Abdurraheem Green – The World Is Going To End -Signs Are Already Out

Abdurraheem Green
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of technology and technology in the world economy, which is affecting the whole world economy. The speaker also discusses the increase in killing and the use of interest money in terrorism, which is being described as "has been unlawful." The speaker discusses the split of Islam and its importance to the world, including the announcement of the split of the sky and the split of the moon, and emphasizes the need for people to be more afraid of Islam and pray in humility. The speaker encourages people to pray in prayer and be more afraid of Islam.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of you, and may He guide all of us to the right path and to the truth. Today, it's our last and final episode of the proof that Islam is the truth. We've been through many different amazing things. But the last thing that we want to finish with today are some of the signs of the last day things that the Prophet Mohammed said that would happen before the end of time. And of course, the first thing the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the first thing that he said would be the first of the signs of the last day is his death. And that last day is soon upon us. And that's what

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the prophet said then 1400 years ago, how close must it be? Now? Let's look at some of the things the Prophet Mohammed may have lost peace and blessings be upon him said in various narrations, first of all, the prophet Mohammed mentioned that amongst the signs of the last day, is that you would see the barefooted Bedouins compete with each other in building tall buildings. This is remarkable, because I invite anybody to look and go and visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, these are places were 60 years ago. I remember when I was in Kenya, and they were complaining how there was no more money coming from Saudi Arabia of the 911, and so on and so forth. And they were saying, Well,

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you know, 60 years ago, we used to send money to Saudi Arabia to help the orphans and the madrassas there. Now, you will find the people who only 60 years ago were barefoot Bedouins, competing with each other, in who can build the tallest building in the world. In fact, it said there's going to be six of the tallest buildings in the world, in Dubai, in the years to come. This is something the Prophet Mohammed was predicting 1400 years ago, it is truly a sign of the last days. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also mentioned that the mosques would become like palaces. And this is the case even though the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ordered simplicity in the houses

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of Allah, the fact is that they have become more and more fantastic and more and more money is being spent on these mosques with domes and floors and golden domes and floors and everything to match with so much lavish chandeliers and carpets, like palaces, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, would happen, also, the prophet mentioned that trust worthiness would disappear, so much so that a person would be able to say, I know a trustworthy person in such and such town, I asked you yourself if maybe that is not the case, today. Also, the prophet mentioned that there will be an increase in killing prophet call it however, to the extent that the one who is being killed,

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and the one who is killing they don't even know what is being killed, doesn't know why he's being killed, the one who is killing, doesn't know why he's doing the killing. I think this is this describing the condition of some cities today, where kids are shooting people, the person has no idea why he was shot. In fact, people are being shot merely just to prove themselves or for any type of madness that you can imagine, not even to mention, the massacres of so many people that is taking place due to terrorism, whether it is the terrorism of countries, or the terrorism of organizations or individuals, we shouldn't really make a difference. It's all terror when women and children and

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innocence get killed. It's terror, by the hands of whoever it is. People do not know why they're killing or why they're being killed. But it's such an extent that it is unimaginable, just as the Prophet Mohammed predicted 1400 years ago, also, the prophet mentioned that there will be the increase in the use of Riba, which means usually interest, credit cards, mortgages, things like that, in fact, that to the extent that no one would be able to escape the dust of it, everybody will be affected by it. And this is without doubt the truth of the world economy. Today, the whole world economy is affected and controlled by banks, and the use of interest money. Even though in Islam, it

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is totally prohibited, even though in Christianity up until the 16th 17th century, ribault was forbidden in Christendom as well. But yet today, it is something that controls the world economy to the extent that

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No one can escape it, just as the Prophet Mohammed predicted 1400 years ago. The Prophet also said that there will be in an increase in literacy. In fact, so many people will be able to read and write but actually knowledge will decrease. Isn't that a type of paradox, more people will read and what do we end up reading most of us we read rubbish, we read rubbish stuff, but we can read, but knowledge, especially knowledge of the religion, despite the fact that more people can read, ignorance has become prevailing. And this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that religious knowledge would decrease not by the books disappearing, not by you know, knowledge being

