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I'm taking you on a short tour

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what I'm seeing, I want you to look at all these things carefully.

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ask yourself a simple question, which is,

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why do we have so much variety

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in nature?

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In a minute, I will turn this around and I will talk to you. So you will also see my face. But for the moment, just think about this and say, Look at this variety that Allah has created and ask yourself this question and say, why is all this variety there?

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This Incidentally, the

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is a plant, which is called the burning bush, it is now turning

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in the fall,

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and it will become completely red. And then you can understand why it's called the burning bush, biblical reference to the story of

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Now, as I'm walking here, you will see

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that we are looking at

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trees, and we are looking at leaves

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of multiple trees.

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That are,

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all these trees are in the same place,

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which is in New England, in Connecticut.

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literally, without exaggeration, every leaf is different.

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Every tree is different, and every leaf is different.

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The question to ask is why?

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Let me take you a little bit more. But these are what you would call weeds.

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So these are not, they obviously haven't been planted here.

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But because they are at the end of the property,

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they're just left there.

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And they've got the grass cutting doesn't include them in it. So Allah, Allah decrees that they should

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remain where they are.

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So Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah, He will be handy.

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Here is a

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Christmas tree.

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And see you can

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see those leaves and the little

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The pine cones

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is a different kind of bind

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to the corner, not that big, a small one.

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There's this one here, which is

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again, look at that leaf.

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How beautiful.

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How small and see the positioning of the leaves, if you look at them.

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It is like dichotomous positioning where the leaves are positioned in such a way that every leaf is able to get sunlight. Now if you look at down there, there's one which is turning red. And as time goes on, it's quite rapidly this is going to happen. We have it's coming in, we're in the fall in autumn. And so these leaves are going to turn color

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some of them will fall as is happening in here is already started.

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leaves have already started falling

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back again here we see

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there is a nice stand of forest trees. I am not yet

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knowledgeable enough about all the names here. So at some point in time, I will be able to tell you more about that. But if you want to do some research on your own, I will be more than happy to be educated on the about the names of all these trees that I am showing you here.

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And that's my

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final tree for this before I turn this view

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towards myself and talk to you about

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my message here

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and what I want to say to you

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once again

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To all of you this tree at the back is these are not cherries, they look like that. But they are actually inedible. or other I mean, they're not.

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You can eat them, but they won't do any good

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thing I want to talk to you about is this whole issue of creation of Allah subhanaw taala, what he created.

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And, as I mentioned before, the infinite variety that we face that we see all around us, but I'm not surprised that I mentioned this. And he said enough to focus on our diversity of the La la de la jolla till the

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last round that I said that in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the day and the night, there are signs for people of intelligence.

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So as myself, and I asked you to ask yourself,

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if we are people of intelligence, then do we see the signs of Allah subhanaw taala. As I mentioned, here, I walked you through a small part of,

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of this beautiful countryside, and

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how many how many trees did we see and how many different kinds of leaves and then they every leaf or every tree is different, although the leaves of a tree they do resemble each other. But at the same time, every leaf is not the same as every other leaf.

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Point being what is the purpose of this. And Allah mentioned to us the purpose of this analysis, the purpose of this is so that you recognize your Rob jalaja. Through His signs, we recognize a lot of anotehr my brother's sister, the Quran is a book of science, it's not a book of it's a book of signs. It's not a book of science, the Quran is full of ayat, which are signs, the purpose of a sign is that it has a message. If you see a red light, when you're driving, and you think that it is part of Christmas decoration, then you're in for a lot of trouble. The red light is a sign and it's a sign of danger, it's a sign telling you to stop. And if you don't stop, then you either kill

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yourself or you kill somebody else, or you get yourself into trouble because you are breaking the law.

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The same thing applies to the signs that Allah subhanaw taala showed us in his column where he spoke to us. And therefore it behooves us to reflect on this end to think about it and to recognize our verb, our Creator, our sustainer, our protector, to whom is our return.

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A very dear friend of mine sent me

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what I assumed was a joke. And his joke was that there is this person

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who does look here, and he has an argument with a medical doctor. And the long and short of it is you can imagine what that argument must have been, I won't waste your time telling you the whole joke, but the long and short of it is the bottom line or the punchline of the argument was that this Roca master tells the doctor It is really the Roca It is really the IRS of Allah which cure, and we just allow you to imagine that it is your medicines.

