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Mirza Yawar Baig
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Well, I don't know that he will humbly level a bit out of meeting with

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me but mousseline Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Dali he was it was salam. This Lehmann Garcia Garcia I'm working in this absolutely fabulous place where I go for a walk called Ashley was away.

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I don't know if you can see that there's a

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little bevy of ducks were four of them were flying across the water. And at some point, they will land

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very, very beautiful. So how

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the atmosphere is clean, clean, clean.

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You can literally

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smell the forest it's so beautiful. And

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hamdulillah as

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I always do, ask myself, What do I learned

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and interestingly, one of the things that I am learning right now as I speak to you is to see

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how Allah subhanaw taala designs things. See this picture that's coming up here the right which is the forest trees are reflected in the water it looks as if the forest is upside down.

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So we still believe do you believe is really upside down? Because here's the picture. And as we know, pictures don't lie. But pictures can be manipulated and pictures are a certain way because of certain conditions and so on and so forth. And before I go any further that is those are some lilies. If you can see them there I don't want to magnify the pictures right now because I don't know what it will do to the video but anyway,

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so I'm walking through this forest

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and which brings me to so if things are deceptive in the world of this activity, what we see is not really what we want is real.

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How do we make a difference?

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once I've been booted out to rally used to

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give this very simple but very powerful

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imagery in in the following

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and I will say it in order to like us to say it and translate it for those who are not fortunate enough to know

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he used to say que

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nada Batang it couldn't

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beta Daga

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apne bit Onko Dobby debate uncle William

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or Judwaa Kuma

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Toma, Jake Acharya Pascal

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Okay, Eckhart Angotti

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or hidden Cambodia

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on OT, some UK

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thus lucky a bit lucky, Hideki a goatee or Doozer hotly contested image Olivia Graham Graham, Jeremy Bharti Lizzie's Deaconess electrocuting diseases

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to do better or jumped over chirpin

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to Davanzo get me god

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I'm gonna teach a year jalebi which I did

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just a little

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thought about Santiago but

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don't over check.

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I'm good here gdb

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egg but salesman's

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delivering it

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to Bob to her IBC Barchetta Yamato

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and Mattila

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Angotti major levy

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Angotti me jalebi.

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About Sanjay Bajaj

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delivery and die cut yoga scope Asana

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Angotti to take yoga.

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gangway and more teammates teenager labia

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Gangotri the tortilla or jellybeans scanner cache

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though will never give ATCO in sky San Diego's coordinations to her but Bob Kiba Tony mantha auto jewelry Lily,

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a budget Angotti so the other guy that has decided to go to JB mot they are a delivery model.

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They've gotten a ticket with delivery a little year ago to Austin motility

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I'm the gig guy because I'm their

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gig and a delivery Li. Are those Rene? I'm totally

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I'm just gonna jalebi Lee Votto disini Angotti Lee was called anggota. Deckard I was worked O'Gara to Toby Huva Yeah. Good Tikka. Garganega Angotti to

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get Omnia Tandy has Kokanee like they gotta meet in a

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or delivery Gangaramaya or meaty * my Takara the O's worked.

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dou G snare, deliberately like baggy or shatter your shelter.

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Younger year Tamara

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Maga Barbara gotta get Angotti major labia Tosca Monica. Was came on the Yankees a motif okay Martha is called garbage

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to generika Khurana type originally begun to conquer Egypt God Nibiru deliveries in the US tiger or those orbiculata.

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Yeah, missile

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Rasul allah sallallahu Sallam kubatko Man Nikki

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Jo, in a lot of Article Dharani, where he gives a recent episode of Supernatural for Maya, who's give me Sally Seaton.

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It was him God joke. I say Warham need

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to humble score komolika Ha ha ha.

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The haystack and

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so let me translate this whole thing. Mimosa Ballintoy Valley, one of the great scholars of India used to give this example.

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He would say the grandfather is sitting on the desk, he's he's getting ready to his grandchildren. His son comes along with his twin boys. The boys are four or five years old.

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So the grandpa sitting there the grandfather has on in front of him on a little table. He has

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a plate has such a saucer in which there is a jelly baby. Now, those of you who do not know what is Jelly Baby, that's what I call a double whammy. You don't know what to do and you don't already. So the first thing you need to do is to catch all of your

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India Pakistani Bangladeshi friends and say, get me a Jollibee and then eat a delivery and you'll know what I mean. So it's a it's a sweet it's an Indian, bison sweet. Which is apart from anything else. extremely sweet.

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And very tasty. Very delicious.

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So here's this delivery.

