Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Purpose Of Creation Part Ii

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The serene badali was held there and talked about a message from Microsoft during a call with a representative. The serene's father was a Christian and had a desire to become a " garbage collector." The serene's mother had a woman with him who had to clean up garbage and had to use a tanker. The serene's father wanted to be a white American with a white passport and that he would give everything he owned to his son. The importance of not overestimating one's potential to be a " garbage collector" is emphasized. The conversation also touches on the success of their company and the importance of working on design and technology to improve their product.
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Vladimir serrato,

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serene badali he was held here.

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we continue with what we started yesterday where we talked about

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Allah subhanaw taala statement when he asked the question and he said, Do you think I have created you without a purpose?

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So what is this purpose? And as long as I mentioned above,

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where he said, Mr. calapooia novel in elderly,

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he said the purpose for the Giants created the genome, the human being is to worship me.

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That is the purpose of our creation. That is the reason why we exist.

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Now, you think about this,

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it is a strange thing that the Muslims are probably the only people in the world

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who view blessings as masiva

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they view the, the gifts of Allah, they do the Namath of Allah subhanaw taala as

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most even

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as a problem.

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The Thinker does well, developers rather I said, I have created you for no purpose other than to clean up the garbage in the world, what would you do?

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Your purpose would be to be garbage collectors. You would spend your whole life to fulfill the purpose of your life, you would have to spend your whole life collecting garbage and feces and, and all sorts of issues.

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Your purpose would have been fulfilled. I still remember. I was in Jamaat in,

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in the US in Baltimore.

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And we were in a place huge, like, empty warehouses in which the demo was happening.

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And they had set up

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temporary latrines, no. toilets. I think we would do 300 toilets outside. So after the father band at the time of maximum pressure, so there was a long line of people. And at that time, what in America they call

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a honey wagon. And a wagon is a tanker which collects the deposits from the pilots.

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This tanker was driven by a white man, and there was a white woman with him. And they came with this tanker, and they cleaned all those toilets. And this sucked up in the vacuum thing. They collected all that refuse from the toilets, and they washed all the toilets, and they left. And I still remember standing there watching them and asked one of my Bangladeshi brothers, I told him, what will you give?

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What will you give to be born as a white American with a white American passport?

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So he said, I will give both my arms and legs and everything

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because I'm Bangladeshi. And I came to America for a green card. I will sell my soul also.

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So to be born in America as a white American,

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right, so is it now you see here? Two white Americans born in America, American citizens are cleaning your shit.

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Their job which they are doing is it is 100% halon.

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There's nothing haram about it is haram about sitting in mullock pit in the racecourse. There's nothing haram about collecting garbage and, and feces from the bathroom if that is your job. But is that a job you want to do?

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When we ask Allah Allah given the risk and halacha that risk is Deva?

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Is that what you mean?

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Can Allah give it to me?

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Can Allah Subhana Allah not make it our purpose of our existence that we spend our whole life collecting and cleaning people's toilets? Is it not possible?

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A lady observed, Allah raised us to a level and he said your only purpose is to worship me.

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Think about this.

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Just think about this. One bigger Mercy of Allah do what

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Allah says No, you are not for this.

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You are only and only to worship me.

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In Islam, there is no caste system. But the religions which have caste systems, which is the highest caste, any religion which has a caste system, in Islam, there is no god system.

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People who are who create caste systems in Islam, and who said this is actually this is Angela

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This is our Well, they are committing Haram. There's no caste system and Islam, but the religions in which there is caste system for example, in the Buddhist religion, in the Hindu religion in the Christian religion where there is a caste system who which is the highest caste Tell me

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priests people who worship

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the highest caste is the one who worships Allah subhanaw taala made the entire was the woman

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he made the whole of insanity made all of mankind

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he said your purpose is only to worship me

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and one Allah one has to we have to remind ourselves and we have to you know be astonished at our own selves that we consider this greatest honor the runners runners Allah gave us we consider this to be amazima

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because even the ones who are praying even the ones who are doing Salah do it as a as a job which is over to the haulback family to deal with.

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So, that now I can go and collect garbage.

