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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala McSally Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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from above my brothers sisters.

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Last Bernadette ordered us when he said what? We have the luxury and a lot of

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Allah subhanaw taala said hold firmly to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala and do not divide amongst yourselves. Allah did not say a lot of study who is it that

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he did not say do not have a difference of opinion. Right you can have a difference of opinion. He says, the former who do not make FERC do not make divisions amongst yourselves.

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The life of Rasulullah Salem

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every aspect of it is a module is a miracle. Every aspect of it is a sign from Allah subhanaw taala. But perhaps

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at least looking at it from today's context, the biggest the most powerful of them was the creation of the OMA

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a brother brotherhood of fates.

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Just Just imagine this think about this, that literally look at look at ourselves

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and think about those days where resources

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he took people who had nothing in common with each other, completely different.

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And he formed with them brother, he made them brothers.

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the like of which today may Allah protect us we do not even have that feeling for our own blood blood brothers. They

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give you a couple of examples.

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Buddha Allah sorry, Alonso Rasul Allah says Allah made him the brother of Salman al farsi rodella.

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So one is a Persian man whose language is Persian. He speaks Farsi.

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He knew Arabic, of course, but his origin language is Farsi and he's called Salman al Farsi that is called the Alpha dizzy from someone from various from Russia.

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And the other one is

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Arab. He's from Medina. He is from the unser out of the islands.

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So these two brothers.

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Now, one day, Salma, vazee came home and he found O'Meara a Buddha does vie for the lawn. Who was also a great mom had this she was a great scholar herself.

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He found her in a state where he she looked disabled like for example the hair is not combed and clothing is not really doesn't look like she's taking care of herself. So some of us is that we're What's wrong with you Are you sick or something's wrong something is you know, you're not well, he's a no no, I'm fine. So he said why are you looking like this? She said because your brother is not interested in me anymore. He doesn't care for me anymore.

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So someone said why do you say that whatever he said because he fasts every day and every night he is praying no light

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so when is the time for me there's not everyone

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some of us are there and said okay, we'll take care of this so

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that day

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midday I would have another one who came home and he brought food for some of us he put it there

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so love as I said to him, sit with me and it

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was gonna say no, I'm fasting so no you're not fasting use it and it's why fasting today is not about that. This is not any you know, the days of Julija or they don't reason too fast right? Jennifer was very good.

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He told me

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I was one of the nurses who hung out with what is this? There's you know, Java on me so I don't get use it any other way I want it

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if you don't eat I will not.

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So anyway, reluctantly, he sat down he broke his first he ate with him.

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Then that night when they

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went to sleep

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I was another law no. He stood up some of us he said why don't you

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Why are you standing up he said to preserve what we finish this up. He just realized all right.

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This time to sleep so sleep

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so I was gonna Delano he laid out

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after a little while he thought some of us is sleeping. So he got up some of us, whatever do while getting up but

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wrong so

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I want to go to the hydrogel not time but

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still time for that review a couple of hours more Why are you getting up now? Sleep

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now this happened two or three times. Now obviously I was under the law who is sick and died of this right? I mean you imagine this is in his house. You are my guests you are living in my house and you want to dictate to me I was eat I was fast. I was not fast asleep. But what is this?

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Anyway, time for last third of the night time for agile, seven farcical Dylan, who also got over there and also got up there Britt had us and I was over there and is very angry now.

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In the morning, they went to Serato Fajr. to Salem. That was way after South of whether he would turn around and he would sit and he would say is, you know, did anybody see a dream? Does he ever have a question and he would give to some McCarthy era as a reminder.

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I will tell you also Allah, I have a complaint against my brother.

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As soon as there was another word complaint, whatever. He told him so he said, This is what he's doing. He I was fasting. He forced me to break my fast I wanted to pray that God will not be prayed. And he said I have to sleep. Let's see how a resource or service way of handling conflict site immediately he did not respond to him. He said to him, Okay, did you have services offering there? He's also there.

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He said Did your brother give you a reason? Why did you do that?

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So I would have said yes, he gave me a reason he told me Allah has a right on you. Your body.

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Your body has a right on you. Your wife has a right on your family has a right don't give to each one there Right.

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Rasulillah Salam Salam said your brothers both the truth. Do that

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your brothers have the truth.

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They imagine

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how does brotherhood happen? There are two fundamental things. Number one, overlook mistakes.

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Don't fight don't catch don't find fault. You know that KVM is an

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easy go looks. Look Allah

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has argued that CNA was the egg, Wag the Dog goodbye,

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night Nigeria you don't see that 1000 Good things, you will find that one fault. The other 999 We take it for granted. We live in the opposite world that is why we do not even have good relations with our own blood brothers.

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First requirement for friendship for Brotherhood is ignore mistakes.

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If it is so problematic, make dua to Allah subhanaw taala stand in the 100k for Allah my brother, you are lovable.

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Second one, forgive mistakes

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for you forgive mistakes

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another beautiful story of the Sahaba

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one of the Hata Delana during his time he's gonna say the number of the lamb was beautiful but he said Yeah, you are Latina. I want to Allah rasool Allah already learned Minko he said the I chose not to work on ESA is that oh you will believe obey Allah obey His Rasul and obey the leaders among you.

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Someone fast another law sitting in front.

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Several of us that are said we will obey Allah we will obey the Rasul but we will not tell you. Now this is in Joomla mozzie this back he is the Khalifa he's giving hotbar

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so seven hour said why do you say that? Why we do not obey me. Some of us Alana says because you are not fair. You're not just you are unjust.

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Now think about this. What will anyone do? I mean,

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this is not just any Sunday, this is the Ameerul Momineen

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is not a novel that he's not an imam that you are being a savage. These are middle Momineen

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and you are saying I will not obey you.

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Sharon this is like over almost right.

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He didn't say he didn't react he did not get angry here said why do you say that? Some of us you know there are unresolved because

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from the Ranima that came

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you gave each of us one piece of cloth but you have taken to

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so you unjust

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so then our other our did not respond. He did not reply.

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Abdullah Abdullah Omar de la DOMA, his son, he was sitting there. He stood up and he said

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to his to someone Vasco de la he said your army is or my uncle

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gave my visa clock to my father. That is how he has to.

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He did not take two. He also took one but as you know, he's a big man. So the number was I was a, literally a professional wrestler before he became Muslim.

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He was massive was huge. He was very, very strong, very muscular, with a big man. So there's an abdomen over there and said that my father one piece of cloth is not enough for him to make his, the clothing that he's wearing. So I gave my piece of cloth to my father, that is how he has to

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serve us do the analysis, then inshallah we obey Allah we obey the Rasul and we will obey you.

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Now, think about this.

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What was the need to do all of this drama in the in at the time of dua, obviously, Salman Farsi and then our Motherland who they are like brothers, then there are far more than there is no, I cannot even give a comparison. You know, I cannot say to like me and hold on my army and, and I'm just so tired or me and, you know, no, this is way beyond this. The way we they're clothed, their closeness was more than blood brothers. So what was the problem? He could have asked him privately? No, I mean, the normal thing.

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Why don't you ask me outside? I didn't realize it. But why should you ask? You know, I asked in public, because he loved his brother and why how? Because he knew that this to cloth thing is public knowledge. There may be many people who have this Guma and who have this wrong impression about Southern Alberta to say here is a man who's unjust, he has taken double the share. So survivors rather than over asking a public question, gives him an opportunity to clarify the whole thing in public, because not everyone has the courage to ask Omar directly. Some of us is different at a different level. So obviously he has the guys but not everyone. So people will go away with the

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wrong impression about jazzanova Delano. So by asking questions are fuzzy completely Adelanto clears the air everyone No, no, there is no problem or Hamdulillah. Our Amir is a just man.

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See the hikma see where even when they ask a question. There is love behind that there is a higher high behind this there is a well wishing of the other person behind it. They're not doing that, you know by by in trying to somehow harm the other person.

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I remember when you let us develop this in our hearts. This is what we need. Today the biggest cancer of this old man is this divisions, divisions, divisions, all kinds of reasons for division. We have We are great at finding faults ballers fault we will find whatever it is smart as far as we find his word. We will will criticize we will talk behind people's backs. We do all kinds of backbiting. Please let us lead our hearts we ask Allah subhanaw taala to clean our hearts. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for doing what we have been doing all this while and to open our hearts to His grace and His Majesty, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with love for

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one another. We ask Allah as Valterra to keep our hearts together always. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to develop the character where we clarify and we settle our differences by ourselves between each other with love and respect for one another was another harana Bill Karim Ali he was named erotica.