Mirza Yawar Baig – Jumuah 066 Hajj What It Means And What It Gives

Performing Hajj

May Allah allow those who haven’t gone on Hajj to go and those who have gone to go again and May Allah grant the Hujaaj Hajj Mabroor.

“Verily the first house of worship for mankind was that of Bakkah (Makkah)…”
As the hujaaj get ready for hajj we need to remember what is intended by the Hajj.
The story of Ibrahim (as), the essence of Islam – complete submission to Allah without question, argument or doubt.
Hajj is a reminder to submit ourselves to Allah without question, obey Allah’s orders.
Muslim – those who have submitted
Very strange the behavior of the Muslims today who follow their whims. Hajj is a pilgrimage which is to attain the renewal of our oath of allegiance to Allah.

Ihram is neither comfortable, graceful or elegant but nothing more holy as the clothing of submission to Allah. Without ihram, hajj is not accepted. It reiterates the position of the slave is to submit to the master. Accept that we are slaves of Allah – even though accepting or not accepting this fact doesn’t change the FACT that Allah is Malik Al Mulk. We are born as slaves of Allah. Good or bad or rebellious or not. Obedient or disobedient. And both choices have results.

Rules of Ihram
The ihram reminds the haji that his total focus is Allah (swt).
Bathe, make wudhu and 2 rakaats salaah to come into Ihram – Identity comes from obedience to Allah (swt).
Thereafter Make Niyyah for Hajj – demanded from you to make sajdah then Niyyah. Demonstrating your obedience to Allah – complete and total submission before Allah. There is no sajdah to anyone other than Allah (swt) and is a way of coming close to Allah.

Tawaf & Saee
The story of Ibrahim (as) and his family is a story of submission to Allah. A story of sacrifice. Allah mentions in Surah Saffat the incident of what happened.

“When his son was old enough to walk with him…”
“Oh, my son, I saw in my dream that I am slaughtering you – offering you as a sacrifice…”
“Look, what do you see??” strange way of talking (not really asking an opinion of his son) —to Ismail (as): Look inside your heart, what do you see….

“Oh my father, do what you have been commanded to do, InshaAllah you will find me of the patient…” Ismail (as) reply.

This is not only meant for Ismail(as) – what is in your own heart regarding Allah’s commands?
Allah’s command doesn’t make sense – that Allah gives Ibrahim (as) a son and commands him to sacrifice him. Whether we understand or not, want to or not we need to submit. Reflect upon these ayah.

Allah directly spoke to Ibrahim (as): “Ya Ibrahim, you have fulfilled and made truthful your dream and verily thus do we reward the ‘muhsinoon’ Verily that indeed was a manifest trial…”

Ibrahim only succeeded by the help of Allah (swt).

What is the legacy of Ibrahim (as)? It is obedience to Allah (swt)
“When his Rabb said to him submit – He said, I have submitted.”

How was Ismail (as) able to obey Allah and his father? It was the Tarbiyyah of the mother! A mother who introduced him to Allah (swt).

Spirit of sacrifice is spirit of Islam – Tawakkul on Allah. Allah will not allow anything done for His sake with Ikhlas to be wasted. Make no mistake – Disobedience to Allah brings ‘nahoosat’ of our lives in this dunya and if we die with disobedience we will be in the fire.

Do not disobey Allah, because Allah only gives us victory based on our obedience!
Fear sin! It is an extremely serious matter – to take sin lightly is a sign of the Munafiq! The sin is like a rock that will crush him, the only way this rock will not crush the believer is when he makes tawbah.
May Allah have mercy on us and give us tawfiq and the ability to immediately make tawbah.
The standard we should measure ourselves against are the Sahaba.
After obedience to Allah, Ibrahim and Ismail (as) were chosen by Allah to build the Kaaba!

Day of Arafat
Sometimes submitting to the will of Allah means denying yourself something you like. As in hajj, pray at odd hours, sleep in tents and wears ihram, makes dua at Arafat for long hours – this is sacrifice.
Standing in Arafat is the Hajj! The dua of the one who stands in Arafat is accepted.
There is no day in which Allah frees more slaves from the fire than the day of Arafat!
For the one who does not make hajj- fasting on this day is equal to expiation of sins of the year before and the year to come.

The Talbiyah
Is a declaration of faith.

Ten Days of Thul Hijjah
Its day are the best of the year! Fasting a day of these years is equal in fasting to one year.
Its nights are equal to reward of a night of worship on Laylatul Qadr.
Takbeer at tashreeq (for the days of tashreeq)
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Laa Ilaa Hailalhu Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Wa Lilahil Hamd