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Tila Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah.

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, just leemon Kaziranga tierra formado My dear brothers and sisters, we are talking about and this is the class lessons from the mBiA Mr. Lam and we are looking at the lessons from the life of

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Ibrahim alayhis salam, the father of the Gambia afternoon, Ali salam, and one about whom Allah subhanaw taala, who Allah mentioned, and also Allah told us to follow and emulate the busua the way and the life of Salah.

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And that's why we are looking at the lessons from his life, the first lesson that will notice his concern for spiritual health, spiritual welfare, his own, and that of his people.

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See what I'm Elisa Lam was concerned about the spiritual welfare of his people, and about his own spiritual health.

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as I mentioned, it's customary for us today to worry about our physical health.

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But we have very little concern for anything other than our physical health, our moral health, our spiritual health. For most of us, we have even lost the idea itself, we have lost the concept of what is the meaning of physical of spiritual health? How do I even assess whether I'm spiritually healthy or sick?

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One of the ways of assessing that is to see what are the

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what's the state of my heart. And I know I'm probably speaking in riddles as far as many people are concerned. But what else do I do I mean, I can only try and explain as much as I can explain.

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So the issue of spiritual health is a matter of great importance. And

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we asked Allah subhanaw taala, to help us to understand this.

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Now around Islam, therefore spent his time and his entire life and his resources isn't the thing of all the available cylinder, we're concerned about the spiritual health of people, because at the end of the day, the spirit is what continues, the body will perish, no matter how healthy or sick The body was, it's going to be left behind here in this world. And what remains is the Spirit. And therefore to be concerned about something which is perishable, while we have no concern for something which is

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not perishable, which is

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everlasting, makes no sense at all.

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The second lesson that we learned from the library primary Salaam is

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Now, think about this, today, we are used to thinking of welfare

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in a very,

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in a very

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constricted and limited sense, right, which is, again, physical welfare.

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So we'll talk about people who are hungry, who do not have shelter or do not have clothes, who may need medical attention, and all of that everything to do with the physical world. And those people who spend their time and energy trying to help others in need, and by need again, we mean these things mean, somebody who's trying to feed the hungry, somebody who's trying to,

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to get medical

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aid, the sick,

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is trying to give homes to the homeless, people who do not have shelter and so on. All such activities we commend we recommend them, we applaud them, we try to support them. And we speak well of all those people who take part in or indulge in these activities. And that is exactly how it should be. So I've got no problem with it. I'm not I'm not for a moment, saying that it should be anything other than this. Yes, indeed. That's how it should be. However,

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What about concern for the spiritual welfare of people,

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just as a person body is hungry, the person's spirit is off.

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And the food for the body does not feed and the food for the body does no good for the soul is different. The food for the body is what we eat. The Food for the Soul on the other hand is the connection with Allah subhanaw taala is a seeker of Allah subhanaw taala This is the Food for the Soul and his soul which is not getting that food because that soul does not believe in Allah subhanaw taala by soul, I mean the other human being

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that person does not believe in Allah subhanaw taala so obviously, that person is not making the call of Allah, obviously, that person is not reading the Kitab of Allah and so on. He's not worshiping Allah, he's not he's not you know, establishing salah and so forth, that person's spirit is as hungry it is as

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starved as a person's body would be if they had no food.

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Now, my point is how much of concerned we have for that,

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this is what we see with the NBA musala right, they had concern for that. I think about this, that if you are hungry, you know physically, nobody is hungry. And

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this hungry person comes to you asking for asking to be fed as it is, you know, I need food, can you please give me some food.

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So you bring this boss in to sit them down in front of huge 60 feet at I mean, 60 inches, 80 inches,

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widescreen television set. And on this television set, you showed them pictures of food, I told them beautiful pictures, three dimensional picture of food. And then may also, you know to enhance their experience, you also have an aroma producing thing where you are producing aroma as well. So when this person is seeing the pictures of the food, they are also smelling these beautiful sense of the food as well. So they're getting both they're getting the the taste or the smell of the food and the the seeing the pictures of food. But tell me what will it do to the hunger? Will the hunger be satisfied? Will they stop feeling hungry? And they say okay, I'm saturated, I'm hungry, my stomach

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is full? or

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looking at pictures of the food and

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you know, smelling the aroma of the food without eating the food? Is it going to make their hunger worse? What is it? What is it?

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Because the picture is not food, picture of the food is lovely. I think about it from the perspective of the soul, that when the soul is hungry, when the soul is yearning for the connection with Allah subhanaw taala

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what is the food that we are giving to the soul?

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be feeding the soul What are we doing,

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and if you are not giving food to that soul, how is that souls hunger to be satisfied.

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And when the soul is hungry and does not get satisfied becomes weak,

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it becomes weak. And then when it is attacked by stress and my fears and my you know, anxieties, it cannot battle them.

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And so it succumbs the extreme case of that is suicide. But you you I mean, people may not get to that they might have other issues,

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you know, which are apparently less but like depression and so on and so forth. So they're not committing suicide, but they are definitely not happy. All of this because the soul is getting no food.

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Now this is what the embryology mussalam came to teach us. And to do. So wherever is Sam's single biggest concern was to invite others to the truth. Now I submit to you that this inviting others to the truth is really the single is a sign of concern. The single biggest sign of concern and compassion is to invite others to the truth. This is the this is something that I want to do. I want you to think about that.

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If the person as I said, you know if the sign of compassion is to fill the belly, that's a sign of compassion. But what about somebody who's concerned about the everlasting life of a person and the two are not

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mutually exclusive, it doesn't mean that if you feed a person that you need not talk to them, what

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we're going to talk about revenue should not feed the No, both of them. Both of these things go hand in hand, as a matter of fact, many of the great machines, first, put food in the belly, then talk to him about Allah subhana wa Tada, because the man is hungry, can't think the person is hungry, they can't think. So first, give them food, and after they have eaten, then you talk to them about the glory and magnificence of Allah and then they are willing to listen. Also, because they have eaten your food, they feel more obliged to sit and listen to what you have to say. So first feed the people but at the end of that, if you're feeding the people, but you're not concerned about them,

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and so when you are concerned about the everlasting life, it's a sign of, in my view, the greatest sign of compassion and kindness. Alice Mandela said, well, aka Tina Ibrahim urrutia, who mean kaaboo, we're gonna be alameen. Allah said, and indeed, We bestowed a four time on Ibrahim Alayhi Salam guidance, and we were well acquainted with him as far as the his belief

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in the ACA was concerned.

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Now what I'm Elisa Lam's had a unique way of giving power to people, and his way of giving out to people was to

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use their own arguments

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with them, so that they could see

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the futility of their arguments. So even when Sam didn't go directly and say, What you are saying is wrong. What you're saying is false. Uncle Sam said, Okay, this is what you're saying. So let us see. Now how does that work out? So for example, algebra salam, now Allah mentioned his conversation with the people who's to worship, celestial bodies used to worship the sun and the moon. So Allah subhanaw taala said, When the night covered him over with darkness, he saw a star so he's having this conversation with somebody who's talking to them, he saw the star and he said, This is my inner meaning that this is the one that you are worshipping, you're worshipping the star. So here is the

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star, you are saying that these stars affect your future in life, what do astrologers do this is what this is all about, you know, you should not start your work in this month, because

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the Rahu is in the circle of the ghetto or some you know, whatever the stars names, so, this star is influencing that star. And therefore, this is a string of this this time is bad luck, and you must not leave your house at this time and this is Rahu column and this is Kato column. This is a wrong time to leave the house. So leaves out after you know this particular time nine o'clock. There are people who actually do this bizarre people who, who concern this and follow this religiously every day they don't they won't leave their house and if they if it is not the so called right time. And last rantala said well as unless by the time I let explain to us, who is in laws and who is not in

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us, Allah subhanaw taala said is not your time and this and that. Who is in laws and who is not in laws while acid in in Santa Fe, everybody is in loss. The whole lesson I listed here by time itself, not the standard by time itself. Let's say that all of humankind is in loss in Berlin, Sara Illallah Xena Armando Emmylou sala de voto. So we'll have to miss out on last month and I said except, except a luncheon for things except the one who has a man who has faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala who has who believes in the heat of Allah, who believes in Muhammad's hammer hammer hammer Mustafa sallallahu Sallam as the last and final maybe in la luz in Amman. Why will Sally hottie and then he

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follows that man up with good deeds,

