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About the fourth of the rightly guided Hola, Ali, Ali Ali Allahu Allahu

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Allahu anhu was from the Quraysh. And he was from Benny Hashem. And he was his name was Ali, the son of a beautiful, beautiful, as you can see, when you see a boo, something is most of the time of patronymic cornea. And they usually have another name. So he was actually the son of Abu Talib, whose name was abdomen of the son of abdomen.

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And he was, of course, the cousin of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and he had a clinic as well, his patronymic they would call him Abu al Hassan because obviously his son was a husband. So he is the father of it hasn't, I would have said, and he was also referred to as Abu Tora, because one time he was lying down in the masjid, and the post and the nice and that because there was sand in msgid, and the sand will have covered part of him. So the porcelain tells him tells him about Rob Get up. Butera meaning the one covered with dust. And they used to love the process him so much that if he ever gave someone a nickname, it would stick. And so they would also refer to him as I booted

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up. His mother was faulty ma

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bentyl acid in Hashem. And alira. Delano had this great honor of being raised in the household of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So you might wonder, you know, he's the son of authority when everyone knows that was the uncle of the process. But what brought him to be raised in the house of the prophet SAW Selim, and had many children, and he couldn't afford to provide for all of them. So I didn't want to be thought it was given to the prophet SAW them. So the problem and Hamza took some of the children to raise them in their homes. And I did have a villa Han, who had the great honor and pleasure of being raised in the household of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and as we all

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know, he is of the 10 given glad tidings of paradise. And when you ask people who are the 10 given glad tidings of Paradise, there are no ideas in there because everybody says, I will work Rama earthman Ali

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and the other six right,

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who were more

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severe and sad, another hug now and Abbe de amor moogerah. And say,

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they've been said the man who made the first event right, or who saw that more accurately, but so I didn't know the law. I know he was the first male to accept Islam, because he was a young boy. So sometimes you'll hear scholars say it was the first male to accept Islam, and then you will hear you also read that book. It was the first man to become Muslim. And there isn't really much contradiction there. What they mean is that the first male was really the first but he was a young boy. So when you count the men, I will work rodilla on who will be the first man to become Muslim. If you ever run into that and find the confusion.

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And he never prostrated to idols in his life. He never made salute to any idol. Because of that you find some people will say, kurama, Lucha, Lucha, but actually that's not correct, and you shouldn't, which means May Allah honor his face. So always they say I didn't call him karma La La Carmela. But it's not really accurate to say that and because there were also many other companions that never made salute to idols abubaker rodilla and was one of them earthman was amongst them. There were other Hanukkah they didn't make to do, too. I do so why single out earlier on who with this phrase. And that's why the scholars say you don't say carambola, which I just say Cerro de la jolla due to

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all the rest of the companions.

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Now, he was also amongst the scholars. So he was a scholar, and he was one of the courageous heroes of Islam. And he also was very acidic, and he left the materialism of this dunya and he was known for his piety and he was a very, very powerful and eloquent orator, excellent in speech, and he was a warrior like none other, and he witnessed all the battles with the prophets I seldom except for the Battle of taboo. But even in the Battle of taboo, the prophet SAW Selim gave him another honor. The Brazilian left him in charge of the city of Medina while he went away to the Battle of the book, and he told him, Are you not pleased to be to me as a heroine was to Musa alayhis salam? Because

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Musa when he left, he left her own in charge in his place. So he's telling the process alum, excellent. Mr. Ali, Rolando, aren't you happy to have the same position that heroin had with Musa, but it also didn't leave it there because if he left it there, you will have people who say, you see, and it should be the next profit. They will exaggerate. And so the President said in his speech is always accurate, he added except that there is no profit coming after me. So the law is said

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And another honor that he had, he was also left behind in Medina, when the person who made hedger he left in charge of any returning peoples are not the possessions and the things that were entrusted with the process headlamp he left earlier or below on who to return that to the rightful owners. His description was that he was a short, muscular man, because now everyone always has an image, right? You always have an image of what a walker looks like, and what it looks like. And most of the time when you read it, you it's really totally the opposite of what you imagined. So I do not allow on who was a short man. And he was very muscular, they described that between his shoulders were

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muscles like that of a lion. Very strong man. And as he became older, he actually became heavy. So maybe you might have imagined him as a thin old man, he actually became heavy. And he was very bold, the description says he was very bold, and he had much hair. What does that mean? very bold up here, and had much hair and in his arms and his body, but he was bald in the head. And he had a huge white beard, they described that it filled that was which that that was between his shoulders and his chest. So huge, thick, full beard.

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And later on, of course, he also had a large stomach. So even though there's muscular and everything, he had a large stomach, and that's possible, you've seen that right. Talk to your father when you get home.

