Mirza Yawar Baig – Facing difficulty

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the story of Islam being passed on to children and a woman named Mocha who is alone and struggling to convey her message. The story is told in a subtle and subtle manner with no clear context or conclusion. The segment touches on the meaning behind Allah's use of the word " board" and the difficulty of creating one's own feeling. The segment emphasizes the importance of connecting oneself to Allah and helping people overcome difficulties, connecting oneself to Allah and helping people overcome conditions.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shallowford A medieval mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Taala he was

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definitely one consider

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my brothers and sisters,

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Allah subhanaw taala the stories of the unbearable CERAM which was

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mentioned and reminded us about in the Quran.

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Each story has a purpose, it has multiple lessons.

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And the purpose of the story is to learn the lessons into practice. And stories are not for naught because they're interesting not because they're for any entertainment.

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But for us to listen to the story and learn from it.

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This one's mounting Musa alayhis salam, Allah subhanaw taala

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the whole story of Musa Islam I won't go into the details of it because that's not the purpose today. But it's a story of Allah subhanaw taala helping Muslims

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in conditions which seem to be on the face of it impossible.

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From the time he was born, to how he was saved from the

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squads of around

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to being raised in the palace of ramasees, the second the pharaoh of Egypt

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and then Musa is his

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temporary migration to Medea and then back from there and so on.

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If you take if you take each one of it, it looks like this is the end

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but it is not the end

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until Musa is around now is returning on his way back

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he's lost his only he and his family his wife is with him. I don't know who their children or whatever it is.

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But a small handful of people was the desert

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all of the walking

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and they get lost it's a dark night and in the distance Missouri service is a fire. So he says to his family will stay here let me go and see if I can get some guidance

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or get some fire

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and instead of it gets know what?

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That is why the grid was the word.

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He said a lackey Odachi the Inca Musa Bucha

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Odachi then come musasa Bucha while they are wilin eco Jaya Pembury Vijay, he said if you want to know the generosity and the greatness of giving of Allah subhanaw taala asked Musa sir

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he went to get fire and he got an awards

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so what happened there Musa Islam first reached the place

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and he hears his voice the plan Alec take off your shoes

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in Nikka beloved in Mocha DC to ah you are in the secret value.

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And then Allah says in any and Allahu La ilaha illa Anna Bodine welcome is salata, Lizzy.

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So NAS rather says to him I am your Rob de la jolla who I am Allah

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so worship Me and established the salah for my dear.

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So that's the first step he gets first instruction

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and after that Allah tells him to go and take his message to Pharaoh

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now see was that his condition? Moves Elisa, there's nobody who knows the Pharaoh the Quran better than Musa Alicia because he grew up in his house

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it's almost like being born them from literally from the time he was a nursing baby he grew up there so he knows everything you know the ins and outs of the virus he knows the power of the route. He knows his his authority he is absolute authority is cruelty is

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the fact that he can do anything he wants. After all, this was the same federal order all these male offspring of Bani Israel to be slaughtered and there was not there nobody's asking any questions. Nobody was doing any demonstration in the street to say stop the genocide nothing. The Pharaoh says kill them kill the Palazzo. There's no question.

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And this was done until they found was or is or Amazon as well. So

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Oh Musa is Allah knows all of this

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and now let's

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go and take my word to this man

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Musa al Salaam is alone

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nobody will

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go there alone.

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Now logically what does what would you do if if this instruction was given to us okay, I will. First of all you will say well I don't do it

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or you say I'll do it but send me you know armies of angels. Send me money send me power.

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What a loser is

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he's a rubbish really shoddy

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Well, you're certainly a very

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well, hello Aqua militia. Yoko coli

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is all over my heart.

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Which is what which is, before you can convey something, it is essential

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to understand it yourself.

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How can I convey a message when I don't know the message myself? And he's not saying give me the fam of what you were saying. He said shortly. So my heart

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because the collab Avanos BARDELLA is not about the words. It is not the fear as in Caracalla

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meaning of this no

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it is to see what is it doing inside me?

