where power is genuine regrets at our own actions.

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We find that many times we do something and then instead of

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immediately accepting the mistake

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and asking for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and where the mistake has harmed somebody asking for their forgiveness. We blame the whole world for its

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so in so did this answer it that the whole bottom line is if you had not done what you had done, nobody else would have done anything else.

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So even if someone else did something which you consider to be wrong, where did it begin? Where did it start? From your action.

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So very important for us to own up.

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It is a sign of a personal majority. It's a sign of a person's development that he or she own up to their actions.

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A person who does not own up to do his action is not even worthy of being called a man or woman. They're still children. They are children who are being

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in their therapy.

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At the end of the day, I mean, you don't even get confused you can care for them or consider them because they are, they are no.

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But if you are in that same stage and we are in our 20s and 30s and 40s, and it's a sad thing.

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So therefore, it is very important for us to genuinely make Toba

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for our actions

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and only then if a loved one that accepts is taller than the doors that will open and inshallah we have every hope that Allah will accept our door when we make genuine

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Flavio zombiu up vocabulary Tov Allah subhanaw taala says that there is the one who forgives sins and who actually have stolen

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but it's important it's the essential thing is for the slave to learn and towards the lion nikto.

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Always give this advice that very, very important for us that we make genuine Toba and remember, in some cases, the Oba is for actually doing evil.

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But in other cases I am the law if Allah Subhana Allah has brought us to a level where deliberately will not commit any harm. inshallah,

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then you must make Toba for not doing good things for not doing the better things

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used to create ads every time now you must add for you This is a matter of Dawa

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you if somebody at that point argues and said but the hedges is nothing dodgy is not for the hotel Lana's on his face.

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That means you are not worthy of bring that lalala hotel

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if Allah has brought you to a level where now used to play badges regularly every day, even if one day with that is next hour what is Allah I did something wrong. That is why today I miss my dad.

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Ella Please forgive me and allow me back into a rhythm.

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Otherwise you didn't know what was the visa law? It was I was a loving developer.

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He said I make over 70 times in on one edition 100 times per day.

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So what was he making wherever he was obviously we are happy that is that he was not committing anything. And Allah forgive Is it the what was in our

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issue is that as a person's closeness to Allah swagger increases, you have to be more and more and more and more and more careful.

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Not relaxed in that one. Oh no, I have no idea for La la la la hotel.

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Nobody knows what it is on the idea of Allah or anyone who says that unless he dies.

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At the time of death, we will know well our lad was with a lot richer done.

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But that is the reason why the closer abaza is to Allah, the more careful that person will be. And the more he must make Toba

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for somebody else,

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that particular action will not put them into trouble they will not

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get away from this.

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But in other cases

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for other people who are closer to Allah is more

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they will be punished for the same action.

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This is not my father is the head is gonna be satellizer he said Allah is Allah he said to the Baba, that if you leave 10% of the deed one 10th of the deen if you leave one 10th of the deen Allah will destroy.

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And he said there will come a time when they will people up by oma. If they hold on to 10% of the deen they will belong to a

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different level. I'm not saying that. That means that we have to, we have to worry only about 10 of us have a look up to the world in the 100% of it.

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But making Toba and being genuinely contrite and genuinely regretful without blaming anyone

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and asking for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala is a precondition of it I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for you and me to constantly be aware of this need to activate and to constantly make Dawa and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept this double from us and to open the doors of his ad for us was Allah and I will Karim Allah Allah He was right