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The speaker discusses the upcoming race in 2021 and how it will be based on a Facebook post about a car race. They also mention that some people are getting very wealthy and rich based on these races, and that they are engaging in a whole new way of thinking. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reminded oneself of the reality of one's life and their debts to make it the best day of their lives.

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Number 11 salatu salam Allah so Allah but Allah subhanaw taala said al Hagman, Taka so had the promo nakaba.

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Mandela said that this race that we are racing against one another for the Buddha said will not end until we see our code until we see the color. Zora tamale makabe until you see your cover.

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So I like to look at this, this whole world is based on a very, very fertile system,

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a system of mass exploitation,

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which the people being exploited,

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they voluntarily and willingly submit to that exploitation.

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So that some other people, a few handful of them who have the Warped intelligence, to take advantage of the system, they get rich.

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Just to give you an example, most recently, in Delhi, now we have a Formula One racetrack.

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And we have the mentally retarded, who spent large amounts of money

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to travel from all over the country to go and see a few cars racing around in circles.

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So you've got the cars, you've got the drivers

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are driving very furiously, burning a lot of gas, polluting the air

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and running at high speeds.

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And if you calculate the distance traveled, they have traveled many 100 kilometers in every race. But they still simplest,

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because they're all going around in a circle.

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And nobody takes that lesson from that. the futility of the whole system, that you're going around in a circle,

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right, but they go and watch this race.

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And because there are all these mentally retarded people who are watching this race, there are a handful of people who are getting very wealthy and very rich, based on that. If nobody went to watch the rest, then it will be money out of the pockets of the people who are organizing the rest. But because 1000s of people watch the race, directly in the stadium, as well as in the on television. There are a handful of people who are getting very wealthy on the process. There are a handful of people who are running huge gambling and betting syndicates

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based on these races, and they're getting very wealthy. Why? Because fools like us.

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Don't understand how we are allowing these people to exploit us. And Hakuna Matata cars will have more vocabulary, you will not understand it until you see your cover. Because if you ask the person who's sitting and watching this, how are you going to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the money that you spent, to go there to buy the ticket to stay in the hotel, to take a transportation to the racetrack? Right.

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And the amount number of hours that you spent watching this completely insane activity of a car going around in a circle. How are you going to account for it because Allah subhanaw taala has

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been hiring me and ensuring that I will take account it will be shown to you.

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Even if it is to the atoms with of good or evil you will see.

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So they will account they will have to give account to ask them as the Muslims. The others don't believe what the Muslims.

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You ask them? How are you going to account for this money and this time that you are spending watching this complete nonsense?

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What is the answer?

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That is the whole point. The whole point is that Allah subhanaw taala give us a brain to think not us as many are to grow here.

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But we don't use the brains.

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And so we engage in this activity. And I want to give you one example of the activity there are many like this, I don't have to give you examples of all the activities many of this. The whole system is based on this. The whole system is based on making you forget the futility and the actual reality of this exploitative system.

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And that is why you need the entertainment and you need this and that and Islam is the exact opposite of that Islam is saying do not indulge in the ruffler

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do not live a life of an awareness. Do not live a life of forgetfulness in Islam to be unaware is haram. That is why alcohol and other intoxicants are on why because they take away your senses. They make your coffee, coffee

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So therefore, it is haram because you no longer nuisances, you do not know

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unless rather I said la Taka, Abu Salah Tonto suka

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Do not come near the Salah. When you are not in your senses, then you don't understand what you're saying.

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But this whole system is based on the exact opposite, to make you forget to make you forget Allah to make you forget the reality of this life to make you forget the reality of the ACA. That one day we have to send the one as none of that I remind myself when you to continuously recall, and to continuously look at our lives and see which part of my life Am I living in a state of unawareness in a state of being referred from Allah subhanaw taala.

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And even if it is one second, we have to make Toba at least for this thing, because if another man decides to hold us to account, I don't know where we will be.

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But let's make Dover and definitely get out of all such activities. where we are, where our

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awareness is being taken away from a lot smarter. Africa asked to make it easy for us. And to enable us to remind ourselves about the reality of the ACA, again and again and again and the reality of our debts again and again and again because we have no idea when that day will come we know that the day will come.

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But we have no idea when it will come and we will as well as to make that day the best day of our lives gel was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah was unveiled.