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And of course, very courageous, courageous, courageous warrior. He, one of the first things he did, he slept in the bed of the professor when they were trying to assassinate him. So the horizon, you know, young men from each tribe, and they're all going to with one blow strike the problems element killed him. And they were waiting outside his house. The problem, actually, and he sneaked away. And Anurag allamani was in his place, sleeping in his place. But it also said that that was one of the best nights he ever had in sleep, which really shows is very courageous man, because, and you're sleeping in the place of someone that wants the people want to assassinate, how would you sleep that

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I forget the word sleep, right? You hear an auntie?

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It just be looking around all night. He slept very courageous man.

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And many times, the President would actually give him the standard in battle in the standard. Now, you have to be really a tough warrior to get the standard because the standard is going to the standard bearer is going to be sought after everyone's going to try to attack the standard bearer because if the standard falls, you and it doesn't rise again, you lose the battle. So the goal of both armies is to try to attack the standard bearers. So you give the standard always to a tough, tough warrior. So many times he would be given the standard like the Battle of butter, for example, in the Battle of hiber. Also, he was given the standard, and the prophets have said lamb before

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giving the standard he said that I'm going to give the standard he said, the underwriter burden radula. You have Bulava Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam that I'm going to give the RIAA the standard tomorrow to a man who loves a lot and His Messenger. Now that's of the easier ones. Because everyone says yeah, I love I love the positive sentiment. But the second part was that and he is loved by a lot and His Messenger. So everybody wanted to be the person who will receive the standard. And you know, the Sahaba. They used to hate leadership positions, they used to hate positions of power and to be in charge. They would never seek after it as the president taught them to not seek after

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places of power. But I'm not alone who says summer format to show off to him the Emirati public meeting format. He was remarkable to me then he said, I had never ever like desired or wanted to be in a leadership position before that day. Because this is someone whoever it would be given the standard, someone loved by a law and the prophets are similar. Everybody wanted that honor. And then the president comes and he gives it to Ali.

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From his excellence in battle as well is that he destroyed that would it have not been in the duels before the Battle of butter and in the Battle of Safina described that at one point, he grabbed you know his opponent he put one hand in and grabbed him from underneath his armor and lifted him in the air and brought him crushing down and broke breaking his neck very very powerful man. And one of the he's amazing feats as well in battle.

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And for the for the next part, and it'll be rated R for violence any youth in the audience, but from his excellence in battle is that he destroyed a legendary legendary warrior by the name of Greg knob dude. This man was a legendary word. If he just said his name. That was it. If he said I'm gonna not do it, nobody wanted to go out

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To fight him, nobody challenged him at all. That was it. But on the day of 100, of the Battle of the trench,

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as you know, the Muslims have had dug a trench in one of the entrances to Medina. And there was a part that was a little bit narrow, and I'm gonna grab dude with it with a good horse was able to jump and make it to the other side where the Muslims were. So he asked menu buddies who wants to duel wants to fight, and no one came out to him because he's not good. Nobody goes out to him. And they were fantastic warriors in the army in the Muslim army, but none of them went out to him. So then the President asked who will go out to him and our little dilemma and who got up, he wants to go out and fight this legendary warrior. A little Dylon was a young man at the time. So the most of

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them told him no. So then again, it wasn't. So we'll go out to him and he gets up for some tells him No. And again, he asked and it gets up. And he tells him to post it tells him I'm afraid that he might kill you. And under the law, and he says rather I will kill him in sha Allah. The problem tells him in Who am Rania Ali, this is, um, you know who this is the legendary warrior. And I didn't allow on who says what income, even if it is, and he goes out to meet him. And they describe the the duel, this fierce battle that they had, that they would, they started fighting, and they were extremely fast, both of them, they would fight and they started to go in circles as they're swinging

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and clashing swords, and start to go in circles and kicking up dust. So there was so much dust that they couldn't see what's happening. The Muslims just didn't know what was going on. They just saw dust, and they could hear sword smashing in the middle of that Dustbowl. And then suddenly, from the middle of the dust, they heard Allahu Akbar and Alvaro de la who came out and he killed the legendary armor, if not do it. So that was one of the examples of the power of ID or the Allahu anhu in battle.

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Also in the Battle of Safina, he would go out and fight and he actually had two bodyguards to stop him from going to battle. But at some point, whenever they're not paying attention, he would sneak out and go to and fight and he would only come back when his sword bends. And what that means is sword bends, swords with thick Can I give you a sword now until you could go hit this middle pole until it bends. And one two, if you like,

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too much work hard. So and he would say if the sword didn't bend a lot, he wouldn't come back. Powerful.

