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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala should be able mousseline. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah who I'd only use I was the Seaman cathedra cathedra for Movado ambulances did I say this all the time, that if you say you really want something, but you are not making dua for that in the 100, then you don't really want it.

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My dear friend, and brother

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Mahmoud also sent me a

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small little

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tic tock recording of this person speaking about this wonderful system in Somalia of memorizing Quran and he said this, it's called a Super PAC system. And that is the first thing they do. The whole family they sit together in a circle, and each person recites one eye. So for example, the first person will say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, the one who is right will say Alhamdulillah hero beyond me, the one after them will say Allah rather, Rahim, the one after that will say amalickiah within

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and so on. So they finished the whole, you know, and then they do until they finished reciting maybe Tengiz, right? Or whatever the number of Jews so

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at the end, this is a rural regular phenomena every single day in the house. He gives a nice example he says how is it that somebody's produced offers like Asians meaning India Pakistan is this is produced Gulag Jones endless villas. It's like that it's it's something which is

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imagined he he gave a beautiful example. He said, Imagine if you are three are already wake up every morning and you hear the voice of your siblings and your parents reciting the Quran. And each person doing one eye

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until they're finished that portion for the day that has been allocated.

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You know, this is this is like the I remember the Hadith

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where he came home one day and said I just

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introduced him to another older lady who was there. And she said he also loved this is one so and she worships Allah subhanaw taala like she knows she spent the whole night in Salah something like this. And Rosa Rosa salaam did not look pleased. So So that's just the Isola what is wrong? Is there something you don't like what you heard? He said, tell her tell your friend that Allah likes the small deed, which is done regularly. Right? So it's not a question of praying the whole night is praying to God, but do that every single day. Now, that is what is happening here. And when you do that, there is a great bargain in this great blessing in it.

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And then if you are in that family and you're used to the system, then obviously you get and you want to memorize the Quran. I was in Nigeria, and one of the most teaching this course considers the answer. And from my vocals he has the answer is called the Sierra Sierra solution workshop in Kaduna, Nigeria, and one of the students there, who was after the Quran, he explained the system they have this system is that the person in the in his school

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the boys they start watching the same person that they are asked to bring a new book with every new you know, notebook. So this is they have this

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for about a three size

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notebook, which is quite big, and it is ruled. And in this notebook, when they start memorizing the Quran, they write the surah that they memorizing so if we just have Fatiha they write Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa rahmatullahi McEwen with India kind of we're gonna say and so on. So now they are writing it down in this book and memorizing it. So as they write it down, they recite it and then they go over what they have written. With their finger, they move the finger on the letters, and they recite, and they recite on the memories. So you are engaging all the senses, you're engaging the you're you're hearing, you're engaging your eyesight, and you're

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engaging even your sense of touch by writing down the Quran as you memorize. So it's a question of how serious you are about the task.

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I'm giving you the example of memorizing Quran because this is a

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podcast which is about Islam, but the same thing applies to anything as here this this person will get home for

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In this tech talk, I think we mentioned our other way disease and waking up for the night prayer working for tahajjud is a form is the before that he said, as far as the Quran is concerned, he said, make it into a system, create a system, where within quotes in a nice way you are punished if you miss something. So he said, Don't just say I will never, I said no, find a teacher, find a teacher who you will respect somebody who you are, you know, in a good way scared of meaning you don't want to You do not want to displease them, and then pay them a substantial amount of money, which you know, you must have some meaning for you.

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And then fix a time of the day when you work well, you will go there and you will meet them and you will memorize the Quran. And so that if you miss a particular day, then make it make it a thing to say if I miss one day, I will pay 50 pounds,

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which is British money 50 You know, British pounds as charity for that if I miss even Monday, so now that puts you on the alert. So you don't want to miss you want don't want to be late, you want to make sure that you do a good job. Similarly, he said for waking up for the night prayer, make the big part of big payers and say to your friend, you must call me at 3am or whatever the whatever the time it is in your country, but you wake up. And if I don't wake up, then you know you are willing to pay or if I don't make up I will pay 100 100 pounds in charity. And so make sure that I wake up. So that way I mean, you know, do whatever suits you. But the point is that

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it to begin with until we start tasting the Halloween the Halloween the sweetness of the deed, which will come, but initially it requires effort and that effort is enhanced and it is encouraged if you create a system around it. So, you will wake up at a particular time you will spend so much time doing this particular job. And this is how college courses and school courses actually work, because they put the same thing into a system which has measurements. So anything that has a system that follows the system and which can which has metrics always supersedes and is always superior to the opposite to something which does not have those metrics. Metrics are extremely important. So

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therefore, in this thing, now, expand this to other other other matters, right? Take any any other matter that you have things which are important, make sure that you wake up for the Hajj and pray and make dua and also create a system where there is repetition where you are going to do that over and over again at a particular time, every single day.

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And I give you the example of the sawbuck system in Nigeria or in Somalia gives the example of a system in Nigeria where this person writes the he's the that that

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part is participant in the class the workshop he told me, he said at the end of the half session,

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the half is has his own Quran which he takes away from the school, which he wrote with his own hand. Imagine how water evocative and powerful

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you know, icon that is the most of I'm reading is the one that I wrote with our hands. So there was so much of love and affection. And you know, you know that you know that this is going to be your legacy. And this is going to be the thing that you

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carry away from you from the place from the school, and it is going to be yours, you know, lifetime. Maybe you even hand this down to your children. So it's a it's a very beautiful system where

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a person is encouraged to and then again, it's a tremendous boost, tremendous aid to memorization, because if you write it down first of all, as I said it engages multiple senses. And secondly, there is a mental picture of what the world looks like. Now one of the things that happens in the recitation of Quran with Tajweed is that as we go along because sometimes especially people who are non Arab,

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it's difficult for them to distinguish between

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you know, individual letters, where the permanency where the where the sound of the letter is different for each SOTA and tall.

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And similarly

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that zoo

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ball all of these many, many centers like this,

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the Arabic language which are different letters, which is actually pronounced differently, and if you don't do that, then you change the in many cases you completely change the meaning of

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of what you're saying. So it is very

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If so, when you writing it down, this becomes much easier to remember, because you just wrote the letter. So the mind registers that as a image as a picture. And then in your recitation, then you are correct because you know, you wrote it down so you know what, you know what you wrote and it's a big aid in remembering the correct letter and therefore, the correct pronunciation. So, I remind myself when us let us be clear in our minds, be make a clear intention to do something good. Create a system around it, where this thing is not left to your

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subjective desire at the time. But there is a system which you follow and put some bite into the system. This system of paying fines, charity in charity,

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if you don't do that particular good action that you plan to do. Ask Allah Samantha to make it easy for us to obey Him and to fill our lives the bulk of our being was that Allah Allah be caring while Allah He was a member of me