Mirza Yawar Baig – Jumuah 122 What Will We Answer Part 18

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the Quran and Sun parables is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to read and understand the holy grail. The use of "-handy" in relation to people's memories and experiences is also discussed, as it is used to describe the success of Islam. The importance of practicing and repeating the message of Islam is emphasized, along with the need for people to practice and repeat the message. The "right time" for Islam is discussed, and a promise to never be displeased is made.
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In London Allah

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wa salatu wa salam, O Allah, Gambia,

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Allah Allah He was happy vamana Oba

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My dear brothers and sisters and elders a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Today we are on the last of the series of the hotbars, concerning the questions of the grave.

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And the fourth, and the last question

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of the grave

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is one I will leak?

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How do you know?

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And that refers to the first three questions.

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And they will be asked, How did you know all this?

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And the answer to that, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who will be able to give this answer

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is the reversal will say for your whole Corrado Kitab Allah

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to be he was a doctor.

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I read Allah subhanaw taala his book,

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I believed in it,

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and I consider it to be true.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who read his book, who understand his book, who live by his book, who believe in his book, who consider it to be true.

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And the biggest proof of considering it to be true is to practice what is

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written in that book. There is no considering the Quran to be true. And then not practicing what Allah subhana wa Jalla

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has instructed and ordered us to do.

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So what is in this book of Allah?

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Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned many things in it.

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself

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as the writer of this book,

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as the teacher of this book,

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and Allah subhanaw taala described for us the benefits that He has given us.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala asked a question and the question is, how many of these things will you deny?

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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legato means

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to me,

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from big coma to girl.

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larvae minima Tierra Bina and Luca zebu la Vichy minima t rabina Luca de boo la vishay minima de rabina new kazoo Allah we do not deny any of your

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we made a shocker of your Namath inshallah

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself

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once again

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in terms of his Namath

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but before he introduced himself in terms of his Namath, Allah subhanho wa Taala drew our attention to the day when we will meet him jellicle Allah

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and Allah subhanaw taala referred to

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The confusion and the needless arguments about that de

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la the M

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V, V Mo. Mo.

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Mo and then Allah reminded us

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dah dah

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Na Na Vova

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and then

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when it will happen

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first silica anime

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lobby Xena,

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for whom? In

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And for those who don't do that, may Allah include us among them in Turkey nama

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from home

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this sama

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yo maya

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and no doubt about this day

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and then

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the ayah which we are scholars from this.

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I have such despair

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totora totoaba

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself in this column

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Which we read, which we hear which we believe in and we ask Allah to make us among those who follow it.

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself in terms of His glory and His Majesty.

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And before he introduced himself he talked about and he mentioned what happens to those who understand that glory and majesty.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who understand the glory and majesty

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where he is at Jalla Jalla

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wa jal, Asana O. Rama Nevado

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buddy Osama

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min Kashi Attila

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he mentioned what will happen to those who understand his color.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to take the rocks and the mountains and the hills which are in our chests color our hearts

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which are harder than stones.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to merge them by the glory and majesty of his color.

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And then he introduced himself by means of his glorious

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you sure

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you saw me Hello

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is all hockey.

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So what is the meaning of reading this column and understanding this column and believing this column?

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You might like to read the collection of the hotbars called reflect on the Quran which is in the form of a book which is available free. download it from our sites, it's on Amazon.

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Also there is that whole series of purposes there you might like to listen to that, on the importance of reflecting on the Quran.

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But first and most obvious, to read and understand the Quran. To read it with understanding because how can someone who does not understand claimed to believe you believe in what

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do you believe in the sound of the Quran?

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Without knowing what it means? How can you claim to believe in something that you do not understand?

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Think about that.

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We follow the Quran, in every word that it contains. And we accept all its injunctions without hesitation without change without alteration or reservation. We accept all the divine laws it contains without reservation and believe that this divine law is the only law that has a right to be implemented on the face of the earth.

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We believe that whoever tries to alter anything of the Quran, we eat a single letter of it. Anyone who denies anything of the Quran, be it a single letter of it. Anyone who rejects anything of the Quran, be it a single letter of it. Anyone who makes fun of or doesn't believe in any of the promises descriptions and narrations of the matters of the unperceivable alive and the hereafter.

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Anyone who does that we believe that that person has left Islam.