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He also used to say that Marco Del Toro jhulan illa cataldo. I've never fought against anyone except that I killed the person. And then he described explain one of his secrets of success. He says annnnnd urien only Ollie Neff, so that he says I am what another thing that helps me that supports me in New York gives me assistance is the fact that he helps me against himself. Why? Because he's afraid he knows he's fighting against it or below. So he already comes in expecting to lose. That's what he was saying.

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But we said he was an excellent orator. He was extremely, extremely eloquent. And one of the things to mention now is there's a book that is kind of attributed to him a book by the name of Nigel Bulava.

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And in English, it's the peak of eloquence, but the the correct opinion and the scholars explained that it's actually parts of the book can be attributed to a little dilla Han Whoa, but it doesn't come with it's not the chain of narration. And for the most part, there are a lot of lies in the book, and things that I literally would never say some nasty things, some insults to the Sahaba. So the book peak of eloquence you find it in Muslim bookstores and so on. It's not. And it's not by ID.

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As we said he's one of the right lingo that's full of fun. The thing that makes it a little difficult to speak about it robiola. I know because when you speak about a worker of your lawn, you see that a worker was a holiday for two years, and they were two years where there were virtually no problems and no fighting and no killing all day long. And who is the halifa for 10 years with moto Golan

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was the halifa for 12 years. But 10 of these years, there were no problems and the fitten and problems only happened in the last two years. But when a little below on who became the halifa the minute he became the funding for there were problems already. So if you ever talk about the halifa of La Rue de la and it's going to be from the beginning full of problems until the end, so but inshallah we don't want to get into that. For our purposes. We want to get an idea of who honorable Milan who was and discuss the aspect of his life of him becoming the halifa did he have the right to be the first halifa was he expecting to be the first heretic because this is an issue that you find

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it everywhere, even if you google earlier on the level

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Immediately you'll find things about how he should have been the first lever. And this verse in the Quran is indicating that he should have been the first of all kinds of things. That's why I wanted to mention it.

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The scholar must throw up one of the type of 18 or hamdulillah. He used to say that the knowledge of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went to three is meaning this means these three people got the most of the knowledge of the process. lm This is Omar for the long run. And Ali Abdullah Abdullah means Abdullah bin Masood Are we alone on

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one of the great things of course, that Allah Han who is known for and one thing that was a great honor for him was his marriage to Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam where by which he comes become he becomes the son in law of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And he married her after the Battle of butter.

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And Fatima Bella Han who we all know her position amongst a woman of the world and amongst and with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and she also resembled the process of them and she spoke like the prophets that allowed to sell them. Israel, the law says that I never saw anyone who speech more closely resemble that of the prophets that allow Selim than Fatima, and whenever she entered the room would stand up to greet her. This is the Prophet of Allah standing up to greet her, and then he would kiss her and welcome her. And she would do the same thing for him. So a little dilemma on who married felt him or the law, and of course, they have their famous children, Al Hassan, and Al

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Hussein. Now, did they have any daughters?

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Do they have any daughters? What do you think? Yes. Okay, a few people really hear of them very much. What were their names anyone? Excellent. Zane up and Uncle feeling very good.

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So her daughters were consumed and consumed later on is wed to O'Meara de la mano during his khilafah and Omar was a lot older than her, but he wanted another tie to the profits alongside them. So she was married to Omar, we're gonna come back to this point later on in sha Allah, and Xena who was married to Abdullah, the son of Joseph urban avatar, you see.

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And it's also interesting to note that the names of her daughters are similar to the names of her sisters. Right. Excellent. But, and among the virtues of Fatima Galahad. apostle him said that Fatima is a part of me and whatever angers her angers me the Hadith in Bukhari, and in Muslim,

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and Hudson, specifically the oldest of the sons of the Delano. He used to resemble the process lm very much he looked like the Muslim very much, and when people would see him, they would remember the Prophet sallallahu send them and the porcelain would say Allahumma inni Hey, boo, boo, Oh Allah, I love him so loved him and love those who love Him. And as part of our religion, of course, to love the family of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and it hasn't was born in the middle of Ramadan, and the third year after the hedgerow and the Prophet Selim himself named him

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one time The film was king and Hassan on his shoulders. And a man saw this so he says to an Hassan even though he was a young boy says to him, named Marcus rakia Hola. He said, What? What a good ride, you have young boy and you're riding on the shoulder of the prophets that Allah said lamb and the lamb responded when a Moroccan who and what an excellent rider he is just not just a good ride, but it's a he's an excellent rider. Now, so this is a lesson and we said there's a saint and there's also one someone else but not from Fatima Muhammad yBnL Hanafi. Now, so this son of Oliver Golan, whose name is Muhammad, and he is of the scholars of the Muslims, and he has his interesting stories

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in his own biography, but he's referred to as Adnan Han Fei specifically to set him apart from the children of Fatima galana because they're the grandchildren of the process alum, even an affair from another woman, but not through me, not linked to the process lm through that,

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and through that lineage, and we're gonna come back to him again, inshallah.

