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The importance of value time in personal and family relationships is discussed, as well as the need for empathy and leadership in the face of the pandemic. The speakers emphasize the need for transparency and integrity in the media landscape, as well as the importance of avoiding visiting sick people and not allowing family members into one's own family. They also emphasize the need for individuals to be prepared to receive feedback and privacy and integrity in media.

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16 minutes after 11 said I want a Kumara de la vaca Omar haben Welcome to Al mushrif on radio Islam International. It is Thursday morning and my guest this morning is Kunis assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato walaikum salam, Ala

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Moana very very well and humbly unless you carry this way How are you keeping? I am very very well allies. so merciful I mean Oh, believe that we are ending Ramadan Can you believe that? Yes, it is by I was about to ask you that. How does it feel that next week this time, instead of us making salami will probably be making eat mobilock? Can you believe it? You know, and the 50 you know, for a kid that was one year old, one day is a lifetime? Yes.

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I would want to say one day.

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Yes, the whole month feels like this today just feels like a week or a day that has passed and we haven't even really gotten into Ramadan properly as a person would say, getting into and folding up your sleeves. By time we've done that the month is over already.

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Absolutely, and this is the point.

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The point is, we must value time we appreciate it. And it gives us an indication that you compare our life on this material world and the life in the hereafter you must understand that you know we must take this use our time inshallah. inshallah, yes, we have to value this time that Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with use it.

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Very, very carefully budgeted well, and make the most out of the time that we have is our time in Ramadan is limited. And it's a lesson for us that our time in this world is also limited and absolutely shallow. I mean, there's so many people who have passed away now in the mobile that month or Ramadan. And we are granting a higher status in Jannah we have no idea when we will go and debt is not the sole preserve of the of the aged or the sick. Even those people that they'd be given a clean bill of health from doctors can lead the surgery and you know, Allah knows what's next enough.

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grandpa's all good health, Allah subhanaw taala protect all of us from

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from terminal illness and Allah subhanaw taala grant all those who are ill and seek complete Shiva inshallah

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wonderful glide for everyone for the oma inshallah, and the many of us are so spoiled the month of Ramadan. And I remember last night, you know, rent our the mammoth and moss and mala named mozzarella is such a powerful, powerful, in what I'm doing, is really following the example of his beloved father Napoleon is detailed May Allah grant in the highest status in Ghana, you know, reminding us about, you know, people in Somalia, and this was, you know, taking place everywhere. But the point is, you know, and this is a point, you know, and I get so emotional about this, that sometimes we get so detached from other people's problems, is so busy, between ourselves or our own

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enrichment, we want our name to be on the wall for fame and glory, we are running around from pillar to post. And as a result, you know, you're not moved at all by the challenges of people elsewhere, even our own neighborhood. And, you know, and this is the point the point is, that we are this oma, this oma, you know, we part of your own mind, your own mind, has concomitant responsibilities. It's about responding with love and affection. It's about you know, growing there helping people with someone is sick, you must be able to stop your life and visit them. You know, whatever you're doing, if you cannot stop your life for people around you, and what's the use of your life, what kind of

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legacy you're leaving behind. And this is something we need to inculcate in our children. We need to inculcate members of the family that you must never ever for example, postpone the visit to a sick person. You must not let for example the other day

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in I'm not saying the highest example worthy of a relation. But the other day I was in a house

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decided that I must visit this older elderly person this past month. And But sadly, I went there when they said to me, it is not visiting hours in Dallas because of the route we spent a few days in Johannesburg.

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And in St. Louis, I learned for the past three, you know that the factors have been my heart that they're trying to visit pain and disappoint. It's about selflessness. It's about compassion. It's about empathy. Because empires are really built in the hearts of people, nobody else. And you know exactly who we are really, you know, so, you know, and May Allah bless in the olema bless

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you know, Coronavirus, huge, huge responsibility to heighten the sensitivity to be yourself. And I'm not saying the burden of responsibility to be the leader role models to inspire, to dynamism to inspirational jobs to your own conduct. The only man that requires a lot of uplifting our own magic is in pain. The only one that is bleeding, Omar because families that are completely dysfunctional, and Omar in the month of Ramadan are talking about separation, and Omar, they forgotten his purpose. And this is the point, you know, we need to do this, we need to start eating, we need to be more serving, we need to be more open minded. And the other thought was dramatic, you know, just

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thinking, I would like to talk about its model organizations, how come organizations are not doing what they're supposed to do? or How come organizations is about the striving for leadership, but there is no leadership? What are we doing, and what should we be doing? And I hope, if you have a chance to talk about that, too, inshallah?

