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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Judah, Camilla, her sister Fatima for the

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introduction in which I do not recognize myself, may Allah subhanaw taala make me worthy of all that you have said inshallah.

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I have done something else before, today before this program.

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And Azhar will send you that link. And that is because I was given sister Fatima told me 10 to 15 minutes, so I'm intending to keep to that.

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But what I have to say, also needed some background.

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To that, which what I did was that earlier this morning, I recorded a longer piece,

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which talks about the

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need for what I'm going to say. So I think there is a need to speak on the background of that, and I already did that, I'm going to share that video with you all, and you can see it later. And then of course, we are always in contact. So we will talk. So I won't go into the background into the reason for what I'm about to say. I'm talking about today, the issue of dow and what needs to be done.

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I want to say I want to make two statements.

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The first statement I want to make is that

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the problem with our data is that we try to do it.

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The problem with our data is that we try to do it

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just like the problem with our efforts at creating peace in the world, the problem with our efforts at creating pieces, that we are trying to make effort

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to create peace, peace, and our our results. They are the effect of something else. If you want a result, you have to focus on the cause. What is the cause which produces that result? The reason why there is no peace in the world today is because there is no justice. Peace is the result of justice. Where there is justice, there will be peace. When there was an earthquake in Medina, Omar al Catalano hit the Earth with his daughter and he said Why are you shaking? Is there injustice here?

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Because justice produces peace. Today we live in a world which wants peace, but which is not prepared to establish justice. We live in a world which focuses on the establishment and on the on the propagation, of discrimination, of taking away people's lands and people's dignity and people's resources and people's wealth for the benefit of a few. We want to continue to do that. But we want peace we cannot get at because we are not focusing on the cause. The cause of peace is justice. Just like that. The cause the cause of da da is the result. The reason the cause of Dawa is leaving Islam

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leaving Islam. There is not one single instance in my study of the Sierra and of the Sahaba is Juan de la la main. Were any happy went around distributing pamphlets. So you might say well, you know, they had no printing presses, the equalent of pamphlets, there is no

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record of any savvy doing. For example, what happens hides behind Park corner, somebody standing on a soapbox and delivering a talk about something that he believes it. They didn't do those things. They just live Islam, and their life was so beautiful that people came to them. This is not my statement. This is a statement of evil Missouri Rolla, Missouri the handler, a teacher of Oregon Malik, Roger Lally, he said Islam spread the fastest after first maca big because the non Muslim was able to see the life of a Muslim up close. Today non Muslim see my life up close all the time. How many enter Islam because of that. So where is the fort? The point is that if we want Islam to

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spread, if you want if you have a garden, and you want people to visit the garden, where must you focus on inviting people or on beautifying the garden? Which one because if you beautify the garden

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If your garden is the most beautiful garden in the world, people will automatically come to that because people want to see something of beauty. But if I neglect my garden, and I go around inviting people, even if I succeed, I fail. Because when people come to my garden, they are going to see an ugly place. And obviously, nobody wants to be in that ugly place. So what must we do? I want to combine education and our together

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by by saying that let us have schools, which are not just teaching information, whether that information is theology, or whether it is science doesn't matter. Whatever it is, whether it's a mother's or a university, create a school, which becomes a center of the demonstration of the Islamic way of life. Now, that does not mean put copies on the heads of boys and put his abs on the heads of girls No, it means the entire Islamic o'clock. Starting with descoteaux knifes going on to therapy at UCLA, the school must be run in a way in which an Islamic community should be run, which means that students must participate in worthwhile and significant decision making in the school,

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they must be listened to, they must have influence, they must be taught how to influence, they must be taught how to agree without being disagreeable. They must be taught how to have differences of opinion, how to learn from people they like and how to learn also from people they don't like. They must be taught all of this by the teachers demonstrating that in the school in their lives, the students must be involved in every aspect of the school, who runs the canteen of the school, the students, they will learn how to do business by running the school truck shop. And by running the school canteen, they will learn to go into the markets and buy food and vegetables, bring it cook it

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and to serve people.

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The school must have a public health center, which is obviously there should be a doctors qualified doctors in that. But the students must work in that public health center. And they must be able to serve people with sickness, old people, elderly people, people with sickness, I'm not talking infectious things. But things which are not infectious. But people don't like to touch they don't like to be there, these students will be taught how to do that, again, by demonstration. Because children listen with their eyes, they see what they see, they wait to see what you do before they do what you tell them to do. So this school is every aspect of it. Teaching also must be done by what I

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call the project method, which is you take a project, you take a subject, for example, oceans, the subject is oceans. And then the students, they teach the teachers about oceans. How do they get the information from the teachers as well as from all other global resources? Of course, everything today in the world is is a lot of that is open source. A lot of that is freely available. Just yesterday, we made I mean we did this has always been there. But we announced that that the that all the

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videos and all the

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teaching videos that we have on our channel are all available free to anybody who wants to use them in their teaching. So take information and teach the teachers about oceans. So now the students are teaching about oceans. So when they want to know why is the water of the ocean, why does it look blue? But if you take the same water into a glass, it is it is transparent it there's no color in it. So how does it look blue? How do I find out? Find out Don't ask the teachers, teachers will not tell you teachers will help you to discover. So you are creating this entire system of that. Then we say well, how do you bring theology into that bring theology into that by bringing and showing them

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and reminding them about the creator of the oceans? Allah subhanho wa Taala danijela Lu, how did water come onto the earth, the collision of the earth and Thea in the beginning of time, the massive storms that came out of space, which came into the earth and they created the oceans, the water on this earth is not from this earth, the water of this earth came from somewhere else, the same water came on to Mars and got frozen, the same water came on to mercury and got evaporated but on the earth, Allah subhanaw taala incline the axis in exactly a certain way where that water remained and we drink it and with that water is the source of life on this earth. Same water came from somewhere

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else, and so on and so forth. And this is not mine.

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My subject here to talk about that the whole thing. So Allah subhanaw taala that created this whole issue, and therefore we bring a line to the class. Today the tragedy is that we have fractured knowledge, we have separated theological knowledge from scientific knowledge, we have taken away Allah subhanaw taala out of the equation, and that is why we have a situation where people are living in this world as if there is no God, as if there is no accountability and that is the root cause of all the problems that we have, that we are living in a world as if there is no accountability. But if we lived in the world in a way, which is the reality, which is that we are

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accountable to Allah subhanaw taala How would that happen if we teach that in the schools to the school must not just be a you know classes with teachers teaching and students sit sitting in silence and listening and memorizing and you know, you know, this this this motion right? Everybody knows this my especially my shoe, you will know this motion. Yeah, we all went through this motion. Well, I rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rahmani Raheem, Maliki ami Dini aka Buddha? Yeah, can I say it's like putting rice in a in a camp, that you keep shaking the camp so it can it can

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go inside the hole, a hotel Villa please. We have to get out of all of these systems. And we have to create learning the way Allah Allah told us, what did Allah say, interviews of the Sahaba to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah did not say create people who know Allah, and also or people who know the creation know unless you create people who know Allah who recognize Allah, who are concerned about the pleasure of Allah and who research in the environment. Now, I have elaborated on all of this in the other lectures we're not going into this year. I want to end now because I've got three minutes to finish my 15 minutes, which is that let us focus on creating schools where we combine these two things, which is Allah subhanho wa Taala della della whoa and his glory and majesty with the knowledge of the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the second thing is to combine theory and practice, not

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just teach theory by itself as if there is no practice. We combine theory and practice so that we also upskill students, so when they come out of the school, we are not just graduating them in a levels and all levels or whatever it is the ultimate and the fazila. We are graduating them as living, walking, talking models of the Sunnah of Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are graduating them as standard bearers of Islam, just like we're located on South America. barakato somebody asked for the link to our channel. I am going to put that into this chat. You can see it in a minute. JazakAllah Hara Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.