Mirza Yawar Baig – Importance of eating Halal

Mirza Yawar Baig
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala sherfield Ambia evil mursaleen while Ali he was happy he has been on my bad

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my dear brothers and sisters and elders. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh.

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The topic today is fatwa or Taqwa.

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To my knowledge, most Muslims are engaged in this and that is

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eating haram chickens.

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Now, how do I say that?

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I'm saying this because

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most of us, when we eat chickens, we do not ask where this you can come from? Yes or no.

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And you might say, Why do I need to ask? Is it halal? Yes, Hala palace. I'll tell you why you need to ask.

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With meat especially in with especially with meat in Islam.

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There are two conditions for meat to be halal, whether it is chicken whether it is beef or whether it is no matter.

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There are two conditions that must be met first condition for me it is that the animal itself should be something which is permitted. You cannot have Halal pork for example, the animal itself is not permitted. So you cannot have something the meat of an animal which is haram cannot become Halal by any means. So it is so Fein of C by itself, that animal should be something which is permitted. Second, equally important thing is that it must be slaughtered in a way which has been prescribed in Islam.

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These two things have to be together. So you have an animal for example, it's a chicken, right? You ran over a chicken in your car. And you decided well, why should I waste this chicken? So you go and pick up the roadkill. And that night you make some nice chicken stew is a jazz no

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roadkill or not jazz.

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So, even though the chicken itself is jazz, but the way it was slaughtered or the way he died, you know. So the point is these two things down

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in terms of the first one you know what is which animals are halal and haram right. But for the second one, what is the method of slaughter which is permitted? Now there are differences of opinion, one myth one difference of opinion or one opinion, for example, is that

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anything which by itself is halal,

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right, as long as it was

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alive, and then it was lauded,

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as if a person just slaughtered it. If a Muslim slaughtered it, then we don't have to worry about how water is once or what it is. You can eat it. Another opinion is that this animal as long as it was halal, if it is that meat, if you simply say Bismillah and eat it, you don't even have to worry about how it was not second opinion. Third opinion is that if this animal is by itself halal, but if it was slaughtered by somebody who is from the animal kingdom,

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right, the terminology specific terminologies and all that people are the book, then it is halal.

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It's a you can eat it, you can eat the slaughter of the annual kita third opinion, for the opinion is that for the thing to be halal, it must be slaughtered by a Muslim. And the Muslim must say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and the Muslim must slaughter it with a knife and he must cut the jugular and the two carotid veins

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all these three should be cut and the blood should flow.

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Now, please understand one thing,

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this third opinion

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there is no difference on the validity of this third opinion. Even the people who said you can say Bismillah and Eid they did not say if meat is slaughtered in this way it is haram they did not say that. It said This is absurd. This is very good. But even if you don't get that you can say this well, I need

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this method is the best Absolutely. 100% Sure. Absolutely. 100%. Sure. But even if you didn't get that as long as it is people have the book, it's alright. Nobody said this method is wrong. So please understand that very clearly, which is the absolutely surefire, 100% correct method, that the fourth one, the animals should by itself be halal. And then it must be started by a person saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar, the animal should have been alive at that time. You say Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And you cut the two characters ways that you cut the jugular jugular vein and the two garroted arteries. And that because that's also something which anesthesia is the animal the animal

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does not feel the pain and so on. So, this is the the, the, you know, kind of part of this. And the person says Bismillah but must be obviously this is the fourth part. So this is absolutely Helen

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Two points and I finish first point I don't get up.

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When dummies, Allah Salam said Anil Kira, the annual Kitab, or people who are actually added Gita. They were people who are following the Torah, there were people who are following the bible. They following the New Testament, and these people who were Christian Arabs, and who are the Jewish people, they actually said Bismillah, because they use the word Allah for God. So they used to say, in the name of God, which in Arabic is Bismillah.

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So when when divisia Salam said Allah al Kitab, slaughter, this is what is meant that the person actually follows the Bible. He follows the Torah, and he says, Bismillah today, we live in a world where all of these people are actually atheists. They are not following anything. They're not even following their own religion.

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And he's not saying anything. He's not saying Bismillah is not saying anything. Maybe he's calling to his friend while he's cutting the animal. Maybe he's singing a song while he's cutting the animal who knows.

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So today, if somebody says slaughtered by Christians, not by Jews has no meaning because there are no Christians and Jews in the pure sense that we mean in Islam. Number one. Second thing is why did I specifically say chickens?

