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Salam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatu How are you guys doing?

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I'm quickly going to do a review. And this is not really a plan review, I just watched this.

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It was, for me quite interesting. And it was a kind of call it cross examination

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from Piers Morgan and Andrew Tate. And in this cross examination, I would say that Piers Morgan really made a fool of himself incessant interruption, embarrassing insecurities on display. I mean, I couldn't even hear the answers that Andrew Tate was giving, because Piers Morgan was just so persistent.

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Persistent in his interruption, I have no idea how someone that is involved in journalism for so long, can have such an amateurish approach to cross examination. But there are some benefits that came from it. And the purpose of this particular video is to go through some of the discussions that took place,

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which I found interesting, not least, because actually some mention of Muslim men and Islam and the Quran itself was made in the video.

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I would say that the video was pretty much cut down into three different segments. The first segment

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there were talking about authority, and Piers Morgan's position is that if one says that a man has or should have maybe some level of authority over a woman, in a husband, wife relationship, this is tantamount in his eyes to misogyny, to which I think Tay argued, impressively, though not impressively enough, in my opinion, that actually, there are circumstances were in which a man is expected to put forward services of protection. And if that is the case, and the man, if he were to protect the woman could put himself or his life in danger, then why why shouldn't he be, if you like in charge of the decision making regarding that particular woman, these contexts, and potentially

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other contexts as well.

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Piers Morgan seem not to be able to differentiate between two different types of authority.

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What is referred to his moral authority, and what is also referred to as legal authority, he keeps, he kept attempting to conflate the two categories. And in logic, this is in formal logic. This is referred to as a category mistake fallacy. This is actually referred to as a category mistake fallacy. So both of them were using the same words. But both of them were using it in completely different ways. And when Tate was explaining to him what he meant by the word authority, which is a moral authority, Piers Morgan didn't seem to actually comprehend this point, which is totally embarrassing for someone of his age, as someone who's been in the industry as long as him, someone

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who would assume to be an educated man.

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Secondly, I think there's more to be said. In fact, there can be consequences, legal consequences. When I say legal here, we're speaking in the British context, but we might as well be speaking in any Western context, that can be imposed on let's say, a wife, if obedience is inhibited, or obscured.

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For example, if a woman is not fulfilling her sexual rights in the I'm giving you an Islamic paradigm, from the Islamic paradigm for the woman doesn't fulfill a sexual rights, and she leaves a man. She withholds from the man sexually.

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The man is within his right, not to provide for that woman. And this is actually mentioned the books of jurisprudence. So in other words, if she is receiving a monthly stipend, or if she is getting money

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from the man, that he doesn't need to provide that for her anymore, because she has decided to withhold so he can also decide to withhold. Now, this is legal, because there's nothing in the law that says that a man has to give a woman money. There's nothing in the law at all. This doesn't include of course, the children, the children are a separate

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unit of analysis.

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But what I am saying is that there are consequences. So even from a legal paradigm, authority

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can be manifest from a man to a woman

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in ways which are monetary. Now one could argue above the woman is working already. Well, in the Islamic paradigm, even if the woman is working, the man should be spending for the woman in the household. And so she would still be losing our monetarily for them. So, authority can be manifest

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the example that tape gave about, you know, locking her in the room and so on. This is something which we don't believe in anyway, as Muslims.

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So that's the first thing I will say the second conversation they had, and I think here teach should be a little bit more introspective and self reflective, is where he referred to women as property. And then he actually invoked the Quran and the Bible and said that it is mentioned the Quran will you can go back to the Quran, I'm paraphrasing, go back to the Bible or something like this. What is it, this is actually a misrepresentation, especially of the Quran, there is nothing like that in the Quran at all. And he giving the example of woman taking the second name of the man.

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That's not actually an Islamic principle, for example. And since Islam came into the picture, it's important that this clarification is made a woman keeps her own name on the Islamic paradigm. Why? Because Islam came to protect five things and five things and lineage is one of them, and that is for men for men.

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So I thought I thought that that particular segment

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wasn't well presented, and I think he should take responsibility for that. Will and considering the fact and I think Morgan should have mentioned this, that his his business interests, Tate's business interests has been providing. I don't know what it is website services, sexual services, webcam, sexual services and stuff like that.

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The idea of mentioning women as property I think this person, to be honest with you, I think it is objectifying and is problematic. And I think his invocation of religion is problematic as well. He has no right to mention the Quran, he has no right to mention the Bible in these things.

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Certainly, I think so that's really the two main segments and then there was a discussion about depression. I think that peers did a very poor job there as well.

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He could have once again, he could have done it, you know, ask them more pressing questions. But what I will say is that, to be honest, this aura of invincibility that Andrew Tate wants to, to manifest in the public sphere. Now, that is the the mask, the faux mask of invincibility is clearly starting to drop. And to be honest with you, I don't even know why Tate went and spoke to Piers Morgan in the first place. His agenda is very clear, his tactics are very well known. He actually is known to distort information before he puts it on public. He never He never wants a structure which is balanced. In other words, where he himself is being interrogated, as well as being the

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interrogator. He has never engaged in a public debate. He would prefer this to be the interrogator. And so this individual going onto his program, I think was a mistake. Especially considering the fact that you know, usually take with his sunglasses, and the fact that you know, the light was bouncing off his eyes. It seemed like he was a little bit teary eyed. It seemed like he was a little bit disheveled at times, there was no need for it at all.

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In Islam, there is a saying, which is that Alia Adela Alia Jairo. Maria de Sophia, is the Prophetic saying is that the upper hand is better than the lower hand. In other words, don't put yourself in a position where you know that the odds are against you. You're putting yourself in a disadvantageous position by letting a man who is known for his

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incessant interrogation not allowing you to finish distortion of material to speak to you the way he did with no respect at all.

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And I think it shows some weakness and tape because there were questions that he asked, which I was shocked at the TA the response that tape provided, when he asked for example, are you a feminist? Why couldn't you just offer him a response and say, No,

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we saw a new kind of apologetic side of you which was completely off brand, something which we don't expect, number one, number two,

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you actually declared I think for I don't know I haven't been watching your videos, but you declare that you're a libertarian. And your whole from what I understand your whole thing is about coming outside of the matrix now mentioning libertarian, that you're a libertarian, which

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You know, it was predicated on the liberal ethic, with liberal, you know, political liberalism, or philosophical, philosophical liberalism. But you mentioned that you're a libertarian, you're telling us that you're well within the matrix here. So what I will say too tight, is that the way to really come out of the matrix as it were, is not to be a libertarian. In fact, that's the dominant ethic. That's exactly what everyone wants us to be.

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But it's to be

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the religion which I think you know, is true, deep down,

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which is almost limped to believe in one God into worshiping one god

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to do God's work. And what I mean by that is to follow God's laws, his legislation, and so on.

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And, and to follow the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because you know what it is, and I'll say this, it will be the last thing I say.

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It's really interesting

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that the Prophet Muhammad Allah Salam, he went through what he went through in life, people don't know that all of his children, save one child, which is Fatima Biden, in his own time. He was a person his wife died, he went through heartbreak after heartbreak. And, you know, his uncle's died, his closest the closest people to him died.

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He went through wars, over 20 wars, he participated in himself, he had nine wives at one time, he was running estate doing was managing nine wives at one time. All of these things are incredible things about a Prophet Muhammad, the final prophet, and its itself I would say, is an evidence for his prophet following a man like that, okay. Who in the most difficult times is able to persevere, is able to, to direct people to be the best leader, you know, who were mentioning 1400 years after his death, which is way more than we're gonna say about any of us, okay? That's, that is true.

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Religion, okay, that is the true religion and that is a true, you will really succeed from from doing these things. So that's all I have to say about that. And hopefully, we'll see each other soon. And as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh