Ali Hammuda – I Wouldn’t Even Forgive Myself

Ali Hammuda
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You know, why would Allah Subhanallah dawn upon me when I wouldn't even forgive myself for what I've done in the past? Come on, what are you saying? Haven't you read the IOER? Allah Subhanallah Donna said in Matoba to Allah Allah Healy, Naveen a Yama, Luna su Oh Abuja and attina Nya to bone quarry for

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Gaya to Allah Wa La him waka and Allah wa Lehmann Hakeem

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala accepts the repentance of those who do wrong in ignorance. And then they repent soon after, it is these people whom ALLAH will forgive, and Allah is ever knowing and wise.

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Well, look, there you have it, according to the verse that you just quoted. It's only the repentance of those who do wrong in ignorance. That's accepted. I wasn't ignorant of what I was doing. I knew very well that my actions were prohibited. Wait, please, you've misunderstood what Allah subhanho wa Taala means my ignorance in this area. Our predecessors have said that every person who disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala whether out of mistake or purposely than this person is ignorant till he leaves the sin. In fact, did you know that the Companions would say that every sin which a person perpetrates is in ignorance Subhanallah I never knew that. Allah is so merciful, but look, hold on,

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there is another obstacle. The verse says that Allah will pardon those who repent soon after. See, I told you that I was not part of Allah's mercy because I've been messing about for years and years. So even if I do decide to change, this obviously isn't soon after. Guess what you've misunderstood the expression soon after his Well, our predecessors they said, explaining this verse, Every repentance that happens before death is soon after. Al Hassan bursary would say that so long as repentance is before the pangs of death, then this is soon after Subhanallah

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I really don't have an excuse during these obstacles, my brother our imaginary invented by shape on so that you never weep to him in regret. In reality, Allah has removed all of the obstacles. So you're saying that if I make a move towards Allah, Allah will allow me in?

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The answer to that question is in the last part of the verse Go on, read it.

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For hula, aka tube Allahu Allah e Mercan. Allahu Ali min Hakima it is those whom Allah will forgive and ALLAH is ever knowing and wise

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