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So we said that early on who became the halifa in very troubled times, and there a lot of battles that took place in the long and he did the best that he could tonight, the Muslims, he tried as much as possible for four years and nine months to unite the Muslims together.

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But we're not obviously going to cover all the battles and all the events that happened, and it's not really the place for the believers today, the believing men woman today to try to comment and to try to say this side was right beside was wrong, because of course, obviously, in hindsight, everyone is going to say, Well, you know, we're clear this was a mistake.

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It was clear that was a mistake. But at the time, it wasn't very clear. So now people you find it's amazing how they are able to speak about this issue, as if they knew better than the Sahaba of the province had done and you'll find people will speak and they begin to take sides, and they'll begin to use terms that are not appropriate, because they forget we're talking about the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And it's interesting that the process alum indicates that both groups had some truth on it when you talk about companions. If two companions disagree, it doesn't mean that the other group will be upon misguidance. Because the Prophet Solomon, he described the coverage in

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this group that left the army Valley,

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the president described that they will be killed by the closer of the two groups to the truth. What does that mean? It's very interesting, this Hadith, the closer of the two, two groups to the truth means both groups were upon the truth. But this group was closer to the truth. Because we're talking about companions, with companions. They're both upon truth. Now, it's not like one will be one the truth, the other will be a absolutely upon falsehood. So we need to pay that, pay attention to that, and bear that in mind and have a lot of respect, and not even delve into this issue. And you're not going to solve anything. Now, when you discover what happened, and why did he make this decision,

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you're not going to really solve anything. But the reason that sometimes you are compelled, or we're compelled to discuss these issues, is that there's so many people who have so many false narrations about these, this specific time period in history, and they keep talking about and spreading the false. So then the people assume that they want to know the truth. And this is some of the times when it becomes necessary for people to understand what happened, but they approach it delicately. And they do not any make a career out of you know, faulting any of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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so with that, then we'd want to discuss the philosophy because like I said, anytime, you know, you hear anything about God alone, you hear all kinds of things about how he should have been the halifa. Some people even went overboard to say he should have been the Prophet instead of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So many people said so many crazy things about him. And even in his lifetime, they started to say crazy things about him. And he would try to call that and it wouldn't succeed. But we want to talk about the philosopher because so some people argue that he should have been the first one to be the halifa. But we're really when you examine text, you don't find any such

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indication, you don't find any problem with the believers as to who should have been the successor of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it was very clear to everyone who it was.

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We see that in one narration. And now we'll start with narrations that show that hint towards who should be the halifa. In one narration, a woman came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he told her to come back at a later date. So she said to the Muslim, what if I come back and I cannot find you? What are you trying to say? And what if you have passed away when I come back after a year or a couple of months? And the President tells her

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that if you do not find me, then go to Abu Bakr and this was an indication now that after the death of the process, lm Who do you go to next? You go to Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu, also is narrated by venomous wrote,

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in a hadith narrated by tirmidhi, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Take as your leaders, if they do believe in him and body of work will not take leaders, those who come after me, I will walk through an armor, and always you hear a robot and armor and armor. So there was no doubt in the minds of the believers, who were the leaders and who were the best. And during the illness of the prophets of the largest lm he said to Arusha, he called abubaker for me, and your, your father and your brother, so that I may dictate a letter I'm going to dictate a letter to them. For I am worried that someone who is ambitious might say that he's more entitled to the position of leadership than

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Abu Bakar. But Allah and the believers will not accept anyone other than a book is Hadith narrated by Muslim very clear, he don't find all the stories and drama and controversy that you find elsewhere very, very clear.

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Also was unanimously agreed that our book was the best of them. And they used to say during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the best of this room after its prophet is aboubaker, then the earth man, and the process alum would approve of that, and they would say it in front of him. And perhaps you heard these narrations a number of times perhaps in the lectures before, and there are many reports from Ali probably Allah on himself. He would say that the best of this oma after its profitable worker, and then

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and then he would say no one is brought to me who prefers me over them, but I

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With him with the HUD punishment for telling lies. It has said that in his khilafah one time he was running in the place of asleep in the place of the halifa, which is like the position of a judge as well. He can assist and help people. So a man comes to him, and he says, oh, best of people. Yeah. Hi, evenness. Oh, best of people. Look, look into my affair, for I have never seen anyone better than you.

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This is really strong praise, but a little below and who gets upset. He says why Huck, and I were working with Omar. He says, What about obachan? Omar? So the man says Actually, I never saw them. And the man hadn't seen a book nor Omar, he said actually never saw them. So I literally alone and he said, if you would have told me that you would have seen them the old jacket or been I would have hit you into the until you would be in pain. This is a little too long, not accepting to be in a position higher than overcurrent armor, which everyone used to say in front of the cylinder the best and the person would remain quiet. Why would he accept someone to put him or to raise him and rank

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over our book and over unloaded on him?

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It was also now remember we said his son Mohammed and Hannah fear. It was narrated from his son hunterdon hanafy. He said, I said to my father, meaning I live in a Vitaly, which of the people is the best after the prophets of Allah hiding center. He wants to know, the young man wants to know from his father who's the best after the process. So now I do the law and who tells him?

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He says I asked then whom? He said, Omar. And then he says, This is now an homage to his son. He said I was worried that he's gonna say this man. Why?

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Why was he worried that he was gonna say this man specifically? Because he knew earthman was number three. He knew it. That's why he was worried that he was gonna say, he didn't say I was worried. He was gonna say, I have no idea man or anyone else. He knows, man coming. So he was he wanted his father to say himself. So he says, so I asked them, then you this is now a son to his father, then you and I literally alone on who out of his humility. He said, I'm just a man from among the Muslims. But we know the position of Allah of the law on the altar of his humility. Of course, that's what he would say. And this is narrated in Sahih Bukhari

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then, it's interesting, that idea of the law has actually pledged to our work when Obama became the halifa. Because now people claim that Ali should have been the halifa. And no one should have been the Aleph instead of him. And when I worked at became the Khalifa, I was very angry, and he refused to pledge to him. But that's not the case. He actually pledged to Obama's policy. And then he they say, after the death of Avaya, six months, fought him off one, six months later, he goes, and he does it again, just to quell any rumors that he's not pleased with Obama's khilafah. He doesn't, again, publicly, as well. And sometimes you'll read in books of history, I'll explain to you why

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you'll see this, that when they want to pledge to a buck, because now all the evidence is we're saying everybody knew Obama was the best. So why was there a fight after the death of the horse's head as to who should be the halifa? There shouldn't be a fight. Everyone knows it's a buck, right? Realistically, there wasn't a big fight. There wasn't a big fight.

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The narration of the big fight is actually a one of the weak narrations in the history book of Atari. And the thing is that Mr. macabre, he his intent wasn't to gather authentic narrations. And if you read the introduction, he says that clearly, he says his intent was to gather everything, the authentic and the weak. But he lets you know that it's weak. How, by mentioning the chain of narrations. So obviously, you need to be a scholar who understands who's weak and who's not, and you read it. And if you see that name, in the chain of narration, okay, this is a weak narration. So he doesn't say this is weak, this is strong. So most people think, oh, man, he's a great scholar. So he

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must be authentic, but that's not the case. And so sometimes you'll, you'll find that just copied out of that book, where the narration where there's a big fight, and people say, who's gonna be the halifa, and so on. But realistically, as some scholars say, the issue just took a few moments, because nobody would dare lead over our book, and they knew he was the best after the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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who was a judge during the reign of Omar robiola? Because now the people are claiming that, that workers stole the filata from aliotta. This is now of course not, it's not a sunny claim. So they said he took the hell out of them. From early on, he was upset. And then Omar came and so then you would expect a little bit longer be more upset, right? If you're standing in line, and then one person comes in front of you, you get really upset, it's my turn. And then that person moves another guy comes in front of you, you get more upset now. So you are going to voice your concern. We don't have anything where I little Dylan was complaining that I booked

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Took the filler from us, or almost a tequila from we don't have anything like that. Not only that, he starts he works, he gets the position of Judge which is a big position in the government of, or during the khilafah of Amaro de la, de la nice to appreciate the position of Ali. And he's seek refuge from from Allah from a problem when Allah is not there. This is how much he trusted the judgment of Allah. So Allah was cooperating and a part of the halifa of Mr. Diwan.

