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Hello my little haven hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shanna freedom even mousseline

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to scream and cathedra because

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my brother

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my brothers sisters,

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I want to talk to you today about three voices that we hear

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all of us we hear three different voices

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it's very important to distinguish

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between these three voices and to deal with them because that these voices

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the more love behavior, the god the guide us to actions.

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The first voice that we hear

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is the voice of shatter

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which you know, as there was a piece of service of shatter

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now knows where della

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told us

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what to do with that.

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How to deal with the wasa visa shanba is whispering

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tempting whispering

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hola Raja Raja Inna shaitana la Komodo. What is Oh

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ALLAH said very shaitan is your enemy. So you become his enemy.

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please notice Allah is not say ignore him.

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Allah is not saying disregard Him Don't listen to him No. Allah is saying become his enemy

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meaning fight

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fight chatter

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so how do you fight each other

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you fight shut down by doing the opposite of whatever he's telling you to do.

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For example, one of the one of the things that shutdown does is if you want to give charity

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so, Chevron actually traps in two ways. One

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shetan temps or give meds makes wasa whispers to get us to do commit sins to do Hara

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if he cannot do that, then he will try to give us

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again advice

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to do good but do that in a way where the reward is this

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so you cannot you cannot make you do Hara so what does it do it takes you to the willing to do good a good anyway he gives you a way of doing it in a way which is less rewarding. So haram of course is clear. Whatever Allah has been around we will try to make you do that.

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But other if you don't do that and for example, if you say I'm going to drag it up and go to the masjid for some of the knowledge of

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Salah is Salah you're here in the office

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right you're in the home why'd you go to the one is not Joomla or something

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so you I'm not saying don't pray please of course was pray

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he was praying

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he's not so what's happened to instead of getting 27 times the reward you get one reward handler you get the word but then made you lose

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to a disk

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he does this all the time. I remember

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sometimes I love I was going to South Africa from India. So the flight is at 10pm

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So obviously if I'm boarding a flight 10pm I finished everything I feel why is this and that everything else? So flight lands in the way at midnight and my next flight is at 4am So I have four hours away so I decided I'll go to the lounge and you know you got nice beds will sleep get some rest and then

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so as I learned why I went to the lunch

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the thought came to me why don't I break the habit because they're in the in the last day the masala said why don't I bury the head instantly I mean believe me just so it's actually funny. I laugh at myself. Instantly I get this voice

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the handle. I mean you are in suffer. You are traveling even further Salah you're going to rehearsal

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where is the question of Daddy Daddy

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while you

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let each other because he's trying to deploy

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I may have the reward of

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so my husband fighting How do you fight? Fight him back. So I said to him, is it in server, the doer of the person making dua is acceptable as far as I imagined that dua being made in the hijo ensue.

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While I mean I while I'm traveling,

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so I went I went and I prayed that after that I still got my rest. I don't retire. All right, so you know, fight. Allah said fight chata

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Allah DeRozan Yeah, you're Latina. armano Oh, the whole of his silvercar further

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Bilotta W hot water shelter.

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Let's think about this. Allah's was one other thing. Oh, you will believe enter into Islam completely. And do not follow the footsteps of shatta.

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Now, what is the meaning of saying don't follow the footsteps?

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means the person who made the footsteps are not there, right?

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If whoever is there,

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I mean, Neville is advised to go in the villa don't go in the middle. Nobody will say don't go in the footsteps or what would you sing it?

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But if there is the person has gone

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and the footsteps are there. And if I'm following those footsteps, who has the responsibility?

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Because that person is not even there. Right? I have the I am following so it is my responsibility. I chose to follow the picture. Unless it is don't follow the whole set. That is the reason why on the Day of Judgment jetan will say follow the rule money volume on pusaka

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Use the roads and Lana told me Don't Don't blame me. Blame yourself.

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Blame yourself.

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I only walked I only whispered I only advise you who told you take my advice. You know who I am.

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Allah told you who I am. Right? There's no mystery.

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So, first voice we hear is voice fight. Now another thing

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How do you distinguish between the voice of shaitan anything else? Because inshallah tomorrow I will talk about the second voice. I don't want to mix up everything to

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say that the voice of shatta and is where shaytan will advise you to commit any kind of sin.

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As long as it is sin, it doesn't matter which other

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Right whether you are drinking alcohol or you are gambling or you're making a riba or Nyima or Bogota or, you know, obviously you won't murder people but I'm just saying any kind of sin as far as shaytan is concerned is good.

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He wouldn't insist on any one particular one and tomorrow when I talk about the nurse will look at the other aspect of it. She has or will not insist on any particular one thing no anything as long as it is in go ahead.

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Right. One of the biggest things that Jan feels very happy about is when there is a

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conflict between husband and wife

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that is the best if he is very happy.

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He feels extremely happy when the when there is a conflict between the husband and the wife. Why does it happen because of lack of patience and lack of forgiveness, the lack of wisdom we all make mistakes everybody

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cool one yada

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we all make mistakes.

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Mistakes is when it's good depending on the kind of mistake but whether good or not we all make mistakes. So what must we do

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wobbu make you suffer

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as forgiveness to others. Now if I make a mistake with you and I say this way I'm sorry what must you do?

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Forgive exactly right. Mashallah. Yeah, exactly. Forgive.

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Marriages break up because people don't forgive

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their stockpile.

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They keep

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now, I won't say who does it more because I have some respect for my own skin.

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But you know

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these are realities, man. I've been married for 38 years and not by accident, believe me.

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It is very important. Forgive Forgive, forgive, don't call it garbage.

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It's garbage. If you're if you're collecting their stuff, it's garbage. Don't call it garbage. Good, good stuff. Forgive people make mistakes. You I've made a mistake. Big deal. Of course.

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You make a mistake. If I'm talking to your wife, of course. Of course you know

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forgive forgive.

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So, how do we recognize the voice of was shattered because he will invite us towards him any kind of sin number two, if he can't get that, then he will, he will try to make us do something which has reduced benefit two things and what must we do? actively fight him, not just ignore as well as actively fight him. Inshallah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to fight Jetha so that we are free from the

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wasabi Associaton and we have the benefit of that was Allah Allah Allah will carry on Allah He was a member