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taken from the minds of the people, no, the knowledge in the sense of the books will be there, but the scholars, so that only ignorant people will remain, and people will ask them for religious verdicts, and they will give it even though they are ignorant, and they will misguide themselves and misguide others. Anyone acquainted with a Muslim world today will be familiar with this. And the Prophet mentioned though the speakers will be many and the scholars will be few. And this is what we can find exactly. There are many speakers, many thinkers, many intellectuals, many people handler giving down maybe not enough people, but the scholars, they are so few. And this is a type of sign

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of the last day that the scholars will be taken away and this is exactly what we find happening. Also the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there'll be such an increase in musical instruments, and Muslims will make it lawful even though it is forbidden, the use of musical instruments, it has been forbidden by the prophet, some Muslims will make it lawful and there are many people who saying it's allowed even though it is very clearly mentioned in Sohail Buhari, the most authentic collection of Hadith. And this is mentioned here, this hadith where the Prophet predicted that the people will make it lawful, even though the Prophet made it unlawful that has

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come true, just as the Prophet Mohammed May Allah as peace and blessings be upon him said also he mentioned there will be an increase in sexual promiscuity. Even though Islam is a religion that teaches chastity that a man and a woman should confine themselves to marriage, the prophet said there will be an increase in sexual promiscuity. And I don't think anyone can deny that that is the state of the world today with highly sexualized images, and even traditional societies that normally had a good traditional moral values. For example, like India, even in India, for example, promiscuity is becoming more and more common, hardly than it ever was before, even in Muslim

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countries where the whole idea of sexual promiscuity is so against the teachings of Islam. It is unfortunately becoming more and more common. And the Prophet Mohammed said that because of this diseases would appear that people had never heard of before. Isn't that the case? aids, for example, diseases that people had never heard of before, will arise due to sexual promiscuity. And this has taken place just as the Prophet Mohammed predicted sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he mentioned that women will be naked, although they are dressed. I don't think this is a better way of describing the dress of some women today, which in all that means is nakedness with the clothes that are so tight,

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they describe every shape of the body, which this technology did not exist to make those type of clothes in the time of the Prophet. Yet the Prophet Mohammed is describing how this nakedness amongst the women will become pro surveillance.

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And also, the prophet mentioned that there will be shouting in the mosque, something that is prohibited in Islam, and it's something that I have witnessed myself. And also the Prophet said the worst and the most ignorant people will become the leaders. And really, I have to say, if we look at some of the world leaders today, even of some of the superpowers,

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it seems as if what the prophet said about the worst and most ignorant people becoming leaders seems to have taken place exactly as the Prophet Muhammad said. Also, he mentioned that a man will obey his wife and disobey his mother, something really contrary to the teachings of Islam. He will rather listen to his friends than listen to his father. And this is something that we have find happening in the Muslim world, even though this is so against the teachings of Islam. Men will wear golden silk and they will make it lawful, even though the Prophet has made it unlawful. People will abandon the religion of Islam for a small worldly gain.

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And keeping on to the religion will be hold like holding two hot coals. I mentioned in all of these things, and there are many, many

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The more things that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, but these are some of the small signs concerning the events that will take place before the last day. And as we can see these things that I have gone through, almost without exception, they have come true in a way that is so, so clear and so, so obvious and so, so apparent.

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I want to spend a little bit of time talking about some of the authenticated miracles of the Prophet Mohammed. I mean, of course, the greatest miracle that was given to the Prophet Mohammed was the Quran. But there are many authenticated miracles and it is not often known and mentioned that were done through the prophet Mohammed by the power of God. For example, even at the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, may Allah peace and blessings be upon him, when he was taken by the wetness Halima, and she was the only one willing to take him even though he was an orphan. And because he was an orphan, no one was really expecting that they would get any reward and they would get well paid, but bear

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Halima his wetness. And that was the tradition of the Arabs, they used to send their babies out into the desert, whereas more healthy, to be nursed by the Bedouin women and Halima. She took this responsibility, even though she was not really expecting much reward. And from the moment she did this, she found that everything changed. Even the goats in her tribe started to get fatter, wherever they went, there was grace for them to feed, she herself became stronger and more healthy and was producing more milk. And as long as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was with her, she found these blessings happen. In fact, she commented to her husband and the tribe, that surely we have