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Because of one very good reason, and I will explain to you by eyewitness account, because I've actually researched this thing personally before I came and sat and talked about this. And that is the process of factory processing of chickens.

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The same machinery is used globally.

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Now, those of you who are engineers here, tell me when you are designing machinery for a particular product, what are you focusing on? Output are no sure deserving that if you're designing assembly line, you're you're focusing on maximizing output. So you have the one assembly line, you have one prop machinery processing machinery, which has an output of 100 per month. Another one has an output of 10,000 per month, which is a better machinery 10,000, obviously, because this one for the same money is giving me a much better return. Right? Please first point to understand that's exactly the logic behind designing chicken processing machinery. It is machinery it is it's a factory. Now, let

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me explain to you by eyewitness account of what happens in a chicken Processing Factory.

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It's an assembly line. It starts off from one corner with a

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with a runner on which are funnels.

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Right. Chicken a chicken has got and it is put inside this funnel.

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So the head protrudes?

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Why does he use a funnel because they don't want the bird flapping around. They don't want you know, whole mess. So then they just stick about tuck tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck, this put the budget to the finance and this is moving, the assembly lines moving the thing is on a jet. Now

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as it moves, there is a bath of water there is a there's a tub of water, which is electrified, there is a electric current in it. As this moves, the head of the chicken comes and goes into the water.

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And the chicken gets shot in the head electric shot to the head. Why do you do that? They call it stunning.

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Again, because the board they don't want the board to flop around. So there's Thunderbird. Now, between where they put the board in the funnel, and the electric bath, I did not see any cardiac surgeons doing a cardiac profile on the birds heart. So we do not know what is the state of the heart of that bird when its head goes into the water with the electric shock. So many of those birds, when it gets a shock in the head, it is not stung. It is dead.

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It dies.

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If you don't believe me, take a bucket of water, put a wire inside stick your head in it. And let's see what happens. Seriously, that's what they're doing with the chicken man. That is exactly what they're doing with a chick with a chicken. So do it by yourself. We'll see right

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now that it comes out. When it comes out. You got

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several processes and I'm talking about Halal chicken Processing Factory I'm not talking about I'm talking about the halal chicken process. In fact, there were several versions. One version is that when it comes down to this but

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you got a line of people standing there with knives. So you've got a you've got this thing and the chicken is passing. So the man just catches it cut scratches, cuts, catches catches us is going like this. The machine is moving, it's moving at us at a speed. So what they also do to compensate for that is every person cuts every alternate chicken because he can't cut fast enough to get the next bird so he leaves the next one. He cuts that the next bird goes to the next one and so on and he cuts

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Now, again try it for yourself and see if you got a very sharp knife.

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It's a chicken.

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Its neck is short and small and weak. You catch it and cut it sometimes it comes off

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right? Comes off

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is this person saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar

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chicken process in fact is

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average machinery on an average processes

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roughly 600 chickens per minute

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so try saying Bismillah which was was was was was was was

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exactly, right. So this happens. One version, second version hightech version. They have a tape.

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They have a tape they switched on the tables gonna Bismillah Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah, Allah. Some some, you know, the whole of what I'm on I'm on this thing. I can't say what I want to say. But anyway,

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somebody's recorded this and this tape is going on. There's nobody anywhere. There is a mechanical knife which slaughters.

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Now again, mechanical life.

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Some heads come off, some heads don't come off. Even if the head doesn't come off. There's a tape recorder which is in Bismillah Bismillah Allahu Akbar. That's like you know we for therapy. That will be the half of the six so we put a tape here and

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they will run you Let's praise Allah Allah, Allah.

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Slaughter is a bada it is what makes the thing halal for you.

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Third version, which is even more freaked out? Is they actually right Bismillah Allahu Akbar on the knife.

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So what a halal knife doing the job for you.

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You know, they used to, they used to be a joke in our country, that in the villages, the villages, now these poor villages, they don't know how to slaughter and so on. So once in a while, some more we will come there. And the more we will take a knife, and he will say Bismillah Allahu

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Bleu on the knife and give it as a slaughter no problem.

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Now, when people told us this, we thought, you know, you're exaggerating, how can this happen? I mean, nobody is so stupid. But you have actually chicken processing factories with a do exactly the same thing.

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So now the second slot it is goes. Then from there, it goes into a back of boiling water.

