Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #10

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The Bible is used to describe people and events, including the story of the Bible and its use to describe people and events. The Sun State is seen as a source of controversy and the upcoming return of Islam to the United States. The importance of settling for one's work and not taking money for it is emphasized. The transcript discusses various organizations and actions during events, including a competitive event where guests are rewarded for their service and guests are misogynic and giving back to others. The speakers emphasize the need to be generous and give back to others to achieve their goals.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, just leaving Kaziranga sera

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from abajo. My dear brothers and sisters, we are talking about the o'clock of Ibrahim alayhi salam. Because Allah subhanaw taala, as I mentioned to you earlier,

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presented Islam, Ibrahim alayhi salam to us as an example to be followed, that his life has an example to follow.

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And so therefore, Allah subhanaw taala. So therefore, it's our job to

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think about and reflect on the life of a primary Salaam and see what we can learn and how that can help us. In this context, we have the ayat of

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Surah 230.

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Where unless via della mentions the guests of Dr. Elisa Lam, even Emily Salaam, three men came to grammerly, Sarah, one of whom was the very late ceram. And the other two are two other angels, all three in the form of human being in the inner human form.

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And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that.

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And he

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that is an American mosquito is killed.

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So last run, I said, I mentioned, the honored guests of the Prime Minister and

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I was I was very, very generous. And Allah has mentioned his generosity to us. So when these three people came, this was these were three strangers.

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So Allah said, has a story which two of the honored guests of Ibrahim alayhi salam, when they came to him, and they said, salam, he answered Salam. And then he said, You are people I don't know.

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Then he turned to his household, and brought out a roasted calf. Imagine he slaughtered a calf, and he roasted it whole calf, even though they were only three people.

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And he placed it before them saying, will you not eat?

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And then he conceived a fear of them when they didn't teach. And they said, We are not. And they gave him the glad tidings of an intelligent son having knowledge, meaning knowledge of Islam and knowledge of Allah.

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Now, we'll come to some other I mean, more I add in this context, but from this, first and foremost, let me tell you, why was the Bible he said, I'm afraid because this is the nature of the human being.

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And we have this in all our cultures as well, where if a person refuses hospitality, it means that the person is probably hostile, because the person doesn't want to be beholden to you. And the reason why he doesn't want to be beholden to you is because he doesn't wish you well. Obviously, there is something wrong, he does not wish you well. And that is why this person doesn't want to be beholden to you so that he can do whatever he intended to do, which is evil. And he's not constrained by the fact that

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that he has taken some favor from you. So this is that is the reason why ramadasa suddenly felt fearful because he was alone. These were three men, and they are not eating. Now, these were Malika, and then debate Islam introduced himself and the Malaika. And they said, We are not hostile, we are actually your friends. And but we don't eat your food. But this is we have come to give you the

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glad tidings good news have a son. Now, which son is this? This is the second son is hocl. Islam was also called Israel. And that is why the descendants his descendants are called bunnies, right? Or bunnies, Huck.

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The first one is

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from * alayhis salaam. And the second son is

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Israel or is Huck Elisa from sobre la sala. So his wife Sarah came forward and with a loud voice, she smoked her face and she said a battered old woman that she liked, you know, like we're like we do this by your face. So she said this is what is this? I will have a son I'm a battered woman. How can I help?

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And then

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there is this beautiful way in which Allah subhanaw taala addresses in the Quran and This to me is so fantastic.

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I got a big high on this because this is Allah subhanaw taala

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talking from his position of glory and majesty.

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So Allah doesn't even bother to explain. I love him. He says cosmic

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law says that will happen. The same thing we hear.

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When the story of Maria mala Salam is mentioned in the Quran where Allah also says the same thing, when she says How can I have a son when no man has ever touched me? And the angel which is why I'm in that case also, he says, because this is true, it will happen. That is why even so,

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even so says you're up. They said, cathartic, Verily, He is all wise and the all nor

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and then eventually Sam said, then for what purpose? Have you come so now this matter of the Sun has been settled on the law? He's got a he's got a glider is have a son. And then he says, Then why have you gone? What else is there? I mean, did you come only for this or something else? They said we have been sent to a people who are Mooji remain and to send upon upon them, stones of big clay.