00:30:32--> 00:30:33

It's also interesting that

00:30:35--> 00:31:10

not only did he never ever mentioned that he was entitled to the khilafah. But he also like we said, mentioned his daughter, Uncle film, he married his daughter uncle film to Amara delavan. Why would he do that? And some people, of course, went overboard. And they they made all kinds of claims that they were extreme enemies. Like why would you give your daughter and marriage to someone that is your extreme enemy. But this was the case. So like I said, when you look, you look at the evidences and you look at the narrations, you don't find any such problem that there that this existed. And there's only as you will know, came about years later years after the death of the Prophet. And

00:31:10--> 00:31:46

seldom these problems started to arise about who should have been the halifa. Even though this wasn't an issue, during the time of the posting of the book no more, nor the ton of Earth man. No one said it should have been with Ali or anyone nor did any rodilla say the same thing. And when I'm alone, one who was stabbed, now you have to choose the third halifa. And again, if he felt he was cheated the first and second time, and he would want to be the honey for the third time? Because it says right, if according to what the argument is, because he's from the family of the person and he shouldn't be. So then he would know this is his religious right, he would ask for it. But what

00:31:46--> 00:32:13

happens after amatola on who was stabbed, he appointed the six, the six people of shoot or the six people that the President said he was pleased with. And he had he testified that he was pleased with them. And he guaranteed them. They were of those who are guaranteed paradise as well. And so he he lets them appoint one of them. So these six have to choose one of them as the successor or the halifa after Omar. So what happens is

00:32:16--> 00:32:49

he withdraws. He says I don't want to be the halifa. And he asked if Navy workers, would you want to withdraw as well? So So it says yes. So now we have two people who withdrew and we have four people left. So then he asked us Do you mind if I, if I take care of this and and help you decide the holiday? They said, Okay, so then he goes to Morocco, alone? And he says, Who do you vote for? Would you want to be the halifa mandevilla? And who says, Allah? When he goes to Allah Villa on? Who do you want to be the halifa? And Allah says,

00:32:51--> 00:33:30

He didn't say it's me. This is my right. This is what the President promised me is what is promised to me in the Quran, because if it was promised him, he would say, this is what Allah promised me. There is no such thing. All of this just nonsense that comes years later on just gibberish. So I do the law. I don't want this man to be the halifa. Then as a verb number one was asked, Who should be the halifa? He says, He says Ali or Uthman, to him. It's one of these two, because that there were four in the list, right? Are there other three that he could choose from? What does that mean? Because two don't want to be? And then he can obviously he's in it himself. But there are other

00:33:30--> 00:33:59

three that he can choose from? He says, No, I want it to be either early or is not. And then he goes to sell cars. And he says, okay, who do you want to be the Halifax ad says, Earth man. And then after that, he goes to impel hora de la And oh, by the way, he's a sixth person, but he was away. During the time Omar was stopped. Then after that, he goes to the people in Medina, he spent days and he would go and ask people if they approve it with men, and so on and so forth. And everybody approved. So that was how it was done.

00:34:00--> 00:34:04

And this is part this is how people knew it. They knew it was a work,

00:34:06--> 00:34:08

man, and then came along.

00:34:10--> 00:34:34

And interestingly, also, after I literally alone, who finally becomes the halifa He never says oh, this is my rightful place. And the people before me cheated me and this is me now. You can say what he wants never you don't ever see this. More and more you look at it, you see that this is just some some creation that came many years later and did not exist at the time. And if it existed at that time, there'd be a lot of evidence to indicate that.

00:34:36--> 00:34:49

Interestingly also jafra sadhak jafra Sadat, one of the one of the great scholars of Islam, and he was like a contemporary of Islam and Boniva, Rahim Allah and

00:34:51--> 00:34:51


00:34:53--> 00:34:59

young girl who was born in the year 90 after the hidrolik Emmanuel hanifa but he entered the exact same age but he he dies

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Before returning from Allah, Java sadhak. And he's actually the son of Mohammed Al Barker, who is the son of Ali, the son of Al Hussein, the son of Ali Edna Vitaly. Okay, so I didn't even thought I had the son has the same. The same had the son. He named him Ali like his father. And then he had a son named Mohammed and Mohammed had a son named him Jaffer. That is Jennifer sada, great, great scholar of Islam jofra sada Jaffa. So that is to say about a worker on Omar Houma was de la gente. They are the like the ministers of my grandfather, the prophet SAW Selim there his right hand man there, his ministers and their his supporters. And they asked him what is their position from the

00:35:45--> 00:36:21

Prophet sallallahu Sallam? because later on you understand these were all issues always people doubting this person that but so they were telling them what what is their position from the prophet SAW said to them? And he said, it's the same position they're in. Now, what does that mean? The three of them buried together, they're all close, he said this the same position that they're in not that they're all close to each other. And it's interesting that he also used to say that I will work rodilla, who gave birth to me twice, who is this? This is Jennifer Assad, the son of Mohammed, the son of the son of a saint, the son of Alabama thought he was a worker gave birth to me twice. And

00:36:21--> 00:36:36

actually, when you trace his lineage through his through both ways, he has a link to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam through his father and through his mother to abubaker sorry, through his father, and through his mother, he is linked to a rulebook for the law and

