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The speakers discuss the importance of managing priorities and actions to improve efficiency and avoid wasting time on social media. They stress the need to find one's Islam perfect to avoid wasting time and speak out against evil behavior. They emphasize the importance of strong faith and strong image in one's life, avoiding silly behavior, and not requesting others to do their job. They also emphasize the importance of avoiding embarrassment and not hesitant to avoid embarrassment.

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Lola Holly, while he was

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just leaving Catherine cathedra mavado.

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one of the principal things that you will notice in Islam, and in Islamic behavior and character is the effective use of time.

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The effective use of time now I'm not talking about in terms of in terms of calendars, and, you know, reminders and whatnot, all of those are tools,

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by the effective use of time comes basically from a, from a concern that whatever time I spend in whichever activity

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that the that there is a result for it. And that result is a positive result.

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All Time management, all effective time management,

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really is not time management, it is management of priorities, management of actions, time is not in our control, we cannot manage time, what is in our control is our own lives, is our actions, our actions, and therefore, if we manage our lives properly, and if you manage our actions properly, then time gets managed.

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And as I said, the, the way to do that is not

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rooted in the tools, the tools are things you use, given a certain mindset. The mindset is what is critically important. If a person does not have that mindset, you can have as many tools as you want, they will the person will not use them.

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And we have an enough and more evidence of this, maybe May Allah protect us from ourselves. Maybe in our own lives, we have the sense that we have this tool and that tool and this reminder. And that reminder. And today, technology gives us the

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mistaken impression of efficiency, because we have a tool we saw that said I've got this calendar on my on my phone, and you know, I have this and so on. The point is that if you look at it and say, Well, how much of that? Do you really use that tool? how effective it is, you will find that it's far from effective. So the key issue is the mindset. Now what is our mindset, the mindset is that my time must not be wasted. How do I know whether my time is wasted or not wasted? By looking at the result? What happened at the end of that time span?

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For example, I have regarding this, I'm recording this lecture, this will be roughly about 40 minutes. So now at the end of the 40 minutes if I say that this 40 minutes of mine wasn't wasted, or was it used effectively? inshallah, the answer is it was used effectively. Because Allah subhanaw taala would ask me, what did I do in the fall in the 40 minutes, I will say Allah, I spent that 40 minutes trying to understand for myself and teach to whoever was listening,

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some of them with regard to making our lives more productive, more obedient to yourself, and more beneficial for ourselves. This is what you know, my answer would be so Angela, this time is well spent.

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If instead of this, if I was watching, for example, a football match or a you know, whatever kind of sports match basketball match cricket match, what would I say? That I'm not I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, you decide. You decide you've spent 40 minutes watching this match. You're not a player. You are not watching the match in order to improve your game because you don't even play the game. You're so why are you watching the match? So think about that. Ask yourself, what is the answer that you will give because a lot of a hunter will will question

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lamarsh Allah Allah will question as about how we spend our time.

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What about those of us who spend a lot of time and energy engaged in discussing

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politics. And I'm not talking about discussing politics in your own country, you should discuss that you should know what it is and then you should go out and vote. I mean, that is the most important thing. The whole point of discussing politics is not to pass judgment on this and that politician or leader or political leader, but to actually go and vote to ensure that to the extent possible you have participated in the process of trying to get for yourself and get for your nation. The

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best possible leaders. So if at the end of all that political discussion, if you do not go and vote, then, you know, you can say, well, all that time spent in the political political discussion was a waste of time. And I,

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you know, so I've answered with Ross Robinson, I'm not talking about I am saying, for example, I take the enormous amount of discussion that has been going on all around the world about the conversion of Asia Sophia into a mosque, right? Was it a conversion? Was it a reconversion? was it was it a reversion? Was there is that was it good to do? Was it bad to do should it have been done not been done? Who is discussing this? People like you and me, who have no say in the matter whatsoever, one way or the other, it does not matter what you think, what was done was done, what had to be done by the people who did it, for the reasons they did it, that had to be done was done

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matters over.

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But we are still discussing it, we are still discussing it. We are still arguing about it, we are still getting all het up about it. And we're getting you know, investing time energy emotion, ask yourself at the end of the day, if I if I total up all the all of this? What is the result of that? What has been achieved?

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Similarly, one of the hottest topics for the last, you know, five, six months? And of course, obviously, there's reason but still is COVID COVID. Scores are being kept like, you know, we used to give football scores, right? What is the COVID? stat is what's happening in this country? What's happening in that country? in America? What's happening in Texas? What's happening in California? And if you say, Well, you know, where do you live? Oh, I live in Connecticut. Oh, nice. So,

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bottom question.

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Do you wear a mask when you go out in public? into a building?

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Do you wear a mask? If the answer is yes, then okay. hamdulillah? That is the only thing with matters. But if the answer is well, you know, it's okay. And then all of this COVID discussion was a complete and total waste of time. Because you are not doing the only thing which is in your control and which will help you and help others is to wear a mask? Do you wash your hands? When you are out? And you come back? Do you wash your hands? Do you carry a hand sanitizer so in case you don't come back home or to have or to a place where you can wash your hands for a long time, can do have an sanitizer, which you can use to make sure that your hands are clean? Now, if these are if these are

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things that you are not doing, then tell me what is the purpose of this COVID discussion, this whole, you know, talking about these numbers, that numbers is going up, it's going down, it's going sideways flat curve, whatnot, what is the good of this discussion? At the end of the day? What has been achieved? Nothing? Absolutely, zero? Because once again,

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what is happening with COVID in India, when I'm sitting in America, what's happening with COVID in America when I'm sitting in India or whichever place or even in the country itself, whether you are in India, America, wherever what's happening with COVID and you know, how many be how many cases and whatnot at the end of the day,

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where does it Where did it lead us nowhere, right. Similarly,

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we talk about oh so many people are testing positive

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other side of the story also

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how many of those people who are tested positive

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now, even that one person, if that person is yourself, that person is somebody dear to you close to you, that is a tragic, tragic thing. Even if that person is not close to God 1% say for example, 1% of you know of the big number is still 1% of 100,000 is 1000. So, there is a

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there is a there is a you know, significance about the number even if it is 1%. But what about the number if you if 1% is so significant? What about 99%? Is that significant?

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Or 99% should be ignored and we should only focus on 1% which Which one? So here we have a situation where 99 people out of 100 recover.

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We ignore that. We say yeah, that's okay. But you focus on the one person who did not recover and that one person in jail almost and if that one person if that one person was a Muslim and he died or he died with him, and

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God's Shahada in the estimation and sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they got, you know, straight access into gender. So let us think of that also, maybe that person, I mean, anybody, all of us die one day, and that person also would have died someday. But if that person had died of some other cause 20 years from today, or 1000 years from today, where is the guarantee that this person would have gone into general The longer they live, the more chance they had of committing sins, and we don't know what kind of life they lived and so on and so forth. But Allah subhanaw taala to them early, Allah didn't give them that much of chance. And then it took them in a way where Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam said if somebody dies, because of an epidemic,

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meaning that if a Muslim if a person with the man dies, because of an epidemic, this person in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will give them the

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daraga will give them the status of a Shaheed and we shall hamdulillah if that person had to go, their death was written, they could not have stayed a second more than this. It's not a question of COVID kill them. COVID did not kill them. This was Allah subhanho Tara's cutter, and we accept and we are pleased with the color of Allah subhanaw taala we say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and we focus on the fact and say, Alhamdulillah this person inshallah died a Shaheed so they died free from sin Alhamdulillah. And out of these 100 people we are looking at 99 of them survived, even though many of them were elderly people, I know people who are in their 70s I know people who are in their

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80s, who got COVID, who were in ICU, it's not just a matter of saying, okay, they had COVID, and they had no symptoms in the game, or no, no, no, these people were in hospital, these people were seriously seriously ill, and Alhamdulillah they recovered, right? So they recovered, they're fine. And inshallah We ask Allah to give us protect us from this thing. We ask Allah those who are cured, we ask Allah to give them lifetime immunity to this, and so on, so on. So the point I'm making here is that we have a choice. And our choice is how do we want to use our time? Do we want to use our time in a way which is beneficial to us, or we want to use this time, in a completely thoughtless

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way where the time has passed, and we have nothing to show for it, which one?

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That is the choice we have. And this is where today's

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our lesson on leaving Islam that I want to talk to you about were on the authority of Abu huraira. Delano. He said that part of the perfection of one's Islam is leaving that which does not concern him and this is in our brain on our

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memories 40 hobbies and extra engine damage.

