Ramadan Reminders – Day 13

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Ramallah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi MBA with mousseline, Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Marathi he values

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that live on cathedra cathedra from a battle of ancestors.

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There are millions of examples of the rack marvelous amount of data of the mercy of a lot of murder.

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But one of the greatest of them is Ramadan al Karim.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala as mercy

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breaks all bounds in this month of Ramadan.

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As I said earlier, lots of random data bring this month in order to help us to get close to him by becoming the dawn by giving us a change and opportunity to change our lives and our ways.

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Secondly, Allah Serrano data

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does not level the playing field unless valterra skews it in our favor against Allah tala genes of the shotty the doors of Jen are open the doors of Jana ma shut.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala multiplies the reward, the reward of a fourth is 70 times the reward of that for the normal times, the reward of an affair is equal to that of a fourth.

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And then for the fasting itself Allah subhanaw taala did not even specify or name is specific amount of

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as the reward Allah said, so mu Li will enter a GB the fast is for me and I will reward it.

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In keeping with his majesty and grace of course.

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In this month, Allah vanno dalla is full of mercy and Allah shows His mercy in this month, Allah forgives people and Allah in this one the laws ran out of free his people from the Hellfire

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and therefore we must try to take full advantage of these benefits. There is a beautiful had these were two Sahaba who accepted Islam on the same day.

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After some years, one of them was killed in in a battle and the second one

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was a year later

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the second one died of natural causes.

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Another zombie saw both of these in a dream and he saw that the second one who died of natural causes actually entered the Jenna before the one who died as a Shaheed inshallah.

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So you asked Rosado, Salam about this, and he said I said I'm said shala. Both of them are in Jana. And why are you surprised that the second one entered Jana?

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more quickly and faster than the first one? Because did he not get one Rama that extra?

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I imagine this is just not a matter of getting the Ramadan. It's a matter of how the Sahaba used that opportunity of Ramadan will carry in order to benefit themselves in order to gain the pleasure of Allah subhana wa

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abora vellano reported from other sources alum who said that the vibe daily prayers the five daily for Salawat.

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Then from one Friday, prayer, from the Salah to drama to the next from Ramadan, Ramadan are expiation for sins committed in between provided one stays away from major sins and this is an makari abora vellano reported that also was seldom said the five daily Salawat five daily prayers

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for from one Friday Prayer from one Serato Joba to the next for one Friday prayer to the next Friday Prayer from Radha Radha are expiation for sins committed in between provided one stays away from the major sins and this isn't Buhari. Now in Think about this.

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Why is this differentiation me mad because if somebody is staying away from major sins it means that this person is a Mottaki. It means this person is concerned about the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. Now having despite that, the person may commit some minor sins He may commits some sins out of forgetfulness or out of desire or whatever

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But these even though those small things are there, the person does not commit the major sins. So Allah subhanho data forgive that person, even without making is the fall. Now of course your person makes us the foreigners right I will forgive you and the major since Allah Subhana Allah will He will forgive Shere Khan over. If a person is genuinely contrite and apologizes to Allah subhanaw taala and seeks forgiveness Allah, Allah promised to forgive all sins in the law. He wrote the noble Jamia

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Verily Allah, Allah forgives all sins, they diff the differences that some sins Allah, Allah forgives, routinely, even if forgiveness is not sought, provided the person is demonstrating taqwa in some part of his life, in some ways, so when a person is making widow, whenever person is you know, doing all these things, the Allah forgives all sins, but some sins are such that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive them only if they

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seek forgiveness, not otherwise. And of course, if a person doesn't say forgiveness, it has committed wages since then, then the matter is, but we're serious. Remember to deliberately do something which is haram, which is a major sin, to deliberately commit a major sin knowingly, knowing that it's a major sin, amounts to cover amounts to and if Allah does not protect us, amounts to actually denying Allah subhanaw taala authority Ahmad can amount to actually leaving Islam. So we don't we of course, we don't pronounce the Quran. Anybody we don't say so and so has left Islam. But point is for ourselves to warn ourselves and to be careful that we do not do anything which can

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result in such a big calamity for the individual, that a person might be considered when we die, we might be considered to be someone who's not a Muslim at all, because we were deliberately knowingly doing something which is haram. That's the reason I harp over and over again, like a broken record, about the evil of interest based banking, about the evil of taking loans. It's such a shameful thing, despite the fact that we know that to borrow money on interest, to lend money on interest, or to have anything to do with that kind of an operation is haram. Allah has cursed such people, no Salah miska such people, Allah subhanho wa Taala declared war on his behalf and on the behalf of his

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Nabi Muhammad Salah out against people who do this, knowing all of this, we still do it. And there are people who do it for something as inconsequential as buying a flat screen TV, you know, a big TV or something, but it doesn't matter. I mean, whether you take a loan to buy a TV or to build your house or to buy a car makes no difference. If you are taking an interest based law, it doesn't matter what you took it for. It is haram it is private. And if you are deliberately obviously it is How will you do that you can't accidentally add to the law, there is no accidental taking the Lord night you can say accidentally I miss Salah, which is again a major sin that is possible. But if

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somebody is taking a lot, this is a the most deliberate of actions because this is not even an action which which you can just take verbally, right? You may if you go to a bank, if you go to a lender, whatever the nature of the person, you will necessarily have to give something in writing, you probably have to give something as collateral to that person. Right? So it's a long process. It is a documented process. There are witnesses. Imagine remember shaitan makes absolutely sure that the nose around your neck is nice and tight and fits. So that when the when the

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plank is dropped, there is no escape. Right? Save yourself, save yourself. So Allah, this Ramadan, make this D and say, I'm going to get out of every interest based thing that I haven't do it do it right now. Do it right now. This forget what listen to this, just go to the loo and remove yourself from this terrible calamity that you are inviting on yourself which is to

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defy Allah subhanaw taala and to accept a declaration of war for one dose.

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May Allah protect you and me from such such a horrible situation. ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us in this Ramadan to open our hearts to his obedience and to see the value of this obedience and not to treat disobedience lightly and not to treat disobedience lightly. wasana will Karim Allah Allah He was savage bye bye

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I wanted to go a little heavy