00:36:37--> 00:36:41

and so that really confounds it and makes it so difficult for people who claim that

00:36:42--> 00:37:21

you claim all these problems existed and all the hatred existed, and yet, they're all related, and they have positive things to say about each other. I see people are getting sleepy. So we're now going to go to the assassination of the landline. And how it all began is that there were three of the average, who were sitting down the whole outage, or those people who left the army via iPhone, the army of ideas of the line. And they basically would make the fear on the Muslims and the President had warned of them a long time ago. So the three hour that we're sitting down and discussing the affairs of the oma one of them said all of the problems we have today are because of

00:37:21--> 00:38:01

Malia for the law on the other set, all the problems we have today are because of alley for the law. And one and the third one said our loss is not far from those two either. So they decided right then and there to kill. And to get rid of these three, he said we they said we will read the people of these three. And so they agreed to kill all three of them. At the same time. Of course, all three were in different areas. But they agreed that after fudger prayer on the 17th of Ramadan, they would kill them. So all of them left to these different cities. And they can't obviously keep in contact. Now, they just agreed on the Friday the 17th of Ramadan, we are going to have to fudge a prayer,

00:38:01--> 00:38:45

we're going to kill them all at the same time. So the man, a man by the name of a book, this is one of them at work in Abdullah hatami, he goes to a sham to kill them Alia and he prays further behind him. And as Malia left the message after the Salah, he lifted his sword to strike mollier of 11. Now he noticed that he caught the sword going up, and he jumped out of the way. So he got cut. But it didn't. It didn't kill him, but the sword was poisoned. And so they brought him a doctor and the doctor tells him that I have two remedies for you. One of them is colorization, which is by fire, burning the flesh with fire. And the other is a medicine. If I give it to you, you will become

00:38:45--> 00:38:54

sterile. You'll never have children after that. He said that's for the fire. I have no patience for fire, give me the medicine. And he took it and so panelo said that he never ever had children after that.

00:38:56--> 00:39:43

Then the other man, the man goes down and asked, the second man goes to kill us. And he prays in the masjid and fudger behind us. And after the Salah, he jumped and started to stab him. And he killed him and said Allahu Akbar. And then he discovers an American US federal law. He was sick that day, and he sent her a job Nevada, a semi in his place. So we actually killed the wrong man. The man who went to earlier of the long run who his name was Abdul Rahman Ibn moodgym. And this man he came to Kufa were a little bit long on who was and he found a little bit low on who coming into the masjid calling the people for Salah or you Hannah's a sola, sola, sola, sola. And so

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

so if moodgym then this is before the salon it will moodgym takes his his weapon, and he attacks it saying de la la la la. What are the odds hi Becky says the judgment is too

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

learn not to, you know, to your companions. And he struck with the sword he struck a little dilemma I know, in his forehead. And it was a very hard hit. And it was a huge wound, and the sword was poisoned, as well. And imagine this now, this great companion and this man thinks that this is a good thing he's doing because they were hard, this is how they operate. So no one is to, to to blame us for the the death of idea of the law on just like they try to blame us for the death of a part of our Deen is to love them. Part of our Deen is to love the companions and the family, the process Allah. So we don't accept any blame here. This man is from the hawara attacks this great companion,

00:40:40--> 00:41:14

this great Khalifa literally alone, and he strikes strikes him in his forehead with a poison sword, but I don't know the law and it doesn't die. It immediately stays alive for three days. But when he struck his his lawyer, futon nakamuraza that, don't let him get away. So they caught the man. And so then he commands Jordan hubiera to lead the Salah leader in prayer, and he tells his sons and he does that people are sold for assault if I die, kill him as he killed me. And then he starts to give advice to his children. This is before passing away.

00:41:15--> 00:41:53

So he tells them all sorts of Abdulmutallab do not shed blood saying ameerul momineen has been killed. Verily none should be killed except my killer. And he's telling because why is he saying this? And he learned from the experience of earth model below on earth man was killed and then so many other battles went because we tried to avenge the death of man. So he's saying if I get killed, don't start saying I'm a woman was killed. Just so first of all, don't kill anybody else, just the one who kills me. And then he tells Allison, it is Andrea Hassan. He says, Listen, listen, if I die, whoever struck me this blow, then it's a blow for blow. And don't make them feel on demand and do

00:41:53--> 00:42:22

not disfigure the dead body. For I heard the prophets of Allah Hari Selim, say he Komal Muslim, do not ever come near term theory which is to disfigure the dead, when it will kill you will occur even if it's a dead dog, you don't disfigure the body. And this is something that ABS used to do. After battle as an insult to injury they would come and start to disfigure cut off the noses and ears and things of the dead, more more of an insult. The porcelain forbade that Muslim army never did that.

