Guidebook to God #27 – Tahajjud – Finding light in the darkness

Yahya Ibrahim


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Finding light in the darkness to head Jude, the night vigil the night prayers Subhan Allah. This is one of the great aims that you and I should seek to improve. And I know it's very difficult well, light very difficult for me to kind of talk to you even about it. Many of us have had a lot we struggle with our day to day prayers we just struggling with food just struggling with or you know, finding time in our work or at school, to be able to take time off and pray Our children have prayer. And now you're telling me to pray night prayers. Well, believe it or not one of the best ways for you to improve your five daily prayers, the quality of them, your habitual pneus in them is

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that you make a determined effort to pray the voluntary prayers, because it makes you understand the value of the regimented slot app. And I do want to talk to you about the value of finding light in the darkness, finding an opportunity to turn to Allah when others are asleep, finding an opportunity to pray to Allah when NASA neon the prophets I seldom said that Hollywood agenda TV Salaam, you want to enter Jenna in peace solution NASA neon pray when other people are asleep when your street outside is dark, and the night has set and nobody is awake except to panela you have risen, your family have risen to answer the call of Allah and a few hours few minutes few moments before you

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catch to America or four o'clock or six o'clock or eight Raka and I'm not saying you have to spend half the night or even a third of the night in beginning but define that your love will grow to Allah, your consistency in your prayer will become much more consistent when you have set that you want to convert converse with a law before it nobody has trouble waking up for failure in Ramadan. Nobody has trouble finding it difficult to wake up half an hour early for so who prepare a meal for our families to eat with our mothers and parents and fathers to sit together and have a quick sahadi and see who would and then prefetch but we find it difficult outside because our priorities are not

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set. So I want to inspire and remind myself will lie here and you have the beauty of Salah television Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah to sajida the name of this chapter is called prostration and in it is essentially that where a lot describes Salatu tahajjud he says teta Jaffa du nouveau Houma, unelma la Jerry, you're the owner of the home Whoa, for those who are elite, those who are righteous those who have built an ethics and a character of righteousness. They are those whose bodies whose sides whose backs have a hatred and a resentment for their bed. You say what does that mean? It means that if your bed is so soft, that you can't get out of it because it's so warm,

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it's so comfortable, that you miss your favorite prayer, you should look at that bed and hate it and say you've kept me away from answering the call of Allah, Allah to Hiraman unknown, you have distracted me from the remembrance of a loss of Hannah who went to Allah. And therefore the ideal of the believer is that their own body physically resents the fact that their bed has kept them asleep when they could have had an opportunity. So when they wake up to Jaffa, junoon, boom, their body declared that we don't love the softness of this bed at this time. homophone wha, what wakes a person up? Why will you become consistent into hygiene? There's only two reasons how there's a fear

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you have of a law. There's a fear you have of the circumstances in your life, some kind of law when somebody's sick, when somebody is unwell before you have surgery. If there's a divorce that is pending on the horizon, whenever there's something that's troubled your father, your mother, your brothers or your sister, whenever there's a major disturbance, it's easy for people to wake up and say, oh, Allah, Allah, Allah, help us, help us, help us out of fear. And therefore Allah acknowledges that this is a valid reason how often and number two PAMA, out of greed, out of yearning for Allah's blessing that even though I'm not afraid, I want more, I want more of the

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wealth of the dunya I want more of the higher standard in it. I want to be acknowledged in this light but acknowledging the rent in the next life even more so. Did you know The prophets I seldom describes those who praise Allah to the head dude, their night vigil which comes from the word jaha doubt which is the word Jihad right? And therefore it's a night prayer, but it's the night Jihad that you and I perform in entering Allah subhanho wa Taala the prophets I send them said shut off full movement kya Mojave laid the nobility the honor that a believer has is their prayer at night. Why do you get honor? It's because you're recognized for something good you did. You know you get

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honored on the completion of your degree in the ceremony of convocation.

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You get honored in your workplace with a pay raise, you get honored in this dunya an asset or by Allah by being made a person who's able to pray to Allah at night. And therefore that kind of tells you right now are you from the honored or dishonored? Are you from the elite or the debased? Are you from the people whom Allah has blessed are you from the people more law turned away? And some of us I know some who are listening to this, you're young, but this is the time for you to say, Listen, I can't pray the whole night. I don't know enough Quran. All I want you to do is to just before you sleep, there's two ways to pray to hedge it before you sleep and you prayed your salado, Asia.

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Before you pray your wit through prayer. Pray to America. Or for Raka or six. Just Allahu Akbar Al Fatiha uncle Hola, hola. Allahu Akbar Al Fatiha Aquila adorable fella Kula verbenas that's it to Raka it takes two minutes or wake up a little bit earlier before fetch and pray to it aka not this una fecha Petula Chi before it and ask Allah for his forgiveness ask Allah for his mercy in so doing you've signed a contract of love signed a contract of peace with a loss of Canada to Allah you will not ever able to under a to estimate the blessing that Allah has set store for you for being able to pray that would be my Oh creola home in karate iron that which will please their eyes Jessa Amina,

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can we I'm alone on account of that prayer that you just performed Subhan Allah, that immense reward for those two what aka the prophets I said Lim said Raka 10 to prostrations before fed up in the darkness of the night hi util Mina, Daniela he will equal greater than what is all that is found in the treasures of this life in the next life. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make is consistent in our prayers consistent in our a bad bless us with the ability to stand before Him when others are asleep and to increase our families and us in goodness know as well that the waking up of another person to stand in prayer at night when they would have slept is one of the great ways of earning a lot of

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Rama. The prophets I seldom said Rahim Allah Homura at an Allah's mercy descends upon a wife called mentally tough woman he stood up to pray at night saw her husband asleep for a call that tried to wake him up forever he said no Leave me alone. I got work tomorrow funnel the hot who will not she sprinkled a little bit of water in his face had to stay hot until he woke up she didn't pour water by the way she you know don't bring a vase of water and pour it over your dad or your mom or your brother or whatever. Another had to be met had to stay until he wakes up and for salah and they pray to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah as mercy descends upon that household, may Allah allow us to wake up

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and be examples of good for other people will suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your brother your hair Brahim was salamati Kumara to lie or volcat