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Hola Hola. Hola Hema Hungary layer behind me.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashrafi Lumbee even more serene. Muhammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom does Lehmann, cathedra and cathedra.

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My brothers and sisters, the topic of my lecture is meet your Creator, meet our Creator

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14 157 years ago, today we are in 2022, which is 1444 Hijiri.

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So, 1457 years ago, a window opened in the heavens and God spoke to man, Allah subhanho wa Taala sent his Word, His revelation to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, through his angel Jibreel alayhi salam, and that word was

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said the first words of the revelation of the Quran which were revealed

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Allah subhanaw taala said I will be laying him in a shape on your lady Miss Mila here Walkman Ibrahim ear Cora Bismillah big lezzy Holla Holla call

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Amin are identical eCola well book i

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i lazy or I love Bill column, I love

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Allah subhanaw taala the read which means read in the name of your rub the Name of

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your Lord, your Creator, your Sustainer you maintain your protector.

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There's the word Rob

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is a combination of all of these qualities and more.

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Read in the name of your Rob who created all that exists.

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He created humans from a clot

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read and your Rob is the most generous.

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Key taught

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by the pen.

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He taught man meaning mankind humans that which he knew not.

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What was there to read? When these iPads were revealed when these words of revelation were revealed? And Allah is commanding and saying read what was there to read? Remember the command was not brought in the form of a written piece of paper.

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The command was the spoken word.

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What was that read?

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The clue is in the IR itself.

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Allah subhanaw taala said read in the name of your rabbi who created everything that exists.

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One of the great scholars of Islam Imam Ibn Al Karim Al Jazeera Talalay said that this refers to the entire creation the kind that

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the universe read the signs the word higher means sign.

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It is wrongly translated as worse.

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It also means worse in some contexts, but in the case of the Quran, I amines sign read the signs of Allah in His creation.

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Look at the creatures and recognize the Creator.

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Deck one.

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Such a miracle is a summon

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of the 4000 or so eggs that are female Sockeye deposits in the Adams River

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in British Columbia,

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which is the most famous salmon run, only two will survive long enough to start a new generation.

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Two out of 4000

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those eggs hide deep in the gravel banks of the river to avoid freezing in the winter.

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Once hatched, the young salmon swim downstream to the lake where they spent a year maturing.

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Then they swim 500 kilometers down the Thompson and Fraser rivers to the ocean

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where their freshwater tissues and organs transformed for life in a salty ocean.

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Can you just think about that

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everything is transforming inside the body

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For three years, these sockeye salmon

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navigate way out into the middle of the world's largest ocean, the Pacific.

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They go as far north as the Aleutian Islands and Alaska.

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Then they come all the way back down to the Fraser River, where they do a second conversion of their organs, and they become freshwater fish again.

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Those seven swim and 500 kilometers back upstream, somehow sifting traces of their home rivers, unique chemical mix, out of the turmoil of human waste and industrial pollutants, and the runoff of hundreds of other streams as they head for where they were born.

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They haven't eaten since they left salt water. They've lost their silvery scales. Their mouths have developed hooked beaks like the Eagles, the back their backs after deep red. They have only one goal, a single minded dedication to reach their own home stream, their own stretch of gravel, and start a new cycle of birth and life and death.

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We know this happens. We don't know how.

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We don't know how a fish can turn from being a freshwater fish, to a saltwater fish. And back to being a freshwater fish. Anyone who has a saltwater aquarium knows what will happen to the fish. You fill the aquarium with tap water.

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Next time you eat sour, reflect on the miracle that it is and the one who created that miracle, so that you may recognize him as you enjoy his bounty. gelato, the Glorious and Magnificent is Allah to live thankfully and thoughtfully is to leave Islam.

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The Quran is a book of signs. Allah subhanaw taala the Glorious and Magnificent told us about this when he said in a vehicle with some our developer the vasila V Layli. One Rila Tilly will

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last about that I said Verily in the creations of the in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and day, there are indeed signs for people of understanding,

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understanding more than intelligence, because to understand means, and implies that not only do you understand the situation, but also what caused it, what is likely to affect it and affect you and what you need to do to make that effect positive.

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A loss of handle data garnered the creation and all that it contains both the objects and the processes, the creation and the alternation of DNA is signs, what is the sign

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and how is it different from a picture a sign has a meaning it points to something, it permits or prohibit something and it promises consequences. A picture can be pretty or not, it can be simple or complex, but it is inert.

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It is simply that you can look at it appreciate it or ignore it. There are no consequences. But that is not so with a sign. You ignore a sign at your own peril.

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Once there is a sign, you cannot claim ignorance, it becomes your duty to learn what the sign means. You cannot go to a red light and then claim that you thought it was Christmas decoration. You will still get a ticket or worse. Ignorance is not defense in law.

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Science help us to understand the law and they are the guardrail at the edge of the precipice. Let us see another another one of Allah subhanho data science, water which we take for granted.

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What is it amazing and literally an out of this world substance when you drink water next time, Think about this, that you are looking at a substance which is perhaps 5 billion years or or more.

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When the earth was farming water came to the earth in the form of a storm. Then imagine a storm so massive.

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That is remnants are every drop of water

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On the face of the earth that you see today, every river, every ocean, every lake, every pond, every stream is a remnant of that strong, primordial storm that came at the time the earth was being created.