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Yes, it is by looking at the services that the

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vendors in around the globe, we find him in a follow numerous orlimar on Twitter as well. And they sometimes highlight the programs that they are involved in, in the work that we are doing here locally in South Africa as well. hamdulillah we have our Lama who are busy, all of the time was the work have been must have handled Allah reward them, and the definitely forum that they will be engaged with, and the different people that we speak to the different types of sacrifices that they make. And you know, just the other day a sister posted a that may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on the families of the llama, who give up the father's in who give up their husbands, for the sake of

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the benefit of the oma for the sake of communal benefit. And we make dua that Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on these families of the mother wives of the family, the children of the Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala bless them and reward them for for the Saba and the patients in the light of the husbands and fathers leaving the home and needing to travel every so often. And benefiting the oma Allah subhanaw taala currently is and Allah subhanaw taala as reward them tremendously. It is also with regards to the organization interesting point that you raised with regards to the runnings of the organizations as well. And perhaps I would like to add a positive note as well, to the

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program towards the end. And perhaps we could shave, and you could share with me how your ad is spent and how you use that a day to build bonds and relationships and how our listeners as well could use that as a tool to be able to make it into a positive end to the month of Ramadan. Yes, you know, the

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Okay, let's talk about the things read first, right, that is important. You know, I normally and I thought about us, we normally we spend our whole day with the family you know, or the extended my brothers and the children we all spend eat together. And we've got five or five other brothers in pushups and, and we would, for example, on the table at breakfast in one home lunch, another separate another home. And may Allah bless my my sisters in law also for the commitment, they work so hard, and what is really, really gratifying that we are together and what I am also very gratified by my nephews and nieces that they love to spend time around us chatting with us laughing

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with us and the bonding takes place and of course we go

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out to eat Salah we go

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you know, we go to the graveyard

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for no parents who passed away for grandparents for the oma and the god the thoughts are very emotional experience and experience reminding us of our own fragility, our own mortality. And we make dua for them and we chat and we spend time together.

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It's a very, very pleasant experience, we have our tears in the morning thinking about our loved ones, but it's a very joyous occasion. And, you know, it's an occasion that is filled with a lot of love and affection. It's an occasion where the bonding between members of the family is reinforced. It's a bonding in which it is so gratifying to note that the, the main, you know, the sister in laws and everyone now our nephews and nieces, they work so hard they, they send parcels to other members of the other families. And it's a very, it's a, it's a wonderful experience. And what I would say to people in the end, you know, no matter what you achieved as an individual, if you got no emotional

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support from your family, then what's the use of it all, and you need to reconnect and it saddens me that in some forms, you find a with ages and the biggest of any doctor in law, whether it is a bit of one son in law, whatever, they do not go to their own parents place. And I mean, it's hard, you know, yet it said, I mean, when you talk to people, you know, being placed in Islam for my happiness, I will never imagine imagine if our beloved

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imagine he was not concerned about the oma even when he was leaving the world he was concerned about the homeless, he said was effective hope you could take the 10s of death phones on oma and look at that love and compassion and all of that. And therefore, it really it is hard to find that when you're dealing with people with the issues and marital issues, and the B giving someone's to their families a month of Ramadan, they're talking about a lot in the month of Ramadan, they're not prepared to sit up and and understand that in this world, you are going to be tested and not loved those that you are going to be tested. We are not here to be part with this new world scenario. You

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know, you're not here, this world.

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You're not in this world, that you have no aches and pains. And Allah promises us that you test us and Allah loves us. So it's a time and I really want to urge the listeners I want to urge everyone, don't wait for the day of Eve to forgive someone do today. Who knows your be aligned with the person you'll forgive will be alive. For example, I've been for a janazah yesterday. And Mr. Jerry, what a wonderful human being May Allah grant in the highest stages in Ghana, and I think a day before his nephew or someone

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passed away, message him his brother passed away. And and this is the nature of life in a nature of life. How would you like to be remembered? Or what impact are you having? You know, and I think there's no place for selfishness. I really pray that the we have is a happy day is no fighting no bullying, nothing you go there. There are some people that I know has Melodie been super into my beloved brother. Taylor from roasty. Make dua for him is in the shipper, Emily's amendment hospital. There are so many people not to my first best friend, Mama Aggie from four ships that is the cheaper and really when I saw him, I cry into this thing myself. There are so many people in hospital, make

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it easy for our sisters that are going to challenges to our brothers we're going to challenges draw children who cannot reach out to the parents, to our parents who cannot reach out to the children to everyone but is going to whatever it is, remember allies not forsaken you is a plan to work together. Our families must come together. It does not mean if you disagree you have to be disagreeable. So Alhamdulillah eat for us is such a beautiful, joyous occasion. I remember when I used to come back from pushups in and not my father, my beloved mother

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papers was so nice to be together and they say to me, was so good to have on the first day together and I'm Belinda.

