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smilla horowhenua Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Sahih woman where they're buried. So brothers and sisters, we just want to, for the last maybe 10 minutes or so conclude our discussion of this whole topic of SEO engine possession. We lastly discussed some of the effects of SEO. And we mentioned that they basically fall under one of two categories. It's either internal or external. Along with that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once mentioned in emanated, Bayani, let's say that this is part of the eloquence or eloquence is a part of black magic. So this also goes along with the internal external effects of SEO. What is

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this talking? What is this talking about here? Basically, beautiful speech. eloquent, see in your voice, is a type of sale. This is why many great leaders, they get away with this very easily, right? Basically, you can sit there and you can make something very dirty, very ugly, very deceiving, sound beautiful and attractive. That's what the time that we live in right now where basically all the How to, um, just look so beautiful. And all the header looks the complete opposite. Let me give you an example. All of us here we see it. And you know, we we see this and we witnessed this in our societies.

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Just look at our generation today is our generation, you know, the youth that are coming up? Are they generally looking forward to being Muslim? No, because for them, Islam is not fun. When it's actually the complete opposite, it's time has never been brought to make your life miserable or boring. Then when they listen to somebody speak, it's bedtime for a lot of people unless that person has a nice eloquent see to their voice, and can present themselves in a good eloquent manner. That's what people are really interested now. So a lot of different groups and people and leaders around the world, they took advantage of this. And so they would make certain issues or certain agendas

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that they have beautified the whole package, and laid out like a bed of roses, so that people will fall in love with it, they will accept it. This is all going back to a simple Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam telling us about this, right. So it's also a type of sad in itself. Obviously, this is a lower degree of severity. But it's just part of the example of how Sahara can affect the person internally and externally. Some of the signs of witch witch craft basically a sign or some of the indications that you're meeting a person who is involved in this type of work. Number one, how do you know this? Number one, the person will ask about your name, and your mother's name

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as well. They'll be very interested about the history of your name, and where you got it from and all of the implications behind it, as well as your mom's name as well. So you go up to an individual and you say, look, I have this problem, you know, so many issues are happening in my marriage. Can you help me? So the first thing they asked me, what's your name? Where'd you get that name from? Why did your parents or whoever named you? Why did they choose that name? What does it mean? And they start getting, they're so involved with your name, then they'll start talking to you about your mom's name. This is the first sign, like we mentioned that many of the set heroes, they can use

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names to do what they need to do. Number two, is that they may demand for you to slaughter an animal or a bird, and use the blood of that animal or the blood of that bird. And to wipe it all of the all over yourself or to use it for something. That's why I mean, we see this a lot that, you know, like I remember there was a big huge store this I don't know, I think it was electronics store or something that happened in Saudi It was built brand new, amazing looks. It's absolutely one of the most beautiful structures there. But I remember when I first went there just for myself just to go and visit. The first thing that I saw when I got out of my car from the parking lot started walking

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towards the entrance, is I saw one dead pigeon on my left, and another dead pigeon on my right. And then I looked down and I saw several other pigeons, all of them were cut in half open, their remains were there and their blood was spilled everywhere. So eventually, the managers and stuff we told them, they came out and they were shocked. They couldn't believe somebody was trying to do this. There was a magician trying to do some kind of salad or something towards the structure, Allahu Allah, maybe it had something to do with the owner himself trying to you know, you know, do something against him doesn't whatever that whatever the case is. Success is also

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a reason why a lot of people do set out to kind of destroy the success of a business.

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ticular person, great businessman you know very happy very rich and you know just living a very good good lifestyle good family good children all of these things are part of that as well. So this is another indication of a sad that you're speaking to if you're speaking to a sad he will also ask you to eat specific foods and drinks and ask you to do this in a dark room. These are just specific things that they would they may ask you to do

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burn incense, burn incense to send to yourself. So they might give you a bunch of incense and say here Look, burn this in your room for three days and make sure that you're always in the room for this. It's a way that assist them whatever they're doing on their end, okay.

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Another in a sign of a witchcraft isn't the numbers. The numbers like the whole 786 issue, all of these things, these are signs of sale 786 is usually referred to Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, we all know this, right? All of these things is an act of shelduck. It is an act of shelter can a person who believes in it can actually exit the fold of Islam, according to the majority of our lemma. As a matter of fact, I think there's even an HTML on this as well. So all of these things, or if they're given the words of Allah, like a verse of the poor end, they'll tear it up and use it for something else. Anybody will love it, if they can do that with the words of Allah azza wa jal without feeling

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any emotion or anything in their heart. This is a person with a very hard and cold heart themselves, also asking you to wear talismans as well. So they'll take like a surah, or a verse of the core and tie it up around some leaves, put a string on it and say, Here wear this for 30 days or something. All of these things here is an act of sugar by unanimous consensus.

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another indication is, if somebody if you're meeting them, and they start uttering gibberish to you, so they're not speaking Arabic that I speak English, and I speak any language, you're just uttering a bunch of gibberish to obvious sign that this person, not only they have problems, but it could be sad as well. Okay. And finally, brothers and sisters, we want to conclude with just some of the ways in terms of treatment,

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treating sad itself and how to overcome it. We'll just mention three main ways and then we will conclude insha Allah in terms of the treatment.

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Number one is to remove anything that will entail disobeying Allah azza wa jal, anything, whether it's in your home, in your car, wherever it is something that surrounds you that you know, it may cause you to disobey Allah azza wa jal, some of the scholars they include in this category things like pictures and photos of around the home. These are things that obviously the prophets I seldom mentioned that if you hang these things in your home, then the angels will not enter the home. One of the reasons why you want angels in your home is to protect you from these issues as well. So anything that will disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala should be removed and removed immediately. Number

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two, this also includes removing amulets charms, now the How do you get rid of an amulet or a charm. So let's say you didn't know and you happen to be wearing like for a lot of women, they're given certain amulets, to put in their undergarments in their store, they're told to wear this for a certain period. For a lot of men, they've given to them as necklaces, or bracelets and things they were told to wear it for a certain period of time. For some other cases, they're told they're given these amulets, or they're given something and they're told to hang it on their car, take it on your truck and drive around with it for two weeks, all of these things are there, what do you do one

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thing and one thing only to destroy this, burn it this is how you get rid of these animals is amulets is that you burn them.

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You can do this yourself, if you're not kind of comfortable, then you can allow somebody else who has experienced to do this as well. And the last and the final way to treat this is to go and seek professional witchcraft or

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professional practitioner, or an exorcist in show room. Obviously, now that I mentioned that if you go and you see a witchcraft to destroy Sahara, this is how long you cannot go and fight sailed with Sahara. Okay? It's a very basic principle. So it's important not to do that. So this is where we want to conclude insha Allah hota Allah, Allah He from my heart, brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from all of these different ailments and diseases that