00:42:23--> 00:43:03

So then, a man by the name of gentleman Abdullah, he enters and he says, Yeah, I mean, if we lose you, and I hope we don't, should we pledge to a person and allow the law and it says, I do not order you, nor do I prevent you, and to observe, and you know, better, I'm not gonna command you to do it, I'm not gonna say, don't do it, you you will make your own decision. So then he calls out Hassan and Hussein and he starts to give them very, very beautiful advice. These are now his parting words. So he told them, I advise you with the taqwa of Allah, and do not desire the dunya. So let's see if this. If this advice, now we can, we can apply it to ourselves. I advise you with the taqwa of

00:43:03--> 00:43:41

Allah, and do not desire the dunya, even if it calls you to it, and do not cry over something that gets away from you, and speak the truth and have mercy on the orphan. And you're thinking, Okay, now he's passing away. It's not just, you know, give this money to so and so and your mobile, and it's looking at things that he's mentioning, he's mentioning Good luck. He's mentioned taking care of the orphan. It says, assist the last and even the last person now he's giving, he's remembering the last person in the time of his passing away, and work for the next life and be the opponent of the oppressor, and the supporter of the oppressed, and act on what is on the in the book of Allah and do

00:43:41--> 00:44:16

not fear those who will blame you for doing what is right. And we live in the day and age of people blaming you for doing what is right. Then he turns to his other son, Mohammed Nana fear, and he tells him Have you learned what I advise your brother's with? He says yes means and it means it applies to you as well. And then he tells him, I advise you with the same and I advise you to have respect for your brothers, because of the great rights that they have upon you. What does that mean? It means they are the grandchildren of the Prophet settler. So you have to have respect for that and do not undertake any affair without them. Then he turns to Al Hassan and in her sentences I advise

00:44:16--> 00:44:56

you to take care of him. For He is your brother and the son of your father and you know that your father used to love him. Then he tells her son he doesn't Oh son, I advise you with the taqwa of Allah and establishing Salah always you hear Salah, very important in an established seller in its time and paying this account in its place and perfecting the will do you imagine what we'll do have to do with it just do this a long time. But even the will do and will do is an act of worship. And you perfect. It's not just about getting wet. So you're saying perfect the will do for there is no Salah except with the hora and I advise you to forgive others and to control your temper and the

00:44:56--> 00:45:00

ties of the wounds and clemency with the ignorant and understanding

00:45:00--> 00:45:17

Religion and being conclusive in affairs meaning Don't rush to make decisions, and being close to the Quran, and being good to your neighbor, and commanding that which is good and forbidding that which is evil, and abstaining from the Haram, and he keeps on advising them and advising them until he passed away.

00:45:18--> 00:45:28

After his death, he was washed by an Hassan his sons and Hassan Hussein. And Abdullah, the son of Jaffa, the son of the brother of Ali,

00:45:29--> 00:46:10

the son of his brother, Gianni. And it hasn't led the prayers and the audio below and had remained alive all of Friday, all of Saturday, and all of Sunday, except he dies Sunday night, and He is buried in the city of Vancouver. And he died at the age of 63. His reign was for four years and nine months. And he actually need his reign was at a very, very difficult time. There were so many people who kept disobey Him. So this obeying him so many times he had the right opinion. And he would say we need to do this and that people would disobey Him. And the problem is that there were people in the troublemakers and people have fitna embedded into his army. And they sometimes would purposely

00:46:10--> 00:46:47

do the opposite of what he says sometimes they would need right in front of him disagree with what he tells them to do. And he tells them Don't fight, they go and fight. He says fight they don't go any very, very difficult. And people now today they try to look back and imagine they were geniuses and this is what he should have done. No, you have people who won't obey you people who are making problems and causing issues. So it was a very, very difficult rain. And a man one time came to Villa Han and he says, and he's this man's trying to be a wise guy. And he's saying, why is it that at the time of Oklahoma, there were no problems and at your time, it's so full of problems. So under the

00:46:47--> 00:46:54

law, and I'm chosen because at the time of Obama and Omar, they ruled over people like me, and in my time I rule over people like you.

00:46:57--> 00:47:28

So we'll conclude there it is part of a religion to love Ali are the Allahu anhu and Fatima and it has an unforeseen as well as the mothers of the believers and bunny Hashem and bunny Abdulmutallab, as the scholars say they're all part of the family of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and some people tried to hijack the love of the family of the provinces Hello, but it is part of our Deen and we love them because the prophets of Allah and Islam also told us to love them zoeken la heroine and her husband's dynochem salam wa barakaatuh mahamadou Allah Allah, big main for Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa