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fillerina Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam Allah shadowfell MBA well mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he while he was. He was seldom at the Sleeman, kathira and kathira, Tama Babu, my dear brothers and sisters, we continue with our series of lectures on the challenges that face us, going forward from 2021.

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I want to begin by a quarter of from Charles Sagan, the astronomer who said, We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. I repeat, he said, We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.

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And if you don't believe me, just take your cell phone out of your pocket, look at it and ask yourself What do you know about the technology behind this? I think that's enough to answer the question.

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Science is inevitable and its role in our lives is increasing exponentially and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. But without the guidance of the Quran, and the Sunnah, this can lead to atheism, and blind worship of the self with fulfillment of desire being the ultimate goal of life. It is this faulty logic that has led us to the morass that we are drowning in How many times have you heard statements like, as long as you are happy, that's all that matters, teach children to be happy, not successful.

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absolute nonsense. There are many very toxic people out there who are very happy spreading misery. It's not being happy. But what you are happy about that matters. This is precisely what is literally wrong with our world. We have created a culture of irresponsible behavior, which we reward, applaud and aspire towards. We refuse to see how much totally avoidable and needless misery we create in this process.

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Poverty is our creation. Violence is our creation. Both are the result of worshipping greed. Greed is what created and supported colonial empires that devastated poverty part prosperous nations, and stole their wealth and destroyed their economies. Greed resulted in the genocide of indigenous people in the Americas, Australia and Africa.

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Greed resulted in the slave trade from Africa to the Americas, where uncounted millions of innocent human beings were kidnapped, transported in conditions that beggar the imagination, abused in ways that are too heinous to mention here. And those who survived, was sold into slavery by people whose names are taken with respect to this day. Remember, that those people were happy doing what they did, that countless others had their lives destroyed, made no difference to them. To this day, there are people like that our economies are based on predatory capitalism, on the manufacture and sale of weapons of mass destruction. Our economies are based on the glorification of war, and all the misery

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that it creates

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global warming and the climate change disaster that threatens to destroy our world is a result of greed, hungers, sickness, ignorance, and the merciless exploitation of the weak are not the result of lack of resources, but lack of compassion. Human trafficking is our modern day slavery. And in numbers it exceeds slavery of old who are trafficked the most, your and my daughters. Why? Because there is a market for them. Who buys you and I?

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That is the ugly truth.

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In the old days, they buried them alive. Today, they abused them for perverse pleasure.

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On the day of judgment, they will ask for justice, and there Rob will answer their prayer.

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The list is long, but this must stop because Allah azza wa jal will question us one day

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It will stop when we change hearts and mindsets to share happiness. For those who look at misery and ask, Why doesn't God do something? I say to them he did. He created you.

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Our focus was changed from personal happiness at any cost to pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala and to taking others along with us in our pursuit of happiness. It's our call because we are the number of Muhammad Sallallahu ala he was Abu Salah, imagine what he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would have said, if he had lived today.

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The purpose of education is to prepare people of noble character. Education is for life, not merely for a living. One of the biggest calamities that happened to education was the divorce of character building from learning job oriented skills.

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Nothing wrong with getting a good job or earning halaal. It is much to be recommended and much to be desired. But it can't be the purpose of a person's life.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't send us into the world only to earn a living, but to make the world a better place for all those who live in it. That is why

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what we teach how we teach, and who teaches it must all change.

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We look at the first four of the seven requirements of education last week to recap, first, train teachers second, redesign the curriculum and teaching methodology. Third, start with primary education and continue until age 15/4 education must start with teaching values, ethics and morals.

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The fifth one is to connect them to correct the students to children to Allah subhanho wa Taala and introduce them to realize or sell them so that the love Rasul Allah He sallallahu Sallam and emulate him. Remember that love can be forced, it is inspired by seeing those who have it. Only those who are connected can connect only those who love can show love. Love is the reflection of inner light, no light, no reflection. Remember that the electrician cleans the electrodes before connecting them to the power source. He removes the insulation and oxidation from the copper wire until it shines before splicing it to the bow God. Allah azza wa jal is pure and you cannot connect to him with an

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impure heart. Thus get to knifes must begin with teachers and must extend to students it's like breathing. breathe correctly to benefit from exercise.