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what was the sub what was key what was his summer and he invites others towards the truth and then he has patience with whatever difficulty that may come upon him. Now unless mentioning that to us very clearly. So now here you got people who who believe in stars and will believe in all of these you know astrological things and then it will be even worse to believe in feng shui and who believe in tarot cards and all of this in Islam is haram. All of this amounts to open schilke Please do not do that never consult an astrologer, they don't know their head from their tail. They're fooling us.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is saying here in Revelation, I'm saying this he said when I covered him with darkness, he saw star and he said, This is my job. But when it said he said, I do not like those that sense. So he's saying to these people, you're worshipping a star, we're okay, here's a star. So let's say this is this is our and then the

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Stop sets the mind the mind and come to consciousness. Boys, what kind of rubbish this what kind of God is this? He disappears and reappears. So he seems to be the God has no control over himself over himself, the God can and can't protect himself. He comes and goes. So this is we don't, we don't worship. I don't like something which

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rises and sets like that.

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he said, when he saw the moon rising up, he said, This is mine. But then when it said, he said, unless my rock guides me, I will surely be among the earning people. Again, the same thing you see is the more oil looks bigger. Obviously, the stars, in many cases, star is far bigger than the moon, but it's very far away. And so therefore, we, it appears very small to us. But you say, Well, here, the star star said, so this is not my God. Now, here's a boom, it looks bigger. So this one has to be the God then then the moon set, so no God. And then he said, when he saw the sun rising up, he said, This is my IRA. This is the greatest, this is greater. And when it said, he said, Oh my

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people, indeed, I'm free from all that you join us.

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Sarah, is using the same arguments using the arguments that the people use to worship others than Allah. And he's showing to them how baseless and pointless their arguments are. So Allah saying you worship

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the star, this is the star This is what you study. You worship the moon? Well, there's the moon rises and sets, how do you rely on something? Which has seems to have no control over itself? And then you have the sun is all fantastic. This is the biggest and so on and so forth. But really, is it? Is it the biggest is it I mean, it's bigger than the standard and then the

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is bigger than the moon and and you know, so on. But what about the second

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experiment with this lighting? Sorry about that?

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So what about the What about the sun? Same thing? Anybody that I am free from your beliefs here is using the arguments of the people to show to the people

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how false their beliefs are.

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For some reason, can somebody help me with this thing? How do I get color back in there man, there is a lot of sun. I'm getting this kind of see if I do this. Somehow partially cover the camera or something like this. It's you can get the color in the back it looks so nice. But

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so I think I got a call my face that's hardly a choice. I think I should call my face. We're on the cover.

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So I'm now saying that I'm free so he's using his he's using the arguments of the people to convince the people that their arguments are false. And then of course, you will have a Sam said that which with which we begin our Salah, mini vegetto jalila

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honey ven Mama, and I'm enormously keen, he said Verily, I have turned myself my face towards Him, who created the heavens and the earth, honey van which is Islamic monotheism. And I am mama and Amazon was tricky and I'm not of the Murphy cool I do not am don't belong to the people who are the

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sort of acid which I which I mentioned to you a little bit earlier. It tells us the sequence you have in mind, you do good deeds, and then you start inviting people towards the truth. That's when you start getting pushback. That's when you start getting

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people get upset with you. Now, no matter how illogical it looks, here, you are concerned about

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about the the

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eternal welfare of people and instead of appreciating what you are doing, people actually push back people actually fight you. So even Amelie salam, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned what happened with him. And Allah said, his people dispute he has guided me and I do not fear those whom you associate the law in worship, nothing can happen to me except when my Allah Subhana Allah wills, except when he will something la la, la la la la. Nothing can happen unless Allah wills it. My rub comprehends in his knowledge, all things, will you then not remember.

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And then he said, and how should I feel those whom you associate in worship with Allah, though they can neither benefit nor harm, you can see that yourself but you still want to fool yourself. While you do not fear that

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You have joined in worship with a lot of things for which he has not sent down to you and your authority. So you've always had I was saying to them, you asked me to fear your idols, who can do nothing. Whereas you don't fear Allah who can do everything.

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So which of the two parties has more right to be in security? If you But no, remember, he said, I'm saying that

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I am not afraid of

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idols and you are not afraid of Allah. So who's at fault, who's right who is wrong?

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And then the last one, that I said it is those who believe in Allah and worshipping alone.