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So Hannah, this way, this occasion or even this occasion of Ramadan. One of the things that are sort of masala Sallam mentioned concerning Ramadan is that the person is wretched who allows the month of Ramadan to pass without getting his sins forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala and forgiveness of sins will never be complete until the creation of Allah subhanaw taala also forgive us for our transgressions of the rights. It is not only seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala that is one an important part of it.

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But also together with a seeking forgiveness from the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, Ramadan would also not be completed Ramadan would also not be

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perfected for us until we seek forgiveness from the creation of Allah subhanaw taala and yes obviously has to be done before eat because by the time the day of eat comes on Amazon is over already, if you want to be recipients of the grand prize on the nights after Ramadan, then we have to seek forgiveness of our fellow creation of our fellow men, our our parents, our siblings, our spouses, our friends, our neighbors, wherever we may think that we have wronged in one way or the other we have to seek their forgiveness inshallah, by that means gain the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala completely when it comes to the day of aid inshallah, absolutely, it is so true. They love

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Islam, for personal piety at the expense of the family around you. You can be awake all night reading your charges, Allah May Allah bless you for that. But if you are acrimonious towards your neighbors, members of your family, you're harsh towards them, you're hurt them every day. You know, Allah loves those that are good to people. We are here on a beach and allowed he was Salam was so loving, so caring with children, with animals with all of our last creation. Now, that's the point. The point is this, that notion, you no longer competing my five tangible Salah, I'm giving my sucka, that that you do for yourself. Now, what can you do for people around you? And I think you know, and

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I'm so glad you deferred to that. And therefore I'm not surprised, none of us is surprised that the reward for those that have, you know, good relationships with people around them Alhamdulillah is something only Allah knows, you know?

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Yes, it is very, we can perhaps invite our listeners as well to join in the conversation, you can call in on 118541548. Or you can SMS to the Jesus cell number or 28251, double nine one.

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And we would like to share with us the experiences of

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what challenges they are facing, and what any questions that they might have. Because, you know, one of the things that I find Mawlana is that many people who go through challenges, they think, you know, if no one is going through what they're going through, you know, at some time, you know, some of them may be surprised when I tell them, you know what I listen to you, I listen to your challenges, and I'm not saying you're not great, but to the many others that I listen to your challenges are nothing compared to the other, they are nothing compared to the others. So I think people need to understand that and we would like our listeners when you get to for me to interact

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with us inshallah, and maybe in the last 10 minutes or so, we can talk about organizations or whenever you you feel you want to do that.

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Share with us your thoughts in your ways of of reconciling before the day of eat are under the age of eight, how do you spend your time and if you go out of your way to make an effort to ask for math, ask for forgiveness and reconcile with your your Muslim brothers and with your family members as well it is by right while we are waiting those calls perhaps you could go on to the discussion concerning organizations inshallah. And as the calls come in, we'll we'll take them

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one on one, you know, critical things that if you look at our organizations and I and effect I spoke from another radio station this morning about a similar thought. I remember, some years ago, I was one of the directors of the South African associate independent school

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some years ago, right. And

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I remember a bigger piece of the suit come together in the same car. They were friends, and it's a comfortable meeting. But in that meeting these two quite was in disagreement with each other. And the moment the meeting was over

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the way like normal metal defense again, and as an incredible maturity on the part. The point is that people must understand that we as Muslims have never owned any institution. We are the custodians. We must be prepared to be receptive to criticism. You must be prepared to hear another voice will be prepared that other people have other opinions.