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Now, how do I report a level when will we understand

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and that is why there is no butcher and photo in our Salah because there is no value for itself

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you cannot have you cannot have concentration in something which you consider to be

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you know

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where started okay something

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I get some time I will do it.

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You can only concentrate on something which you love, which you consider to be very important. Very critical.

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Otherwise you can't concentrate How can you concentrate you cannot concentrate on something which you consider to be you know, unimportant than when I have time I will do it. Even the ones who are doing it regularly

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Mashallah, they do it as a job to be done okay.

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I think I'm getting

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yet again.

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does a

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good job to get to Korea he now

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is namazi Tamara dounia mosyle Hello, Doug is Nevada Giovani I

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used to say that until you be you are convinced that this Allah will solve the problems of this Genie I will solve your problems as a user until you are convinced that this Allah is a solution it's a tool

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to solve your worldly problems these are until then you will not get concentration

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and then when myself and think that if this Salah cannot even get me to pieces of dry bread in this world, how is this ally going to take me across the Xerox?

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How would you sell I will help me in my cover.

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How is the seller going to help me in the deal just but

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how do you

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is the quality of our salah and the Sahaba they called out the angels Allah

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the major rain when there was no when there was no rain

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with the same Salah

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they weren't battles based on the same Salah

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The Sims Allah cannot even get us to pieces of dry bread. Why? Because we don't work on

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it requires practice it requires effort.

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Everything requires a

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honey you want to learn to cook well you have to work if you want to learn to cook well and you're spending your time sitting in your in your drying room watching. Even if you're watching a cookery program on television you will never learn where you want to learn to cook well when should you be in the kitchen in front of the wire.

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So how is it that we are going to improve the quality of our Villa?

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How would you pray only one when we walk off

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the app assume that what

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we do without admin might have been a reason not to Berlin.

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For parents would

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you tell people when you enter the budget please.

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Allah died in St. Lucia de casa

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maybe Allah kept that to occur Salah as the means of your yard in Ghana. On the day of judgment. You don't want to pray don't pray. What do I get? As far as I'm concerned? My job is to tell you never know what.

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Strange It is very strange that Allah has given us this. Never

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Allah has given us this great honor. And he said I have created you only to worship me.

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This beautiful beautiful job which is so pure and so so

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the only thing you do is you make the dough and you come in the masjid and the atmosphere of the Company of America. You certainly reserved for Allah subhanho wa Taala is listening to you and he's responding to you. I wish Gary Gary

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Gary calculating

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and that we see as I was given in that 11 that

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we have to remind myself when you let us think and reflect last minute Allah gave us a break used to think and reflect and sit quietly as a as well what a beautiful thing to

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reflect on this. And let us work on this. And the time to work on Salah is

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not a formula

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any measurable measurable now. At that time you want to decide you can decide you have time

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for it to be completed under law. But the the jam the rule and the father will come from the now and

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so make that your father on yourself. Let not a single day pass when you're not paid that doesn't have to play soccer you play it in July if you don't have time you cannot play 246 whatever but

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do not slip into that multiagent

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and build concentration that is the time when you are with your

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there's no one listening Do you can design a Koran without any feeling that this is real or somebody is listening to me and you know nothing nobody's out there unless you read Quran you reside to Allah subhanho wa Taala who spent time in design, you make design decisions that is the time to make that

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and I'm not sure how to do that in Arby's mo da Verily, my Arab is the one who listens to the only I study vehicle he said asked me and I listened to you and I will give you

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and that is what science Allah is the tool it is the most powerful tool that we can ever get. In order to solve every problem of our life it is dounia welaka

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Let us make use of the tool because how tragic is it that we have this tool in our hands and we are still running Helter Skelter in the world afraid of this and afraid of that.

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Then why do we have to forward so that's gotta ask Allah Subhana Allah to make our Salah like this allows us

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to make our Salah like this allow Mohamed

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Salah even though we know we cannot teach that we are going to at least aspire for that and we made some men that what is that you try to make some effort for this inshallah We ask Allah Subhana Allah to put fire in this and to connect us with him in sha Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali, he was heavy, it's very aromatic.

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