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who said that part of the perfection of one's Islam is leaving that which does not concern him? Now, how do I decide what concerns me or what doesn't concern me? You might say well, you know, conversion or ages of your concerns me world

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COVID figures they concern me? No, they don't concern you. I mean, the way to think about this is to say that what concerns me is what directly affects me or indirectly affects me the things I mentioned to you then they do not affect you directly or indirectly, except for a few people who are who are affected and who are in that situation. Other than that, this is just you know, this is just discussion this is just a complete and total waste of time. So in addition to servicing

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the lenses as soon as Allison said that part of the perfection I want Islam I think about that and the supervisor as element interpreting this in the context of our religion if I perfect my Islam what happens allies please with me, inshallah I get genda if I do not perfect my Islam, what happens when I don't know what happens because if Allah wants to forgive me, he can forgive me. But if Allah does not want to forgive me and I present to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Islam which is imperfect, then I am I in danger of that Islam not being accepted by Allah. Obviously I don't want that to happen. So therefore my focus as a Muslim should be, I want my Islam to be perfect. I do not know

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how long I have to live. But I do know that one day I will die I do know that one day I will go before Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore, I want my Islam to perfect and what and how do I make this Islam perfect by ensuring that I

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I leave everything which does not concern me. Please understand I'm not I'm not against activism, I'm not against, you know,

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taking up

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taking up the cause of taking up just causes and causes of people who's who who should stand for we might not include yourself. It might be somebody else, you might not even be directly affected by what is going on. Like, for example, the take the black life matters. But Black Lives Matter protests in America, one of the most significant things and and very positively significant things about the Black Lives Matter protests in America that are going on is the fact that people, white people,

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white people who are privileged, no, I'm not talking about people, white people who are also poor, I'm talking about wealthy white people, politically, very significant white people, governors of states, mayors of cities, people who are, who are, you know, big business people who have money who have power. And as far as what is happening, or has been happening, and continues to happen, may Allah protect us to black African people, that does not affect these people at all in any way. There is no way no one is going to bother them, no one is going to, you know, even give them a ticket to drive on the road and so on. So what yet those people are standing shoulder to shoulder with those

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black people. So the issue of what concern what doesn't concern is not a matter of saying it has to necessarily concern me, no injustice, injustice will not go away, injustice cannot be abolished, until those who are not affected by it, stand up against it, and is not my quote, somebody will say this is an injustice cannot be abolished, until those who are not affected by it. Stand up against injustice. If you know, for example, today, this is a little bit of a side note, I think is very important. Today, many of you may have heard this thing

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to say for example, if you if you look at a statement that somebody makes about black African people, and then you know, you have some friend of yours or somebody who says, You know what, if I was black African, I would be very offended.

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My question is, you are not black African, I can see that. Why are you not offended? That's what I cannot see. Why are you not offended? For example, take Muslims in India yesterday, somebody sent me a video of of some politician in India, making some extremely, you know, genocidal remarks about what he thinks should be done to the Muslims in India.

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Now, you

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as a Muslim, as a Hindu, as a Christian, as a Sikh, as an atheist, you as a human being?

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Are you concerned about that? Do you find that offensive? Do you find that you have to raise your voice against it? Now, if that is not the case? And if you are thinking, Well, you know what, I'm not a Muslim.

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If I had been a Muslim, I would have been offended if a Dalit is attacked, who stands up?

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Other Dalits?

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What about people who are not easily?

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Why don't they stand up?

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That is the point I'm making. And I can give you an example after example. I don't think there's a there's any point in that? I'm sure the point is clear, which is that injustice cannot be abolished until those who are not affected by are willing to stand up against it.

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That having been said, you and I need to decide, which are those issues where I need to stand up even though it doesn't affect me. Yet it concerns me and my standing up would make a difference. I must stand up even if I'm only one. I sometimes People sometimes ask me. What is the point if I'm the only one I'm saying if you are the only one then that is even more reason for you to stand up because nobody else is doing it.