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And we must be able to have robust debates for the sake of the betterment of the institution. And you find that sometimes in many of our organizations, the the core group is,

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like a group that is controlling things is almost a lacking of autocratic and dictatorial. And there's something that, you know, it worries me, because organizations can only grow

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excellent. organizations can only grow, no matter who you are, you are prepared to learn from others. How nobody objected. And it's important that you know, at our meeting, the meeting mustn't be there, almost to rubber stamp, what the chairperson is saying, or whatever, it must be an opportunity to discuss the processes, there has to be a transparency and we will enter the need for Allah will be prepared to accept feedback. Now, it does not mean now that if you have no idea how to work, and every time someone says you said, you question it, I don't mean that way. It must be done in a mature way. It was done with understanding and would be contribution of making it work. And we

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find our innovation allowed us to make sure that our who consult with others, and when you mix the two biggest decisions, and this is what worries me, you know, it really worries me that the vibrancy in organizations in I don't generalize, but we're, you know, what I've been exposed to what I've heard of, it worries me purely because we're not prepared to be challenged in a robust debate, we're not prepared to do that, you know,

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whatever their whole aspect of the whole essence behind making a an organization successful is Islam, it is sincerity is it is doing what we are doing only for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you have that, as our one motivating factor, whether you are the immediate, or whether you are a field worker, or whether you are the lowest person in the rank, but if your intention is only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala then inshallah the organization will be successful. And they will be mutual consultation, they will be sure. And they will be and you will be safe from all hands each other. They absolutely because remember, anything that you do, if you're doing it for

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yourself, then you want people to massage your ego. You want people to support you, you do not want anyone to have caucus meetings, you meet in the side, you do all of those things. But if you're doing it for Allah, then you will be able to take criticism from the public and anyone else, if you are wrong, if I was wrong, my beloved brother, thank you so much. I mean, as of yesterday, when we took up the post of the Khalifa, I mean, what what point, if I did not follow online, love the Sunni link, they issued me to me, you know, I'm not worthy, and did not get this position because all they wanted was positions and they thought burka if you do that, to our organization, and disappoint, you

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must learn to be far more rigorous in our debates, we must be able to talk about issues, you must ask ourselves in anything that you do, even for example, we need to look at in our own geology, in our, you know, in your dress, you know, Muslim schools, wherever, in the talks that you give, also, how are we connecting with our modalities? What should we be doing differently? How can we connect with them? You know, how do we prepare what we do do truly prepare? Or we give the same talk every day the same way? Yes, the content matter itself the the substance will be the same, but you're dealing with a dynamically different audience, and we must as Muslims pursue excellence, you must

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not put us at the to mediocrity and then we will be critical, because our children need to look at us as examples worthy of the highest emulation

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is many guidelines that have been published on the internet as well and we found about running successful Islamic organizations. And one of the basic other traits of a successful organization is the transparency that is found in all of the dealings and in all of the activities as well. When there is a great deal of transparency then, inshallah Allah says, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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removes all of the doubt that could perhaps creep in to the hearts of the brothers and in this this mutual understanding in

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In this unit when when based transparency

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absolutely if you do it that way, it avoid suspicion, then you don't have people having this sprint campaign. You know, it really I really commend people that run organizations very very demanding it when you

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Sorry to interrupt you there we have a caller who's waiting on the line, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Santa Monica.

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Santa Monica.

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Okay, yeah.

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This carry on to the next corner inshallah.

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Let's get on to the next caller. Salaam Alaikum.

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Salaam Alaikum.

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Okay, and as my engineer brothers yet to try and get the scholars back on it is very still there

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Okay, I think the the lady didn't realize that it was live on air. Okay, okay.

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And this

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is my

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little bit deny I'm not

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I surely I knew enough Zulu in the shop to sell some goods.

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You know,

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that if people speak Alexa made

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it his way I wouldn't leave the quality still on the line. Let's try again for this yet. This put a call on the line a Salaam Alaikum.

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Okay, there's nobody else on the line. I think we can continue with our discussion. So, yeah. So yeah, you're saying that okay.

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That, you know, Islam around the country is a perfect example. Allah loves excellence, and we need to pursue excellence, we need to make sure that we run our organizations well, that in our organization, we are constantly reminding ourselves as to why the organization has been set to what extent we are fully fulfilling the Amana To what extent we are giving the dynamic leadership is to what extent the embracing new ideas and these are fundamental things you know,

00:27:35--> 00:27:55

being and it is also all of the time is reviewing as an organization what we have done if we have engaged in any sort of activity to sit down with the whole committee once again, review what we have done where where our shortcomings, where our strengths and what do we need to change in the future?

