Nouman Ali Khan – Discharging Parental Responsibilities

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into the pertinent and essential topic of being the best version of ourselves whilst we are with our parents and how to effectively discharge parental responsibilities. The Ayats of Surah Al Yusuf are mentioned here and profound words of wisdom which have been immortalized and made timeless in the Quran are uttered by Prophet Yaqub AS and his exemplary role of being a good father. 

Allah is demanding from us nothing short of our best when it comes to our parents. We have to be good, patient, merciful, charitable or to have the courtesy to our parents. The status of the parents is second only to the status of Allah SWT.the easiest way to enter Jannah is through obedience to the parents. The widest of Jannah gates are for those who are obedient and good to parents.

When they enter old age, one of them or two of them, we should not abandon them and speak to them in gracious respectable terms. We should not reciprocate anger with anger or reciprocate frustration with frustration. Whatever they use it doesn’t matter, we should respond with respect and with gracious words.

Listen intently to this emotional lecture and imbibe the message that comes across.