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So don't look at it to say, Well, you know, I'm only one it doesn't matter. hamdulillah You are the one who Allah subhanaw taala chose to be a witness for what was happening when Allah cause everyone to count on the Day of Judgment. Because believe me this all of this today, it looks like oh, this is happening. The eager people are being you know, they have been driven into slave labor in China. And nothing happens. And the rowing guys are being you know, genocidal genocide aliy treated, they're being killed and

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They have been driven out of their homes and living in refugee camps out of Myanmar, which is their home, they are living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. And nothing is happening. No, no plenty is happening. Please do not think nothing is happening. Every single thing that is happening on the face of the earth is being noticed and is being recorded and will be accounted for the people who are doing good will be rewarded. And the people who are doing ill will be punished by Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Delta make absolutely no mistake about that. So don't feel depressed and don't feel sad to say, oh, but you know what, so and so they're all getting away with it, and nothing is

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happening, nobody gets away with anything.

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That is why there is a day of judgment.

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That is why there is nobody gets away with anything, every single person will pay for what they did. If they did good, they will get rewarded. If they did not do good. If they did evil in their hand people, they will be punished. And also lasala Salim said Allah will not forgive until the person that you wrong forgive you first.

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So no need to feel depressed about any other question to ask is, What was I supposed to do? Did I do that? Did I stand up against that? Did I raise my voice against that or sooner salamina, the famous

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Delano, where he said rassada Sallam said, if you see anything wrong,

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if you see something wrong, that is happening, stop it with your hand. And if you are not able to do that, then stop it with your tongue, meaning speak out against it. And he said, if you are still not able to do that, then feel bad. Stop it with your heart, meaning feel bad in your heart about it, leave that place, don't stand with the people who are oppressing. And he said this last one is a sign of the weakness of your faith, meaning that you should have done one of the other two, you should have stopped it with your hand, or you should have spoken out

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against what was happening. And the fact that you did not do either of these things, is evidence that your image is weak, your faith is weak, and you therefore need to go and strengthen your faith.

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Right. So the point is that Alhamdulillah if you did that, but the issue is, if you are instead involved in things that are useless that where you have nothing to gain or lose, where you're standing or not standing does not make any difference. Then my brothers and sisters, you are only wasting our time and said this is not from the perfection of Eman, then

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rasulillah salam in another beautiful Hadith narrated Baba hora Delano which is insane Bukhari, Nebuchadnezzar himself, the one whoever believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala and the last day, they have judgment should speak that which is good or keep silent. I see this beautiful are these what I'm saying? He says whoever believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Day of Judgment, what was this person who he must speak something good?

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Or he must remain silent?

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Is not giving you an option of saying just speak because you

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because you have an opinion? Just speak because there is somebody to listen to you or because speak whether anybody is listening to you or not. No, he's saying speak if you have something good is he saying that if you know something evil about somebody if there is some negativity somewhere talk about that. No, he's not saying that he's not saying talk about negative things. He's saying speak if

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that which is good or remain silent, if you keep your mouth shut,

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usually nothing wrong, nothing bad can happen. The only bad thing which happens is if you keep your mouth shut, where you should be speaking out against injustice that of course is obviously bad, but other than that, if you keep your mouth shut there is no problem. On the other hand, if you speak then it can be it can be good for you or it may be bad for you. How do we know that? What I'm what am I saying? Am I speaking about something which concerns me? Am I saying something which is good, if it is something which is good, if it is something which concerns me then inshallah my speech is good I should speak if it is something that does not concern me or if it is something which is not

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good. What I'm going to say is not good, then do not speak. Now this refers also to speech in any form meaning emails meaning and today even emails people don't send the biggest problems are the is the chats, so WhatsApp, Twitter, all of that and especially the the biggest kingpin of all of this is WhatsApp.

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Do not forward things which are not good and putting a disclaimer saying forward as received is not a disclaimer you are responsible if you follow it it you are held accountable before Allah subhanaw taala for forwarding what you forward, which may be a source of evil for somebody else, or it may be something which is wasting somebody else's time. So because this thing came, most people, the tendency is because it comes, they will watch it. And at the end of that they will go away with bad feelings and so on and so forth. Someone somebody said to me, You know, I get these videos, and then I look at it and then night, all night, I can't sleep. My question is, why did you look at it?

00:25:43--> 00:25:56

Why did you look at it, I delete most of the stuff that comes to me I delete, except from people who I trust, and who send me good stuff. Most of the other stuff that comes to me make a Make no mistake, I don't even look at it.

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I've got better things to do with my time, I do not have time to watch all kinds of nonsensical stuff that people send me on on WhatsApp.

