Lessons from Hajj Spirit of sacrificetake back life lessons, not only Zamzam

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In London Lillah wa salatu salam, ALA, Colombia. Finally he was heavy on one villa.

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Oh God,

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by the brothers and sisters, in our series of

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reminders on lessons from Hajj, we come to the final one, which is the spirit of sacrifice. By this, I'm not talking about the fate of the sacrifice, we know that.

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That is completed by that.

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I'm talking about the whole spirit of that the spirit of the sacrifice of the animal itself, where for most people,

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the entire meat is given away in charity.

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The spirit of Hajj in terms of the world here, which the people who have not gone for Hajj have for forming their own homes, in the countries where the majority of the meat is given away, in charity, but I'm also talking about the spirit of sacrifice the spirit of sharing the spirit of giving proceedings to the to your brothers and sisters, that we see all through high touch with the people. I believe that this is something very valuable lesson for us to take back with us. And this lesson is really based on two things. The first thing the lesson is based on is the fact is the complete and total uncertain knowledge that all the Hajaj have, that they are not going to be staying in that

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place. They will demeanor, they know they want to be there for a short time, then they go to alpha, where they will be for an even shorter time and the compromise Alpha was even shorter, and they come back two minutes, the second time around, which is they will stay there maximum for three days and they're gone. So the whole

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orientation of the person is that I'm here only temporarily. And so therefore, whatever inconvenience that I'm facing is really temporary. I am going back to my home, where things will be better. Where I know I'm more comfortable, it's my environment, whatever is here, just put up with it bear with it with bear it with a smile.

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We go to the brothers and sisters. And and that's it. And even if somebody transgresses against us if somebody does something takes away our rights, so to speak without your collateral blah, blah Hamdulillah

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we make supper and loss of $100 with the people who make supper and that's it. So this first very important element is that we know for certain that we are here, in this place of Hajj for a very short time. The second thing that we that

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helps us to exhibit and to behave with the spirit of sacrifice is the issue of ADGER from Allah subhanaw taala that we know for a fact that if I'm patient, if I am, if I control my anger, if I control my irritation, if I accept the ill treatment that I'm getting from this person or that person, with with a smile, I don't retaliate, then all of these things are things for which I am going to be rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala. And so therefore, that that whole

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awareness of being rewarded is very strong with Zia Hamdulillah this water less going to reward me so this brother is troubling me Alhamdulillah he's actually doing me a favor, because I'm getting reward from Allah subhanaw taala as long as I keep my mouth shut and I don't retaliate. Now, let's think about this, that these two factors, the factor that we are there temporarily and the fact that Allah subhanaw taala will reward us for not retaliating to things that people do to us not getting angry, you know, not cursing back, all of these things live, if you look at this, both of these

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rules, so to speak, apply to us even when we are back home, because we have been told over and over again Barcelona as salam and Bilaspur Hana Danijela the WHO that this dunya is really a temporary place of temporary abode that we are not going to be staying here forever we are going to be staying in for a very short time. And so therefore, take it with a smile and hamdulillah the good of it, we take it with a smile with our hamdulillah the difficulty of it, we also take it for with a smile and we say Alhamdulillah and we go. So the issue of being in a place temporarily if that feeling enabled us to

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or bear things with a smile

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and to have a spirit of sacrifice to give to other people. Then what happens to that when we go out go away from home? Hmm, think about that. Why is it that we then start living in the world when we go back home as if we are going to live here forever.

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The second one, as I mentioned, is the awareness that Allah subhanaw taala will reward us for not retaliating. Well as it is for our beloved here as son. He said, retaliate with the best of behavior. Now, unless one or the other said that and he did not receive that, what's that I didn't come for Hajj. So how can we forget the the Quran when it comes to our real lives, where Allah subhanaw taala told us do retaliate with the best of behavior, not with the worst of him. So therefore,

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we can we must think about that and say that, what the lesson of Hajj is that these elements of,

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of these two elements, which is one is the fact that Allah subhanaw taala will reward us for not retaliating and second one that we are in this world temporarily. And that feeling of temporary ness is what enables us to

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do is to live life without, you know, reacting to things. Both of these elements and hamdulillah are part of our real life as well. And therefore it's

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therefore their strengths for us also in our real life, so that we can live our real life also in this way, where we live only to please Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla. Lo, we constantly make Toba for our shortcomings for our sins, and we continue with equanimity in our lives, and we face life with equanimity we face life with, with with harmony with with a sense of, of the fact that whatever is happening, is not going to be there for forever and therefore it's not really worth getting involved in to that extent. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to take the spirit of sacrifice back home from Hajj, so that we practice it in our lives throughout an Ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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to bless the

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brothers and sisters who have been on Hajj to accept their Hajj accept all the elders, and to enable them to take the baraka of Hajj back with them. I remind myself and you let us take back the lessons from Hutch let us take back the lessons from Hodge back to our homes that does not only go back with thumbs up, let us take the lessons of homage back to our homes and apply them in our lives. So that these our lives become that which lives change after hajj and they become a source of great baraka and mercy of Allah subhanaw taala della della Losar Allah Allah Allah will Karim while he was savage member apathy, karma