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They have been marked by Europe for the Muslim field. They are the people who transgress the limits of Allah subhanaw taala and

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and then Allah says, Allah says so we brought out from there in the believers now. This is the story of luthuli Salah

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where Luton, a Sunnah is

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the people of Luther a Salam they had transgressed all boundaries. And Allah subhanaw taala wanted his punishment had been decided for them and so the will is Salam says I have come to we have come here to destroy the people of loot Elisa.

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Now see, whenever this Rams reaction, your reaction immediately he's worried about what will happen to him. He's the knob you have a lot what will happen.

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What What about his family? So they said, and this is not in this, setup it it's in another

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set of wire in another place the Quran. Allah mentions and the liberalism says that they will

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lose it Lutheran family we will say elaborate, except his his wife except his his woman, except his wife because she's on the Missouri fee. Now, think about this.

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You have a river, you have Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and you are brutally Salah both of them both of them are ambia. Both of them are doing the work of Tao. What is the attitude attitude of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam towards Luthor Islam? Does he treat brutally Salam as his competitor as competition and when now the angels have come them alike have come and they said we are going to destroy your competition? Is the Bible is rejoicing and saying fantastic. Do that, like the wife about?

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Right I have the full market now I don't have to my market is not shared by anybody else. Is he saying that? Now why am I saying this? Because this is unfortunately today it's a tragedy. But this is the attitude of some or even a lot of our our organizations. Today, a lot of our Muslim organizations, they compete against one another, like any commercial organization.

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My submission to you my brother and sisters is that this is completely inappropriate. It is completely against the Sunnah of the Salah, and it is despicable and disgusting. Because here you have two people, two organizations, as in this particular case, you have two organizations who are in the same work. I don't even use the term business because they're what is called commercial.

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This this term was mentioned to me by somebody commercial. I mean, I said it's like saying Halak, what is commercial thou, thou to Allah, to introduce Allah subhanaw taala to his slaves to his creatures. This is a privilege. This is the greatest honor that Allah subhanaw taala gave to very few select people in the billions and billions of people who have populated the earth from the beginning of time. Right till today. How many American

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even if you take the count that we have, which is 120 125,000 we're talking about 125,000 people among billions of billions What is that?

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as like a pinch of salt in a pot of rice. That is how

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The mbna musawah and Allah subhanho data, gave that work to us to the omata Mohammed Salah, thanks to the blessing of being his oma.

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Right so this is the greatest privilege that we have been given this opportunity to give the power to other people to introduce a lot of other people to introduce Islam to other people.

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And we have converted this into a money making racket into a business and not only that, one can understand Okay, if you are spending some time and energy and you are incurring expense and so on so forth, you have to make up that money from somewhere. So you have some ideally speaking, I have people have asked me and I've written a book also on this presenting Islam today, it's called it's on the internet, go, go look it up. And everything is free.

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The I have said that set up a trust fund, you know, go to go to philanthropists go to good Muslims who have money and hamdulillah there's plenty of them. Ask them to donate money one time set up a trust fund. And from the trust fund, use that trust fund to run your organization. So pay your salaries and you know, whatever expenses and so on you have do it with that money from the trust fund. Don't ask money from the people to whom you're presenting Islam. So if you're holding a class, hold the class for free Don't, don't charge a fee for that. I'm talking about our classes I'm not talking about classes for for example, if you're teaching Islamic Finance, by all means charge a fee

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no problem. But if you're talking about Salah if you're talking about your teeth in Koran, if you're talking about the greatness and glory of Allah subhanaw taala if you're talking about the lives of the nvlap, salah and so on so forth, don't take money for this, it is disgusting to take money for this. Ask let Allah subhanaw taala reward you just ask Allah, you are doing his work, let him reward you.