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We believe that it is essential for the Muslim to believe in to understand and to implement the Quran and the Sunnah in his or her life, because this is the best possible way to live. We believe in all the other divine books that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran, the Torah, the Torah and the Injeel. That they were divine revelation in their original form. We do not accept the changes that have been made to them. And we do not accept them in their present form, and we do not accept them as a source of Islamic law.

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We believe that the people who made the changes had no right to do so and that they exceeded their authority to make changes in the divine revelation is comparable to making changes in the writing of an author without his permission. We call that copyright violation. It's a cognizable offence, how then can we accept changes in the divine revelation when the author did not authorize any such change? And that is why no Muslim will ever agree to any change in the Quran because he and she understands his own position with respect to Allah subhana wa Jalla Jalla

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we believe that it is essential to understand and implement the Sunnah. The teaching way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our lives because the Sunnah, explains the Quran. As mentioned above, we believe that the Sunnah is another form of revelation called ye vermut. Lo, the with the revelation which is not recited in Salah. We believe that this revelation was sent to explain the Quran, and so it is an essential part of Islamic theology, and then the second most important source of Islamic law.

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We believe that anyone who denies the son partially or in totality, and claims that the Quran alone is sufficient for him, proclaims his gross ignorance before leaving Islam.

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Even a cursory study of the Quran will make it clear to the sincere person that the explanation of the law is essential to understand and implement the law. So is the case with the Quran and the Sunnah? the Sunnah complements the Quran is essential for one to be able to understand the method of carrying out Quranic injunctions and laws. Without the sun It is impossible to implement the Quran and therefore those who reject the Quran are all those who reject the Sunnah are also rejecting the Quran. Just to give you one example, the Quran orders all people to believe in Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but is silent about how one can formally declare this belief

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and enter Islam.

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The Quran orders the believer to establish Salah but is silent on how this is to be done. It orders the believer to pays a cat but is silent on what Zakat is valid and payable on and how much it orders the believer to fast in Ramadan but is silent on what breaks the fast. It orders the believer to make Hajj to the house of Allah, but is silent about the rituals of Hajj and how this is to be done. All of these and numerous such matters were explained by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam not by his own will and pleasure, but by means of the revelation that he received about these details which we know as the sadhana and Hadith. Allah subhanho wa Taala did this to establish the

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position and the the honor and the rank of the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as being intrinsic and essential to the deen.

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The Quran is the word of Allah. The Sunnah is its meaning explanation and demonstration in order to enable people to follow the orders of Allah. Allah promised to protect his word, which needless to say, includes the word its meaning explanation and demonstration. Those who seek to separate the word from its meaning, demonstrate their own ignorance or worse.

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Personal and favorite students of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who dedicated his entire life only to learning the deen from him sallallahu Sallam said, the dryness of the eyes is a sign of the hardness of the heart.

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In another Hadith, also lies Allah Sallam said Allah has made the fire of jahannam haram on two kinds of eyes, the eye that stays awake for the protection of the Muslim and the eye that weeps for the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So, let us ask ourselves if we fit this description,

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or read or see whether our eyes weep, listening to poetry, they weep watching movies, they will they weep listening to urges,

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but not when we listen to the caliber of Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah.

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Yet we find nothing strange in that and that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala called the ignorant people, cattle and he said they

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Worse than Catalan?

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Do we reflect on the fact that when we are listening to the actual that, that what we are listening to? Is the actual speech of Allah as revealed to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam?

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Do we reflect on the fact that what we are listening to are the exact words that were revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and wish the world heard for the very first time in his voice?

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Do we reflect the fact that this message contains information that is critical to our success in this world? And the next?

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Are we eager to know what this information is?

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Are we aware that as we recite Allah subhanho wa Taala is listening to us on his ash

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and is mentioning us by name to those who are with him around the ash?

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Are we overwhelmed with all and gratitude?

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Do we fall in sudo? In thanks to Allah subhanaw taala?

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Are we aware that what we are reciting in Salah is what Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam recited? And desira one Allahu Allah image Ryan, who were the witnesses to that revelation. Listen to it in the voice of the best Chari that ever lived, because he was the one to whom it was revealed.

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Does this thought occur to us?

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What happens to us if you think about this?

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Do we get excited?

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Does it produce any change in us? Or are we those who a curse can transform?

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If somebody swears at us, the color of our face changes.

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Our heartbeat changes, we get infuriated.

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We are ready to kill the person. Why? Because he told a lie.

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He cursed you. You know you are not that. yet. A lie occurs is a lie. And that lie transforms us. It brings about measurable physiological changes in us in our heartbeat, in our temperament in our blood pressure in the electrical impulses in our brain. It encourages us it sometimes compels us to speak and act and do things which later we might regret. One curse can do that. One galley can do that.

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My question is,

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What does the word of Allah subhanaw taala do?

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Are we those who occurs can transform but the word of Allah leaves us unmoved.

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Do we reflect on the fact that this word is

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what there is Allah is Allah said as the whole howdy thicket, Allah.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:26

The most truthful word that can ever exist, is the Kitab of Allah.

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And that it is protected in its exactness in its meaning. And it animates application by the one who spoke that word.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala de la jolla.

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Do we reflect on the fact that this Quran changed the people who were despised in the world and made them into role models? Who began who the world looked up to?

00:23:52 --> 00:24:01

Do we reflect on the fact that this Quran transformed people and changed their destination from jahannam to Jana? And then do we ask,

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but what is it doing for me?

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Do we reflect on the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned us in the Quran?

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Allah mentioned us in the Quran. And he also mentioned what will happen to each of us, depending on the qualities by which you described us.

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And then, as is the demand of intelligence? Do we go and search for ourselves in the Koran so that we might know how we have been described by Allah, and so that we might know where our destination is, so that we might make changes to ensure that our destination is general Filipinos?

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Do we reflect on the fact that the Quran is Shiva, a cure for illness, the most serious of which is the illness of the heart called Norfolk hypocrisy

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And then do we seek that cure before it is too late?

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Do we reflect on the fact that the Quran teaches us how to ask Allah? And then do we ask Allah in that way, as he told us how to ask, and we see the result of our being accepted?

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Do we reflect on the fact that the Quran gives solace to the bereaved, comfort to the aggrieved? Safety from danger? takes away our fears and anxieties? And then do we seek these things from the Quran? before we run to someone else for his or

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do we learn to read the Quran properly, according to its rules?

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And do we teach our children ourselves? Or do we hire a poor man for a pittance and leave it to him to teach our children while ourselves not even having the knowledge to judge if he is doing that job properly or not?

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Do we take pride in the course of study our child is doing in a worldly school, but feel no shame whatsoever, that our child cannot read the Quran properly, that our child cannot lead to Raka of Salah properly, and that our child will not be able to lead our own Salah to regenerate when we die.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:33

No shame whatsoever about this? Do our children listen to us reciting Quran at home?

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Or is that not part of their memory? How many homes are there which are palaces outwardly, but in reality, they are ruins their desolate silent places where the walls and tapestries and chandeliers and carpets are witness to Cavalli and Ghazal parties. But they yearn to hear the column of Allah subhanho wa Taala, recited in the hatchet and they yearn in vain.

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My brothers and sisters, save yourself. Because truly on the Day of Judgment, every brick of every wall will complain to Allah subhanho wa Taala about what you forced it to witness.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:25

How many of our homes are bereft of the sound of the column of Allah?

00:27:26 --> 00:27:31

Our voices reciting his column are not part of the memories of our children.

00:27:33 --> 00:27:43

They will remember us for many reasons, some good some bad but never because they used to hear us reciting the column of Allah in the dead of the night, when the world was asleep,

00:27:46 --> 00:27:48

how many of us have children

00:27:49 --> 00:27:51

who come to us and say,

00:27:54 --> 00:28:01

Ma, my mother, Baba, my father, make dua for me.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:04

Because I am in difficulty.

00:28:05 --> 00:28:10

I know your connection with Allah. Please ask him to help me.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:20

How many of us have children who come and ask us this question? Allah I had a father like that. mela Phyllis, cover with note.

00:28:23 --> 00:28:26

How many of us have children who come to you and ask you to make

00:28:28 --> 00:28:29

an hour many of us

00:28:30 --> 00:28:44

can then lift our head and look up to the heavens and with confidence. How many of us can say oh my Allah, give me because I am asking.

00:28:46 --> 00:28:48

Again, because you can give

00:28:49 --> 00:28:52

and give because I am asking

00:28:59 --> 00:29:06

sisters, those who don't have riches, and endure hardship, have a reason for it.

00:29:08 --> 00:29:14

But what would what would you say about those who have riches, yet they make no no use of them.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:21

And not only do they endure hardship, but they also condemn others to endure hardship

00:29:22 --> 00:29:25

because they don't share their riches.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:34

We are in this unenviable position. We have wealth, which is lying unused.

