Questioned by a Girl who Hated him the Most

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Can we move on to the mic behind for the ladies?

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Just kindly state your name, your profession? And your question briefly. Assalamu alaikum doctors back in May.

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My name has to be kept secret for a few reasons. And I hope my face is not recorded.

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I must do then. And to Dr. Zack and I, first of all, I'm sorry.

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Because you are the person I hated the most a few years back.

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Before I became a Muslim, I really don't like you. I really hate you. And when any of my friends tried to praise you, I will make sure I done great you.

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So my question to you today is

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despite of all this kind of hatred of others towards you, how do you continue doing this Dawa to the entire nation people and everyone

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and one more thing, doctors, okay.

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I would like to sincerely say I'm sorry for all the hatred

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in the past.

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So instead of asking a good question, she said that previously in the past used to hate me and used to speak against me and anyone who prays Mitch is to attack them and attack me. And I believe that now she's a Muslim. And she's apologizing for that sister. First, I'd like to say that thank you for giving me all those hatred, because then a person truly hate someone, and he believes in it, but if he's logical, Inshallah, there are chances, they will come to the true part. And I'll give you a very good example. The best example I can give you is Hello, Tamara de la Vaughn. He was the second Caliph of Islam. He was one of the staunchest enemy of Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem and Islam. So my

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Sadat, Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, did dua to Allah, that give hedaya to one of the Omar n or to the tumor.

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You heard that one. And Allah gave it to Omar Monica tabla one. And when the person who's to hate Islam, they to kill in the name of Islam, when he accepted Islam, he was one of the staunchest supporters of Islam. So I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that me he makes you tomorrow, the one that one who are the staunch enemy of Islam against I Eve, inshallah you will be one of the staunchest supporters of Islam inshallah. And our beloved prophet was ALLAH Salam said that once a person accepts Islam, all his or her pre within the washed away

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all the negative is washed, the more bad they did that much positive again. That means a person before before accepting Islam, the more evil he did, he was so far away from the deen when he accepted Islam, that the negativity all becomes positive

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means the more you abuse me or Islam, inshallah you will get that many positive point after you accept Islam inshallah.

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Regarding your main question, that

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how do I when there are

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many people

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who are hating me? How do I get Dawa? And that's a very good question. And when I was new in the field of our many years back when I started preaching, you know, there were few people listening then became 110,010 100,000 10 million. So as to think okay, first when I started out 101% was mainly me. So 100 people, one person enemy 1000, there'll be 10 enemies when million one person or million 10,000 10,000 enemy. So yes, my popularity is increasing and percentage by the enemies increasing. That was my understanding, which I was wrong.

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When we do the analysis of the Syrah masala salah.

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We come to know that when he started preaching Islam, five of them accepted Islam, there were no enemies

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and he kept on growing, spreading the truth, the enemies increased. Today, the person who is the most influential in the world,

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it is no masala Salah not only agreed by the Muslim living by non Muslim Michel HRD in his book, The 100 most influential people he puts our nubby curry Salah Salem mama salah, Salma is number one in the non Muslim but put my masala so number one most influential human being in the world.

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Do you know the person against whom the maximum books are written? The person who's criticized most today

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Who is it?

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Who is that person?

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Who is it?

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Who is the person today in the world? Who's criticized the most? Who's attacked the most?

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Who is it?

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Who the

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can hear you,

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Donald Trump, how many books against him?

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Today, the person who's the most attacked and hated in the world of Mamasan

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by the enemies of Islam, Allah says in the Quran in Surah Furqan chapter number 25 was number 31. That to every prophet we have appointed the enemy, and since Prophet mama Salah said in the last prophet he after enemies, I told the presence of our own shoot in India proves that the Quran is right. If people don't shoot you right books against Islam did not exist in the world, the Quran will be proved wrong. Quran says for every prophet we have appointed enemy

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so then I realized the more you spread the truth and people start liking you the enemy start hitting

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a hamdulillah

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when I did a little bit of survey in the in the website mashallah the following kept on increasing.

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It is all because of Allah subhanaw taala I'm nothing, I don't deserve it not even point 00 1% of it.

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We started

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it increased.

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And as the MC said nowadays, a Hamdulillah 17 point 5 million

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on the Facebook. By Allah's grace, the largest and religious personality with the Muslim Christian or Hindu. The second is a Christian joy oyston 16 point 9 million.

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But when you go on the net, and when I did the survey, out of every 10 website, at least two websites against me

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maybe 20% it may increase. Mama Salah salamin know the followers are 1.8 billion, maybe 2 billion some non Muslim loving, but yet the people hitting him a mood today.

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The books written against him.

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And that reminds me of a scholar that you asked me the question how when people hate you, White continues, the scholar who's who quoted that. Hello Tamara de la one second Caliph of Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala created a sec.

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Who cares as of tomorrow, the lovin so that he gets up, one scholar said the reason Allah created a sect

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to curse

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so that more because in that era, he will get reward. So in the way Allah is rewarding him. When a person does the word of truth, people speak against him, it will be converted on the day of judgment in the favor. Because anyone who criticizes me speaks against man, it's in the wrong on the Day of Judgment.

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His good deeds will come to me when it's good deeds and my bad deeds will go to him.

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So, though I don't want anyone to curse me, but when they cursed me, because of the teachings of Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, it makes me a staunch ally.

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And the more you spread, you will have to get difficulties. Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was the 155 Surely we will test you with fear and hunger,

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with loss of life and goods and what you have earned or toil for.

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Allah will test you. Allah will test you with fear and anger. And we find that more difficult the test more is the higher reward in akhira. And our beloved prophet no masala Salam said all the Amir's all the messengers were tested much more than any other non messenger in the world. So more difficult the test higher the reward, and today

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always thank Allah subhanaw taala that whatever little bit I have done it, it hasn't been first day. It's only because of Allah subhanaw taala

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I left my profession. People don't I'm a fool. I left

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my medicine profession and became a day I became from Dr. For body to Dr of a soul. They call me a fool. Because when I wanted to become a doctor, I thought it was the best profession in the world to to serve the sick people. It is a good profession. But when I found a better profession of a DI, I gave up my medical profession to become a die. And Allah subhana wa Taala blessed me much more than what I could have thought of.

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I'm sure if I were the doctor you already have come in polish to him.

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There are enough people we did for the sake of Allah, Allah gives you multiple times more.

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And today the problem because we're spreading truth, there are people against us there are people accepting Islam in large numbers Alhamdulillah Peace TV today the network has more than 200 million viewers. Every day, hundreds of non Muslims accepting Islam doesn't go down the throat of the enemies of Islam.

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Whether it be the Western countries, whether it's a country where I was born in India, they don't like it.

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I like the constitution of Bhutan, India is one of the few countries in the world with give the citizen the right to preach, practice and propagate the religion. I did not break a thing of the country, but because I was spreading peace, I was giving solution for humanity.

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All the people who don't like peace to prevail, they don't like

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so more they strive against me. I'm striving harder to spread the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala the more difficulty they put to me thinking that they will they will maybe make me break down. It is making me a more firm die.

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Because I didn't Tamia

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you know, the many people who attacked him they threatened him that they will put him in jail and threaten him that they will kill him. They will exile him even if he or she called Islam.

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And I say that. I'm nothing I'm nowhere compared to him.

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I'm just point 000 1% And I see the same thing what he said that what can you do to me? If you put me in jail, I will do sacrifice.

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If you tell me I'll do the *er, contemplate on the creation of Allah subhanaw taala if we execute me, I will become a shahid my Jana is in my heart.

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They cannot take my channel away from me.

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I ever die of Islam looks at the Sierra of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem.

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The more they attack the prophet The Prophet was kind. The Prophet was compassionate. We are nowhere close to the prophet, but we are thy we cannot

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retaliate. Allah says in the Quran in surah Forcella chapter number 41, verse number 34, that Repel evil with goodness, you may never know who's your enemy, he will become your friend. And you're one of the best examples for the fulfillment of this verse of the Quran, also referred to chapter 41 was number 34 That Repel evil with goodness, the person who the enemy will become your friend.

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And Sister, I only follow the Glorious Quran and say has it to the best of my ability, and the more you follow because I will meet a goal and my lecture tomorrow, the purpose of a life you should hear that what is the purpose of life? So if your purpose of our life is this dunya is nothing you strive for that Allah will give you dunya nakshatra and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that me he make me serve Islam as much as I can do Allah doesn't require me

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the rubbish that we are, we pray to Allah subhanaw taala me utilize every bit of my life to spread the deal to the best of my ability of Dempster Krishna says thank you Dr. Zaki for everything and I hope you'll forgive me

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since I've already forgiven you, and I pray for you, and I pray that Allah has more people like you coming close to Islam inshallah.