Mirza Yawar Baig – Purpose Of Life #3

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of applying to a job is emphasized, as it is crucial for Muslims to only do so. The "moncure" and avoiding certain conditions are also discussed, as it is crucial to avoid causing harm and bringing in someone who is considered a threat. The "median" and the importance of praying for one's health are also emphasized, with a discussion of the "median" and the importance of creating an oma to break culture. The speaker advises the audience to create an oma to break culture and use it as a glue to create an oma.
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The best quality the best integrity Muslim

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employment announcement say only Muslims need to apply. Can you imagine that situation today if I tell you this you might think it's a joke.

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You might think it is a joke that a multinational company says only Muslims need to apply Why? Because only they are fit for us because we want certain standards and only Muslims can give it.

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We come back home.

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wife, children house problem, what do we do? Again live with the awareness that Allah subhanaw taala is watching I am good with my wife. Why? Because it pleases Allah subhanaw taala I am good with my children. Why? Because it pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala I work in the house I serve my family Why? Because it pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I do not sit in front of the TV with my feet up I say get me some food.

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And then when the food comes the food is not tasty take it and throw it who told Who taught you to cook your mother did not teach you anything in that.

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Food is not tasty with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen this comes from

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Timothy who your wife

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understand Oh Tara hamdulillah in Allahu Akbar Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala said we feed you with our power

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Alhamdulillah food is tasty Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Allah

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then time for sleep, may guru

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we do the asgar before sleep, we read the Surah Al Maru can go to such that because we know from the tsunami Salah salon that used to do this and then we sleep we sleep in the way that Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to sleep Of course, later on you can turn around and so on and so forth, but at least to begin with to sleep on your right side and so on.

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So, from the moment you wake up to the moment we sleep

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and of course because we do sleep in that way the entire life has become a bad philosophy.

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wa Taala to general INSA ilaria

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Now we come to the collective purpose what is the collective purpose? quantum Hydra machine?

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Mina NASA Lynas?

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Sure not meaningless

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overigens leanness

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for the people

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why was the Muslim created for anass not post-collegiate? muslimeen

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not oferuje

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lil anybody in particular

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region leanness for all of humanity for the Muslims, for the non Muslims for everybody.

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What is the meaning of overages business Samurai bill Morrow What is the meaning of tolerable Morrow? You see somebody doing bad our him? No

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matter we just make fatwa haram Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla is that our mama

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a llama Morrow is to enjoy and everything which is beneficial.

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Everything which is good to do all actions which are good, naturally all that is hallel is diet, which is good. So we do that.

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What an honor in Moncure, we stop everything which is Moncure which is disobedience. And obviously all disobedience is bad.

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How do we do that? And I gave you an example of how enemies and allies are celebrated.

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Now, one important point in this film Kira Mateen, Allah subhanaw taala said you are the best of the people over the leanness plural.

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You have been selected in plural together. Now what is this Oh, man.

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So while I'm always very happy to come and play in this budget, because apart from the harmonica and this is one of the few places in the world where you hear different styles of recitation of the forehand, you see different styles of people worshipping Alhamdulillah.

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There is no problem with somebody worshiping in a particular way.

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You hold your hand here, you hold your hand down below, you hold your hand on the side, or you move your finger you don't move your finger there's nobody who catches a finger and Brexit because you're moving it or you say you are measuring because you know your finger so many.

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So many times that like you have like

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25 gods, I mean, every time is one God which which one is

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in the relay. We have all of this we have in our Muslim brothers and sisters, we need to cry about this in our Muslim Ummah we have massages where there is a notice. This Masjid is for this group, and so and so group is not permitted inside the budget. So holla and at the same time Allah Subhana Allah de la cebada Merci de la salle is the house of Allah.

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It is it is your house or my house? No. in your house you don't want to call people no problem that's your that's your choice. But in the house of Allah Who are you to say that somebody is permitted and somebody is not permitted? Who are you to say that because of the luck of Allah Allah, it is not anybody's control once you build a Masjid

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there are various conditions of a place being designated a Masjid in different lives some some have some conditions or some conditions one condition which is common to all the mishaps is that a Majid is workup in Allah

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till the Day of Judgment

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once a module has been built and it is workup it cannot be converted to something else you cannot make this into a shopping mall or something if you like no

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modules about you even if you break it, you can rebuild it. But what you will again is only a muscle you cannot put something else in I cannot make this into my house No.

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So we make the Majid Waka vilella and then we put a condition and we say only so and so can come.

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And so and so is not permitted.

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Jeeva This is the state you know, in the one day it really is a sad story I was in in India in one place, and I was looking for a margin to pray because nobody stopped my car and there was a Hindu guy there was an auto rickshaw driver.

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And I asked him, I said, Is there a Mercedes around here? He's asking me Which ones do you want?

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Hindu I

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said what is which

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is another because there are different modes, there is a there is a Masjid.

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And there is a Salafi Messiah. And he's telling me all of this that because he's a taxi driver, no people take him to places. So he said you want a set of images, or one of images?

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Or he said there is a Sufi Master, do you want a Sufi Master? which one you want?

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Hindu guy is telling me this. So

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what are we doing this gene of ours in the

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Sahara la Jeeva. A man wants to come and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and we put a condition you can worship we are only if you magnify them, and if you do not magnify, then you cannot watch or otherwise if you verify them, whereas then you are sorry, we don't pray behind you because you raise your hand.