00:29:35 --> 00:29:47

Now brothers and sisters a day will come when we will be questioned about this wealth. The wealth of the knowledge of this Deen the primary source of witches the column of Allah subhanho wa Taala Jalla Jalla Lu.

00:29:48 --> 00:29:59

Ours is to understand to practice and propagate the message of Islam propagate first and foremost by our own practical example. That is how

00:30:00 --> 00:30:15

Islam spurred by the winning of hearts, not by the winning of arguments and that is how it will spread today. Let us ask what are we doing about this? Before we are asked what we did about it.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:20

My brothers and sisters in conclusion I want to remind myself when you

00:30:21 --> 00:30:27

realize Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam about what happens after we answer the questions.

00:30:29 --> 00:30:39

Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, if the believing slave is leaving this world and moving into an era, a person in that state is called alma mater, who is in the state of

00:30:41 --> 00:30:59

who is in the state of the one who was waiting for somebody and that person that he was waiting for has come, believe it or not, every single one of us is waiting for one who will come without a doubt. And what is the name of the one who will come without a doubt.

00:31:00 --> 00:31:01

molekule mode

00:31:07 --> 00:31:14

is the believing slave is leaving the world and is moving into Allah Hara. Angels depend descend upon him from heaven.

00:31:15 --> 00:31:18

We ask Allah to make us among those who the Saudis describes

00:31:19 --> 00:31:43

their faces bright and shining like the sun, they will have with them or shroud a coffin from Jana, and perfume from john, he will be able to see them, then molekule mouth will descend and he will sit by the head of the person and he will say oh you your soul, come out to the forgiveness of Allah and to his pleasure.

00:31:46 --> 00:31:54

Yeah, to have enough soul motivi in Erie de la de la dia de Muro de,

00:31:55 --> 00:32:08

the Sol will emerge as easily as a drop of water falling from a jug, we ask Allah to make us among those, and to make all our families among those who are described in this hadith.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:14

Those who want to deny the Hadith remember this hadith also you are denying.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:17

Remember that

00:32:18 --> 00:32:27

you want to deny a Hadith, which don't suit you. But remember, this also will not be yours, because you denied it.

00:32:29 --> 00:33:07

For the evil soul, the one who denied Allah subhanho wa Taala when he's leaving the dunya and approaching the after angels with dark faces will descend who will have with them a shroud of harsh material, then molekule mouth will come down and sit next to him and he will say oh, you evil soul, come out to the anger of Allah and His name is Allah Solomon said the soul will try to run away and it will disperse throughout the body into every cell trying to hide, but there is no place to hide and molecule mouth will grab the soul and he will rip it out. And it will come out like

00:33:08 --> 00:33:15

a branch of thorns being dragged out of a bottle of a bundle of wet wool.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:23

And he said sallallahu wasallam this will tear the muscles and nerves of the person with terrible pain.

00:33:26 --> 00:33:35

Remind you and myself this is a period which through which everybody goes good or bad, including the Ambien a masala

00:33:36 --> 00:33:39

and it's a period through which every single one of us will go

00:33:41 --> 00:33:44

and therefore it is only natural to feel anxious or to feel fearful.

00:33:45 --> 00:33:47

But Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah,

00:33:49 --> 00:33:53

His mercy is such that he does not abandon his slave.

00:33:55 --> 00:33:58

And Allah subhanaw taala said about that time and we ask Allah to make these

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make us Miss duck of desire.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:06

Allah, Allah said, in Allah,

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00:34:10 --> 00:34:10


00:34:12 --> 00:34:12


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They will say,

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comb v Hama de

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novo Raman

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Verily those who say, oh, our rubbish Allah, and then some must accommodate, stay firm on that. on them, the angels will descend at the time of their death. And they will say, Do not fear and do not grieve.

00:35:16 --> 00:35:23

Allahu Allah has no but received the glad tidings of genda which you have been promised, right then and then

00:35:24 --> 00:35:37

we have been your friends and Alia in this life of this world and also in the Hereafter, and they're in you will have all that you desire. And they will and then you will have all that you asked for.

00:35:38 --> 00:35:49

And this Nosal it's a welcome. It's a taste of all the great goodness that is still to come from home. Allah for a Rahim.