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If I'm reading the color of Allah, is it changing me inside myself or not?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala said, we don't under the era either to get Allahu wa Jeannot global were either too late Allah Heemeyer who Zarda to Eva

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Coronavirus. The believers are those who when the mention of Allah simply the word Allah or the mention of Allah in any vom comes to them.

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What happens to them, their hearts respond, they react,

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there is a change in the heart.

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It's not the same thing.

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That is where our mother says I should say. She said the first bidder of this ummah happened when people started taking the name of Allah subhanaw taala without the gelatin of online the hearts

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it's Allah is one not this one will be tomorrow I remember what

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she said this is this is lack of other that you take the name of Allah subhanho data. And there is no nothing happens in your heart, it's like a word, magnet in any other word.

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So with the word of Allah with the name of Allah, the heartbeat Shiva, something was up see this is even if that amount of time, but this is also normal, if I if he says something, if you take the name of somebody, it immediately invokes things in your mind right? Somebody who will love very much you take the name instantly you will remember them if they have died, maybe you will cry.

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If there is somebody you dislike, somebody mentioned their name immediately there is a change in your condition.

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If there is no feeling it means that the same thing for somebody says chair, cozy, cozy, cozy, whatever.

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So I'm sensing some when there is a entity involved when there is a living being in water or euro for you.

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So when we say Allah what happens to us nothing. This is the big problem. This is the reason why Shirley's Oh ALLAH Obama, make my heart responsive to you if I had responsive to what you're saying.

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Because then the power of the kalam of Allah will given to you

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by a silly every

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is for me make it easy the Helcom that you have given me?

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Yes. What is the what is the way of that use of Allah knows best? I don't have to ask him Allah give me this give it a lot of us. Allah knows what is the hammer Allah knows what is the difficulty of the hour Allah will how to make it easy. This is a winner. Yes, William.

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My little brother may say the holy he had a speech impediment is like repair this for me instead, so that people can understand what I say.

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This dua we usually when you give

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something people rubbish, this is not meant for developers. This dua is for our whole life to say that when we approach anything in life especially difficult thing that today Abdullah May Allah bless

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For us and bless everybody, today we are living in a state of difficulty.

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It is not the greatest state of difficulty this Zuma has seen worse and survived and grown stronger. But

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we can talk about history for lessons but obviously, what happened in Delta? We are not, we don't know that.

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When when Hulagu Khan destroyed Botha, we were not there. So we don't know. We know here in the head what happened but in the heart, we don't know we didn't experience that we are experiencing what we're experiencing. So for us, this is difficult Hamdulillah we ask Allah for his.

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So in these cases, one of the very common things that happens is we lose hope. We despair we say there is no hope inside what will happen.

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We are doing all of this nothing is happening there is no effect

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you know, we lose energy. Never do that. Never Never Never do that. This teaches us as

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Musa yella this is your this is the hunk of you have given me make this easy for me. Connect me to you first step rubbish coalition connect me to he's not he's asking for resources what resources the connection with Allah is the biggest resource he's not saying give him material resources

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the biggest resource is connection with Allah.

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Today if we think about how do we approach life here we talk about we need this we need political power authority what not all of it is true. Now there's nothing wrong with saying that but where does it begin it has to begin with me and myself and my own image and my tablet and my earnings and my focus on Halal haram and my are always this is where it begins my title of my Allah.

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If this dialog is curvy, which if this dialogue is stronger than everything else becomes easy, Allah subhanaw taala makes it easy.

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But if this dialogue is weak, then no amount of external resources will help the cannot help.

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So this dua Hamdulillah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to reflect and to help those that have got the double interfer Quran these things this dua represents such a beautiful lesson from Islam. And from this Deen to say, how do you approach difficulty and we approach the difficulty to this by connecting ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala and asking Allah subhanaw taala for is and for helping obeying Him.

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Salah will carry while he was having to get her life

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