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Right I mean, some one day somebody tells me what you know, brother, if we do that, then how do I eat? And what about my family? I said look, if you if that

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is a question that you really need to ask. Then with due respect, I would say to you that you settle that question in your mind first. Because if you have no tawakkol on Allah, if you do not believe that if you are working for Allah that Allah will not support you. Then why are you working for Allah? Leave it, right, leave it, don't do that. Don't just do your work. Fulfill your Faraya do your Salah Zakat has all this and whoever happens to come I mean, give that out whoever happens to turn up in your office or whatever, that's enough. Who told you to run an organization? Tell me is this part of Dabba Doo did giving that power? Does it mean that you must you must run an

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organization where is this run?

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So if you cannot do the work of the power of Islam

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by taking the reward of it from Allah subhanaw taala

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because it is his work. It is it is his work.

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And he will pay you

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Why must you Why must you look to somebody else to pay you?

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The work of Allah, Allah will tell you,

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if I am working for GE if I am working for IBM Bamberg for Microsoft, I'm not going to go and look for a salary from somebody else. If I am doing Microsoft's work, then Microsoft should be me.

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I don't go to Apple for my salary.

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So if I so how come I work for Allah? And I am looking at the math look to pay me to work for Allah. I'm looking at the montage to pay me

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to do the work of the monster.

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I'm looking at the Murdoch who is himself or herself dependent

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in order to do the work of the Razak

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does it make sense?

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And that's why I said to the man I said you know you settle this for yourself first. Because if you can't say if you have not settled that for yourself

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and you are looking to the muffler to pay you

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and you are saying well you know if I don't take money from the people, how will I eat How will my family eat? That really you you do not? You do not and should not be doing the work of

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serious you should not be doing the work of the you You don't deserve to do that.

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My brothers sisters, I'm giving you this this example of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam eleutheroside because it's a beautiful example

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of how the abelia mussalam cooperated

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unless it was really low Matheran as our career is

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Is Jarrod Hellmuth Solo is Ursula la he was naini for Gaza Bahama for as US Navy Saudis allegedly use example of the town to which we sent ambia we sent to

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they denied them they

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belied them. So we strengthen them as as nabby. Salus, we strengthen them by sending one more allies not saying we sent two. And then they know these two were competing. And now we introduce one more into that competition, so that the market is gets further fragmented.

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Sister, surely there should be a difference between how Coke and Pepsi fight?

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And how we deal with each other?

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Should there be a difference or no?

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I have seen, it's so shameful. I'm only mentioning this so that people who do this feel ashamed. And to stop doing this. I know specifically of an incident where I won't name the country. And obviously, I will not name the organizations but in a particular country. One organ one organization was doing a course, if I'm not mistaken, it was a course on on solid use of aluminum reusable a serum

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on a particular day, on a particular day.

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And another organization

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went out of their way, obviously out of the way, but they published

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on the internet free of costs.

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The whole material with this, our organization would have used in their course. Now I'm not saying it's the exact material because they didn't steal from them. But they you know, so

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it's in the Quran, and whoever is teaching it,

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what is he going to do, he can't add anything to it.

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So he's going to teach you what's in the Quran. So if I'm teaching you sort of Joseph, and somebody else's physical sort of Joseph, we are both of us effectively teaching the same thing.

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And you might get a little bit, you know, a different flavor when I'm speaking because of the way I speak and so on and so forth. And somebody has may do that in a better way in a different flavor. But the point is end of the day.

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The the fundamentals of the whole story, what's in the story is the same thing.

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So what this

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that organization, which published all this material for free on the net, what they are trying to do is to sabotage the course of the others. Now the others get sabotage only because they are charging a fee.

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So people say I'm going to go get that for free. But if you are teaching it for free, then nobody can sabotage you.

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Please do not take money for the work of them.

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And that is a lesson we learn from the lives of the MBR limosa This is a lesson we are learning from you, Brian Melissa lamb also to say don't take money for that.