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That's really important you got to do a one way thing in

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life rather do a biopsy rather than autopsy isn't it? Every time you need to do it what activities you have and you can take it from there

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into radio Islam

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Welcome back to

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Islam international and welcome back to our guest this morning. Glad that you at least for me sir. It is why we discussing organizations in the running of organizations anytime

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The issues that actually come up because of

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the the

00:35:07--> 00:35:16

the mismanagement of organizations, they, I think what what is important is, I think, from the home,

00:35:17--> 00:36:09

parents must encourage the children to get involved with NGOs and organizations. So they understand the dynamics of organizations, because organizations themselves can be an excellent vehicle, to fulfill your commitment to the community in different ways. And all of us have different talents. And I think it's important for the organization to have, because succession planning with, you know, an umbrella to make it as transparent as possible in white, broadly, the community or the youth, and be part of a almost like a shadow committee, and get to understand, you know, the organization, because the young people themselves can

00:36:10--> 00:36:42

share with you very fresh insights into how an organization should run. The other important thing is, is that, especially in organizations, we must be able to give leadership and if you find that we need to allow others to take responsibility, we need to go back. And because everyone has unique talents, unique ideas, because the landscape

00:36:44--> 00:37:36

around us has changed radically. And sometimes you may not have the intellectual stamina, the energy and the commitment and dedication, to respond to new challenges. And that's one of the things and often what can happen, these are organizations that can become an optimistic he does not fulfill the real needs of what our message is all about. And I think also the organization should do, what you call it SWOT analysis, and to look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and then look at some meaningful plan as to how the organization to move from good to great and sometimes this requires some little to to get in there some change in the portfolio, some change in the

00:37:36--> 00:37:46

organizational structure, and some change in with the activities and its organization. In that way. I think, you know, the, amongst the many things and the point that you made

00:37:47--> 00:37:53

is that the most critical aspect that we are here for a purpose and the only part

00:37:55--> 00:38:17

that is the most important part of any work have been reminiscing if a mom or whoever else it may be the fact that you are doing it only for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and that you want acceptance only from Allah subhanaw taala that is the most important part out of, of any effort of Deen and that is the success of any effort have been

00:38:18--> 00:38:19


00:38:20--> 00:38:22

the most most important thing

00:38:23--> 00:38:50

it is what it brings us almost to the end of our program today. A little bit of advice for the day have read inshallah, because looking at the moon, it could either be on wetness day or on Thursday. So sorry equalise will be on Thursday, on Friday, so we may not be able to speak next week, Thursday, we may be eating nice biryani or roast chicken or something by this time.

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00:38:57--> 00:39:04

I'm curious, I'm down to some bersih also, you know, I say to people,

00:39:06--> 00:39:06

what is

00:39:07--> 00:39:39

your critical that we leave in the BMP. Even before that, you know, I people must do what they've never done before, you know? Like, one of the things that they don't do is they do not. For example, how do you want to do that what I find it very difficult to understand this to people. I find it so hard that someone says we rescue my mom in bed every day and only have the money basically believe it

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

is something that must come naturally and parents need to even if you've never done before, and remember the center part of life is that if you want to read someone's heart and affection, even though the other person may be a spouse you go and fix up your head

00:40:01--> 00:40:03

I know reduced to some difficult time

00:40:05--> 00:40:43

forgiving if I had done something wrong even in your mind, you know, the other person has been responsible for some of the wrongs and he could be open minded men but we are going to be here and we want an unknown only email Qantas done not because of his mercy, because you can never do enough deconflict 24 hours a day that will not be enough to change them not only and only and only and only if nothing is benevolent to his magnanimity. I think we need to understand that and treat yourself Come on. Are we connected with our family? If not let us connect with each

00:40:45--> 00:40:52

time and and I do not want to have to compete or no you know, I'm sorry, I'm not prepared to come there.

00:40:53--> 00:40:59

And this is unnecessary man you know unless so I went to Miami blind shala that

00:41:01--> 00:41:29

the families themselves reconnect and they're happy and have your children around you are another time away from us the minute they spend time you know, he talks about being throughout the world and being like a shopping malls now and being like a fashion model and all of that you know to me like that to me that's completely uncalled for reconnect with your family make dua for members of your family.

00:41:30--> 00:41:31

love Christ

00:41:32--> 00:41:33

to do to defend

00:41:36--> 00:41:39

this way so thanks for your time. If you don't talk to

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00:41:43--> 00:42:05

at all your hours and everyone listening on the radio station and you and your shoe shoe babina love each other inshallah me on meeting Jana. I mean, I mean, I mean she's like most of it is right for your time will speak to you next week or maybe the week after depending on Sharla inshallah assalamu aleikum wa

00:42:06--> 00:42:14

rahmatullah wa, chicken Zealand to the listeners for joining on the program today and should come to my studio

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from Geneva satin, this is Mr. Kumar.