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So please, do not do that. Don't forward stuff. And then speak if it is good, otherwise remain silent. Same thing forward, if it is good, otherwise remain silent. And that's not your job. You're not a postman, to keep on forwarding everything that comes to you then I wish to sell I'm selling the same this, whoever believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala and the last day should not hurt or insult his neighbor.

00:26:35--> 00:26:55

Whoever believes in Allah, and the last day should not hurt or insult his neighbor. And please notice did not say Muslim neighbor, Hindu neighbor, neighbor, you know, his neighbor, a believer or unbeliever know, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should not insult or hurt his neighbor.

00:26:56--> 00:26:57

So, look at yourself,

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do an anonymous survey of your of your neighbors, if you want

00:27:05--> 00:27:06

ask them what do you think of me?

00:27:08--> 00:27:15

How do I come across to you, there is no need to do all of that you can you can you know for yourself, believe me.

00:27:16--> 00:27:18

You will know if you are a good neighbor or not.

00:27:21--> 00:27:32

If with your tongue or with your hand, you are doing something which is causing a nuisance to your neighbors. If you are doing something which is a problem for your neighbors,

00:27:33--> 00:27:37

if you are doing something which your neighbors dislike

00:27:39--> 00:27:56

then there is a problem with you as a person. And the solar system said that this means that your belief in Allah and the Last Day is weak because this is if you if you read that is what you say. He said the one who believes in Allah, and the last day Let him not insert or hurt his neighbor.

00:27:58--> 00:28:03

So a person is in a reading the same thing backwards, causal.

00:28:04--> 00:28:34

Cause and Effect looping, not the cause, and say, if a person is doing this, if a person is hurting his neighbor, if a person is insulting his neighbor, what does it say about his belief in Allah and the Last? If he had the belief in Allah in the last day, then he would not do something? So if he's doing something, what does it mean? It means that his belief in Allah and the Last Day is either completely absent, or it is weak. What does it mean about this thing being weak, because my point is if this V is this belief in Allah

00:28:36--> 00:28:48

and the Last Day means what in meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what the last day is all about. The last day is about our meeting with Allah, we ask Allah to make this the best day of our lives. So if my last day

00:28:49--> 00:29:31

if the my belief in Allah, and my belief in my in the last day is such that it cannot even control my tongue. How is this belief going to ensure that I have personal hakima that I'm going to die in a state of human and Yaki? And where Allah is pleased with me, how is this level of belief going to save me from the anger of all of the Day of Judgment? how's this going to save me in my cover when the when the agents come to question me and so on and so forth? How is it going to happen? It cannot even control your My belief is OPR and so a week or so after that, it cannot even prevent me from saying something which is wrong, despite the fact I know it is wrong. Despite the fact that I know I

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should not curse. I curse. Even though I know I shouldn't scream and rave and rant like a madman I do that. When I get angry. I'm completely out of control. When I when if somebody does something to me, whatever I am, I imagine or whatnot. Then I am I'm a nuisance to my neighbors. in whatever way I'm doing some people celebration or you have a loud music thumping. Yeah, there was a place where I used to live where there was these people you know

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The flat below us I literally the whole building is to vibrate with the with the sound of,

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of the music they were playing.

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Somebody wants to sleep they can't sleep because you are doing this nonsense. I mean, whoa, tell me what how does it help? What does it do?

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This is a new if we are causing a nuisance for others

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and on the subject let me be absolutely clear I am not favoring one for the other. What do you say about us Muslims. In countries like India, for example, it happens in other places also, in countries like India, where, especially in Ramadan.

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We insist on having the entire therapy, recitation on loudspeakers

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pointed in all four directions from the top of the masjid.

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And then there is a talk at the end of that, which is also on these loudspeakers.

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When we know perfectly well, that the people who are living all around us they are not interested in listening to that talk. If they were interested, they would be sitting in the machine with us

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having a loudspeaker having a speaker system to reach the people inside the building inside the hall. That's perfectly understandable. That's perfectly justifiable and Alhamdulillah no problem with that. But what is the need to have a loudspeaker mounted on top

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and our people screaming the guts out

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disturbing the entire neighborhood.

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We insist on having our religious functions after Isha although we stand and say and talk about the Santa Rosa Salaam and he said after he shall go to sleep.