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So eventually, Sam says What about Ruth? He's worried about him. He's worried about his within quotes competitor. I'm just using this terminology because this is how the organizations seem to behave today.

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They me I never saw another one. I'm one Nabhi never saw another ABS competition.

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So anyway, eventually Sam was worried about Luthor. So Robin said what about him? So debase Robin and Malaika. They assured him that he's safe, he will be safe, except for his wife who was among the muslimeen among the transgressors and she will be punished but the others will not do Teresa lamb, and his daughters will not be punished.

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And then so Allah subhanaw taala. We are looking at again, the issue of honoring the guests. And the lessons we learned from Grammarly Salaam rasulillah salam said in, in a hadith in Bukhari, whoever believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the last day, let him honor his neighbor.

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Whoever believes in the land that has the meaning what was the Muslim? Let him honor his neighbor. And Allah did not say Muslim neighbor lesson.

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Don't say Muslim neighbor, he said let him honor his neighbor.

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There is a red winged Blackbird sitting and listening to your phone on top of that, anyway.

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And then Alice unambitious believes in Allah and the Last Day let him honor his guest as he is entitled to two people he's talking about one is a neighbor. And the second one, he said, let the person honor his guest as the guest is entitled to be honored. So the Sahaba asked him and May Allah bless the Sahaba one by one image main and give them the best reward. It is thanks to their questions that we have our dean.

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They asked him, Ursula, what is the entitlement of the guests and as soon as racetam said, the best treatment for one day and one night and hospitality is for three days and anything in between.

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Two that is charity bestowed upon the guest, it is towards the guest. And whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him speak good words, or let him remain silent. So now the guest entitlement that was arrested me saying the best return because meaning you spend the most time with the guest you, you know, you literally laid out for him or her for one day and one night, and for three days thereafter, you also give them a good treatment and then as much as you want, and as much as they want thereafter. And that is other candidates does not mean that, you know, good treatment on the first day in battery run second day, no, it just means that, obviously you if you spend, for

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example, you know, the all the time with the guest on day one, maybe you don't have enough time to do that, on day two, and day three, so that's fine, you can do that you can take, you know, go off and do other work and so on. But at the same time, the Sudarshan Asana saying that

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the entitlement to the guests, meaning that for all of this, Allah will reward you, you know, whichever Angela is to say that

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the guest comes, he eats what Allah has written for him, meaning he eats his own dessert, and he takes away your sins doesn't mean that your sins are transferred to the guests. It means that the guests because you have been good to the guests, Allah will forgive you. So this is the benefit of guests. The Sahaba are so particular about this, that we have instances where

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and there were some ayat also which were revealed

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in this context, but we have instances where, for example, as an ID would come to Mr. Solomon, he would say, Well, I haven't received, nobody has come to my house, I haven't received a guest for the last two days. is Allah displeased with me, you know, people would come and ask this question, they would say, I have not got a guest for the last two, three days is Allah subhanaw taala not pleased with me. Imagine think about our attitude towards guests. today. We live in a world where by and large, we treat guests as a burden. You think, obviously, but somebody asked me, Why didn't divide people up to come. Whereas the Sahaba had the opposite view for them. A guest was a great blessing,

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and if they didn't get guests, and they saw this has perhaps, the displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala why not send me a guest. So think about this, how much we need to change the way we think.

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And you know, how we how we behave. So the

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here and I was also saying that this is the reward of being good to guests and then the last part of this are these were nervous and upset and we're we live in a land the last day, let him speak good words or let him let him remain silent. This is the very big musi botanists, very big problem that we have in our lives were just loose talk. So, either it is useless talk, it's some worthless rubbish or what is even worse is that it is talk which is positively harmful. Because we are bad talking to somebody, you are slandering somebody you are, you know, backbiting somebody,

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this is this is worse, because this is a this is a sin, this is haram, this is prohibited. If you are doing that, then you are giving away your good deeds to that person. And you are putting yourself in line for punishment. Now I would do that. So this is the problem with services from St. Louis say something good, otherwise, remain silent, is a closed mouth cannot gather anything negative. If you open your mouth and say something, then it's possible to say something good and elaborate. If you're not saying something good, then it's possible to say something bad. Therefore it is better to remain silent.