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Apart from being a particularly ignorant and arrogant statement.

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It draws my attention and I want to draw your attention to this.

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This contrived and false

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dichotomy that we have created between theology and science. There is no dichotomy In fact, between theology and science, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned is very clearly at the in the Ayatollah Ali Miranda which I mentioned to you, when Allah told us that

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there is a bee buzzing around my face, I think it thinks I'm a flower, and I hope it doesn't go beyond that.

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Anyway, so Allah subhanaw taala told us that

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in his creation are His signs and people of intelligence allodial Bab are those who can see those signs and who can recognize those signs.

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It is a detailed lecture of mine on this which

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I'm going to ask Omar to put in the description of this video. So I won't go into the details of these I will Karima but just as a heads up to say that

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we need to understand and recognize the importance and position of science. And that is that scientific knowledge is also from Allah subhanaw taala I don't even know why I need to say that but this is a

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As I said, a contrived dichotomy that we have allowed some of us, some of our people to create, and which a lot of our people very ignorantly follow, until, of course, they get into trouble. So, for example, if we are talking, you're saying that, you know, the, the only thing which cures is is and we allow doctors to believe that it is medicine, then I wonder what one would say after having undergone bypass surgery or after he breaks his leg and has to have surgery and he's rehabilitated and he is able to walk and run again. I think the examples are pretty clear and drastic. So the issue is to understand that all knowledge is from Allah subhanho wa Taala only Allah is not simply

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the creator of things of Allah is the Haleakala Shia, he well, Allah is the Creator of things and Allah subhanaw taala is the creator of conditions, what are conditions conditions are the natural laws, the physical laws, the fundamental laws, that create the secret circumstances in which things exist and in this case, we are among the things and what happens to us, whether it is spiritual, whether it is mental, whether it is physical, are also all creations of Allah subhanaw taala. So if Allah is the Creator of things, and Allah is the Creator of conditions, then Allah is obviously the creator of the knowledge that is behind all of this, which brings about these conditions, and which

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brings about the the things where

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Allah subhanaw taala uses these conditions, to help us to live our lives safely, comfortably, and with positivity all around us. So if we understand this, then we understand that a person who has a headache, and who puts his hand on his forehead and recite social phobia, with the

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understanding and belief that the cure comes from Allah is exactly the same as the person who takes a Tylenol with the same belief and same faith to say that the cure comes from Allah subhanaw taala. The person taking the Tylenol is not denying sort of the Fatiha or the the curative power of the Quran of Allah subhanaw taala he is merely using another branch of knowledge, which also is from Allah Subhana Allah Jalla Jalla the reciter of the circle fatty obviously gets the survive also of resetting the Kalam of Allah subhanaw taala but I'm not talking about that I'm talking about the permissibility and the accessibility of different branches of knowledge as being from Allah Subhana

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Allah geladeira who himself alone. And final point I want to make in this is Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned this once again in sort of vasila in the second last hour, almost where that asserts and re him. Minaya Tina fill Kiba fi unfussy him, had begun alone and no luck. Allah said surely, and definitely we will show them our science, in the alpha in the creation around around them, as well as within themselves. And that's what I was trying to show you in the back not as in the in the heavens, but in the earth. The signs of Allah Subhana Allah said, I we will show them this, until it becomes clear and manifest to them. That this column is the Huck a brother and sister It is very

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important for us to approach the Quran, Allah Kareem in a way which in which it is meant to be approached, as the speech of Allah as the Quran of Allah, and Allah is telling us look at my creation, don't separate the creation from the column of Allah subhanaw taala that is contrived, that is false. Don't do that. The creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioned in the column of Allah. And the purpose of the creation is for us to recognize our ability to Allah who to glorify Him to worship only him without partners because he has no partners, and to remember in our entire life, that we need to please Him because one day we are going to go to him our return is to him

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alone. And this is the meaning of taqwa. And this is the meaning of human. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us among the Buddha keen to make us among people of taqwa and Eman and ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our eyes to the beauty and majesty and glory of his creation so that we recognize His glory and majesty in it, and our hearts are filled with his oil and majesty and with love for him. For Salahuddin Abdul Karim Allah Allah. He was happy again.