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Sleep early wake up early this was the wellness, but no, no, we like to talk about the hedis but we will not implement that implementation, we start our activities after Isha. So now he will start his activities after he says maybe nine o'clock 9:30pm. And then your activity starts and your activity consists of this, you know one speech or multiple speeches. And under loud people do not know how to speak in concise in a concise time. So each speech is an hour long, maybe more than an hour long. And this function of hours. We consider it to be extremely successful if it finishes close to midnight or thereafter. And all that time, we have the loudspeakers which are blaring all over that

00:32:39--> 00:32:48

entire neighborhood, disturbing the sleep of people they may be somebody who's sick, they want to sleep they can't sleep, there is somebody who might be who might be

00:32:50--> 00:33:01

students who might be studying they can't study because you are you are raving and ranting in the years. There will be other people you know we have no zero concentration zero consideration for anybody.

00:33:04--> 00:33:38

Now tell me what is this? We parked cars you know one of the major reasons why people oppose the building of massages in country after country is because of the way Muslims Park cars. Nobody has any objection to a Masjid Alhamdulillah it's the house of God it's the house of Allah subhanho data. You want to come and worship Allah most welcome please come and do that. But please do not park your car across my driveway. Now you might say well, you know who would do that? Who would do that? Who's who's so stupid as to park their car across somebody's driveway? You know, Muslims.

00:33:42--> 00:33:44

really ask ask yourself this question.

00:33:48--> 00:33:53

I have seen people parking cars on pavements. I have seen people bagging cars on traffic islands.

00:33:56--> 00:33:57

Because Allah subhanaw taala

00:33:59--> 00:34:07

if Salah is so important, how come you don't go early, where you can park decently in a proper place and then you go and do your Serrano

00:34:09--> 00:34:28

you must go late and then you must climb your SUV onto the traffic Island or onto the onto the pavement. You park in front of it. I mean across the I have had to deal with this situations. I've had to deal with a situation where somebody very intelligently parked their car across a driveway.

00:34:30--> 00:34:34

In Hyderabad, literally across the street from our Masjid is a church.

00:34:36--> 00:34:42

Now we have been there for 10 years, and that church has been there from the from you know long before that.

00:34:44--> 00:34:54

Every single year in Ramadan during Dharavi. We have issues with Muslims parking cars across the driveway across the gate of that church.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

And in those 10 years, not one time have we had

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

a case where a Christian who went to who came to the church to pray, Park his or her car across our gate never

00:35:09--> 00:35:10

to tell me what's wrong with us?

00:35:11--> 00:35:24

What is wrong with us? Alhamdulillah I have a very good relationship with those with those priests. And so therefore there is no problem. Right? But I am the one who has to apologize to them because of somebody's stupidity.

00:35:25--> 00:35:30

What do I go into? What What do I go and tell that priest? I'm sorry, my people are so stupid.

00:35:35--> 00:35:38

My brothers and sisters, please wake up. Please wake up.

00:35:40--> 00:35:48

rasulillah salam said if you have Imani Allah, and in the last day, then you will not hurt or insult your neighbor.

00:35:50--> 00:35:56

Bad parking is hurting the neighbor. Creating noise pollution is hurting your neighbors.

00:35:57--> 00:35:59

What is the solar system saying about that?

00:36:02--> 00:36:15

Right. Think about that. And then the last part of that is the reason as Adam said, Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should entertain his guest generously.

00:36:17--> 00:37:01

Three things in his head is number one, Nebuchadnezzar said, Whoever has faith in Allah, and the last day should speak that which is good or remain silent. And then he said, Whoever has believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala, who believes in Allah and the Last Day, should not hurt or insult his neighbor. And he said, Whoever believes in Allah, and the last day should entertain his guests generously. And this is a say, Hadith in Sahil Bihari, the last one that I want to mention to you which in this connection, on the authority of Tamim, him the house of daddy or Delano Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

00:37:03--> 00:37:23

advised about sincerity. And tell him that he says we said to him, to whom jasola we should be sincere to whom masala Sallam said to Allah to his Kitab to His Book to His messengers, and to the leaders of the Muslim and their common folk, and this is a Muslim. So the issue of

00:37:25--> 00:37:31

sincerity is that we are sincere and we

00:37:32--> 00:37:38

ask Allah subhanaw taala for that sincerity my brothers sisters, I remind you on myself, let us

00:37:39--> 00:38:36

understand that this Dean came to teach us how to live our lives. This Deen is not a bunch of rituals. This Deen is not simply, you know, things that we do in a particular time and place context meaning that it's not something that we do on Friday in the masjid or on Saturday somewhere else. This Deen is how we live our entire life. And when we do that, who is the primary beneficiary us ourselves? We are the primary beneficiaries because it is our life. Think about this beautiful, Mr. seller, where he said that a person to Hardee's we talked to mentioned today, one he said leave that which is which does not concern you. So here are you as an individual, you do not interfere in

00:38:36--> 00:39:20

matters which do not concern you Yes, of course you take up matters which concern you, even though you may not be directly affected by that, you are standing up for a cause Alhamdulillah you will get respect. People will will love you and you will be influential, but you don't interfere and you don't talk about and you don't stick your nose into things that don't affect you Alhamdulillah which do not concern you Alhamdulillah you get you get respect and you are the Beloved of people also, then the other hobbies are in Bukhari where NaVi Salah salon is reported to upset if you are the person who believes in Allah and the Last Day What does this person do rasa Sallam said, Let this

00:39:20--> 00:39:21


00:39:23--> 00:39:52

the one who believes Allah the last day Let this person do he should speak something which is good or he must remain silent. Now imagine if you are like that what happens to you? Believe me you will be hugely respected people will come to you for advice because they know you will give advice and they know that you are a person with dignity, who you don't keep on going yap yap yap about everything. You have dignity, then Nebuchadnezzar said should not hurt the neighbor if you are a person who

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

you know who is good to your neighbors. What do you think the neighbors believe about or hamdulillah and the last one

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

The person who treats his guests generously entertains his guest generously, you are hospitable, you are good to your guests. What do you think it does to you in terms of your own image as an individual? I am deliberately focusing, I'm not looking at the for this point I'm not looking at the reward which Allah will give you of course, there's absolutely no doubt, absolutely no doubt about the fact that Allah subhanaw taala will reward us if we live our lives according to how Rasulullah sallallahu taught us I am saying that reward inshallah we will get, but I am looking at right now in this life. Is there a benefit? Is there a reward? Or am I are we talking about something which in

00:40:46--> 00:40:54

this life will be painful and problematic and difficult and incurring loss, but we will get rewarded Jana Which one is it?

00:40:56--> 00:41:10

This is the beauty of Islam, that if we live our lives, according to the way that Rasulullah sallallahu taught us, we will benefit in this life and in the action of both, it is not one at the cost of the other No.

00:41:11--> 00:41:53

This is the beauty of Islam remind myself and you let us focus on this, let us practice it let us not waste our time, let us ensure that whatever comes out of our mouth is always always always beneficial. Let us understand let us make sure that we do not forward anything which is worthless and useless and harmful. Let us understand and read let us be a practice this that we live in a way where our neighbors are delighted to have us as their neighbor, let us do this and neighbors is not only people who are you know who live in houses next to yours neighbor is anybody we meet anywhere This is all part of neighbor. So if I go to a store, the other person shopping there is my neighbor,

00:41:53--> 00:42:38

the person or the cash counter my neighbor and so on. So whoever I deal with I deal with in a way where I make sure of two things one, I do not insult them too I do not cause them any harm meaning I am polite with them, I have a smile on my face, I am good to them, I am helpful, I am helpful to them. And this makes me What does it do for me? It Allah is pleased with me inshallah, we ask Allah to forgive us. And in this dunya itself, we become the most beloved of people. This is the beauty of the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I request you to make lots of dua for this world, for the people of this world, for relief from this COVID. From really from from suffering

00:42:38--> 00:42:39


00:42:40--> 00:42:51

from unjust rulers, oppressive rulers, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us not to become oppressors in our own little ways, because then we will be

00:42:53--> 00:43:27

we will be driven in the same hurt with those The only difference is that they are oppressed more and we operate less and the only reason is because they had more authority and we had less authority. Now please understand this operation is operation whether you're doing it at a small level or a big level makes no difference. You are doing it at whichever level which means that you are oppressing people please do not become aggressive. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased and not to be displeased and to forgive us and never to be and not to punish us, or Salalah hardenability Mr. Ali vasavi may be referred to me