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AI: Summary © The loss of paneleration and the use of d pointings have been discussed as a loss of pleasure and loss of friendships. The speakers emphasize the importance of knowing the history of the loss of paneleration and sharing experiences and emotions. The bonds of brotherhood and love are also discussed, with a focus on the importance of blessing in life and remembering gratitude and blessings.
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smilla rahmanir rahim hamdulillah in the middle and I say you know who want us to follow up when we learn him inshallah all the unforeseen. Amin see Earth Dr. Medina miyetti Allah, Allah Allah

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Allah, Allah wa shadow

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lumba hula hula Sheree Kala

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Mohammed Abu rasuluh whenever you have

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a dilemma number one so hello oma was Fiddler he had cars he had he had Julio

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many brothers

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thought I would share I would like to share with you

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is about the area where a Lost Planet Allah says watashi mo be heavily la Asia me and Allah for Roku

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which has a meaning hold on to the rope of Allah. But before doing that, I would like to share with you another thought and that is about the dunya whatever we want to learn about a religion and whatever you want to practice, about a religion whatever you want to understand about a religion we have to put dunya in perspective.

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So we have to reach a true understanding of that dunya which we are part of which is our daily life.

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And as a as one of the wise men from our

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self said enough so that Caledonia elements and aside that the Taku Murphy says enough's the nurse of a person is crying for the dunya wallet knows that true happiness is lazy in the fact that you should leave all that what is in dunya

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the madonia

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one Mahathir hyah to dunya Illa ally boon well

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it's a game it's like a game it's it's it's low means like something which keeps you busy.

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Another from the seller says

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in Emma dunya hi Ellen woman, Moon wasa Rob dunia is hired as something you you imagine an imagination. It's a sort of setup is I don't know if you say in English or Fatah mohana which is when you are in a desert you see something you think you are see something in front but you don't. There is nothing there right?

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come from Patna men have even

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just small who fill up how many times we lost a loved one whom we own. The only thing we still see saw for him was the last moment that we put on put him in the grave that puts dunya into perspective. What is it actually we're fighting for? What is it we are investing in?

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A sort of lifestyle Arsalan says us many women dunya What do I have with this dunya except that I'm a traveler, who seeks shadow under a tree, this dunya dunya is that moment that prophesize Allah describes it he is seeking for shadow under the tree. So that is how we should look into dunya and how we should look at dooney and how we should put our perspective so that everything we do every day, we remember that this is what dunia actually is all about if I have a fight with somebody, what is it all about? If I'm trying to do something to gain something to win something to lose something? What is it exactly all about? Am I seeking the pleasure of dunya?

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Or is dunya a tool in order to seek the pleasure of haha and the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Taking a step back back to the reminder I wanted to talk about today and how should we listen to beautiful verses from sources as a source of the hazard which tells us the story of the Battle of 100 of the trench. And the loss of panatela uses here a certain way of talking to us and talking to the Sahaba as we will also see in the other area about holding on to the rope of Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says yeah, you are Latina mo guru near Metallo halycon young lady named Oh, you who believe. Remember the blessing of Allah.

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And Allah Subhana Allah says, it just comes

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when an army came to you, and when you read this area, it's not a matter of just reading and listening. A story telling you that there was an army there was a battle that says Allah subhanaw taala is here talking about emotions.

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For upset Natalie Marie handwash you know

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what kind of love will be my time I learn about sila if Joe coming poltical mommy esfera income and it comes here emotion, what it

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means what means your your eyes became big became you you became out of fear

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that you were not able to see even with that you were almost crying. Well Bella till kulu Hannah's here, look, look at the description and your hearts. When did your heart go it reached your float

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out of what?

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Out of fear.

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Whatever, Luna? Luna, what what what was your thoughts about loss of habitat? Allah knows what you were thinking, were you having trust or not? Subhana Allah. Look at this description. Last chance. Allah says here was Kudo near him, it's a lot here. It's good to remember. And the other area which we want to talk about is what Allah Subhana Allah says, while tossing will be heavily laden. Normally, we always use this area. to own we only talk about the first part, which allows palletizers hold on to the rope of Allah. But it's not the first part, which is the most important. The first part says to us what we have to do. But the second part explains to us how we could reach

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that we will have to do because the last pantallas isn't. And the second part was kurunegala Harlequin is couldn't do that. And remember the blessing of a law. That's when you were enemies for lF avena, Porto Rico.

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And he brought your hearts together.

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For us, stone, veneer MIT, he is one and you became with his blessing brothers. And look exactly at this meaning of this verse earlier a loss of penance, I was talking again about emotions, about a battle about how we feel how we work. And and this relates because that battle existed because those believers were standing there as brothers before that a lot of things happen in this area refers to the period before that the last contact says, remember the time remember the time that you were enemies. And with the blessing of Allah, you became brothers, how did that happen?

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And this idea came as mufa. Siri tell us, it was revealed at the moment that two of the Sahaba from the different tribes were there was there was things happening that it could could cause trouble between them. And they were exactly Jews trying to divide them. And the law says the idea to remember is it's really that you want to be divided again, if you really want it want to be divided, and you don't want to fight think about those days before Islam came.

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Amid your brothers. When we think about those days, we have to think about those days for ourselves as well how our life look would look like without Islam. Because look, the only true understanding of a blessing as a last panatela refers here is only when you can imagine or able to imagine the days and moments before that blessing.

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If you are in true happiness, with something, whatever that may be, whether it's your wife, or children or imagine your life without them. Imagine your life without that blessing. Imagine your life without that form of transportation. Imagine your life without clothes. Imagine your life without air conditioner. Imagine your life with everything which has brought you happiness. But this goes even beyond that. This blessing goes beyond because my brothers, you know when also Lai sallallahu alayhi wasallam arrived into Medina.

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And as we discussed yesterday, and had no other words in the first place, to build a Masjid, not because of build a place for prayer, but because first of all, give a place to prove that the first place and most important place in a city in a place should be the house of Allah, which should be a roof and a home to believers. That was that was the intention. And after that he started building this bonds of brotherhood. Let's take just one example to understand the emotion beyond that bond of brotherhood that to people who were having no relation whatsoever no bond of blood or whatever that may be even though in those days that was very important to realize Allah Salim would teach them

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that they would become brothers

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out of the blue Subhana Allah

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and they will reach an oma and they will they will have issues and trouble as an Allah will remember them again have those days. That was the moment of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught his companions to believers that because you believe in Allah

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Hana to Allah, as your God and Creator and Lord, and you believe in me as your profits, that is reason enough for you to treat each other as brothers.

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And not as brothers in the meaning of I know you and you know me know as brothers that you would share with each other. Not that what you have extra, no, but that you would share. That's what you need.

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Lots of hannula it's a matter when you want to know about that what you are giving, whether it's that's what you should give, it's not what you have, always think that I should get from my savings. When I want to give clothes away, or give clothes which I don't use anymore, tests yourself, go to your closet, take those clothes, which you find the most beautiful clothes, are you ready to give them away?

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That's the question, if that is exactly what this is talking about. That is what the bonds of brotherhood is talking about that you give from that what you need and love, after a man have now a link to one of the unsolved.

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This answer is married to two wives.

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It tells a man of mouth, I have my brother, you are my brother, I have two wives. Choose one of them.

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Why this example, again about emotions.

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We want to understand whether this Brotherhood is built on what kind of religion or what kind of infrastructure that a man would tell another strange man which he never saw before.

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Choose one of them.

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When he says if he would have said, Look, if he would have said, marry, I marry you. Number two,

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it would have meant differently than when he said choose one of them. Because he puts everything when he says choose one of them, he puts his destiny into the hands of a stranger that he could choose actually a woman which was most beloved to him. Or he could choose the woman who was most close and near to him and most beloved to his children, etc. And we all know how important love was for Arabs and how they would write about error about love and how they would How would emphasize that especially the people of Medina. But this man understood what it meant to be to be talking about brotherhood. And he said no, beyond all the emotions, and there is no example ever given after

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that, then this example of the Sahaba beyond any emotion, yes, when I when I give you when I tell you that you should choose one of them, I actually am telling you, that you because you're my brother, there is nothing more important than this brotherhood at this moment after the belief in Allah subhanaw taala

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that's the way that we're able to indeed hold on to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala by making it the most important than saying everything which comes from it is true and happiness.

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And this was just the beginning.

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People would share compensable share grounds and money and houses and everything. And at the same time understanding the bond of brotherhood would not make mood not allow himself to put this hobby in that position to give away his family and he said no, I thank you and I will I will look for my own I will get married on myself etc.

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And all those true understandings of brotherhood bit by bit brought them brought Medina brought the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to become that strong oma and that strong and united oma that would lead the world and that that would that would impact the world in a way that never ever everybody witnessed an impact existed.

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But again, this existence or this impact was only to be related to brought back to their true understanding of this

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prophecy movie heavily ledger me and voila, do not Allah is telling us Do not divide. There is no reason for you to divide.

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It's not about opinions. It's not about the mishap. It's not about the color. It's not about nothing, there is no reason for you to divide. When you believe when you say you believe in the loss of Hannah to Adam homosassa profit whatever difference of opinion you have, that's no reason for you to divide.

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Agree to disagree. Unite under the umbrella of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is the secret of your strength, and the secret of your weakness is the opposite. It's exactly the opposite. Do we want to understand where our weaknesses coming from today? It's about division are deficient. We divide the balls above about everything. Well, our religion brought as was exactly the first instance

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duration and ideology in the world who came in a time

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that the law of the jungle was implemented, and that the fittest would always succeed that it came in. He said, No, it's not about strength. It's not about color. It's not about me. It's not about money.

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It's about belief. It's about creed. And only a lot decides what how strong your creed is, but in reality and in practice, you are the one who is supposed to understand this belief and practice it and that you would not see any difference between you and another creation, except for that what is seen by Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore my brothers, we should always remember this a awasi movie happily Lamia and Morocco was Corona Mata la hora alikum is going to either and for Elif Urbina political las panatela says, He says, it's not that you were friends and that alone made your brothers know you were enemies. It's exactly the opposite. And you became brothers. fosse, bombonera

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Mati Juana, let's always remember the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is one of the most beautiful blessings and a loss of hands has given us so much others but we will not understand will not feel happiness, if we do not remember these blessings who are given to a loss panatela to us. May Allah subhanaw taala make us always His servants who are thanking him for his blessings and who are worth it to be blessed. May Allah Subhana Allah keep showering us with His blessings. I mean, I mean, I mean subhanak along with him the Casa de La La Land, a soft Aqua to Bullock's palette because he blesses me also foon wa salam ala mausoleum hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum

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wa rahmatullah.

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Forgive me for for taking your

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