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The question of

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guests and sharing with the needy, as I mentioned to you there was some ads also have been revealed. There's an ayat which when Allah subhanaw taala said, well, the Xena Ba Ba Ba, da da da da walima minicabee him Hey buena man ha de la wala eg Duna Fie salute him. Ha Jetta mimma Oh to where you see Runa Allah and fusi walo gonna be him. kasasa are my ukata hana Siva who like homophily, who? Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in sort of the ledger and those who before them had homes in Medina and had become Muslim they had adopted the faith. They love those who emigrate to them. And they have no jealousy in their hearts, for for that which they have been given, which is this

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refers to the story of the booty that came from Bonneville

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and the give them the give them or hide your own preference over themselves.

00:25:11 --> 00:25:29

Even though they were in need of that they were also in need of the the answer. We're also in need of that booty but they give preference to the mahadji rune and whosoever is saved from his own stinginess, such as the who will be successful. So once again Allah tala is

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emphasizing the importance of being

00:25:35 --> 00:25:37

of being generous.

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Then the story of me that Olivia Vitali and Fatima bint Mohammed of the Allahu anhu Omar

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they were eating, and they were about which they had good food. And they hadn't had food before that they were, you know, the so this was the first meal of the day. And as they sat to eat, they were about to eat. Somebody called up the side a color called and said, I'm hungry, please give me some food.

00:26:17 --> 00:26:19

So they gave a part of the food

00:26:20 --> 00:26:25

to that person, some poor person and then they

00:26:26 --> 00:26:51

were about to start eating. Another person came, I'm hungry please give me food. So they gave a second part of the food to that second person. And then they were about to not the food has been reduced to one third. They were about to eat when a third person called and they gave the rest of the food and they went hungry. Allah subhanaw taala revealed I add on this from the governor's all

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of this is in total inside. The two is where Allah said will you do Muna Tama Allah who be miski Nova t mo wa sera in nama neuter mo commonly YG la Hilah new de Dubin comb jazza on well, Ashoka Allah said and they give food and they feed

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others despite their own love for it or their own need for it.

00:27:20 --> 00:27:22

And they give food to the miskeen to the poor,

00:27:23 --> 00:27:28

we ottimo at what I set out to the orphan, and to the captive.

00:27:30 --> 00:27:55

And they say we feed you seeking Allah subhanaw taala as pleasure countenance only we do not wish for any reward or thanks from you. Now this is the the beauty of the sabarimala * image mind is how they used to behave and this is how they used to treat others. Now, obviously this does not mean that if you are if you are feeding somebody

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for the sake of Allah alone, I'm just dropping to let you hear the bird which is seeing right behind me. They all make Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Hafiz Tamati mafia

00:28:13 --> 00:28:14

I'm sitting here on top

00:28:16 --> 00:28:20

two, so that you can get a sign of the of the sunrise also

00:28:25 --> 00:28:30

beautiful sunrise right behind me I hope this camera is getting it for you.

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So Allah subhanho data.

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So we know from the Sahaba the lives of the Sahaba in Ronda had image by envy seeing how beautiful their lives were and what they used to do.

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The beauty of

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Allah subhanaw taala his creations and

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see how the

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law also send some birds to

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and then you with their song, while you see the sun coming up.

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So under the law, we come to the end of today's

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today's lecture insha Allah ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with you and

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never to be displeased

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and to help us to benefit from the lessons of the from the lives and the lives of Salaam so that we can bring these into our life. The whole purpose of this is for us to learn

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so that we can imbibe these lessons and we can bring them into our lives. Well Salalah Alana will Karim Allah Allah He was iVh may be Rama tikka masala, me 100

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