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And do not confuse the belief with Zola which is worshiping others other than Allah. For them only there is security, and they are rightly guided. And that was people. And Allah said we raise home we will in degrees. And certainly Europe is all wise, all knowing, my brother, sisters, Allah Subhana, Allah is basically giving us a beautiful message in this in the set of ayat in the life of Romulus Allah, which is the fundamental foundational point of the heat, which is that law, natural law in the law, that nobody can harm, nobody can benefit except the last La hawla wala quwata in Lebanon, that there is no

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power, there is no Iran there is no intention, there is no ability except for the loss of Hamilton. And that is why we say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and therefore we say that there's no one worthy of worship except Allah Subhana Allah, and that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the last and final messenger of Allah subhanaw taala, who we believe in my brothers and sisters, this is the fundamental

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fundamental belief of the head that we are on as Muslims and even Emilie Salam is the one who,

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who I want to start it because it just came from Allah subhanaw taala.

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Barbara Muslim definitely is the is the is the, the founder of that as far as these three what we know as Abrahamic faiths are concerned. So Alhamdulillah

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Where do I stand on this? Because the purpose of these classes is not simply to tell you a story, the purpose is to also ask these questions and say, Where do I stand in this?

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And I am talking about Ibrahim alayhis salam, and what he primarily Salam believed in, and what a blind man is Salam

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preached, where do I stand in this? If I will, if Sam came here today? What

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would he see me and recognize me as a person of tawheed? Or if a variable is around looked at my life? If he looked at what I if you could see inside inside my heart,

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would you find a heart which was like his heart? Which is pure from anything other than unless 100? Or what do you find a heart in which I don't worship idols outside, but my heart is full of idols.

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I have the idols of which I fear, which is the power of the world and the creatures of the world.

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Which is idols where I look forward, I hope, from people from human beings from others from creatures,

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I hope from

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from, from the time from concepts from Wall Street, right? What What, what is my heart? What has what is inside my heart, if we were Emily ceram came here and he looked at me and said, What will you recognize me and say, Alhamdulillah, you are one of mine. You are one of my one of my people. I will say, No, no, no, hold on.

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I don't recognize you. Who are you?

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Who are you?

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This purpose is for us to look at ourselves and say, Where do I stand when I'm looking at the life of an abbey?

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How do I compare and I'm not saying compare yourself with me. Obviously not we can't compare with a mirror is me talking about specific characteristics. We're talking about behaviors. We're talking about decisions. We're talking about how these MBR labels salon what they did where they did and why did

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned about me the sermon he said, when I add the woman if he Laila one of our workshops will cover Julie Shamsi will early recovery was to hula hula de holla online

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So the afterwards

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about the sun and the moon and people worshipping them and,

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and you know, asking favors from them and so on and so forth. Allah subhanaw taala, saying and from among the signs of Allah are the night and the day and the sun and the moon, they are analyst creatures, they are creatures of a lie, they are not even the biggest and the most glorious creatures, Allah has created things, which are much bigger and better than that. But these are the creatures of Allah that don't make such that the sun or to the moon, but makes us that loss of Hannah Horton, who created them. If you really worship Allah, if you really worship Allah, then you do what Allah subhanaw taala told you to do, which is the

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that you worship only Allah and not highroller not something other than Allah.

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As they say charity begins at home see what Emily Salaam started his Tao from his own home from his own father as are.

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Some of the scholars have said that Azur was not his father was more an uncle or something like that who had adopted him.

00:26:11--> 00:26:56

Allah knows best and that's not that's not particularly. It's not an important thing. But we know that he was the father figure in the life of family. And he was somebody who made idols he used to he was a sculptor, or he was used to make idols in whichever way that they had of picking idols. So even when Islam started with him, obviously he's got, he's living in a house full of idols his father has has this workshop in which he makes idols. So he's saying to his father, he and insalata, Miriam, all of these were Allah subhanaw. taala is telling us the Brahma Salam said, The meaning is, oh, my father, verily that has come to me of knowledge, that which did not come to so follow me. I

00:26:56--> 00:27:04

will guide you to a straight path. And then he said, Oh, my father don't worship site that verily shaitan has been a rebel against

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against the last panel donor. And he said, Oh, my father, verily, I felt Leicester Trabant, from the most benefits and from our amount of Allah subhanaw taala Mr. Trump overtakes you, so that you become a companion of the shaytan in the hellfire. And then he said, he, the father said, Do reject my gods, we were him from me, before I punish you. This is the reaction of the Father.

