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The Struggle is Real!

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Haifaa Younis

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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching

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and our Swanee slaughter center used to see this beautiful Heidi, when he comes back from expedition going out to fight for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's a job and what a job. And that's a struggle. And that's a jihad, when he used to come back from that he used to say this, this Hurry, we came back from the minor jihad, from the minor struggle, to the bigger struggle. The bigger struggle is the struggle in life. struggle in life when I am not working, the extra time I have that time why it is much bigger struggle than this struggle fighting for Allah. Because fighting for Allah is obvious for Allah. When Allah Swati salatu salam going is for Allah is when I come back and

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my enough's my desires and their show your bond and everything will work against me working for a law and focusing on a loss pantalla that's why this becomes harder because I have to struggle more to figure it out for auto fansub when you have time when you're free. After you have done all this when you're free, stand up for last pantalla