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Boiling water in which the feathers on the skin, everything comes off. And there again, there's some extremely strong chicken, which survives the electric shock. It's alive. And that poor chicken. Also because the belt is moving fast. This cutting guy maybe missed the chicken. So now this live chicken goes into this boiling water and gets blown.

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And then the rest of it is processed, and that comes on your table.

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Now, what did we say where did we begin this whole thing by saying avoid the doubtful.

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Now what I'm describing to you is not even doubtful. This is how chicken processing factories work globally.

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Just because you see a stamp on the box saying Halal does not make it halal. That is not a condition of halal. There was a there was a huge scandal in South Africa where in Cape Town a white African or guy he found the MJC the Muslim Judicial Council which is the

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which is the body of theologians and Alma in Cape Town and he said What kind of a joke are you people doing this? What did we do and as it turned out, it was not their fault at all. But somebody was playing games so is what he said I just bought a carton of pork chops with a halal stamp on it

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pork chops was Harold Sanborn right now you want some more even more freaked out chicken information let me give you there is a BBC

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documentary on this a Muslim chicken processing factory in the UK

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there's an actual documentary on this and those of you interested send you the link code watch it

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you know what they do? Because money drives is not easy and it's not the managed money drives it now. If you are if you're selling chicken by the pound

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the fatter the chicken the more the money

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How do you instantly make a chicken fat by filling its tissues with water. The more water that you can get retain the fatter it is on the scale and the more money you make. The problem with water is that the dry rot

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This and they show this undocumented, if you inject water into the chickens, don't worry about all the cruelty part of all that is also there, but I'm not even talking about that, right? If you inject water into the chicken, unfortunately, water runs out.

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It just flows away, it won't stay in the in the flesh.

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So that is covered. It is wonderful theory and that's why you know, science is such a wonderful thing and we must all learn science right? They discovered that you need a holding

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material, which holds the water and what is holding material protein. So they said they say there must be a protein powder, which you inject with it so that it holds the water. What is the cheapest protein powder in the West

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pork protein powder.

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So they inject pork into chickens,

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pork powder into chickens, which retains the water and then it comes out of a factory and it has a halal stamp on it. And you are eating this chicken and you just made Oberon and you came out of the Haram and you go into into the chicken place and you have this nice roast chicken in Allahu Allah Raja

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when I mentioned this to a friend of mine, he said King Abdullah is responsible as Oh, very nice. Very nice. Blend the king. You want to eat junk and you will? How is the king responsible? What you are eating? Well.

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I'll come to that. You tell me. You tell me every chicken which comes out of a factory according to me, You must not eat it is either haram or it is highly doubtful. In both cases, you must not eat

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that's why I always ask I'm not against chickens. Believe me, I love them like my ants. Right?

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Especially the dead ones. Not dead and dead chickens.

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But they should be they should die properly. Not not in this way. Ask the person whoever I do not eat a chicken. I always tell people I don't eat a chicken I didn't know personally.

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Right? Wherever I eat, I always ask Tell me this. Where did you get this from?

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If they're getting it from a person who is hand slaughtering that chicken by all means, eat chicken till you start laying eggs.

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Right? But if it comes from a factory, I don't care if that factory is inside the kava, don't touch it. Do not touch it because the machinery is not designed for Halal please understand I'm talking about engineering. It is not designed for Halal there is no one who can process chicken in a factory and ensure guarantee that every chicken that comes out of there is halal. There will be some which will be halal and there'll be some which will be haram now you how are you going to decide which one it was because when you eat it you are responsible believe me and the best way to understand that is to ask yourself a simple question instead of haram and halal if I told you poisoned or if I told you

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allergen that you are al you are allergic to this thing that moment to eat it you are going your head is going to expand like that and you will have a heart attack and cardiac arrest will you take a chance will you take a chance to ask questions because we do take a chance

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okay even

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good question now what about beef beef but beef and mutton in countries like our or even cities like us right where you are sure that is it is hand slaughtered by a Muslim butcher you eat but the same rule applies because beef and mutton you know today we live in a world especially the Middle East we live in a world where our plate is international the plate is international the the chicken comes from one place the button comes from Australia the beef comes from Brazil right your your orange juice comes from somewhere I saw actually orange juice I saw a mango juice with a with a bottle with a label saying made in quit now since then I've been to quit so many times with mango trees I can't

