Mohammed Hijab – Khabib Humiliates Arrogant Mcgregor – Post-Fight Muslim Perspective

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the fight between Gregor and Magomedov, where Magomedov uses grappling and a former wrestler named Dylan. The speakers also criticize Joe Rogan's social media accounts and the use of footage of criminal acts to promote the fight against extremist hate. They emphasize the importance of not condemnation and the lessons learned from the experience. The conversation ends with a discussion of the meaning of "slamammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammammamm
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I'm Oliver Morocco's ally of AutoCAD. So I just wanted to quickly comment about the fight and the aftermath of the fight between carnamah Gregor and could be a Magomedov. Now it was a sensational performance by the man himself. an amalgam made of were really and truly everything that you thought was gonna happen, materialized. He dominated him with his grappling. He had no answers for him, he tried his best to take him down to stop the takedowns where he really had no answers. And it does show you some how Allah that grappling is a very, very, very effective martial art. And so much so really the Sahaba the companions of the Prophet Muhammad used to practice this and haven't done

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narrations. Yeah, and doesn't dispute of the authenticity of them. But that showed that he used the rest of himself. Like one. NARRATION such narration with Roxanna was a wrestling match now.

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With Mohamed Salah, he beat ROH Khanna and he established and kind of was shocked about this and he became Muslim as a result of it.

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Two or three things I want to say in the for answers in the colon. Just recall. He says, first of all, it's a paradigm shift. We'll have developers who don't walk in earth, arrogantly in the African, you're not going to be able to pierce the ground. We're on top of LG Bella Tula and you're not gonna be able to reach the mountains and heights somehow. So we've McGregor's arrogance here, we've got to be frank and say, Look, he got what he deserved humiliation, he got what he deserved as humiliation, I'm very happy to see him getting slapped. And I we should all be happy to see such a man who who transgressed the honor and spoke about the religion and the parent, you know, the father

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of about one amalgamate of being humiliated. And that way as Muslims, we have to be happy about that. And you know, that's part of our religion, actually, it would be happy to see that the are that the enemies of Islam, and the enemies of the Muslims are humiliated that are actually part of our religion, or religion, even if you're not a Muslim, you should be able to appreciate that this guy was an arrogant guy, and he got what he deserved.

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Now, he's talking about rematch this and that I don't even think to be honest, the Magomedov needs to do a rematch, you know, he needs to prove himself. Maybe by fighting one of the other small guys of you know, the up and comers in America made of boys. Maybe that's what he needs to do. But the point I'm trying to make is that we should be happy now with the maga made of cubby became out any apologize. Yeah. For jumping out of the ring and hitting Dylan.

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Dennis? Yeah. And one of McGregor's boys. This wasn't right to do, even if, yeah, he said some really bad things. And he pressed him and he pushed him. But it was adrenaline and we forgive him for that. And if we're gonna forgive, obviously, we don't. But if, if if the media is gonna forgive McGregor for doing what he did in Brooklyn, you know, as Woodley said, You know, I think woody was right when he said this, doing what he did in Brooklyn, you know, doing all them things. They're throwing

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that metal equipment on the coach and injuring so many people to extent whereby he had to be prosecuted criminally for it. And he didn't even apologize for that. He's even apologize for that. Then why, why is this being made out to be more more important than the event itself? People in the after the post match analysis, were focusing more on the melee that happened then on the fire? So and I think that's a disgrace. I think that is a desperate attempt by certain members. Yeah, like Joe Rogan. And certain people like Dana White, to superimpose, you know, a certain narrative of a protagonist, white Conor McGregor, and the antagonist, Russian alien,

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you know, no Magomedov. And they've done that tried to do that is in in every way that they've seen the ability to do that, an opportunity to do that. So what's even more embarrassing is that Dana White he uses the footage of that criminal act that was done. Yeah, that criminal act that was done by McGregor uses it to promote the use it to promote the fight with the micrometre. So yeah, he condemned it but he at the same time, the UFC uses that. Yeah, it's just all contradictory. So I think that we should appreciate the fact shouldn't condemn them aka made of too much. I mean, we're too harsh on our own To be honest, we as Muslim, which have been more bought up. Which means this

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association with those individuals that hate your religion, come on, Joe Rogan and his ilk are open islamophobes open not only about Muslims, about Islam itself, so we can't be you know, I'm saying we can't be given them too much space and room to maneuver here. Anyways,

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To finish off my warm bath to say here

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this there's many lessons that we come from a religious perspective. extrapolate one is about arrogance. Losing is not the problem. It's about what you what you say and how you conduct yourself before you lose. If you conduct yourself humble and you lose, then every mobbing is a mortal and is limited but if you're if you're walking around, Francaise as if you own the earth, and then you lose in that humiliating way, then you are humiliated and dejected as a human being. That's one number 212. As I said before the fundamental Dalai Lama hula whoever humbles himself to God, Allah raises him. So we hope that Allah can raise the mark. I mean, you know, because he humbles himself and

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talks about a lot of stuff like that. Number three,

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you know, the mug Amanda was using the word in sha Allah now what is in sha Allah mean? Because there's a lot of MMA fans that don't know what this means. Insha Allah means simply God willing. Yeah. If God wills God willing, so he, when you do that, you're you're realizing that there is no greater power than God, that you yourself are not great power. Yeah. And in the same chapter where this is mentioned the Quran Chapter 18. The other phrases we use la quwata, illa Billah, which another phraseology is La Jolla Coachella, there's no strength and power except for God. When you have that kind of worldview, then it becomes less egocentric and it becomes more theocentric if you

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like to become more in tune with your spiritual side. And from that perspective, I think all Muslims should, should learn, or everyone should learn from that from that. Even someone at a highest level was MMA fighter like he realizes that God is the one who's in ultimate control. And these are some of the interesting lessons we come back to LA

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