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does get the nerves is not simply an annual retreat, but an ongoing curriculum that is constantly monitored. Like the OS the operating system on which every software and app runs. That skia is the platform on which human success depends. If the operating system the platform is corrupted, no software will perform true. So also if the heart is filled with impurities, hatred, jealousy, envy, greed, arrogance, fear of creatures of situations, racism, laziness, rebellious ness, love of sin, cruelty, heedlessness selfishness, it cannot connect to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The list is long, but it must be addressed.

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This cannot be done in a day, or even in a course. It must be the ongoing focus with ongoing assessment.

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To succeed we must ourselves walk our talk, follow the same path and have the humility to know that we can make mistakes and correct ourselves constantly without shame.

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The proof of Ischia is a clock manners. Our manners are the reflection of our knowledge, the lack of an island are the proof of his scholarship. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala call Sasha the sign of an island

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Allah that is that is more than five

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hours we live in a shaitana regime. Amina nurse you will be well an army moocow daily walk as Alec in yaksha Allah mini or a bad D.

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in Allah Aziz on number four, which means

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And of men and all living creatures, and cattle in like manners, like manner of various colors. It is only those who have idle knowledge among his slaves that fear Allah subhanaw taala only the one who has Harsha is an alum. The sign of knowledge is to have question in the heart. Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala is almighty and oft forgiving. We must constantly check our own Akasha and humbly correct ourselves. Other respect is the root of all goodness, and the prerequisite of acquiring all knowledge especially religious knowledge. Allah subhanho wa Taala told us while I'm

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in a piano book first Lola Anna lake in the mocha Desi to

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where I now start to go first I marry Lima you

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in any

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in any era Allahu

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booni Joaquim is Allah tala easy query

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Allah said and when he came to it the fire he was called by name almost.

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Very I am You're

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so take off your shoes, you are in the Sacred Valley have to

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I have chosen you. So listen to that which is inspired to verily I am Allah. Laila Elana nun has the right to be worshipped but I to worship Me and perform and establish a Salah acaba de Sala

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for my remembers Welcome insalata Lizzy query,

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the beginning of the ultimate blessing of noble water solid and why he is to take off your shoes and demonstrate respect for what Allah Subhana Allah gave us.

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As the word most darker. Abadi said about the magnificent generosity of Allah kodagu then Cabos as a booty call the Aglianico Jai pembury mill Jai asked Musa about the generosity of Allah, as Musashi said about the generosity of Allah Jalla gelato, he went to get some fire and got Prophethood instead

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of opens the doors of Baraka in everything. It affects the hearts of people and influences their attitude towards us. When we demonstrate respect for others, they appreciate and reciprocate it. Good manners begin with other good manners are the best and most powerful thou. Good manners are learned by watching our teachers experiencing their behavior, conceptualizing our experience and practicing that behavior in our lives. That is why we need teachers who are great role models. That is why Allah Jalla Jalla who gave parents their exalted status, because they are our first teachers, other begins at home. There is no role model of good manners, who's better than Rasul Allah is

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Allah, how do you sell them? Good manners affect the heart, ours, and others. As I said earlier, children listen with their eyes. They don't care what you say, until they see what you do. Teachers who practice don't need to preach because practice is the best sermon. If you see children misbehaving, don't punish them. Examine your own life and actions and see where and how they learn this misbehavior from you. The child does not know what is good and bad. If you did, parents and teachers would not be necessary. You get your status from what you contribute to building them into normal human beings. That is your purpose in life, especially if you are a parent and or a teacher.

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Every parent is a teacher by default. You signed up for it when you had a child. It is for parents to determine what kind of teachers they want to be. The child will learn regardless, you must ask, What is he or she learning? The child is your signature, your face, Your Honor, your sadaqa jariya

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your legacy

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And so he or she is worthy of your time and energy. If you don't believe that, forget about teaching or parenting. Teaching is the most honorable profession because Rasul Allah is Allah Julio Sallam did it. Sixth, education much must teach tools not give our answers. The world is changing so rapidly, that giving answers based on our own experience will almost always be wrong. Teach them to ask questions, and then teach them the tools to find relative answers. Remember, that their answers may be different from you from what you always believed to be correct. Learn from them. That is the joy of teaching in this way, give prizes for the best question, which is the one that nobody had

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thought of, and for which the answer is not easy to find. These tend to be comfortable with confusion, uncertainty and ambiguity, because that is what life is all about. These time to focus and persevere. To continue the search for the best solution, no matter how long it takes, teach them creativity and flexibility to give up old ways that don't work and invent new ones. Success is not being right all the time, but in learning all the time, as Seneca said, as long as you live, keep learning how to live. The best cricket player is the one with the highest batting average. Because every player gets balled out some time. present them with real problems and see what solutions they

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create. After all, the problem is our contribution to their lives. Let us see if they can solve it. The best and most powerful learning is from doing so teach them through projects. I have spoken about that in detail earlier, so won't repeat it here. Let them do business govern care for the carbons interact with society, handle Information and Communication contribute in real situations of need. And see the smiles on faces where they had seen tears before. guide them, not direct them. Learn from them while you teach them. document that learning and use it to fine tune your course content and methodology. lead them to the sources of knowledge instead of doubling down knowledge in

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textbooks make a nice Bonfire of all textbooks, they are the second biggest crime in the name of education. The biggest crime is our examinations, where we only test random recall, in a specific timeframe. Totally illogical. And since the futures of children are linked to how they perform in these exams, it is criminal exams of this kind exist only for the benefit of lazy teachers. Instead, trust their understanding, and commitment and application and value addition.

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test yourself and the success of your teaching. Testing memory went into the trash can. When the first calculator was invented. Technology has opened the doors to knowledge from all sources. Children don't need to memorize data. Google gives them in five minutes what a teacher cannot give them in a lifetime. What they need are tools to deal with that data. They need to know how to differentiate how to recognize right from wrong, how to evaluate information, how to authenticate what they read, and how to apply what they learn. What they don't need is to memorize and regurgitate on demand. So test differently. Seventh and last. Teach them that any solution that they

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conceptualize needs the help or Nigella Donahoe to succeed. So teach them to work to the best of their ability in the day and to stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala in the night and ask him for success. This was the son of all the MBA and the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah highly, highly he will serve you sell them, teach them the boundaries of questioning, what is open to question and discovery and what is a matter of faith, not because we are against questioning, but because we trust Allah subhanho wa Taala word in matters which are unperceivable Allah ripe science is a tool to be used in tandem with a man. It is the lens which helps us to look ever more closely

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at the portrait of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to recognize our rub and love him to reject science is to read

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Get your glasses when you need them to see. you condemn yourself to blindness, as they say, you can you can make the blind see, but not the blindfolded.

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To end with another quote from Carl Sagan, science is not only compatible with spirituality, it is a profound source of spirituality. The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both. I repeat, Carl Sagan, the astronomer said, science is not only compatible with spirituality, it is a profound source of spirituality. The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both

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the creator of Carl Sagan told us this

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15 centuries before

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in the vehicle,

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or the vasila we lay on

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Levine, I have a Corona la keyamo

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him Wyatt

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why Corona v funk is somehow evil

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or bad Mr. Botha has been sober,

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sober, NACA kina.

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you close the loop and we come back to the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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I wish we, and our scholars and our alumni and our leaders had understood this.

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I wish

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we had they do so now.

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obon as alumna of the Villanova, hamdallah Coonamble facility robina toquilla and global Rockefeller NASA Yeah. denodo Phantom alibre albana attina dunia has another waffleh

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waffleh Highlander really very while early he was savage rain. Veronica amahi hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.