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even find one

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just because you put a Buddha stamp saying what are they or something he does not make it halal ban I mean they tell you what is the witch Wattana you know so the thing is that we have to be sure same logic whether it is beef whether it is matter find out the source and if you are if you're finding you're eating Brazilian you know with Believe me I wouldn't be I always I would not compromise a risk the acceptance of my dua to eat some piece of meat

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exactly. The blades that made being exported from alchemy has Lila hella real did not the blade. You know, you know I tell you I mean I've been to this place you know how do you know what a meat processing factory looks like? They bring the cattle

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The cow is a cow before the bull or something, it's got it comes into into a place and there is a frame and the frame grabs it. Right? Literally slams it on the side and grabs it very hard because this is a few 100 kilograms. That animal is it grabs it, and it flips it over. So this animal goes upside down on four legs in the air. According to our methodology of Sharia, that itself makes it Hara.

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You cannot slaughter an animal upside down. This is not just in our area. So it turns it upside down. And then it goes through the process. Same thing it's done. They also stun it and either do it electrically or they do it with what is called a deadbolt. So there's a metal, it's like a gun instead of firing a bullet it fires a metal and it does not go into the head it has slammed very hard to the head. And so it stuns it so What animal is being subjected to all this pain and suffering? And then there is this blade which says Lila and it cuts the and it Garcia well, how is it?

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How is it halal?

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And it comes with a proper Halal stamp on it. God reg factory makes chickens and there is a there is a there is a masjid in Bandra, which has given them the stamp and they're just stamping it and they're selling it. You go to the machines and Bandra you ask the boss do you have you actually seen the factory they have not seen? Do you see it on a daily basis? It's a strange thing in this country with a with a population of 12% of Muslims in this country because God knows how many millions that comes through 200 million or something we do not have a single halal certification authority

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in South Africa they got several otter each of them fighting each other that's I told them export some here it will solve your problem and solve our problem once you they won't be they won't fight there and we'll get some

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halal certification. Also think about this another another issue of certification, the way they work, halal certification companies or have certification bodies take a fee for certifying from who gets food

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from the factories. That is like that is like a court where the judge is paid by the plaintiff.

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Now do you trust the judge like that? I mean, I'm going I'm going to it's my case I'm fighting the case I'm fighting the case or I'm suing somebody and I'm paying the salary of the judge do you test that do you trust that system?

00:22:29 --> 00:22:46

Yes or no? How can you trust this the only the judges I'm paying the judgment? I mean I in the Sharia there is a very very very important principle of Sharia was understand in the Sharia The principle is that not only must the action itself be correct, but it must also have the appearance of being correct.

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appearance should be correct right? So you want to pray to Rock Arkansas yo yo maybe you missed your answer in the masjid and you want to pray and you and you find this bar or this disco and you go into this dress like me and you come up with a * what the * are you doing this bar law is I had to prove ourselves so I went there

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in the labor you have got no brains your mafia. You pray you outside the bar?

00:23:13 --> 00:23:39

Because you are you are doing something which has the appearance of haram. Okay, sure you didn't drink? You didn't do anything? And technically Legally speaking, is it jazz the floor of the barriers? It is jazz, you can pray? But is that the best way to pray? I mean, you better way to play on the street. You know, maybe it is that also people will see it but better pray on the road don't go inside the bar because it's so now if you have got a halal certifying body, which is paid by the people who are benefiting from that halal certification,

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then it is a problem with the credibility, the appearance of credibility of that body. Please understand, please understand very clearly, I'm not blaming anybody. I'm not saying do not trust them. I'm not saying they are thieves. They're not they're good people. But I'm telling even if we even if it was my father, I would tell him, don't do this. Who should pay the halal certifying people we should pay? Why because we benefit if you are doing the certification, you are doing me a favor, you are freeing me from the burden of going and checking myself. So therefore you are doing me a favor. The Muslim community must pay the halal certification bodies in order to certify the P

00:24:25 --> 00:24:31

the producers must never pay them because if they are charging money from the producers, by itself, that action is wrong.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:59

It destroys their credibility, it makes them suspect and this is against the Sharia, to put yourself in a position where you can be suspected not only must you not do wrong, but you must also not do the appearance of wrong but somebody suspects you of doing wrong. Incidentally the same logic applies also to the move the sitting on the Sharia boards of banks and drawing huge salaries and great box and so on and so forth. And certifying banking instruments has

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Being jazz. I am not saying anything. Some of them are some very big names and Allah may Allah subhanaw taala bless them and guide them and some of them are great scholars Bella Swan, we have a huge respect for them, but with any no matter how big that scholar is, if he's doing something wrong, definitely we will say sorry sir, this this, this destroys your credibility, because you are taking money from Citibank to certify Citibank products. Why?

