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I mean,

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other than hands.

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As rather than very Salah

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separates us and separates the person who's praying from the power shot and one cannot, from things which are shameless, and like dignity and honor

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and things of disobedience to Allah

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and to the zone now in the midst of Milan itself.

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I want to remind myself when you are those

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that are not described three kinds of solids in the Quran, three stages, the three qualities of Salah

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the first one that always will be Sunday, and live in Oman, so Allah Himself,

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Allah says that

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may the latter three of us who have been on those people who pray

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what they pray and they delay the Salah to the last moment

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and about them in another place, rather than

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the next is that when they are asked to stand in Belarus, with laziness, and they stand only to show the people

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a lot on this a lot about this allows

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a lot of some people which when they read this alive tone back in their face, like a piece of dirty cloth.

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And you know that having said that these people in their brain is Allah does not go beyond the head

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and your colors rather to protect us from the salon.

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The second kind of Allah is the iron which I resided while he runs around.

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Wolman can now this is the quality of solid, it is the quality of Salah that it

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separates the worshipper from anything which is the disobedience of Allah, one of them. Somebody came to us and complained about one of the people, one of the Tsar and they said that he does this wrong and this one and this one and various kinds of things with this person was doing and doesn't.

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Does he pray? They said yes, he breaks. So is it Tell him to continue to pray. Now, this does not mean that it is permissible for us to do commit sins and pray. Because we hear this I was in Malaysia, somebody says to me, we have these friends of ours who go and spend the whole night in the nightclub. And then they come in time for salah and they make a lot of fun in the masjid with the demand.

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What should they do? They should have some ship that they're planning in front of Allah translator as I continue to stand, but also act as if what I'm doing because your whole night was spent as a nightclub. And then you come and stand one was rather you have no ship.

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You know, so think about that also. But the point is that if the Salah is correct, then it is the nature of the Salah, that it will bring about obedience and bring about worship Allah, which separating the believer from anything which is disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah.

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And then there is a third kind of Salah where Allah

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we know Lavina Humphreys on our team Akasha we talking about a very high level of Allah, we ask Allah to make us make it possible for us for our Salah to become like this. Well as Rhonda raised and he said, you know, the Wolverine have succeeded. And who are these people, the first quality of the woman who have succeeded What is it was quality and lesbian visa Latvian fashion, these are the people who have questioned,

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what is true joy is what was said that it is true that when you asked him the question

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and also knows that was a lot.

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Where is it the worship Allah subhana wa jal as if you are seeing and if you do not know that Allah subhanaw taala. See, this is the level of Salah, and that

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is to say to his to his boys in blah, blah, blah that is called the other.

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Make arrangements for the karate line for the coolness of our eyes because I'm standing in for my robe, what can be a better position than that? He did about this on our mannequin.

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And he said, I saw something strange in it. He said I was praying that good and he was kept in a place

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So I was praying, and my heart was

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tied close to me. And my child was sleeping next to me. And I saw a cloud coming down. And in this cloud, there were lights.

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And my heart started getting agitated.

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So what did what did he do, he said, I continue to pray, because he was reciting prayers, and I continue to do my pillow. He said, until the heart started jumping so much that I was afraid that they might injure my child.

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So, I completed my Salah, and then the clouds went disappeared.

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So, what was this cloud as well as my life had come down recently.

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And he said, if you had continued to reside in the people of Medina would have seen the money.

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This is where the person is in such connection with disrupt that never I can come down

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to listen to him and to see is rather This is the level of Salah where I

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was seen as a threat, the Salah of it was a threat to the to the woofer omaka.

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Because they said when when I

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went to it and when he got the awana and the production of one of the leaders of the bourgeoisie and he came back

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what was with only one condition, one condition what is the condition? There is additional gray inside his house

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and even they did not they were not make who must not make by animals is that he must pray inside his house but nobody can see smell and leave the Salah is a threat. Is that why because when he prays outside people say

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can you imagine the bat is growing all he's doing is he's doing this but people just seeing are they alone

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in Salah would be combustible.

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He prayed inside today that they came outside and then they complain and they said I'd come back outside. The man said no I gave you protection give you a protection not interested.

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You covered

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him Salah I remind myself that there is no difference in terms of the Salah, between the salah

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and our Salah, because Allah same Salah

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exept is the quality of the sublime. The quality of the structure of the Israelites, zip Masako and then

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but the quality of the Salah what happens when I'm standing in Korea what happens when I miss

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remind myself to make the effort in sha Allah because Allah Subhana Allah will give inshallah success, when levena, Josefina

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will guide

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you guide him and give him guide him to the ways in which

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we have to make effort in our salah and ensure that our Allah is offering quality which is acceptable to Allah. And the condition of that quality is we look at our own life is making me more obedient to Allah that is a meter. How do I know what is the quality of my Salah by looking at my life outside the Salah.

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The quality of my Salah is reflected in my life outside of Allah. If my life outside the Salah has disobedience of Allah and as disobedience of the son of Islam is Allah then there is a problem with the quality of my Salah. That is the meter that has been given to us look at your life outside the Salah, to see how good your Salah is yet to make our Salah such that he is pleased with it was a little

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surreal that I wanted to get out