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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield MBA Verma serene Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah who are early. He was salam, the Sleeman Kathira Movado, we began yesterday's

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reminder with the hadith of Nehemiah, where Rasulillah Salam Salam was reported to have said Baba Ali salam ala ribbon was a holdover even come Baba for Toba little wobba Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being something strange so give glad tidings to the strangers. We ask a last round of data to make us those strangers that also sell and give the glad tidings to I want to begin on this matter.

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With a quote from the great scholar and student of shareholder slavery that they may have to let

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him know Karim Al Jazeera Delilah who said in his, he wrote a little booklet which is called our World War Two, World War about

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strangeness and strangers the meaning of strangeness.

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He says, and I quote many times in many situations, the people who follow the religion of Allah feel a sense of not belonging, of being out of place of not fitting in, and in other words, are being stretched. This feeling would occur in a gathering of non Muslims. But unfortunately, this feeling sometimes also occurs when one is with his fellow Muslims,

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of course, and sees his brothers and sisters doing acts that are contrary to Islam, or taking part in innovations and be that that sometimes even border on Cofer and shake, yet he feels that he does not have enough power or courage to stop them in these acts. Some brothers and sisters, especially if they do not have enough Taqwa or Islamic knowledge, sometimes buckle under the pressure of their peers and join these acts knowing that this is not what Allah subhanaw taala wants them to do. However, feeling helpless, since it seems that they are alone in their ideas, and without any support to help them do what is right. They succumb to such pressures.

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These brothers and sisters May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on them should take consolation in the ayat of the Quran, and the many statements of Rasulullah is a setup describing this very situation of strangers that they feel.

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Now why have they been called strangers? Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran

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fanola karna wiener Kuru naman publikum Hello Bucky Athenian hold an ideal facade if you aren't the Poli Lang Minh, and je na Minho, whatever I love in house, Mo ma Oh, to remove he were can oh my god mean Allah said, If only there had been among the generations before you, people having wisdom, prohibiting what is wrong.

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Prohibiting facade drive eating, all kinds of,

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of disbelief and all kinds of polytheism and all kinds of crimes and sins in the earth. except a few of those whom we say from among them. That means most of them did not private, only some did. Those who did wrong, pursued the enjoyment of good things of this life. And we're Majidi mean.

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This is speaks of the few people on earth the strangers who prohibit mankind from evil. These are the same people that are also Sasural spoke about when he said Islam began as something straight.

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Salsa was awesome, and he gave glad tidings of

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my favorite those are Angela he mentioned the whole Hadith he said Islam began as something strange, and it will return to being something strange. So give glad tidings of October. This is a tree in Jana. So So Salem is giving the good news of Jana to the strangers.

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He was asked who are the strangers jasola He replied, those that correct the people when they become corrupt, those who correct the people when they become corrupt. And this is in

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Narrated by Abu Ammar Adani from the heavies of

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even the Mossad or the Allahu

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another nation says doors that correct my son, which has been corrupted by the people after me. In another election, he said in response to the same question. They are a small group of people among a large evil population, those who have

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owes them are more than those who follow them. And this is reported by igneous I keep.

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These praiseworthy people in Melaka include us among them are called strangers since they are a small minority among mankind. Thus Muslims are strangers among mankind. The true believers are strangers among Muslims. And the scholars are strangers among the true believers. And the followers of the Sunnah. Those that clear themselves from all peoples of innovation are likewise strangers. In reality, however, they're strangers is only because they are the minority. And it is not because their actions and beliefs are strange. This is what Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah Al Anam Allah said we're into tear oh, we're into tear acciara Manfield out of the UD Luca and sabini la he in yet

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Verona Ilana are in home Hola. Hello soon.

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Allah said and if you obey most of the people on the earth, if you obey most of the people on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah XPath they follow nothing but conjecture, and they do nothing but lie. Introduce of Allah subhanaw taala said Verma axon NASCI one Oh, Hadassah be moved me. And most of mankind will not believe even if you desire that eagerly, eagerly, meaning even if you desire for them to believe most of them will not believe that Allah subhanaw taala keepers among those who believe and who are on the right path.

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Allah has also said in sort of neither will any buying a home Bhima Anzahl Allahu Allah that

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a home what has our home I have still got and Dima and then Allah we lake for in our low fire I love I never you read the low I use Weaver whom be buddies, you know, be him. We're in cathedra mina naskila fasea calm. He said and so judge over hammer Salah Salem between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their way and desires. But beware of them, lest they turn you over hammers are so far away from some of that which Allah subhanaw taala has sent down to you. And if they turn away, then know that Allah subhanaw taala as will is to punish them for their sins for some of their sins. And truly most of the men are meaning people are fasciae cone they are

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rebellious and disobedient imagine, as soon as SLM is being told, don't listen to them, because they may

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turn you away. Now what is the likelihood of that which means this is really for us to say, if this kind of a warning was given to me so seldom warning him of the power of these people, the power of people who tell lies, power of people who have persuasiveness in them. Imagine there are many people who are very persuasive. Right? They have all kinds of very

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logical sounding arguments, but they are completely and totally wrong and false. And then I looked around and I said, What avato Milla de Alba, he even Rahima is harkaway, Kuba Monica and Alana Andrew Shanika bIllahi min Shane durley Come in for the Lehi, Elena. Well, I don't know see when I can accident Nancy Dinesh karoun. And I have followed the religion of my father's Ibrahim has happened Jacoba never could we attribute any partners whatsoever to Allah. This is from the Grace of Allah to us and to mankind, but most of mankind are ungrateful. Therefore, Allah subhanaw taala the All Knowing Creator knows the most knows that the most the most people among

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humankind will not follow the truth. Instead, only a small group of people will be set apart, that truly incorrectly believed in him, the strangers from among mankind, the strangers in belief, however, in the strangers in character, and actions are in reality, the majority of mankind for their strange to Islam and to the laws that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed.

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My brothers and sisters, I will end with this quote here today. But I want you to give this some thought and say that how beautifully magnetometer amatola They mentioned not in favor of mentioned this and how important it is

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To give this very deep thought and say what is it that I need to do to be a stranger? The reason I'm saying that is because that is the standard that is the norm. And that is what Allah subhanaw taala these are the people that are not somehow not promised Jana

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and these are the people to whom of course SLM is giving the glad tidings of Jana. I remember the beautiful story from the Sierra again where say that over the top of their lawn who passed by a man who was making dua, he said, Oh Allah make me among the holy make me among the few meanings traders make me on the field. So then I'm gonna Delano stopped him, I said, Who Who told you to make this vote or to this or what do you mean strange? What do you mean? Finally, what do you mean? Few? He said Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in the Quran, Allah Karela Mitesh guru.

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Allah said, these are the few among the people. They make sugar.

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Allah's raw data set.

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So low to mean Allah Valley worker Illumina rockery a lot among the people of Ghana. He said a lot of them are from the world from the people in the beginning, early generations, and very few from people in the later generations and so on. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that people who do good who are close to Allah subhanaw taala are always suing them. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among the few, make us some of the strangers and enable us to do that which will help us to be there. Remember, this is not just a matter of making dua has to be supported with the with action.

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And if the action is not there to do or has no meaning. So we ask Allah, we make the DUA and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to make the actions which will make the DUA possible challah was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah. He was a member of our hallway