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been given a blessing child. When the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, before he was a prophet, one of the things that would happen was the stones would speak to him, and they would say to him, Mohammed, you are the Messenger of Allah. And this is the type of things that will happen. These are some miracles, and true and authentic miracles that happened to the Prophet that Islam is the truth. And we're talking about the authenticated miracles of the Prophet Mohammed, may Allah peace and blessings be upon him things that were witnessed by his companions, who lived with him and saw these things and recorded them. And we have these things until today. And we're only mentioning

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a few because we don't have too much time, we can't go thoroughly into every single one. So we're just mentioning a few of them. As one famous incident, when the Prophet Mohammed when he used to deliver the sermon, the Friday sermon, in the mosque in Medina, there was a certain pulse, which he used to lean against. But then he decided it would be better if he stood on a type of pulpit. And so they had constructed some steps, and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would walk up and climb and stand on those steps, and he would deliver his sermon from there. And when he walked up and climbed on the step, the post that he used to lean on, again, a sound came out of it, like a

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crying sound. And the Prophet went and stroke this, the post was crying, because the Prophet Mohammed was not leaning on it anymore. And this is how the sadness the post felt, because the Prophet had left it is amazing thing, how this crying noise was heard. Coming out of the post, there are many narrations that are reported, where animals used to come and complain to the Prophet Mohammed. That was one example, when some companions had stolen the eggs from a nest of a bird. And this bird was seeing flapping around the head of the Prophet Mohammed. And the Prophet said, Who are those people who have stolen the eggs from the nest of the bird, and he told them to return it that

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his mother is distressed because of what you have done.

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Also, a camel complained to the Prophet Mohammed, that its owner was overloading it. And from this, the prophet Mohammed warned us and told us not even to oppress the animals under our care, and that we should be careful not to overburden them with more than that they are able to take there is a famous and beautiful story, how Abu huraira, who was one of the companions of the Prophet used to feel so hungry, sometimes used to faint at the door of the mosque, and people used to tread on him because they thought he was mad. And one day he went to Abu Bakar and he didn't want to tell anyone that he was really almost dying of hunger. So he went and he asked Abu Bakar a question about the

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court and hoping that Abu Bakr would recognize his weakness, but he didn't and he went to Oman, and the same thing happened. But when he went to the Prophet, straight away, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Come with me. He told Abu huraira and to come with him and he went to his house, and he asked his wives, what do we have in the house to eat, they have nothing except a bowl of milk. This is the house of the Messenger of God, in the house of the Messenger of God amongst all his wives or

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They have to drink between them is a bowl of milk. And the Prophet said, Give it to me. Then he said to Abu huraira, go and get the people of the bench. Now the people of the bench were all the poor people used to sleep next to the mosque. And Abu Maria was thinking, if I call them, there's not going to be enough milk for me. There's hardly enough milk for me, let alone to feed all the people of the bench. But then he thought, I must obey the order of the Prophet Mohammed. So he said, Okay, I will do it even. Because this is what the prophet said. So he called them and the Prophet God, I will hurry to sit on his left. And now in Islam, when we pass something, we pass it from the right,

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and so the Prophet past his bowl of milk from the right going around all the people, and every time I will hurry was thinking, there's not going to be enough milk left for me, there's not going to be enough milk left for me. And eventually, when the milk got to him, he drank from the milk. And then the Prophet Mohammed said, drink again. And he drank again. And then the third time, the prophet said, drink again, and I will hurt he said, I can't drink I am.

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This is a miracle, of course, how the small amount of milk was so much to feed so many people. And this is not the only time such an event happen. Also, the prophet made a miraculous night journey from Mecca, to Jerusalem, and up from Jerusalem, through the heavens, where Allah gave him the five prayers, and he saw many wonderful signs in the heavens. Now, many people when they heard this, they actually started to disbelieve in Islam.

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People came to Abu Bakar they said, Oh, bucha, you know, your friend is saying now, he's saying he went on a journey to Jerusalem in one night and then went up to the heavens. Abu Bakar said, if that's what the prophet said, he did, it happened, because he never lies.