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And underline this budget. I do not see that. I'm very happy that so when I come here as

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long as you're worshiping Allah,

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you know,

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do whatever you want. Yeah.

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oma, the winner is Allah salam, it is very difficult to say this was his greatest thing, because every part of his life is the greatest thing.

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But if I can tell you one thing, which is the greatest need today, it is this formation of the oma.

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And remember, Islam started and Islam grew only from Medina, not from Makkah.

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And it grew from Medina because of the formation of the oma.

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And the whole formation of the oma was what it was to bring together hearts joining of the hearts it was to bring together people who are completely different. Today, we don't understand many of us who come from Africa and people like me, who come from India, and so on. We still understand something about tribal loyalties and tribes and so on. Most people from Western countries, they don't understand that anymore. But believe me, if you live in us in a society where tribes are strong and tribal loyalties are strong, you will know what I mean. It's a very, very strong power to break that and to say that the only loyalty and the only Brotherhood is the Brotherhood of faith.

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In our motto, come on, man. Why Hayden? Wha boo boo, boo. Cara DeMarco.

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You are no malice malice Allah said whether you are black or green or red stripes on a yellow nose Ah, who cares?

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One numa recession Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. The women had is always Allah and they asked him Dr. Salah who is a Muslim is the one who says, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah and the one who worships in our direction to the Kaaba and the one who eats our slaughter is a Muslim.

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Whether Allah will accept his Salah or not, is between him and Allah.

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Believe me, my brother, Allah is not going to ask my opinion whether he should accept your Salah and Allah is not going to ask your opinion whether you should accept my Salah.

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So don't worry about that. Do not worry about that. That's not your problem is not my brow problem is to make sure our own Salah is accepted. Today we are not worried about our own saliva worried about somebody else's Allah.

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I'll tell you a famous story of

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Dr. Looney at the time and just signaled to me when I should stop talking

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to his elder brother, it says that his elder brother did not use to play d&d.

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So he was very upset. So he went to his mother and he said to his mother, my elder brother does not play behind me, please tell him. So his mother called him and said, What's up, brother? He's a good man, you know? So why don't you pray behind me.

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So the elder brother says when he is in Salah, he has no control.

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He's thinking about something else. As even how he knew what was in his mind, allow a little bit but anyway.

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So the mother said, No, no, don't do.

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So next Allah Imam Hassan is leading the Salah elder brothers.

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In the second regard, he broke his heart and He walked away. So now is a bigger problem. You know, first of all, the man does not play. Now he breaks a law and goes out in the middle, that is a bigger issue. So remember that he went back to the mother. He said, You know, this is what he's doing. So the mother called him he said, what why did you do that?

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So when you asked him, you asked him why I did that.

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He said to mother, yes, it's true. You know, in a second regard, I was thinking about a particular muscle of faith, which I was thinking about. So that was a thought in my mind. So

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I told you, he has no clue.

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You know what the mother says? See the beauty of people who are true under the you know what the mother says? The mother does not say Mashallah, I've got only Allah and my elder one knows what is in the heart of the other one.

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She didn't say that. You know what she said? She's a Denali, La Jolla nyla. Raja. She said, I have two sons, and neither of them are special in the Salah. One is thinking about a problem and the other one is thinking about his brother in law.

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He said Think about your Salah. Why are you bothered about somebody else's that what is your problem you are praying to Allah or somebody else?

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This is our problem.

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First of all, we have to create the oma then we can do Mr. Will Morrow, one of

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my brothers and sisters, I'm finishing my talk because we have come to the end of my time.

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By advising myself and reminding myself and advising you let us bring hearts together.

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Let us look at commonalities, the differences leave them to Allah subhanaw taala that is between Allah and the slave of Allah. If there is something which is clearly wrong, then go and in private with love and with affection and with concern and compassion, advise your brother

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advise him once,

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don't become a pain in the neck.

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advise him once, still love him still be good to him, then he will listen to your advice inshallah.

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And if he does not listen to your advice, don't worry about that make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala standard for Allah subhanaw taala the changing of the heart is in whose hands the hands

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bring the oma together.

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I advise you and I write myself to work for this and ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless you and to strengthen you and to put the love of himself and individual asylum in your hearts and to use you as the glue as the adhesive to create an oma. So why life is merges when I look, I see so many different faces, each one is an ayat Allah subhanaw taala each one is a sign of the Creator Mashallah, this is what we need to create in the whole world. People from different nationalities, different background, different racial,

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origins and so forth, all sitting together for one reason only and that is and that reason is for the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the for the bad of Allah subhanaw taala that is what we need to create outside in the world. And I advise you on rather than I asked my ask Allah subhanaw taala to help me also to do that is to create this oma because of Allah is when the oma was created that this Deen became Alizarin Islam, Allah kuliah Dr. happened when the oma was created and after the mo was created, not before the demo was created. And we have to recreate this on my v one Dallas heroes, is Harold Islam, Allah kuliah Dr. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to bless us

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and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive our sins and to help everybody who is in any need of help. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and to make it easy for us to please Him. Swan Arabica villager tmic foon was Salam Ala Moana Sally navall Hungary La Bella

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