00:25:26 --> 00:25:38

So, you are working now for a bank which the board what is what is the what is the basic business office of Citibank, Hara Mohalla? What is the basic business of HSBC, haram Allah

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but you have no problem in sitting on the Sharia board to certify their Sharia products. And taking a five figure six figure seven figure salary from them, and traveling first class and staying in five star hotels. And you do all of that. La hawla wala Quwata illa, Allah insha Allah Allah when Allah Allah, Allah, may Allah give us some sense. As I said, if somebody is doing wrong, it is our job to say it is wrong. This is not a heartbeat is not we are not pointing a finger at their scholarship, you're pointing a finger at what they should not be doing.

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Who must pay them, we must pay them, pay them put out the money, give him the same seven figure salary if he wants, but the community must pay. Who benefits from Islamic products from banks, we benefit. So we say here Musa uCertify the product, we pay your salary, but if the product is not Islamically, correct? Check it out, throw it away. Throw it away, because that you are you are the guarantor of our safety. We must pay you. As I said, the simplest example is if you have the litigants, paying the court if you have the litigants paying the salary of that judge, what do you call that court?

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You call it a kangaroo court.

00:26:55 --> 00:26:57

And that's not because it is in Australia.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:05

Australian courts are not kangaroo courts. Such a court would be called a kangaroo court. It's a travesty of justice. It's a joke.

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And the same logic applies to halal certification bodies, which take money from producers. Which Same applies to Sharia boards, which take money from the banks, kangaroo courts, kangaroo boats.

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My brother and sisters I want to close it's been a long time may Allah bless you for sitting so pay so patiently for this whole lecture, which ended up being much longer than I thought it would be. But I think it's an important enough subject that we should know we should eat halal, we should earn halal. We want our doors to be accepted Bella Swan Hotel, we do not want our glass rejected Well, I this OMA The only thing we can do is do ah, we are in so many problems. We would like to help people we would like to go to this country that country send money. So we cannot do that because there's so many restrictions. But what is no restriction and nobody can ever put a restriction and that is on

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the DA and the only one who can actually change the destiny is the one on his cash. And that one, our door is blocked. It hits the concrete of the Mezuzah ceiling and bounces back onto the floor. It doesn't even go beyond his why because we are eating haram because we are earning haram what is the sense of that? So I thought let me complete my part of the 100 by explaining to even though and those are gonna love her and visiting so patiently even though if it takes long, let me ensure that I put these things as clearly as possible. Popularity is not a concern. And popularity is most welcome because the only popularity is the one that counts with Allah subhanho wa Taala and all I'm

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saying I'm not saying give me money to certify your product. I'm just saying ensure that what you put in your mouth is halal. Ensure that what you earn is halal. Do not eat doubtful things, do not drink doubtful things do not earn from doubtful sources insha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala bless you, may Allah give you a halal type and income. May Allah give you this kind of halal and tayyiba May Allah subhanaw taala give you a beautiful income. Please understand Allah subhanaw taala does not need you to earn haram to feed you the treasures of by robber Unlimited, Allahu Samad, Allah can and will feed you from Halal sources. If you make the choice to pick Halal sources. If you're if

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your income is haram in any way, make a knee and now that immediately you will stop that just stop it and you see how Allah how Allah subhanaw taala will provide you from sources that you could not imagine as far as food is concerned as I told you, what can you do with Pepsi and Coke? Beautiful toilet cleaner use it in the toilet in the night for the bottle in the morning first the toilet will have a shiny and nice toilet. Right you are you are the ones who insist on drinking directly and as I don't know why. Right so do that with Pepsi and Coke. What do you do with those chickens and so on so forth, which you are not sure of give them away. Give them away a lot of beggars and

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so on so forth for them to eat it is just give them away in future and sure no chicken no matter no beef no nothing unless I know the origin of that thing. I will not eat as I told you don't go into the masala the masala is that if I go to your house and you are a Muslim you give me a chicken I can eat it no problem I don't have to ask you where to get it from. That is the masala I'm talking about the taco of it. The Aquavit. If you're not sure, don't eat it. If you are sure as I told you eat chickens to start laying eggs, no problem, right? No problem. But make sure make sure that you're eating Halal was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was ivh when magical Yahama

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rahimian Alhamdulillah haram

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