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Anyway, people started saying, prove to us that this is the case. So the Prophet Mohammed, he described a caravan that he had seen on the way, meaning a caravan, you know, of camels and a trade caravan. He described this caravan and what it looked like and he also described to the people, Jerusalem, and what it was like, two days later, the caravan arrived. And it was exactly how the Prophet Muhammad may allow us peace and blessings be upon him, had described it. And then when the people asked the caravan, they've come from Jerusalem. And they described to the people how was Jerusalem and it matched exactly the description of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. Of course, another great miracle that was given to the Prophet Mohammed was the splitting of the moon, the pagan Arabs kept asking the Prophet for a sign kept asking him for a sign. So he, eventually Allah gave him the sign, and the moon was split into the two halves of the moon work on each side of the horizon. Of course, the pagan Arabs did still not believe in spite of all of that. Anyway, those are just some of the miracles of the Prophet Mohammed, which Allah gave to him. And I'm only mentioning them by way of completeness. Because, of course, really, for those of you who are thinking, for those of you who are thinking deeply, our whole series has been about something

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really miraculous.

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Those proofs and evidences that we have presented to you, through which and by which you might know that the core and is truly what it claims to be the Word of God, that Mohammed may allow us peace and blessings be upon him, he is what he claimed to be, the final messenger of God of Allah, sent for the benefit in the mercy of all of mankind. We have discussed, matters rational, and matters mysterious. We have talked about all sorts of wonderful things. But the question I need to ask you now, what is preventing you from accepting the truth that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, and that Mohammed, may Allah peace and blessings be upon him? is indeed the final messenger

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of Allah? Is it fear? Are you afraid? What will the people say? If I become Muslim? What will people say about me? What will happen to me at work? What will happen to me at school? What will happen to me in my home with my parents? Is this what is preventing you from accepting the truth? Oh, my dear people, you should be more afraid of Allah. You should be more afraid of your Lord. You should be more afraid of the punishment of the Hellfire that awaits those people who reject truth, a fire where Allah will burn the skin and recreate the skin so that people can taste the punishment of place.

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where water, boiling water will be poured on people's faces that will burn their faces and burn out their insides. This is the punishment saved. For those people who rejects truth. Is it not more appropriate and worthy? That you should be afraid of that? Are you not afraid that Allah will send a punishment upon you? Like he did send a punishment upon Noah and his people about the people of Sodom and Gomorrah? The people of lot, the prophet lot. Are you not afraid that HS Theismann will come from your Lord in this life? Maybe it is arrogance. Maybe it is pride. Maybe you think that the virtue of belonging to a certain tribe or a certain nation or a certain country, maybe you think you

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are so powerful, but Allah is more powerful. Have you not travel the earth and see what has happened to those people, before civilizations strong empower, and might and what is left of them ruins Where did all their science and their technology and their wisdom and their intelligence lead them if it did not take them to the belief and the acceptance of the truth? That Allah is the true object of worship, that Mohammed is the true messenger.

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Maybe it is my dear people that you are not sincere. You do not care about truth. You only care about the things of this world.

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But you should care. You should care about the things of this world. Because the true happiness of this world is in obeying your Lord and knowing your Lord and worshiping your Lord. How many people have this world leave it and they never tasted the sweetest thing in life. The sweetest thing in this life is to know Allah and to follow his religion and his guidance that he sent down. All I can say ultimately, is that Allah has guided me to Islam. And it is the happiest and the best and the most complete way of life a human being could ever live. I just asked you to do one thing.

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Pray with your heart with your soul with your mind. Ask and pray God in humility, insincerity, raise your hands and say and beg old God, guide me to the truth I open my heart to the truth. If Islam is the truth, guide me to it, and make me happy with it. And help me to follow it and help me to be a sincere Muslim if it is the truth, oh God, Creator of the heavens and earth. May Allah guide me You always to the truth as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My the Peace and blessings of Allah be with you always.

In this concise talk, Sheikh Green reminds us of the many signs of the End of Time. It’s necessary to note that the signs are all present today. Necessary so that we squander not precious time left to us in doing what we’ve been put on the dunya to do – to be His Vicegerents.

Take note that the prophet s.a.w. adviced that if you knew Qiyamah was upon you and you held a seed in your palm, then you should plant the seed. Why? Because only Allah knew the future – yours, the seed, the earth. Only He knew the actual time of Qiyamah. So until that time comes, what should we do? Listen to Sheikh Green’s advice in this talk.


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