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Believe me, the only thing that will concern us at that time, the only thing which will concern us at that time when the breath is stuck in the throat.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:41

Only thing which will concern us at that time is am I forgiven? Am I not forgiven? And Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Allah O R Rahman r Rahim o v, Daniela la cara, Leona.

00:36:50 --> 00:36:51

He introduced himself as

00:36:52 --> 00:36:59

he would have said no sooner and he would have used anything. Those are our main rubbish amatola

00:37:02 --> 00:37:04

those are me Malik Yami din.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:12

Buddha said anything he wanted, but he said lucilla

00:37:17 --> 00:37:19

How do you thank Allah?

00:37:20 --> 00:37:22

How can you thank Allah?

00:37:24 --> 00:37:43

Well, I bear witness that it is impossible for us to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that is in keeping with his majesty and grace, we asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us those words which words which pleases Him and cause us to say them in a way which pleases Him. And we ask Allah to be pleased with those words inshallah.

00:37:48 --> 00:37:53

We ask Allah to save us, save us from that. Because about the evil people.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:04

Allah subhanaw taala said, one hour Tara is yet our friend la de la palma eco Jamboree, boo, boo.

00:38:07 --> 00:38:13

Boo. Hurry, Danica Viva, ie,

00:38:14 --> 00:38:18

la ley service en la me Lila Hadid.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:27

Let us know Zola. Allison, if you could see when the angels take away the souls of those who does believe

00:38:28 --> 00:38:49

they will hit them on the faces or on the backs and they will say test the punishment of the blazing fire. And that is because that that is because of what you did what your hands sent forward. And Allah said Allah is not zalim Allah does not do sulamani slaves

00:38:50 --> 00:39:06

my brother and sister mela makers among them the believers will say Robbie Allah de Salaam Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam curato Kitab Allah He Farman to be he was a doctor.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:08

And when this is done,

00:39:10 --> 00:39:18

a voice from above will say, sada Abdi, my slave has spoken the truth.

00:39:20 --> 00:39:28

And then the hokum will be given furnish his or her grave from the Jana, from the Maharaja the furnishings of the gentlemen.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:33

Give him close from the gym and open a door for him to john.

00:39:35 --> 00:39:37

Allah subhanaw taala will personally verify the answers.

00:39:39 --> 00:39:53

The grave my brothers and sisters is connected to the agenda. It is up to us to make this connection. The veil can be connected to the agenda or to the jahannam and that has been given into our hands over whichever connection you want.

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

Then a very handsome person will walk into the grave and

00:40:00 --> 00:40:26

A believer will ask Who are you, the person will say I am your good deeds. And I have come to spend time with you until the day of judgment. And then the believer will be shown through the window and he will be told that will be your place and he will be shown the jahannam through another window and he will be told that could have been your place, but for the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala de la jolla who and because of what you use to do,

00:40:28 --> 00:40:37

our ama are extremely important. The believer will say Yara be akihisa Palmyra established the hour.

00:40:38 --> 00:40:42

So that I can go to my family and do my wealth engine.

00:40:44 --> 00:40:58

For the whereas if the coffee or the father the disobedient person that is the the the the rebellious person. That person will say I believe what the people used to say, an announcement will be made from on high.

00:40:59 --> 00:41:00

And it will be said

00:41:03 --> 00:41:04

he's Elia

00:41:06 --> 00:41:19

furnishes gray from Johanna and give him clothes from Johanna and open a door for him to jahannam and then an ugly and evil person with a very, very bad smell will enter the grave.

00:41:21 --> 00:41:31

The stinking rotten smell and he will say who the person will ask Who are you evil person and he will say I am your deeds. And I will be with you until the day of judgment.

00:41:32 --> 00:41:51

Then two windows will be opened and the person will be shown his place in Ghana when he will be shown his place in Ghana and he will be told you could have been there. But you chose not to do by your own evil deeds. My brothers and sisters worse than the fire of Jana. Is the pain of regret

00:41:52 --> 00:42:01

worse than the fire of Jana is the play pain of regret, where a person will say oh if only I had done such and such.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:06

But that will not help them whatsoever.

00:42:08 --> 00:42:09

We ask Allah subhanaw taala

00:42:11 --> 00:42:19

to give us the COVID to do that which is pleasing to Him and to live in this world in a way that which is pleasing to Him.

00:42:21 --> 00:42:25

And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make choices which are good for us in the era.

00:42:26 --> 00:42:33

We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us and never to be displeased was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was

00:42:35 --> 00:42:35


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