00:27:30--> 00:28:14

Let me read all the translation of all these words and we'll come back to this. Then you will have a Sarah Bala said and then Abraham Elisa Lam said, peace be upon him, Salam Alaikum, I will ask forgiveness of my rub from you. Verily he is unto me ever, most generous, and I shall turn away from you and from those whom you invoke besides Allah, and I shall call on my Arab gelato. And I hope that I shall not be unblessed in my door to my Arab geology. So when you turn away from them and from those whom they worshipped besides Allah subhanaw taala we gave him his heart and your hope. And each of them we made a prophet Allah is talking about the next two generations, and we gave them

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of our mercy, a good provision and plenty and we granted the honor on the tongues of all nations. Think about it, this is Allah subhanaw taala as

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is Allah tell us, you know, the

00:28:31--> 00:28:33

the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Today, think about distant people. They keep these names and the new primary Salah Misaki Salam jacobellis is my Salah, all of these names are honored. These are names of great honor people honor these names, they honor these people. And all of this they do because these people were the Gambia and they were obedient to

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you who Allah Subhana Allah orders who Allah honors, nobody can dishonor and who Allah subhanaw taala dishonors and leaves to be dishonored. Nobody can bring them back on. There is a man Tasha, Tasha, Allah give is to who he wants. And he gives humility, humiliation to who he wants, without even removing them from their positions. Just think about in the recent past how many

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so called great leaders of this world have we seen and even right now as I speak, how many so called great leaders of this world out there who are sitting in positions of power, but you talk to any person except for in some cases, some of their completely insane support?

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Or talk to almost any person and the only thing they can say about that stuff, right? People the whole time so where is this? There's no is they sitting in a city you've got some some political authority. He's got some military authority. He's got some wealth.

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You know, living in a in multi accommodation. But other than that, what is the is where is the honor on that person. Whereas if you if you take the umbrella mussalam they didn't live in big palaces, right except for Mr. Lisa Mendoza. They didn't i didn't even be policy but

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rather reserved for the, for the most of his life, he lived in a tent because he was traveling all the time. So you have people who had more wealth, no power, no authority they didn't have they didn't rule countries.

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They didn't live in big palaces, right. They didn't have private aircraft or anything. But their name has lasted for literally four centuries, their name is taken with honor for 2000 years. People name their children after that Nabhi with the belief that this name is something which is full of Baraka, and which can be beneficial for the child. In any case, that name is something which attracts or draws our attention to emulate the person whose name we have kept for ourselves or of our children. So this is the beauty of of who

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Now, think about this data, all these ads, which I read for you, Maria, by

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the way, where Emily ceram invited his father to Islam. Now Alhamdulillah This is one of the ways of the MBR that they used to be very direct in what they were saying. And again, of course, Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning this in briefs, or Ledger's telling us this what he said, the gist of what he said.

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Now, you might say, Well, you know,

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if therefore now I see

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somebody who's doing something wrong, and especially parents, especially parents, especially people, elder relatives, people who are in authority, people who are who have you as a as a die may not have that authority, you are not one of the community leaders. But here is this person who's a community leader, who is who believe you should give the power to what is the best way? Is it the best way to say, look, you are on the wrong path. And if you don't leave this wrong path, you're going to be in the Hellfire Russia, is this the best way to do that? Now again, I am not criticizing Iran, Melissa, I

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am not saying that is what you did was wrong. I'm just saying that. If you are giving Dawa, especially to older people, and especially to parents, I'm saying especially for people who are one for people who are reverts. And secondly, also for people, young people who come to Islam, Allah gives you the trophy conoscimiento Donna opens your hearts and minds

00:32:45--> 00:32:59

to himself to his thee into his glory to His Majesty. And you find yourself now with your older relatives in maybe including your parents who don't follow the religion as closely as you do or who maybe you

00:33:00--> 00:33:33

probably don't follow it at all. In some cases, just the name is Muslim. In some cases, you might find that the parents are doing things which are actually Haram. You know, they are gambling, they're going to the betting on resources. They're drinking alcohol. They're doing things which Allah has prohibited which processes barbiturates, what is the best way to say to them? Is it to say to them that if you continue on this path, it would be in the Hellfire? No, that is the overall meaning. So what I'm as I said, I'm not criticizing the Prime Minister.

