Murtaza Khan – Gangsta Death Wish A Time To Change

Murtaza Khan
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spin him in the

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When are we learning Manchurian fusina when say, Dr. Medina

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Mayor de lo philomel della or a little further, the other

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word shadow,

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either in Lubanga Sherry Keller

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will shadow Mohammed Abdullah sudo

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a MOBA Ignace da Cunha DC Kitab la

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highroller, who the Buddha Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot shallow Morimoto to her wakulla data in beta or collaborate at in polar letting go cola de la Latina.

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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who came to teach us

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will explain to us

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the way that we should live our lives.

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Indeed, the Quran

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highlights the basic teachings of a human being

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that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed the human being with certain faculties

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and certain abilities

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while lockerroom napanee Adam

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Wareham along with bird we will

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what are the economic ebird for the Nome Alaska theory man, man holla kinda tough deal.

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Indeed, we have given nobility and rank to the children of Adam.

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We've taken him with his creation over the oceans and the rivers and the land.

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And given this human being a mob preference,

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that is us the human being

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Nakata, harlequinade incentive fee sanita Queen. Indeed, a loss of parallel data created the human being in the best structure the best mode.

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However, unfortunately find at times

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the same sort and sort of teen we find film rather no as well as 15. Then man becomes the lowest of the low.

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What makes the individual to plummet down to become so low

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amongst the reasons why the individual becomes an individual.

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excuse the expression of wretched individual debased individual

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is when a person begins to fall

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into the temptation that we are surrounded by

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the meaningful fitna all fit and

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there are many meanings of this word in the Arabic language.

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Amin Mara Nia amongst has meanings that we find

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his trials and tribulations.

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If you pick up any book of Hadith, the end of saying Buhari or Muslim or the books of Sona Aveda would have been magic take many unnecessary.

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You find a general find certain chapters of books concluding by what is known as Kitab will fit in

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the book of trials and tribulations, talking about the affairs that will begin to take place towards the end of time.

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And even the Bible talks about these affairs, the Armageddon, the final war between good and evil, the end of the earth, the collapse of the earth, etc that we find. So that's one meaning of fit and fit in our trials and tribulations.

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Testing the individual as the Quran mentions in the beginning sort of anchor boot. I mean, has he been nursing you trakone aku Amana, for whom la you've known woollacott Fernanda Dena mean, copy him for La la la la Vina sada Whoa, whoa, la Yamanaka db 29 chapters of foreign Alif Lam Meem has evenness. And new Turku, the people perceive or think we're going to leave them alone, while home let you ternoon. And they will never ever be tested, but lots of penalty. And indeed we're going to test the people believe and to make clear and to clarify those who are the true full believers and those who are the liars. So trials and tribulations are something that's placed upon the Muslim or

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even placed upon an average individual to make them Excel to become a better individual. So that's one meaning of fitna that we find the other meaning of fitna is what possibly many individuals are involved in is in a shadow word is temptations that define the elements

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mentioned there are two diseases, or two distractions upon this Muslim Amata moment, overland, a Chabot had filled

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doubts regarding one's belief. You corrupt a person by instilling corrupt beliefs within the individual of fallacies or myths of favors, are things which are not authentic within the mindset and the frame of individuals, or you corrupt the individual via enticing them to come towards desires and temptations. And if you study the Muslim globe in great detail, you see it quite visible that many of the average Muslims are very superstitious inside their belief inside their creed. No individuals think that that is something incorrect. We've traveled through the Muslim lands and you see a Jerry, you find strange things that even the modern world today that Muslims begin to do

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things which go against the Orthodox beliefs of a Muslim or sometimes even non Muslims begin to pose the question that what is the distinction between us and you? What is so orthodox about your beliefs? Or is it just cultural practices that you have?

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Rather we should come with a message that came inside the Quran and Sunnah to remind ourselves, that the most important element for a Muslim is to find the right belief, the belief towards Allah Subhana Allah and the right belief towards the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So the second element that we want to focus upon tonight is an fitna the temptations that we find that many individuals are involved in. The Quran mentions about individuals Jada Muna boy here, Amina, hayati, dunya, maybe the people around us they know everything about the external world. infrastructure development policies, whatever it may be, people are very accurate about what they want to do. So

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the Koran, a lot panda is praising these individuals, what they do is something which is very, very good, but then it begins to defame them. This is where many of us fail to understand that some of us we think the whole end is entertainment is the world is the good things of this world. I mentioned your Luna bar here a minute hated dunya wahama irati, home, coffee, no, they know everything about this world. But as for the Hereafter, they are half Elune they are heat this individuals. That's the perception of the Quran is that things of the dunya does not mean a person excels in a spiritual format. That's where what may be the perception around us many individuals they think that the

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things of the dunya materialism will give me contentment will give me peace will give me good life. So that's the person begins to move from one practice to another practice, until there are no limitations. It comes from a life of materialism. And it is such a word to animalism that you begin to see certain actions and behavior of people moves from one spectrum from one environment to another environment. Yesterday something was forbidden, it becomes permissible, something is permissible becomes forbidden, you continuously find a change of things which begin to take place. For example, what comes to mind is we're going to talk about drugs. Yesterday drugs, if you look at

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a class of misuse drugs back in 1974, I'm not mistaken classification of drugs is a Class A B and A C drug Class A being drugs like heroin, etc. Cocaine Class B, like marijuana was declassified to become a Class C drug, the individual that you find the professor, his name was even Professor Nutt when he resigned from his position want to know the government was to take it once again from a Class C drug and move it back to class B but the damage has been done. Because I tried to go that everybody around us is taking this substance so we should may as well legalize it, make it accessible for people to do this. What does Islam say about these fitness trials and tribulations of

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these temptation, which many of us are surrounded by the Islamic law is based upon five elements. The cost of the Sharia the intent of the stomach law is based upon five principles. If we understand this, a human being will be successful, not just a Muslim, any human being if they understand this principle, will be successful inside their life. We find Islam Cain has been to preserve one's faith, were heavily eroded to preserve one's honor, where his family preserve one's wealth, where his will actually to preserve your mind, your intellect, what has been enough seen to preserve your own self. These are a basic general Foundation, Islamic law, anything which begins to become

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detrimental to your health, to your mind, to your body, to your soul, to your wealth, is classified as what is known as something which is heroin, something which is prohibited, anything which is good for your mind, your body, your soul, your wealth, your faith, your dignity becomes something which is permissible. That's how simple Islam is. It's not rocket science. No need to have a think tank or to go back to understand it something which is quite clear that you find a lot

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I mentioned earlier no matter what we're looking for hobby, there's the last point that nobody has created. And he is the most subtle, the most aware. So the legislator is Allah subhana wa tada has highlighted that certain things are harmful for the individual. And certain things are beneficial for the individual as well as The Crochet and laquan were assigned to a portion of a Chateau de como la jolla, number one to the moon, perhaps you'd like something, but it is detrimental to you. And perhaps you love when you like something, or perhaps you dislike something and it is good for you. We'll move on to the moon. Allah knows and you don't know. That's what a Muslim begins to understand

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if certain things have been forbidden or allowed. Don't use your intellect. Don't use that article. Don't use the rational to judge that if many people are doing these actions, I should begin to do these actions. The Quran mentions we're in total Oxfam and fill out to DeLuca and Sabine. If you pay most of the people upon the earth, they will take you away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. So most individuals around us, they're involved with these temptations. What are the temptations you find that many of the individuals are involved in today? amongst the temptations that you find overland is a hammer? is alcohol, the biggest threat inside this country? It's not terrorism, if you

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go back and study it carefully, the biggest threat inside this country's alcohol abuse in London, the Metropolitan Police, if they had the law in their own hands, I mean, they wanted to change certain things. You know what they would do? They would make it her own ecosystem and billions of pounds every single year of the controlling the curtailing in the problems. Nearly every other crime is we've concluded statistics inside this country revolve around the use of alcohol is something for a person to begin to think about centuries ago, Islam is prohibited alcohol, and even in American 1920s

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from 1921 to 1934. Guess what happened in America. They made alcohol heroin. It was forbidden for some 1314 years inside America. It was haram to drink alcohol in public. Thus you begin to find the Italian Mafia, bootlegging liquor, bring it into the country etc The drug cartel began to spread from there but the essence was it was something wrong and then the government had to legalize it once again because there was no there was no faith. So we found this first fit that a fine unfortunately, that as many of us Muslims begin to focus on different elements of our society. You find an average Muslim has been involved in started taking of alcohol. The Quran is quite clear.

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Yeah you Latina enamel himuro while may siru well and so what Islam read some anomalous shape on 4chan abou La La come to fluid in memory to shaytaan when you obey Nakula da da da philharmonie will miss it will also document the cradle uninstaller for *, Anton moonta, who are you believe indeed the drinking, of alcohol of liquor wines, as days whatever name it may be, is something which is impermissible, the throwing of divine arrows gambling, sacrificing the altars to stones, is the filthy handiwork of the devil, for which the Buddha Allah come to flesh and stay away from it. If you want to be successful individuals, indeed, shape on the devil only wants to create animosity and

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hatred, via the use of alcohol and gambling and to take you away from the path of law and to take away take you away from the prayer. So will you not abstain from this action? So to either the fifth chapter the Quran verses 90 and 91. There is no more powerful versus this inside the Quran to make something which is forbidden, that if an aroma fasulo Faker mentioned, he never shut down in a hurry. If the Quran says Halima alaikum, this is haram upon you is something severe, but when the Quran mentions each turnable fudge, cannibal cola zu stay away from indecent speech of false oaths, etc. Each Geneva is far more severe, inside the principle pseudo faith that the person has to stay

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away from it should not get involved in any instances. Does he find a hadith in such a Muslim that 10 individuals are cursed? The one who crushes the grapes, one who delivers it, one sits in a table want to take some money, etc. One who pours it all those individual 1000 Sherry is concerned, it's all forbidden, any form of contact. That's why Muslims are very harsh about this to stay away from anything. But unfortunately, and unfortunately, many of our Muslim What do you find? We just traveled down the road fully licensed restaurants, running them selling alcohol and then complaining about there's no burqa there's no blessings inside their life. Like so many of the users are

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mentioned, because some of us just like ostriches don't really know what's taking place as a society. Many young individual Muslims have drunk alcohol for someone who becomes a normal practice of life. Somebody we're quite ashamed that non Muslim come to say our food is haram. Your food is haram for you to drink alcohol, they're telling them non Muslims telling you telling us is haram is forbidden Is it safe to drink alcohol, but yet we find that young Muslim you

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Become legless, become drunk become abusive. And these are things that many of us most who don't want to tackle these problems even to speak about this on the on the member, talk about this inside the machine don't talk about these things. Most of the discussions are the machines are what about how much the chandelier costs? how good the carpet is? What time we should lock the machine and keep the youth out the machine. That's the reality. That's what most of you are lost. Most of us are totally lost, we are totally out of contract, or what are you doing? The second thing that we find? You find a job related to a hammer is classified his own hobby is the mother of all sins that opens

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the doors to all other sins is the taking of alcohol. The second fitna that we find which is closely related to alcohol is Mahabharat is the taking of drugs. So some Muslims maybe find it naturally any staying away from from alcohol because most Muslims in general they try to stay away from it in the sense that they know it's something forbidden. But some individuals come through the door drugs drugs is not mentioned in the Quran. The Quran doesn't talk about crack marijuana skunk we can just place the white lady what are the names on the street maybe to where it might be tomato ketchup? I don't know. There's all you have to keep up with the streets are saying so they said you know the

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Quran he doesn't talk about it. Quran talks about liquor. It doesn't talk about drugs. So drugs are only macro is only something which is disliked so we can take drugs. This shows a lack of understanding the language of

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the language that occur under dresses a Hummer is mahabali

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and Hummer is an alcohol isn't whiskey isn't a isn't beers. A Hummer is macabre. Whatever clouds the mind, whatever intoxicates the mind, in your language wherever buzzes you stones, you rushes you makes you go tipsy takes your mind and senses away it's classified as a hammer. That's even a word femur, a woman wears over a head, the word is femur. Now you got the Eros what covers the head and comes down. So anything you show us, anything takes your mind away, which buzzes you stones us classified as a hammer, ignore the names. The names are not important is the principles. Anything that makes the mind lose its senses is classified as something which is forbidden, but obviously

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going to find some smart Muslims going to say, Well, I don't really take that much of this, these substances. You know, if you take large amounts of a Bag of Weed or an ounce, or whatever it may be, then you lose your senses. If you take a small amount, nothing happens to you. What is the Sherry I say about this Sherry?

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judge each individual that I'm jack, the lad I drink barrels of lager, whatever it may be, I take whatever it may be, nothing happens to me so it's allowed for me. Now the Sharia doesn't look at that manner. The law of a loss plan that looks at the general result. The general conclusion is a person who drinks gets drunk person takes drugs lose their senses. So that's an ahaadeeth. Inside inside a Muslim mascara, Kathy, who for Colleen haraam, whatever intoxicates you in large amounts is forbidden in small amounts. It doesn't make a dissection that if I take small amounts of the substances, then that is something which means is permissible for me to do. And as you find drugs at

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the moment in the Muslim community is is rife. Some of us don't even know recently, a couple of years ago, you find there was a 40 million pound here. reconnections smashed away, you know where just a few miles down the road in Bradford.

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That's the reality, 14 million pounds worth of heroin connection. Most of us don't have a clue was getting on the streets. Many of our youth are involved in pending drugs. I'm not a police officer. But give me five or 10 minutes. I'll tell you in five or 10 minutes down the street who's serving walk down the streets, it's not difficult to work it out. But that's the reality that many of our youth are involved in such as crime, the traffic of drugs, most of the violence that takes place inside our community revolves around drugs, about control of drugs, who's the Big Daddy, who's the big mafia, who's the Don Teflon who's the Don Corleone? Who is the real cartel? Most of you study in

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great detail. It most of us some of them young, most of they think that Al Capone that's who they think they are. They think they Scarface to this day with a big suit wearing a T shirt walking around or somebody living the Tupac amaru Shakur. So some of most of the Youth Day thing with a child hanging below the bottom, walking around the streets, thinking that they're black, we're thinking that's their culture. What happened to Tupac amaru Shakur amaru means a shining serpent gunned down an age of what 2627 shot on fifth of September or December September 1996. died six days later in hospital. All eyes amazing it Tupac amaru Shakur, and you do get around, don't you? That's

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the end. Hale is the greatest rap artists that ever existed, selling 75 million copies of his album, his greatest album be makaveli. That's what most of our youth are listening to this trash this rubbish. That's why Ray Howard, we should attack the sheriff. They said what inspired you to shoot the police officer is a two pack strapped to a copper lips now that you've had a great link between the music industry and listening to this

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JOHN is a gangsta rap that you find the institute because many of our Muslim youth a shallow,

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point blank, they are shallow individuals, they have no no inspiration within them. They have no commitments. They look at this and this is the role model to look up to. The average individual wants to be the individual who wants to earn money fast, wants people to look at them, to respect them for what they drive around in the community. Randy, how can a man living in a council estate have a Ferrari? How can you have 100,000 pound ride? Where do you get 100,000 pound ride from living in a council flat?

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If you think we're foolish individuals you think made dumb individuals. You ain't done a day's work inside your life and that's the type of ride you have. You're wearing the latest garments Datsun Gabbana machine Oh, Calvin Klein, the best goal the best diamonds you knock out your teeth, Allah bless you good teeth, teeth, knock them out, place a diamond tooth, inside your inside your mouth, then you find studying your earrings as well. Inside your ears tattoo in your body. common practice among Muslim never existed for many of us, most of us who are growing up. But this is the common practice of many individuals that they want to follow this way of life. And they think this is the

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way that we live our lives. These are all fit and that you find that destroying the individual, destroying the personality, that even if a non Muslims no longer look up to Muslims anymore. In a survey done in the Daily Mail, you find the best behaved individuals inside this community with whom the Muslims 10 years later you find that highest populated individuals or prisons from the minorities is whom the Muslims highest populated individuals come from good families come from good background. But falling is fast life. I've been involved in studies fitna and in trafficking in the community around them and destroying the people around them. And we, the average Muslim turn a blind

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eye, pay no attention towards this don't work towards the community to strengthen our community to advise these people that this is something which is corrupt. And that's our task as practitioners and Muslims is to advise people to stay away from marassi to stay away from sins motherhood Amina Omar botlane, the parent and the hidden sins, to remind them about that return back to Allah Subhana Allah, did you find that the certain things that exists inside a society may not really help the individual to re habilitated them? The only thing and rehabilitate people will be the Quran and the Sunnah that you find remind individually what Taku Yeoman soldier una de la for moto Saku nopsema

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Casa de mod, what Taku Yeoman for that day, whereby all of us returned back to Allah Subhana Allah and no individual will be oppressed from that day. This is classified as a mumps dimensions that is works like confit aluminum Quran in two volumes, as a final is sent down upon the final prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam said that day whereby you will have to return back to Allah subhanaw taala, and no individual be oppressed. These are the key elements we have to instill within our society, a fear of God,

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a fear in the belief that there is a Day of Recompense, there is a day of return, there'll be a day of infinite justice, there'll be a day whereby we asked about our lives, and some individuals will be fine. The whole theme of tonight that we mentioned the Death Wish that some individuals may never ever make it to the end. So our task is to remind individuals what the remainder, remind them about the days of a lost time to change. A Muslim an individual is one that sees the good sees the side and wants to change and come to that goodness. That's all that we're trying to create within society. Some people may try to finger up people or disturbance is trying to get what will make the

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individual the best individuals we began with what will make the individual the ideal individual? Is there anything that can discipline a human being? The only thing is the Quran and the Sunnah. That's the only thing of discipline the individual that you find the greatest blessing Alhamdulillah Allah he had done and he had one makan Lena Tatia Lola and had done Allah, Praise be to Allah, Allah guide us to this guidance as to what to an Islam. That is the ultimate blessing. Islam that you find at the moment is the fastest growing way of life. We no matter what anybody says, after all the trustees have taken place upon this earth upon this planet that you find, you find still more and

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more people are reading the Quran, more people studying the Quran, more and more people are becoming Muslim. So what because there is an attraction of attracting the people. As we as Muslims begin to stray away in the Quran mentioned that you become individuals straightaway. And last panel create a new form of people who will love Allah, who will love Islam, who will be those individuals we become the culture of Muslims, our practice of many of us Muslims, cultural Muslims, being a teacher for seven years in various different Islamic schools were to go and conduct various assemblies in non Muslim schools. What do you find? predominantly, the non Muslim say thank you, Mr. Khan, for telling

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us you don't worship the black box

00:24:52 --> 00:24:59

80% Muslims inside our school, yet they don't even know the head teacher doesn't even know what a stomach faith is as the average non Muslim

00:25:00 --> 00:25:22

What do you think Islam is? They think it's a big turban. A red dot A samosa, a Briony pakora poppadoms asked to average non Muslim and who's to blame? You know who's to blame when to blame? We are to blame because that's what our life has become. We think Islam is cultural. We don't display to them that this is what Islam is. We live in a culture messy. So an average non Muslim thinks that's what it is.

00:25:23 --> 00:25:29

If you ask an average non Muslim, what do you think's inside a machine? You know, they tell you, it's a statue of bombs.

00:25:30 --> 00:26:07

How many non Muslims have gone into Masjid? How many times we taken that task to invite a non Muslim to a Masjid? How many times have you given a non Muslim a copy of the Quran? Copy the Quran and the English isn't the Quran? But even somebody becomes so cordial or don't give it to them. They're non Muslims, they feel fee they are nupoc they impure this mentality, then you want to then say that, oh, why should they think bad of us? Of course, you should think that of you. Because you've lived a cultural life. You've created an image that this is all that Islam is able to give the right image of Islam and teach them this is what Islam is. Many, many think if you ask an average individual

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they think the Prophet Muslims have sent to him only to to the Bedouin Arabs, read through the literature read for the books. What does the Quran say? Wha sanaka illa Rahmatullah alameen. We don't send you except for him and mercy for whom? For us, for the Arabs, for Pakistanis, who's become for mercy for him, for all of the words why Mercer Naka illa cafetera danesi Bashir bashira Mona VIERA, we're lucky enough for NASA yellow moon we sent you is a warner, I want to give glad tidings to whom to every single individual that's what our message should be a global message. That's why they're doing these documentaries is shame upon these people living these communities and

00:26:47 --> 00:27:22

Bradford they can display this is what it means to be British and to be Muslim shame upon the Muslim community in your community. shame upon you shame to this Masjid. Have you ever Muslim sister coming and going inside a pub, pouring a drink? We're British, we know what the culture is. We know at the moment that manual on the top of the table or maybe mancity one point behind him and asked to chase him Tottenham are chasing and we know the culture where people eat and drink doesn't mean to British have to pour a drink of lager have a union jack around me and get drunk and say that's British, unwavering by the British culture inside this country of you know, my life. I know what their

00:27:22 --> 00:27:53

feelings are, what they believe in, what they look up to what their culture is, set me up to do. This actually proves that I'm British to shame upon this community, that you let these people individuals represent what you are, this is what Islam is, the one of the Muslim sisters have gone to a pub and pour a drink. And even then she gets cursed and revive. You know, one of us. Think about that deeply. That's your community, your community, you turn a blind eye and let the documentary go out. And everybody visually, this is what Islam is, should make us wake up and think, if you believe in Islam, can give the teachings of Islam to these individuals. People are in a state

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they're in state of loss. In this country, approximately 6000 people commit suicide in a year on an annual basis. That's approximately, as you find a both these are the lowest figures since 1973.

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That's something to think about in the blessed United States of America, you find annually 60,000 people commit suicide on a yearly basis. And not to sound too gruesome. The common form of suicide is you take a double barreled shotgun and blow your brains out. It's got nothing to do with sama bin Laden could not is dead now finish. He's gone. And the story is got nothing to Taliban, nothing to Saddam Hussein, got nothing to do with them. One in three American teenagers has contemplated what in their life, suicide every 17 minutes, someone commit suicide and blesses States of America. That's something to think about. If there is a great life, I believe there's American dream. But I

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just haven't discovered yet. Guess what there is no American Dream is the American nightmare.

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That's what it is. Unless you have a famous Arab proverb go and fix your own home. Before you fix someone else's home. We have been living in a shanty town, sitting down the floor, eating chappati passing time drinking tea sitting there on a carpet, that's our life. We're happy. We're happy with that. What makes you think to come down into into our countries and teach girls to play football and say, Oh, that's we're teaching them education. We don't even have a school for boys or for girls. We have a school for anyone. There is no school go to the contrary is no school for anyone. So this is life, or to install a satellite dish and say we gave him access to the world. Big deal. We were

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happy centuries ago. We're still happy. We have a simple life. We have a happy life. We get on with our life. So you know what, leave us alone. Let us squabble amongst yourselves. Let us kill one another. Wait, we're not civilized individuals. Let us kill one another. We were killing one another before we'll carry on killing one another let us have a good life that we believe in. So we say live your own life. Take care of your own people. At the moment you go to America would you find you find poverty to such a degree? You can even imagine these people begging on the streets. Come to London there's homeless people outside in the streets lying on the streets begging for money, asking for

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If a drink, so why are we worried about other individuals? But the only way we're going to give that message to the people around us is we make the positive change the positive steps to change to see that look, there is a benefit in a person coming towards Islam and likewise towards the Muslims as well. What are the benefits? The Quran mentions quite clearly, in Nevada law, you may be comin Hatha Yoga, you may be unforeseen, Allah will never change the condition with people until they don't change your own condition. And thus you find partially the reason why we are in such a corrupt state at the moment, many relevant mentioned is due to our sins due to the type of life that we live. as

00:30:37 --> 00:31:15

Ron mentioned, the huddle facility Phil burry will be Makassar. But at ness new the combat that Lydia Aminullah along the road corruption as appeared upon the land, because of madness and forth with his own hands. You may taste the fruits of your own corruption of your own actions and then you may begin to do what you begin to repent back and return back to Allah Subhana Allah. So this is the reason why we are in a pitiful state and a bad state at the moment, we have to take positive steps to try to change ourselves. Last time that I will never change the condition of people till they don't change their own condition. Likewise, when the benefits have changed, all of us want to change

00:31:15 --> 00:31:51

become better individuals. Some of us may have a new year's resolutions almost at the age of 40 some of the performance of Hajj, whatever it may be, every Muslim every individual wants to change into human being wants to change wants to become a better individual. That change that feeling we have should be developed quickly inside our life. And like we find many of us Muslims are unmentioned with a coup embody common solid in many Muslim they know was handled was haram or to stay away from they think I'll do my bad life. And then at the latest stage, I'll repent and I become a good individual. That's what many average Muslims they know they drink around. But that's what the Quran

00:31:51 --> 00:32:25

documents talking about the bredrin of use of allissa that we're going to either throw him and kill him or throw him into the wind, then afterwards, we'll repent we've become good individuals. That's the average Muslim, the same methodology, the same understanding, I live my bad life. And in some way along the line, I will repent back then become a good individual. So when I performed hard, you have done all the harm in my life, then I start becoming a better individual, they say begin to fix my life up. But as I mentioned with some of us, and some of these individuals that time may never ever come, that person death may come upon that individual and their life has taken. Yes, we know

00:32:25 --> 00:33:03

that every single individual who says la la de la de halogen, whoever says it will enter into paradise. But you know, this isn't Bollywood or Hollywood? All of us we know what the answer is. But have you ever noticed that a Muslim was dead dying? has said that kalama is something to think about? We will know what the answer is we have this is law, like the law will enter will into paradise. But have we seen physically how many times it realistically happened? How many times you physically seen in our lives? A person finished their prayers inside their prayers passes away person reading Quran making thicker, doing a good deed? How many times in all honesty have we seen

00:33:03 --> 00:33:35

it that this begins to take place? Very rarely happens. Because most individuals are living a path of disobedience. We've taken it for granted. Do we take many of us must've taken for granted. I'm a Muslim. You know what? I got a free ticket into paradise Who said so? Doesn't the creative and the sadhana. That's the creative idea so that you can just stroll into paradise. I can just walk into paradise. Indeed, it's your actions. Your belief in your actions play a long part. Yes. Last contacted Forgive me individually once upon Allah for your theory Manisha Will you

00:33:37 --> 00:34:13

forgive him every once and punish him whenever he wants to penalty Allah no one can ask Allah Subhana Allah, why do you forgive so and so? Why do you punish? And so but pseudoknot Allah is a student of a lost paradise laid out. There are certain things you have to do. You try to do them. There is more chances of that individual being forgiven, but not spandana. But you stay away. You live a life of mercy, of disobedience, of singing, advice, of doing her own actions. And then you say, well, because I happen to be in the home of the Prophet Muhammad. And that's enough for me, doesn't happen to some things that unfortunately, it could be possibly true that our blessing is

00:34:13 --> 00:34:13


00:34:15 --> 00:34:50

But the average individual the company relies upon that would suffice me to enter me into paradise. And just we shouldn't become such Muslims. Just like we use in this dunya don't we strive? Don't we struggle manufacturers? Why do they come to this country, they came here for the honeypot. That's what we came here for. In all honesty. We never found a honeypot. We did find it but we're lost. We've soaked into that honeypot. We don't know what we're doing now. We've lost our ethics. We've lost our faith, we lost our characteristics. We've lost our behavior. So you know what to *, we know the money we gained. Third, we don't have money we've gained It doesn't mean much. If you've

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

lost the core principles of a human being if money doesn't mean anything. So that's our task is to remind these individuals to return back swiftly back to loss panda Allah, the better

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

And the four What are they? What are Cora Manu? What taco lefur de la Baraka, Tim in a semi even if the people of village they believed, will rip open the heavens and earth for them, the blessings will come down from the earth and come down from the, from the from the sky from the earth. But these people will not kill these people they deny these people they rejected. So the benefits of faith and of taqwa are the blessings once again come into the life of the individual, the person who begins to find tranquility and peace alladhina amanu nikolova music reader, Allah music really taught me Hello, India, dhikr of Allah, Allah Allah, do hearts find tranquility and peace and rest.

00:35:43 --> 00:36:29

That's where a Muslim finds peace and tranquility inside the heart, Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah keeps or brings about that peace of that tranquility. Whoever turns away from the vicar of Allah, unmentioned woman out there and decree for in Allahumma Blanca, Juana Shu Yama, Yama, Tiana kolarov, Billy Masha tinea melaku basura colloca, dedicated to Nirvana, Sita waka Delica yo Mattoon ser woman or a decrease Arturo Sahaja refine whoever turns away from my remembrance the person who turns away for remembrance of Allah, Allah, the first promise of Allah spandana for in Allahu meryton Dunker, this individual will have a wretched life. What does it mean to have a wretched life, there will be

00:36:29 --> 00:37:11

no peace or contentment inside their life as a young individual, I see for many days you sit inside the library. And as you read the books of many individuals, autobiographies, biographies, many famous people reading about their life, about how these individual celebrities became rich had gained power, gain fame, gain wealth. But every time I began to read, I began to discover one thing, guess what, these people weren't happy. I used to begin to think you possess millions and millions and possibly billions of dollars, millions of pounds in your life, but you're not content. What's happened. So when there's not bring contentment in the life of the individual, whoever tends were

00:37:11 --> 00:37:19

predictable last time there will have a difficult life, obstacles placed inside their life. And then come to second promise, when actually normal calamity

00:37:21 --> 00:37:56

will raise a person to judgment Cathy's in a state of blindness color a belly, Masha tinea. Oh my Lord, why have you made me blind? To basura on this earth, I could see I could visualize while you blind in this day, because upon this dunya we showed you as science, but you turn away from them. So that's today what gadelha can yo matanza does today you'll be made blind but la Subhana Allah that was mentioned what a coup de la de da Silva and so on fusa home Hola, como se por la yester we have a nury who has helped with gender agenda t humann. For

00:37:57 --> 00:38:34

those individuals don't become like those individuals who forget Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, and Allah will make them forget their own selves. Those individuals are the rebellious individuals. They're not the same the companions of Paradise and the companions of Hellfire, indeed, the companions of Paradise whom will find his own, they are the successful Guinea individuals. So our message to our respective brother and sisters, those individuals who are involved inside these Fitton, these trials and tribulations, these temptations inside their life, this is going to benefit your own self is going to make you as an individual, a good individual, will make you a good

00:38:34 --> 00:39:12

citizen, a good person, such society, stem from your relationship to the last parent and your relationship towards the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, your relationship with your parents, everybody around you. That's what Islam will do. That's what he will teach me the individual and the person will be given the goodness of this world. And likewise, the goodness of the earth as well. As the Quran mentions what a tensor Nazi book I mean at dunya Don't forget your fair share your portion of this word, what is it good things of this dunya as we mentioned, I'll manual balloon, Xena to hieratic dunya, children, wealth are the good things this dunya the beauty things is dunya the

00:39:12 --> 00:39:49

person aspires to have inside the life that Islam talks about children, according to one of the coolest attendance of one's eyes, the upheaval inside the society at the moment that you find how children behave towards the towards their parents, or the people around them. Once again, go back and study the crime statistics find in London. One main reason why there's so much crime amongst certain communities, certain individuals, there is no role model. There is no father is a broken family. It's a single mother. It's a single parent, there's no fatherly figure to look up to. So that's made me as individuals, they the streets begin to teach them, the streets become the role

00:39:49 --> 00:40:00

models, and that's to begin to live a life of wishes crime and behavior you find and once again, people talk about the hardships and difficulties we're facing. The amount of people that have been stabbed in London, the moment

00:40:00 --> 00:40:35

goes beyond every age rising every single year. The age of the people who are using these knives are using these weapons because younger and younger, kinda down to the age of 1516 1413 years old, young individual carried an argument or getting into some form of misunderstanding comes back and does what stabs the person. this a few times life has become. That's why certain areas they're discussing at the moment on the radio, you may have heard it, are there certain areas of London you cannot walk? Yes, there are certain areas and certain and you will not go into those areas they may politician may try to pretend No, they all say we'll have more cameras or more police will have more

00:40:35 --> 00:41:09

of this there are certain areas that you will not go down those streets a certain time. Because why is a dangerous element, what will begin to help individuals and society what will help the community will be we begin to remind us of likewise define men ramming common current whoever sees an evil amongst you. If they have the ability to change, it doesn't mean take the law into your own hand. But you have the ability to change it with your hand. If you cannot do so did at least speak out against it. Let people know this is evil. This is something bad. This is something which is corrupt. This core elements that we all agree upon inside this society with something which is incorrect. And

00:41:09 --> 00:41:43

if not at least despise it inside your heart. What a man, that is the weakest element of email. This nation is like a ship. We're all traveling in one great big ship. Somebody is in the lower deck. Some of the middle deck sounds on the upper deck, someone's scrubbing the deck, someone's cutting the food, someone's steering the ship, someone's pulling the mask. We're all together. That's what we are we traveling together, we are a reflection of one another. Now once you think I'm separate from you, you're separate from me. And as you find this parable handy to Safina you find the people are lower deck, they say you know it's too difficult to go all the way upstairs and throw the bucket

00:41:43 --> 00:42:18

and collect the water and then come all the way downstairs. So some smart Muslim says you know what, let's just drill a hole here underneath the drill a hole booth that begins to gushin. And what happens? The lower deck drowns the middle leg downs, the upper deck grounds for Halekulani and everybody drowns. You know, this parable is about about Audrina good and forbidding the evil, we all begin to turn a blind eye, we're all going to drown. There is no distinction that some of us think is a distinction. We are all drowning at the moment. In a general figure, you find Muslims, we are drowning at the moment, in a way in a perception life and many of our youth, they are drowning the

00:42:18 --> 00:42:56

actions that they do see that we have to go back to these core teachings are reminding ourselves, reminding our Muslims around us to stay away from these fittin these trials and tribulations to repent back to last pounder Allah to make yourself become a better individual. Firstly, for your own self, and your own belief in your own creed and you return back to last pantalla purified state. That's the intent of a Muslim, a Muslim here isn't here on this dunya to gain plus points of brownie points or to despise or to look down upon another individual woman as an old amendment that are in a bar where Amina saleha were called in any manner muslimeen the role for Muslims to quote Allah

00:42:56 --> 00:43:10

Subhana Allah to encourage people to do righteous actions, and submit I am amongst the most in the first video Submit. That's a task of a Muslim cool, too. Hi. Hi, good to goodness, wherever you see around you quantum Hydra

00:43:11 --> 00:43:11


00:43:14 --> 00:43:34

You're the best people ever raised up your order the good and you forbid the evil summit last time The idea was to fake inability to stay away from these scenes malba mean one button, whatever may be apparent, whatever it may be hidden, to remind ourselves remind the people around us to come towards a path of hate and goodness and to repent and to become good individuals and to see the Bushra normal Bush era

00:43:36 --> 00:43:47

era those individuals the glad tidings upon this earth and likewise inside the earth here as well. wakulla Cody had was stuck through Mohali welcome. What do you mean Muslim manifesto filled with novella for Rahim.

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