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The same water came.

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The same water came to Mars and Venus, but did not stay

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on Earth, thanks to his distance from the Sun

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and the Earth's

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magnetic field which protects us from solar flare flares. And our thick atmosphere, water stayed and remained in its three states, liquid solid and gas.

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It has properties totally unlike that of any other liquid by any other substance. It expands on solidification, it is a universal solvent, it does not freeze solid, when it is in a large body. It exists simultaneously in three states, solid liquid gas, water, ice, water vapor, it constantly purifies itself and renews its supply.

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It changes state from liquid to gas and back to liquid and in the process, it releases its source and becomes consumable by humans and animals.

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Trees grow because of water. Our bodies are 70% water and our digestive, circulatory and other body functions work because of water.

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Practically all life exists and is sustained because of water.

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When it is water come from

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Why did it come?

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How much came

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and remember, as I mentioned before, the water that came here a few billion billion years ago is still here.

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That is what you are drinking. That is what you're building with. That you are what that is what you are using today for anything.

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That is the ancient, critical, incredibly complex blessing of Allah subhanaw taala that we pollute and waste without a thought.

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This is also the meaning of recognizing the signs of Allah in His creation, which you cannot do without using the knowledge that he sent us called Science.

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Allah subhana delas anyone water our mural, the Naga photo unless somehow it was a lot of that guy and I thought Otto Fatah on Wuma Bataclan our whom I mean, equally Shaheen Hey, fella, you mean

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Allah said Have we have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth are just we're joined together as one united piece. Then we bought at them and we have made from water every living thing.

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When your

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mineral ma equals Russia unite, we are made from water every living thing will then not then believe.

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Think about another one. It is hypothesized that about four and a half billion years ago, there was another planet called Thea about the size of Mars, which was on an intersecting orbit with us. And we met

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that collision must be must have been awesome to witness.

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The result was that he has iron core sank into the young Earth's core. And most of the Earth's mantle, accreted onto the Earth's mantle.

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That is how we got iron

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which is also a gift from Allah subhana Alterra

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which you mentioned and said one's a little heavy the fee but some shoddy don't wanna have your holiness.

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And We sent down iron with his great might benefits for humanity

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the impact is thought to have turned the Earth's surface into a sea of fiery magma and caused it to shoot out enough planetary DeBary to create the moon.

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Allah subhana della did this four and a half billion years ago. Imagine this happening today.

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The collision gave us the moon large enough to have gravitational pull

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To give us tides in the oceans and at an angle where it reflects sunlight to give us light at night

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and our months and and our months and I must say for the Muslims, most importantly our annual controversy about Moon sighting. Life would be so boring without that right?

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That is why Allah subhanaw taala told us not to worship the sun or the moon, but to worship Him Who created them both. He said Well, I mean it Leila, one hour worship. So welcome to lattice judo, really Shamsi. Whether the recovery was Julie la Hilda the Halacha Hoonah. In Kuntum Iya. Who dabba doo, ALLAH SubhanA delas enrich means and from his signs, the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not trust it to the sun or to the moon but prostrate to Allah, Who created them if you really worship Him geladeira

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this collision also change the tilt of the earth on its axis to 23.5 degrees.

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Think about this, it changes the tilt on the earth, on its axis to 23 and a half degrees, which gives us our seasons, exact tilt to half a degree, not more, not less. Without this tilt, we would have had scorching heat, while outside of the planet, face the sun and then freezing cold when we faced away from the sun.

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No life could exist.

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Today when we look at the fall colors of the oaks and Aspen's and maples and SONAX

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and other trees here in Western Massachusetts, something that people from all over the world come to see and marveled at the glorious shades of yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds. Let us remember that all these are because the Earth is tilted on its axis at an angle of 23 and a half degrees.

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The tilt gives us our seasons, with their temperature differences. Without it, no summer, no winter, that ask why

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nothing is accidental. Believe me.

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Ask why.

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Imagine our earth without water, no oceans, no lakes nor rivers, no rainfall, no vegetation, no life.

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Then look at that look around yourself today.

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During the day

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and look at the full moon in the right

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way breathe the air, drink from clean and polluted streams,

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sail on the ocean, run your hand along the polished golden wood of the gunnel of your boat and reflect on the steel hull of your boat.

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Then that is remind ourselves and none of this would have happened without the strong and the collision that Allah subhanaw taala sent no word no iron and no water to sell it on.

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Today as we live our lives, let us reflect on the storms and collisions we see or experience in our own lives and remind ourselves to look beyond them to the Hand of Allah subhanaw taala in which there is only higher only blessing.

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When we do that it becomes the strength we need to face life and its trials. No knowing that, that the one who said the trial will also send the solution.

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Knowing that the one who sent the trial did it for a reason to teach us something that can only benefit us and which will be the means of drawing us closer to Him. That is the only closeness that matters, because it is the only one that lasts throughout our existence. It is our help and protection in this life and the means of deliverance. When we meet him geladeira low on the Day of Judgment.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts

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to his knowledge, to knowing Him and to fill our hearts with the glory and magnificence of his being

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and to drive all the darkness of misguidance from our hearts so that we recognize Him in His glory.

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After the magnificence and his uniqueness

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and know that there is no one worthy of worship except him. I shall do Allah ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lah wa shad one hour Hamedan Abdul oversoul

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Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was on with mainland Africa