00:33:34--> 00:33:42

What he said was absolutely true. But the way he would go about that would be with much more tact and with with, with a lot of

00:33:44--> 00:33:44

with a lot of

00:33:46--> 00:33:51

patience, more than anything else. Where, where, if you look at the

00:33:52--> 00:34:09

the earlier, the environment is hamdallah with regard to the people who are worshipping celestial bodies, I mean, I would say that maybe that's, that's a way of approaching and asking them questions to say, this is what you are doing. Do you think what you're doing is right?

00:34:10--> 00:34:50

Don't you think? Do you think that this is the right thing to do? What do you think about this when you meet Allah subhanaw taala you know, these are the kinds of the way we give our has to suit the situation, the kind of people that we are giving the power to. And the problem with giving the power to people who have authority over you, especially parents is that their tendency would be to not to not obey you will not follow you because you are you are a Pollyanna you know you're a little kid in front of them they will never recognize that you are no longer a little kid and they will always treat you as if

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

so their whole tendency will be to go away you know i i used to change your your nappies. Once upon a time. Yes.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

That's true. You changed my nappies. And so I'm most grateful to you. And that's the reason why I don't want you to be in a mess tomorrow. Therefore, I would like to

00:35:10--> 00:35:20

like to point out to you that what you're doing is something which is going to get you into serious trouble, if you don't stop doing it. So I think this is

00:35:21--> 00:35:33

just some thoughts as far as the methodology of dow is concerned. So I'm, again, as I said, I'm not I'm against things again, and again, because I don't want somebody jumping down my throat saying that I was

00:35:36--> 00:35:38

criticizing temporary setup. No.

00:35:39--> 00:36:27

I'm just saying that reflect on this and say, number one, the lesson we learn is the importance of doubt, the importance of spiritual health, the importance of giving the power of inviting people towards to, to the truth. And we the lesson we learn is, or maybe need to reflect on and think about is, what is the best way to do that? What is the best way to invite people to the truth? And what's the best way to do that in a way where it is more acceptable to the people think about is my brother and sisters that before and this is a general advice, as far as communication is concerned, especially about contentious issues, especially about things where people may disagree with you, and

00:36:27--> 00:37:06

there is nothing more contentious than religion. So when you are talking to people think about this, do you want them to accept what you are saying? Or do you just want to say what you are saying and which is the? What is your purpose? If your purpose is simply to say what you are saying, then you can say it, I mean, it doesn't matter. You can say whatever you like, you know, any way you like, because you're you you've defined your purposes, my purpose is to say, so I'm going to say it, and I'd say whatever, however I want. But that would be foolish. And that that's then there's no point in that. On the other hand, if you define your purpose, and say, my purpose is to get the other

00:37:06--> 00:37:18

person to at least listen to me, I mean, not even person obey me, even if the person doesn't accept what I'm saying, at least that person must give me a patient hearing.

00:37:22--> 00:38:07

I do, whereby a person will give me a patient, then I have to look at myself to say, How can I say what I have to say in a way, which this person who will faint, even if not acceptable, at least bearable, right? tolerable. So the person wants to get up and walk away the person, the person won't punch me in the face. You know, the person won't throw me out of his house, he will at least listen to me. And then we go in the night and we stand before on tele and we may draw, and we go into Jude and we cry. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide and give you that, because only Allah can give you that that cannot be your neighbor. Yes. So this is the whole issue of the hour, which is to give

00:38:07--> 00:38:52

the hour during the day and to ask for help in the night. I mean, these are two things, which have to be done in tandem together. If we want to succeed, otherwise, you cannot get success unless we do these two things together. So that's very, very important to remember. I remind myself a new camera. Let us try to learn the best lesson the most beautiful lessons from the life of this beautiful Navy of Allah. Ibrahim alayhi salam, the halal of Allah, the favorite of Allah and the father of the Gambia Lima Salaam and the father of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam inshallah, we talk more about this in the next class we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept coming and to being here and we ask Allah

00:38:52--> 00:39:09

subhanaw taala to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him. Sorry, I keep doing my hands. Yeah, there is not a not dancing or something. There are small mosquitoes which are flying in my face and trying to get into my eyes behind my glasses. Just like a Corolla, Corolla.