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And it looks like a pretzel. It looks like an orange pretzel filled with sugar for those Americans who want a description. It's like an orange pretzel.

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Filled with sugar.

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In the other hand, the grandfather is a solitaire diamond ring.

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Which is roughly worth

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for the sake of making it exciting. See a half a million dollars but the huge stone see what a half a million dollars.

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So grandfather says to his little two little concealer, grandsons.

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Which one do you want?

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Do you want the

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money? Do you want the jalebi or do you want

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the rink which in order we call it mot

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they do little boys.

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The first of them he extends his hand towards the JB towards the suite.

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The father stops him and he says

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don't take the jewelry.

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Take the ring

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because in the ring

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is the jewelry.

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In the ring

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is a jewelry.

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An inner ring is the

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is a jewelry shop.

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Now think about that. Think about that from the point of view of a

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little five year old kid.

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Who here is

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here is his father telling him something which absolutely makes no sense to him.

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He knows the delivery because he eaten the meal before he loves it.

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He is

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you know and he hears

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after a delicious looking one nice and hardens and civilians and you're dripping and sure

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they'd love to read it. And on the other hand ring you may have seen it on the on his grandfather's

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ring his ring well what are the five year old kid no works on it.

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And the price is rings.

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So he looks at his father he thinks to himself, well, you know,

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what does he know? I know better.

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So he picks up the sweet.

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Now the second boy, the gumbo says to him, do you want the ring? Or should I get you another one of these deliveries? That might things? Well, you know,

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my brother didn't listen to Daddy. Let me listen to that isn't it.

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So now at that point, when one of them has the delivery has a suite in his hand, the other one has a cold, hard ring in his hand, who seems to have got the better deal.

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And in order to is a

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Angotti, algo seducer, and worked hard, and GoDaddy is like thumbing your nose. So now the guy who got the

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who got the jellybeans sweet, he will literally sum his nose at the other one. And he will say, you know, you got the short end of the stick.

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You got the short end of the stick you got, you didn't get anything. And look at me now and eating this thing is so delicious and fantastic.

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But the father says to this other guy, don't worry about it.

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As I told you, in this ring, is not only the delivery, he's not only the sweet, but the whole sweet shop.

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And of course, I mean, I don't think that needs any explanation.

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You know what that means, you know, use for the price for half a million dollars, you can buy the whole suite factory for the sweet shop. So then this kid is going to be able to eat JBR his life. And hopefully he doesn't get diabetes in the process. But anyway,

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he will easily be honest, he will be able to feed the baby to all his friends.

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So when you look at it in the long term, who got the better deal?

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That's a no brainer right? Now this is, as I mentioned,

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the reason why we need the guidance of rosov lysosome because the knowledge that Allah Subhana Allah gave him through, hey, this knowledge is something we don't know.

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But we need it. And that's the reason why Allah subhanaw taala centers the NABI Ali salaam, with this knowledge to teach us.

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And he taught us that question to ask for ourselves this, there is that leap of faith, there is going to be a part which will not within course, make sense to you and me, because we don't have the knowledge to understand it. That is the part which is going to be

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difficult to

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believe or understand. But we still accept that and we follow that guidance. Not because we understand everything in it, but because of who is saying that to us.

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And Dolla dolla rasool Allah

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Cooley and Sal the

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Allah subhanaw taala and His Rasul Allah above any examples that we can give, but just for us to illustrate, just as the Father wishes the best for his children,

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that he

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wished and wishes the best for his ummah

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to a level of excellence that even parents cannot reach. And the delay for that the proof of that is that on the day,

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when parents are going to be running away from children, the state of North Senousy

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Yeah, federal Mermin as he will be, he will owe me he will be, well Sahiba T will bunny, unless you heard that I said they will run

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the friend from the friend, the mother and the father from the children

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on that day,

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the one who will not run from us and who will own us and who will say it was robbed Allah,

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almighty Almighty, my own my Arab, my own Maya.

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think about this.

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Do you want to believe it?

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Or do you want to believe your experience your eyes and so on so forth? Which are showing you a false picture

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in the mirror? Like I showed you in this video,

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you ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to

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understand the true value

00:14:53 --> 00:14:55

of Salem

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and to

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for him as he wanted us to follow Him,

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not by worshipping Him, not by singing, and she's bordering on shirk.

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Not by

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having this STR and that is still

00:15:21 --> 00:15:25

not by celebrating Mila Dunleavy for which there is no delete,

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but by following him in our lives, in every aspect of our lives,

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a bit archaic or big data is unhappy if

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you ask ALLAH SubhanA data to be pleased with us unable to be displeased and to forgive our sins.

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He will say remember I have to go

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